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  1. Anonymous Member

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    The aim of this topic is to save time by answering only once to the questions scientologists, trolls and related people ask on WWP and elsewhere.

    Procedure: Post a question. You can include an answer if you'd like to, but responses to the question are encouraged. As the OP is updated, posts will be deleted. This means that the words posted below are not mine, but are the words of the anonymous contributors to this thread and who were on the IRC when I was updating the post. They're MUCH smarter and wiser than I could ever hope to be.

    If you see questions listed in the thread but not posted to the OP, it's because feedback is needed before its added to the op. If you take issue with an answer posted in the OP, reply to the thread with what you think it should say. (provide documentation and citations as much possible)


    Q. Where can I get a mask?
    There's information available here about all the practical aspects of finding your feet in Chanology:

    Q. I'm a busy college student. Where should I start? It seems like protests are the major element of Chanology, and if I do decide to start out on the forums, what's the best way for me to go about it? I guess my question is, "how can I help here, online, to gain some knowledge and exposure, before protesting for real?"
    A. Hi, you might want to look at Active Projects - Why We Protest | Activism Forum and in particular the sticky thread

    Q. Why Scientology and not other problems in the world?
    A. Scientology has a distinct policy to limit free speech on the Internet; this got on our nerves.

    Q. Shouldn't Anonymous take off their masks? They're intimidating and may scare small children.
    A. No. There are two VERY good reasons for this; solidarity and fair game.

    Q. Why doesn't anonymous have a PR rep or reps for this movement?
    A. We are all spokespeople every time we show up at a protest, every time we leave a comment somewhere in the internet, every time we talk to friends, acquaintances, family and neighbors, and every time we write our elected representatives. Anonymous has a great PR crew. It collectively writes press releases, builds press kits, calls and emails members of the media. Also, the fewer points of contact anonymous has with the outside world, the more easily said reps will be to fair game/harassed; not only by OSA goons, but also by the anons who disagree with Project Chanology.

    Q. "Anonymous" is evil, so why should we believe a word you say?
    A. Since we have no real formal organization of any kind anyone can do anything in the name of "Anonymous". It doesn't mean the members of this website have done anything questionable, it just means individuals on other boards with an "anonymous" posting option may have. It is a type of logical fallacy known as an ad hominem argument. The proof of the evils of Church of Scientology isn't based on our reputation. It is based on hard evidence.

    Q. How does Anonymous feel about <insert subject not related to the Scientology>?
    A. We don't care. Individuals have opinions, frequently conflicting, on all sorts of unrelated things, but part of becoming Anonymous is leaving them behind with the rest of your ego. If you must have a discussion on <insert subject from above>, then have it in either the General Discussion or the YSOSRS subforum.

    Q. Why not go after other religions? OR
    Q. Is Scientology a religion, or not?

    A. Scientology is not a religion. During the 1950s, L. Ron Hubbard undertook a project of "religious cloaking", turning a system that had been promoted as a secular "science of mental health" into a religion through minor changes, such as referring to Scientology personnel as "ministers." This process has been detailed by former Scientologists. Furthermore, Scientology meets several characteristics of a cult, as defined by FACTNet. This movement is not opposed to religion or to belief. It is opposed to the abuses committed by organized Scientology.

    Furthermore Anonymous does not go after the belief system of Scientology, but the current institutions of organized Scientology and destructive policies, written into the system itself by L. Ron Hubbard) that not only clash with the modern society that values human liberties, but actively seeks to undermine such principles. The current administration of the "Church" of Scientology shows consistent disturbing patterns of behavior that intimidates critics, suppresses dissent, abuses the legal system, destroys the basic family unit and other social bonds, interfering with a person's right to leave the Church's organization "Sea Org," coercing abortions, abusive working conditions- not just for adults but minors, medical negligence, and lying about their own practices. The extent to which these abuses are practiced, institutionalized, and enforced by the main administrative body of the organization is not only alarming, it is criminal.

