Farsi-speaking american of iranian dissent. In the EST, and willing to help the cause.

Discussion in 'Iran' started by RZANONYMOUS, Jun 9, 2013.


    The header is pretty self explanatory. My first post too :). 25y/o, in the dc/md/va area. I'm a realist and have no time for pessimism. I'm in recovery as well, but will not preach it in a public forum (i.e. these forums). I'm here because, unlike the majority of american-born iranians, of my interest in the history and current affairs of our country, because i believe my heritage lost its voice long before shah pahlavi was exhiled. As soon as the western influence started having a direct, yet covert, direct involvement in iranian politics and the abundance of natural resources/possibilities for advancement, which the Iranians, i'm sure will/would never see. Anyways, i could sit here all night amd tell you why, but ihavdn't seen anything as powerful as the growth, community, and respect that Anonymous has earned within the past year, and i believe that anonymous is what it is because when we said we'd do something, we did it, and if a voice was apromised and audience

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