FBI says it has dismantled the leaders of Anonymous....

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by nevarmore, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Noland Member

    Anonymous is not an organization but an idea. And ideas are bullet proof. XD
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  2. Darth Alor Member

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  3. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Oh dear God... did they dismantle him, too??!?
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  4. That makes 10 we have lost this year alone, I will be assigning a new leader next week. So I need volunteers for the job, any takers? It's practically like that Saving Private Ryan scene where they are trying to take out that MG42 nest. Somebody has got to take the next bullet!
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  5. Darth Alor Member

    that ending where he shot one of the surrendering soldiers, was kinda funny.
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  6. A.O.T.F Member

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  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Next leader of Anonymous
    start em young
  8. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Is that from "Storm of the Century"?
  9. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Next Anonymous Leader



    Attached Files:

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  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

    No. If it's not that, then I probably haven't seen whatever it is from.

    The filename offers no clue.
  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Game of Thrones- it's how the enemy is made
  13. Darth Alor Member

  14. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Can not download file
  15. Anonymous Member

    The file did not successfully upload.
  16. Darth Alor Member

    it was hitler in all pink with a heart instead of a swastika on his upper arm band, i nominate peace hitler as next leader.
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  17. TorontosRoot Member

    peace hitler. :)
    Somebody clone him. Nao.
  18. D3pS3k Member

    The fags cant stop us, they fail to see we have no leaders.
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  19. Darth Alor Member

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  20. Anon616 Member

    Fucking retarded. How can you dismantle the leaders of a collective that has no heirachy?

    Oh well. I'm not American but in Canada I'm close to dismantling the cunts in power of my home due to corruption...


    Stick that in your pipe and smoke that, New World Order faggots!
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  21. What part of "Anonymous has no leaders" can't these idiots understand?

    You know what?

    Fuck it I volunteer!!
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  22. BrainStorm Member

    Hail the glorious leader! We are now saved!
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  23. Not true. We have a leader. I have met him. And now, with the blessing of the Great Bird of the Galaxy and a written letter of authorization from the Grand Poobah himself, I may reveal him to you:

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  24. That's too funny dismantled my ass! :):):)
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  25. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    dunno in US, but in Italy they did a nice job: actually anonymous in italy is a couple of writers, anchormans and politics...obviously also law enforcers (usually the OP and the IRCOP)
  26. aяes| Member

    UNCLE SAMMY says its LIES all of it!
    STUPIDITY is what it is. Anonymous is not an organization it is a movement that is impossible to stop o7
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  27. DeathHamster Member

    He's just a puppet for the Secret Masters of Fandom.
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  28. Every movement must have its puppet scapegoats. Plausible deniability. Humburglar did it all. For the Double Big Macs.
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  29. omega man Member

    Lol funniest thing i hve heard all day.
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  30. Well I wonder how long it takes the FBI to dismantle me.

    I think that *Door gets kicked in *

    FUCK!!!! I'VE BEEN COMPRO______
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

  33. I got dismantled once. It was terrible. Found all the pieces, but a few screws might still be loose. ;)
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  34. They'll never be dismantled. DARPA created a monster.... articles that came out recently show that during the clinton administration in the US they feared the interwebz ability to democratize news
  35. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    O shi-
  36. "Dave's not here!"
  37. Anonymous Member

    Dismantlement brainstorm.jpg

    I caught a glimpse of this on-line...

    FBI Dismantling Brainstorm.gif
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