    Organized Scientology operates as a for profit corporation, where exploitative fees are mandatory for pseudo-scientific "courses." As such, Organized Scientology should be classified as a business, and indeed only relies on "religious" status to evade both taxes and criticism.

    Q. There are worse things going on in the world, why go after Scientology?
    A. Yes there are many worse things going on and what is to say we do not protest those as well? After all monthly protests leave 353 days in a normal year available for other protests. However is about protesting the organization that runs Scientology and so that is what is discussed here. People here could know each other as activists outside of this arena, by other names, but here it does not matter if we know each other.

    That there are worse problems in world isn't an excuse to ignore "smaller" problems, ever. You can always find a "bigger" problem, and solving smaller problems still makes world a better place, and it doesn't "add" to bigger problems

    Q. What's the difference between Scientology's donations policy and that of major religions?
    A. No major religion coerces its members to pay for religious services. Scientology requires its members to pay "fixed donations" for any service. Staff members aggressively try to convince other Scientologists to purchase services in a practice known as "hard regging". Furthermore, staff and Sea Org members are often recruited with the promise of free services, but required to do nearly unpaid work for the organization in exchange, and will be billed for a "freeloader debt" if they leave.

    Q. What’s the big deal if applied scholastics (a CoS front organization) is allowed in public schools?
    A. Applied Scholastics is based entirely on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard [note that this link goes to their site.] and is almost identical to Scientology "Study Tech". It is an unproven system and critics contend that it is useless or even counterproductive. Scientology is attempting to have their methods used in public schools under a different name in order to improve their public image and possibly to make students more amenable to their teachings.

    Q. All religions have kooky supernatural elements, Why are space aliens, xenu, etc any different?
    A. It’s not the beliefs we’re protesting against; It’s the bait and switch and the destructive official policies the Church of Scientology holds. If you go to any other religion and ask what they’re all about they’ll tell you. Free of charge. However, in Scientology you don’t really learn what the religion is about until you’ve already invested some 300,000 US dollars into it.

    Q. What’s so bad about charging people huge amounts of money for Scientologies' religious services, other religions charge tithes.
    A. The issue is that no other religion charges you money before telling you what the religion is all about. In order for consumers to make a reasoned choice they must have the facts on what they are buying.

    Tithes are voluntary. Donations are REQUIRED to advance to "salvation" in Scientology. People are never told give 12K to other churches/mosques or Jesus/Muhammad won't save you.

    Q. Haven’t other religious groups/sects engaged in activites similar to “fair game”? Why should the CoS be treated any differently?
    A. None of the mainstay religions practice and encourage anything to the extent “fair game” is applied. The majority of these religions do not apply fairgame tactics as institutionalized policies; Scientology does.

    Activities this sect is currently participating in haven’t been seen since the dark ages. It was wrong then and it’s wrong now. Just because people used to burn witches, heretics, and atheists, does that make a “new religion” doing the same thing today alright? No, of course it doesn’t.

    Q. What good will protesting do?
    A. It will inform the public about the dangers of the Church of Scientology and cause current scientologists to “wake up” to the reality of their church. This means that they will receive less income with which to fair game their critics. It also means less innocent people will be hurt by the abusive practices of the church.

    Our banners etc. raise public awareness of the things Scientology does that they try to cover up. Also, it costs the cult lots of money to hire PIs and set up interference to try to stifle our message. So either there will be enough public outcry and investigations into the things we are trying to bring to light to bury them, or they will footbullet themselves into the ground trying to shut us up.

    That's what the protests do.

    Q. Operation Freakout and Operation Snow White happened in the 70s. Fair Game was canceled in 1968, the Guardian Office was disbanded. Isn't it time to move on and to accept that Scientology has changed?
    A. Scientology still doesn't accept criticism. It sues, lies about and is trying to destroy its opponents as it was outlined in "Fair Game". The harassment of Paulette Cooper began in 1968 and went on for more than a decade. Obviously the "cancellation" of Fair Game didn't prevent this, and was a cancellation in name only due the the 'bad PR' it caused (read "HCO P/L 21 October 1968" for the official documentation)

    The Guardian's Office has been replaced by the Office of Special Affairs. The ideological reasons and texts of L. Ron Hubbard and of Scientology, which led to Operation Snow White remain unchanged and valid to this day. We have a forum dedicated to current Fair Game reports that you should look at if you believe fair game isn't happening today.

