FBI says it has dismantled the leaders of Anonymous....

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by nevarmore, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Now you have me ROFL. All I can think of is Joey Heatherton doing her best Sammy Davis Jr impression all the way through that awful 7o's version of 'Bluebeard'. At least she shows tits.
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  2. laughingsock Member

    Something about anons being drunk and getting sloppy...or was it getting drunk and being sloppy. I just don't know anymoar
  3. Anonymous Member

    Well the FBI has dismantled our leaders, what do you expect?
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  4. EveStropping Member

    I expect the FBI to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. But I won't stand on one leg waiting for that to happen.
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  5. laughingsock Member

    I know this thread was about the FBI "win" but really the NSA runs shit now. The feds wish they had the reach of the national spy assholes
  6. EveStropping Member

    NSA, GCHQ, G&T Oh no wait that's me
  7. EveStropping Member

    At the end of the day they're probably all in bed with each other when they need to be. NSA and GCHQ are just examples, there's bound to be more revelations soon enough.
  8. laughingsock Member

    Yeah the partyvan biz is booming. And the mouths of babes are being silenced through disinformation at least in the u.s.
  9. Arklight Member

    The only real way to stop the Anons for an extended period of time is to shut off the internet. But even then the moralfags will come and protest.
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  10. EveStropping Member

    Shut off the internet? Nnnnnooooooooooooooo be gone with you and your crazy talk;)
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  11. If you were paying attention it nearly happened yesterday ..fucking nasdaq.
  12. laughingsock Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

    <-------------- Bitch Please.
  14. Anonymous Member

    No. That would be Oh My My My
  15. haha
    It is crude poetry time.
    How about this ditty?

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  16. crumpets
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  17. Attention Crumpets! Please return to your home planet immediately the toilet needs unblocking.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, anonymous is more like the alpha legion from 40k. Or more precisely, its like the mask lines from the dark knight rises. Look at what happened in stubenville. a bunch of people were angry, and they asked for help, and everyone who wanted to help put on a mask. The mask simply represents an ideal. People that believe in that ideal find others with the same beliefs, and caek happens.this has been going on forever. the only difference is that we have a brand now. Even if they broke up this cluster fuck of angry, mischievous people, another banner would rise up and cause more(or worse) problems.

    what the FIB needs to be more worried about is the rising trend of disgruntled Americans. America is walking on the knifes edge right now because of the incompetence of our government. As a capitalist themed country, america is most vulnerable when the economy is stressed. Our enemies know this, and are exploiting this as we speak.

    Then there is the international aspect. Before anonymous, hardly anyone owned a guy fawks mask. Now, i see them sold out in japan and china, places that have no idea who guy fawks is, but who know who anonymous is.

    What i ultimately want to know is: Why does the FIB say such stupid things? Public opinion for anonymous is pretty good, so why anger the public more? Why put your selves into a situation to be made to look extra stupid on top of the ever growing pile of failures? did CO$ pay them to do this? Are their scilons in the FIB? Or does edward snowden have something sooo damning that everyone in the government is truly afraid?
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  19. ogisforbes Member

    if snowden turned out to be anonymous, they would have to rethink the dismantled opinion.
  20. Andy Downs Member

    What is funny is I know an FBI in South Carolina that is Anonymous...not the spy on anonymous type either.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I thought that the mighty meany midget david miscavige handled Anonymous eons ago! WTF???
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  22. If my cunrty's government ever gets their balls back downunder, NSA will be screwed
  23. He he.
    I think I will compose a dirty hakio later.
  24. Anonymous Member

    cancer pants dismantled.png
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  25. Anonymous Member

    actually, it would be you disconnecting from yourself.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous don't have leaders...but the fbi leader is dumb as my ass...
  27. System Member

    stupid government
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. I am too lazy to go to the Music Music Music thread.
    I did like that WillyWonkanon dude, and the faggot police too.
  30. Never seen you show tits, hon.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Herro, is that you?
  32. Anonymous Member

    tosh tosh tosh
  33. [IMG]
  34. Naaw.
  35. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Herro, apparently, was dismantled (in his present form).
  36. Herro is serving is serving time for a DUI with reckless endangerment on the charge sheet.
    I would post the docs but it would mean namefagging Herro.
    Although herro has been doxd before ...emm.

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