[Feb 10, 2012] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (London)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by /b/ hates scientology, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. we are legion
  2. Shouldn't it be the anniversary of her death?
  3. telomere Member

    December 5?
  4. well the bad thing is it is on Friday
  5. telomere Member

    From the FB page, this doesn't seem to be a Chanology event.

    wtf are Loldon?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Also, note that it has not been 'Feb 10th as always' for the past three years.
    I wish the newfags the very best with their raid, but they probably should have spoken to the existing Loldon anons. If they can indeed pull 150 people from somewhere, I'll eat my hat. And post pics.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Then what day?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Then what day?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Not this shit again. New people making threads, never turning up, making more threads, upsetting the old crowd.

    Is the anything suspect about the IPs of these clowns?
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  10. Anonymous Member

    If you actually look at the group you will see..
    Ahh newfags
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    "150 people"
    "facebook event"
    "wtf are Loldon"

    I see fail ahead...
  13. Nice going now they know your real names, family,friends, location, favorite book and much more aswell as the picture you took of your cat that day.

    Key word: ANONYMOUS

    Im pretty sure sites like WWP were meant for this shit as setting up an event on facebook ruins the whole point of your anonymity I mean c'mon guys we dont JUST wear the mask as a fashion accessory to our atire.
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  14. As you would think I am the guy who made it, think again. Im only saying what was on Facebook. Yah im pretty sure why we wear the mask and not gags
  15. Comment was aimed at the collective not at you i clicked on the link and i saw many supporters real faces and names in my opinion WWP seems to be a safe and secure place to start up rallys and such. Facebook is hardly a friend to us...just saying.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    if you read the comments in this thread,
    you would see the collective scratching its collective head at this alleged event.

    some definitions:

    chanology: the Anonymous operation against Scientology. Mostly, WWP with a few decentralized satellites.
    loldon: the principal London cell of Chanology. They've pulled 150+ before, but not lately. 20-50 would be an impressive turnout.
    fail: what happens when people do not know wtf they are doing.

    unless loldon pop their peeps out soon, I would guess the collective isn't behind it.
    and fail, is ahead of it.

    Don't know the people on that FB, but I'd be surprised if many of them are from WWP.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Plus it is on saturday this week at london scientology HQ
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  18. HolyAnonymous Member

    Before this derails any more, like it aaaaaaaalways does.

    Is it still on the 10th Feb?
  19. Anonymous Member

    So far, you're the only member of the Loldon chapter to post ITT.
    If you show up, I guess it's "on".

    but you may want to locate another cellmate or two, first....
  20. brave heart Member

    Hi im ready to mobilize in London, but just as you people have said (facebook?) aint being funny but my family must be the only retards who dont use facebook. Shame on us for not joining and selling our souls to mark and his beast.....looooooooool
    How dare we not allow ourselves to be manipulated and controlled...... Ha ha.......seriously though can someone point me in the direction of the next legit anon thread for london......peace
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  21. Anonymous Member

    newfags, there was about 20 there which was good! The people inside the building were pissed off though.
  22. brave heart Member

    Please could someone give further details concerning I was on their scientology protest and they seemed genuine. Are they official Anons. If not are they an affiliated group? Can they be trusted? Put it this way. I dont want to be part of something if it is going to expose anon members. I know some have commented on it being just for show, but they seem motivated and were a physical presence at ACTA. Please can someone clear this up and please no hearsay.

    Many thanks.........

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