    Q. Why should I care? it doesn't impact me
    A. Does a criminal organization infiltrating the government in an attempt to control it impact you? In the immortal words of L Ron Hubbard: ""Someday, someone, will say this is illegal.. let's make sure that by that time we are the ones who say what is legal or not."

    Do you care about child abuse? In all probability it hasn't happened to you but I am certain you find it abhorrent. As a junior member of the sea org if you report inappropriate behavior by higher ranking members to your guardian, as will have little contact with your parents, you will be told to shut up and no one will believe you, because the person has a higher "rank" than you.

    Do you care about slavery or indentured servitude? I'm sure you disagree with slavery or the case where people end up in debt to their employers and so essentially become slaves. This is happening now where you live. This is what happens to members of staff or the sea org who try to leave. They hold the so-called freeloader debt over them to try and scare them into staying. If you are sea org and are downstat eventually you get RPFed. In the RPF you are treated as slave labor and nothing else.

    Do you care about people being conned out of their life savings? Again, more than likely, it's not happened to you but you would like to see the con artist put away.

    Q. How do I ensure that I am in full compliance with the law before protesting?
    A. Ask your local police department and your local county council for information on the local ordinances. If you are not sure about some aspect of protesting then ask the police. Get written permission from them if needed and always inform them in advance of your intentions to protest.

    The laws regarding protesting differ from region to region and, ultimately, it is your own responsibility to know the relevant laws for your area before you protest. The most important thing to remember is to always keep the police onside. How well you liaise with the police will determine how well your protest will go legally.

    Q. I get Anonymous, at least I think. Is chanology different? Seperate? Why the antagonism? Isn't the common enemy Co$?
    A. Chanology was the blanket name for the project of tackling the CoS. It was also referred to as CoSplay for a while before chanology stuck.

    Q. Is it safe to assume that all the info you guys get is on the up and up?
    A. Never safe to assume anything of course but we maintain a few rules like "dox or GTFO" (show us documentation or get the fuck out) and "pics or it didn't happen". This helps us be sure that whatever we say we can back up. Basically if someone makes a claim that they can't defend anon is on them like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

    and remember, when in doubt


    Additional Resources to check out

    Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology
    Scientology associated deaths
    Xenu TV
    The un-funny truth about scientology
    Ex-Sea Org Helpline. Reclaim your Life. The Sea Org, Scientology, Miscavige, OSA, and Anonymous, what it means to you.

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  2. hotdog57 Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    My question is did anon know what the evil they were up against when they frist started... the reason I ask this question you guy got your neck out there for real and there nothing like seeing fresh troops on the front line... saving people lives you might not even know... at the risk of your own life... from a x scn.
  3. Anonyymous77 Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    they probably knew enough to see how bad scinos are but i dont think they knew everything. even if we didnt know almost everything then we do now lol.
  4. Silver Scream Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Thank you for clearing up some of the other questions that I had! :hooray: Now, I realize that we're not against the scions, but we're against the COS (Church of Scientology, right?) Are the scions just being brain-washed??? If they are, that terrible!!! :ffs:
  5. hotdog57 Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    The scions turn you into drones... the word braine-wash is correct..scions are scarey because they turn you into a freak with no mind at lose all reasoning... you are so fu.ked up... that you might kill your self, if you are told you are a SP because you belive it and think you are bad... this is one of the reason you succumb..
  6. re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Hi everyone. I'm new here, but have been reading many of your posts for a couple of months now. I have not yet gotten to protest with you guys, but am looking forward to it. I've come across a few posts regarding a phone number, 1-888-XSEAORG, mainly related tgo posts about Gold Base. From what I've read so far, I'm guessing this is to help people get out of the sea org. What services can they offer to these people? I think its a great idea that you have all banded together to help these people, and have not given up on them. I was once involved in scientology, after my bf at the time asked me to learn more about his "religion". Luckily, it didn't take. But I still get some mailings from the church, sent to my parents address. They just throw them away, but would it be good to have them save them, to see if there is any info you guys can use? Information on their upcoming events? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
  7. Marioman Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    I have a question. I've been thinking of distributing leaflets in the town where I live about what we do and Co$. Would this be a problem? And furthermore, where can I get a hold of a Guy Fawkes mask?
  8. themadhair Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Find out our your local laws regardinging leaflets. Ask your local law enforcement and your local council. As long as you remain complient, and don't have really dopey leaflets, then have it at.

