Farmington hills mini-raid

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by amidoingitright, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Farmington hills mini-raid

    Talking to several other michigan anons, wanted to get a small flier/protest raid going on in farmington hills, before the 10th of may.

    anyone who is interested please respond, several of us michigan anons are discussing.
  2. DemonEnturb Member

    Re: Farmington hills mini-raid

    I'm up for it, just give me the when and where.
  3. Re: Farmington hills mini-raid

    I'm thinking either may 3rd, or the 26th of april...

    as far as place either right on 12 mile and middle belt again, one of the malls around FH (again, I'm outta town, but I'm willing to find out rules on flyering in that area) or the capital building to pass out tax exemption info flyers...

    any input?
  4. Zer0 Member

    Re: Farmington hills mini-raid

    Malls are bad. If Oakland Mall is any indication of what other malls rules are, that the security does not want to handle antics caused by the people. I would stay far away from the malls.

    As far as the date is concerned, we need to push it to the weekend before/of the protest. Granted that only gives us a 4 day window but in past flyerings for other organizations, i find that if you flyer and notify the area a week in advance, that they will respond better, than if it was 2 weeks out.

    My suggestion would be the weekend of May 2 - 4(any of these days), or the Thursday/Friday leading up to the 10th. With me now going back to work starting next week, Friday's are the best for me to be honest. Hell both of these weeks would be great. Hit one area in a weekend, then do it again, on a much larger scale the following weekend.

    I know several have suggested areas like Royal Oak. Their downtown booms in the spring/summer nights. It may not be that popular now, but as the days get longer, and the weather clears up more and more people are going to be going to downtown. Remember, gas is going up. As much as i would love to drive over to Ann Arbor every weekend, I can't afford filling up twice in one week. I live on the east side, near Selfridge A.B., so places like Madison Heights, Royal Oak, are fine.

    Please keep in mind, as the soaring prices for everything begin to rise this summer, it is going to take a long hard push to influence people to go out and protest, especially with 200 other people wearing masks. Hitting the locals, especially in areas where the age factor is 17/18 - 35 demographic is the best. Now I am not saying lets go to high schools and flyer the shit out of them. I really would not like kids there...I dont need the drama of what minors can bring.I would also stay away from places like soccer games that take place on the weekend. I'm a coach for a soccer team by my house and we had a bunch of people disrupting games the other weekend due to passing out flyers. They actually walked up to me while i was coaching and handed me stuff. I know situations like this are not on our minds, but hey, just another thing to avoid. But I digress...

    Just some things to help out.
  5. DemonEnturb Member

    Re: Farmington hills mini-raid

    I'm seriously right next to Ann Arbor, but I can see what your getting at. (driving to FH is a trek for me).

    Maybe plan a day and divide and conquer, hit many places with small group doing a flyering and free hugs hit on Royal Oak, A2, wherever your local area is.
  6. Re: Farmington hills mini-raid

    Me and several friends will definitely be traveling. we're north of flint (ok, by bay area) and I don't think there'd be very many receptive people to that sort of thing. Individual flyering is a good plan, good luck for everyone.
  7. DemonEnturb Member

    Re: Farmington hills mini-raid

    I propose April 26th the flash flyering day.

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