Favorable Op-ed, scilon responds

Discussion in 'Media' started by googoomuck, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. googoomuck Member

    Favorable Op-ed, scilon responds ... 3027.shtml

    Very positive student news article.. Something very interesting in the comments, sounds like a low level member under their spell. [walloftext]

    tl;dr this is what the rank-and file scilons are being told.

    Edit: Terryeo has arrived at this page, lulz.
  2. Anonymous8513 Member

  3. Kamizar Member

    Do I win yet?[sorry thats gonna seem narcissistic]
  4. Anonymous8513 Member

  5. Whitehat Member

    Terryeo seems like their typical trolling stooge. I think I saw her on a few other articles commenting similar bull.

    If the CO$ followers are trying to 'discredit' us they shouldn't use the same name for every single account.

    Well if a person named Terryeo joins the board we know who's advice to ignore.

    Edit: Search of Terryeo on Google:
    Results 1 - 10 of about 5,520 for Terryeo (Most are forums) Hello (STUPID) OSA agent!
  6. anonspilz Member

    Terryeo is probably using the same name in all comments as evidence of work so that he can get his 'stat up'.

    He demonstrates a clear need of having his Evil Purposes (and Rockslams) on the subject of Help addressed and is a serious candidate for receiving a GF40. His bridge is broken irreparably.

    (Sorry guis - that's for him in case he gets on here)
  7. Also, this John Lightfield guy sounds really familiar... from one of the UK articles, I think?
  8. IBoughtADog Member

    On some other comments before, he's claimed to have been a Scientologist for 40 years.
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