    Not knowing your location I can recommend getting a EFG mask off the internet.
  9. Marioman Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Ok, thank you.
  10. azonymous Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  11. none given Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Some have warned that the CoS is selling GF masks online in order to ID anons.
    I got mine online anyway but made sure I went to an Ebay seller who's account predated the Chanology project (before 1/2008)
  12. mongrel Member

  13. Damien Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    ITT: FAQ for newfags, lawl...

    Great work Bumblefuck!!!
  14. NCSP Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Seems like it might not be a bad idea to address the use of 'fag' for noobs. I was never on a board like this until I started lurking a few weeks ago and for the first little bit I admit it did bug me. If I wasn't predisposed to give the benefit of the doubt to any anti-Scions I might not have bothered to read enough to realize that faggotry, like reading, is fundamental. Now it's like Scion-speak -- it comforts me when I even notice it at all -- but long-time members, like long-time Scienos, might not hear the strangeness of it anymore.

    As a fag and a 'fag', I think it would be a shame to turn off potential supporters for the wrong reasons. Uptightness is one thing -- I don't think you should stop using it, and can see how it might serve to screen out wet blankets -- but at least let people who are predisposed to be cool know where you're coming from on the fag thing.

    tl;dr: Keep saying 'fag', but somewhere prominent, say why.

  15. Snake Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    This has been brought up many times. I actually was a bit shocked to see it so often used when I first joined Chanology. Its one of those things that you either dont like it at all, you learn to accept it as part of the culture, or you think its so "cute" that we refer to ourselves as fags.. It is part of the culture however, and pretty deep down the rabbit hole too.

    If people get turned off by the use of the word, they should ask. If they don't ask and just leave, well that sucks, but it is what it is. There will always be missed opportunities. But I hope the people that Chanology does attract do look up why fag is used, otherwise its hard to see why they'd be interested in Chanology unless they looked up Scientology.
  16. Anonymous Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    I already mentally replace "fags" with "folks". Maybe the board can include an optional pref that does it automatically.
  17. NCSP Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    It actually took me some effort to find an explanation of the fag thing. Try googling "anonymous fag" or searching for "fag" here on the forums and you'll see what I mean; you'll find lots of instances of its use, but no clarification or (and this is the thing that rings weird to an outsider's ears) even a sense that it's a "sensitive" word. So it might not hurt to put it in the FAQ, is all I'm saying: "Why do you call each other fags?" -- especially if it's been brought up lots before.

    Granted, if you can't figure out from context that no harm is meant within the first few hours of lurking, you might not be Chanology material anyway.....but I guess thinking about Scieno-speak (a particular interest of mine) and its isolating effects made me think it might help to point out a weirdly ironic instance of possible jargon-deafness here.

    Also, attaching the 'Faggotry' button to all my future posts will be my shrewd strategy to avoid flaming.

    Again, ironically.
  18. Anonymous Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  19. Anonymous Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  20. new guy Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  21. Smiley Face Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    They took the time to make dianetics labels for the chairs? That's really really gay.
  22. Anonymous Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    i agree
  23. Fappy Chan Member

    re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    I saw this img and nearly stopped fapping, i was lulzing so hard! +&gt;9000 internets for the OP!!!

    I needed it too...after ~2hrs of reading from independent sources about the things done by the Co$...:eek:
  24. re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    For the purposes of newbies and the overwhelming, daunting, and overstated task of "youtube it" to find out about Church of Scientology abuses, I have added all the "best of the best" footage, professional newstories, documentaries, and other relevant videos on my youtube channel.

    If you are new and would like a basic run-down, or if you are experienced and would like to pad your knowledge base, please check out the videos:

    YouTube - happydanceman555's Channel

    For great justice.
  25. Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    I'd like to know about the various acronyms people use around here. As a newbie wanting to learn, I thought it would be easier to have someone post them all here for all new people to see than to ask individually each time I see one.
  26. _You_ Member

    Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Looks like you accidentally a word there, sport.
  27. Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Whoops, that was stupid of me. Fixed it though.
  28. _You_ Member

    Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    This will help you a lot!

    Urban Dictionary, November 22: man chair

    You're still a faggot. Deal with it. That's the way we roll.
  29. Purple Member

    Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Sorry for newfaggotry, didn't see this mentioned anywhere else.

    How worried should I be about online anonymity? Is there any evidence of Co$ tracking IP addresses and hunting down people online?
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Protect your identity...not only from CoS but from other Anons, as well.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    i'd even say protect your ID from other anon first and foremost
  32. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Yup, yer fuct nao. Read and learn to anonymous, (jk, just read the FAQ's)

    Unless you're a direct threat CoS won't have the time or resources to screw with you (but knowing their love of catalogue, you are anon for a reason, other than that do not worry, they have your file I'm sure ;) ), but as a rule-of-thumb, do not give out personal info! Anywhere!

    That helps?

  33. Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Hey, new here.

    I have no personal experience with scientologists, and even though the media I've seen would be enough, I'd really get some perspective of my own before I jump into this. So, I have a question. I am considering taking the free personality test online and visit them, if they offer me to, and just study them in person. It does alot for me.
    Question is; would it be wise? They require alot of information before taking the test (name, adress, area code, phonenumber, e-mail) and I'm not yet sure of to what extent I can play these people without putting myself and household at risk.
    I live in sweden if it's of any matter.

  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    You can go to an internet cafe and do it.
    set up a fake email.
    Never give them your real info as they would spam you with crap for the rest of your life and thats all really.
  35. Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Thanks for the input, but I think it would get difficult, as they ask to double check name and phonenumber, or they wont be able to share the result with me.

    I wonder how bad the spamming would be? I could bear a few mails or letters per year, it may even do me more good than bad, in terms of motivation. It's the up-and-personal things they might pull I'm conserned of.

    Funny thing, bottom of the page says "By going forth I accept the storing of my information". Securing...
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    get a prepaid phone. Register it under your 'Anonyname'
    Make a webmail account that matches.
    give them a real address- just not yours.

    They can't really verify beyond that, if the "Name" sounds legit.
    small investment for the prepaid phone- but you can use that for other Anonyfun too. :3
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    To be honest, their "personality test" will obviously say that you have a "problem" or a negative "affect" in your life. We all do, right? Their solution? Buy Dianetics, buy their courses, buy their auditing.

    Keep doing the research but if I were you, I would stay away from them all together. There is little they can offer you (even if you have the money) and more that this cult can do to hurt you in the long run personally, professionally, emotionally and psychologically.

    If you go through with it, report back. I'd wager that they'll be hocking Dianetics and Auditing on you the second you get your "score" back for the test (which is complete horseshit by the way). They use an "Oxford" Personality test which has nothing to do with Oxford University.

    Good luck. Be careful. Do not join this cult.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    You know what? I really appreciate your input, I really, really do appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, don't think anything else. But hell, I think I'll take the hit. "No man is more noble than the cause he fights", I need to experience this myself to be certain. Besides, I, as a student, can't afford a prepaid phone right now, I eat enough noodles as it is ^^. So I'd have to use my real number. And in sweden, you can basicly find out everything about someone if you have a number. Adress, post code, name, your whole family really.
    Degree of spam will follow if interest

    Tooot tooot, here we go
  39. Sinonymous Member

    Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    If you can't afford a pre-paid phone card and eat noodles, you'll be worthless to $cientology. Though, they may ask you to drop out of college and sign a billion year contract in the Sea Org.

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