False Accusations against Sparrow

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Anonymous, May 20, 2010.

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  1. Sponge Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    IMO they are just doing what they normally do but taking it up a notch. The notepad stupidity is just added intimidation. They really don't like what he has to say and obviously they'd rather he not say it at all. How many times did Sylvia Tub-of-lard say "your're a suppressive person" as she tried to talk over him? I stopped counting. Sounded like she was ramping up to divide by zero.

    The last place Jan Eastgate would want to be is in a courtroom in a weak defamation case because that whole scummy episode of her life will be revived and spread even further. If she's gonna sue anyone then it would be the source first and not some guy repeating it in the street.

    Sparrow has been doing this all this time and they've not been able to do a thing to silence him except attempts on getting a few videos pulled on some "privacy" bullshit.

    However, as a general rule anyway, some slight change of wording when mouthing off in public and in earshot of your enemy might prevent attempts at any legal faggotry that are designed purely to waste your time. Such as when you are making statements about which there is no court tested proof but the allegations appear in newspapers or TV, then you could tag "....according to..." on the end or start with "....newspaper reports that...". That's a good idea regardless, and I think sparrow does that quite a bit of the time anyway, often referring to the SP Times and New York times etc because it also adds an air of credibility to what you are saying rather than just sounding like you're ranting off the top of your head.

    Btw, we need a lulzy video of the tub-of-lard doing the "you'reasuppressiveperson you'reasuppressiveperson you'reasuppressiveperson you'reasuppressiveperson you'reasuppressiveperson..." with an on-screen counter.
  2. anonsoldier Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    I really wanted to see him just start parroting back everything she said. After all, aren't they being suppressive towards him??
  3. Wogaphile Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    When will Michael Moore make a docu about scientology? It's perfect subject matter for him, and he's ballsy enough to go up against the scienos. He probably wouldn't see the CO$ as a big enough social issue, tho. If he were educated, however, on the fact that the CO$ is the most fascist group in America, I bet he'd be willing to support a project. Maybe lend his name, make an appearance, encourage distribution etc. Fuck, maybe he'd even be executive producer. Sparrow should team up with him. This is a viable idea, six degrees of separation and all that. Put together a really good pitch package and deliver it to him through the right comm line and it could happen.
  4. mefree Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

  5. anonsoldier Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    Okay, Sparrow just posted parts 10 and 11, and Part 10 IS HILARIOUS!!! OMG THIS SHIT IS SO DAMN FUNNY I WANT TO BE THERE FOR THIS!!

    From 1:20 on, this guy WILL NOT SHUT UP!!! He just keeps repeating himself over and over, and it's like some higher up kicked him and said "You will get out there and CONFRONT!! And if I don't see you provoke a reaction from him NO BEANS AND RICE FOR YOU!"

    ^Courtesy of Anonsparrow
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  6. q_p Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    He is not a good person if you are trying to raise general awareness. His name is derisive and will polarize opinion at a time when that's the worse thing that could happen. One would be better to use a neutral party, someone who doesn't immediately have people shut their ears to what they have to say as soon as they know their name.

    IMO, Michael Moore is a big phony. He's just as bad, if not worse, when it comes to "bending" the truth with creative editing and selective quotes. He panders to the liberals and pushes their buttons so they think he's on their side and he has their support (but shouldn't) when to me it looks like he's on his wallet's side.

    If I were given the opportunity to see a shock-documentary about AnonSparrow presented by Michael Moore, I would turn it down. I know it would be twisted at best, a Michael Moore-ish warped half-truth/half-lie most likely, or a complete mess that destroys AnonSparrow's credibility.

    The problem is some people would accept it, some wouldn't, just because of Michael Moore and his reputation. He adds a complexity that would certainly take away than add to the message AnonSparrow would hope to get out.
  7. Sponge Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    Sparrow, change your clothes for gods sake.

    Oh, my giddy aunt, this is just too hilarious.
    No, scientology, you are not in the least bit creepy and insane and you sound totally sensible.
  8. Lorelei Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    Holy cats, I about coughed up a kidney from laughing so hard.

    Let's see if we can summarize what William has been coached to say:

    1. You're a suppressive person. You're a suppressive. You're a suppressive. Did I mention you were a person who is also suppressive? Because you are suppressive. A suppressive person.

    2. You smell bad and your mother dresses you funny. You need to change your clothes. You need to bathe. You are dirty. Hawaiian shirts are the devil. You smelly boy.

    3. You lost your floor-sweeping job. You lost your job. You can't keep your job. Floor sweeping, you couldn't do it. You lost your job. I know you are crying yourself to sleep because you're not sweeping floors. Oh em gee, get a job! You should definitely get a job. Maybe you could mop, if you were capable fo doing more than sweeping. Sweeping floors.

    4. Stay away from my children. Stay away from my kids. Stay away from my kids. My kids? Stay away from them. Don't go near my kids. Stay away from my children. My children: stay away.

    5. You need to stop. You need to stop. You need to stop. You need to stop. You need to stop.

    What a reject. This is what cults do to people. This poor man has been reduced to a talking robotic doll...but most talking dolls have more than five distinct phrases at their command when you pull the string. William here barely blinks, and just keeps flipping from one pre-approved and pre-recorded phrase to another without any independent thought in his tiny little mind. These people are robotic, and creepy. William probably can't say anything that deviates too much from those five pre-approved ideas that his fellow cultists spoon-fed to him and then drilled him on, or he risks being reprimanded by other cult members. He's a big fella, I am sure losing out on the daily rice and bean allotment at the MOrg would make him a sad panda.

    Independent thought and actual communication is bad, right, William? So very bad. He has apparently had the key in his back wound up and been aimed at the protester with his Five Devastating Points, which, sadly, aren't exactly very devastating at all.

    Boys and girls, this is why cults are bad. Do you want to wear Bob's Bargain Bin Basement suits and act like a battery-operated talking robot for $50 a week (if you are lucky)? Of course you don't!

    P.S. William, you're going to LOVE Xenu.

    P.P.S. "You're suppressive and you need to stop, because you make me angry like Hulk. I do not approve of your current standard of personal hygeine and grooming, your fashion choices are questionable, and I wish you'd get another job far away from me and my children, who are not currently within miles of here, but I'll whine about them possibly hearing you say mean things about Daddy's cult anyway, because then some really stupid random passers-by might be fooled into thinking you've done something bad to kids, when you have not, because I am just trying to use Black PR Tech on you." Man, I am going to be watching this one over and over and over. He's like a stand-up comic.
  9. charlie Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

  10. auchraw Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    Sparrow wanted a reaction; he got one. Now he needs to go get a job.
  11. Lulzy Galz Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    There's spin in everything, sweetie. It's quantum physics - the moment you look at something you've changed it! No matter what was produced, no matter who produced it "some people would accept it, some wouldn't". If we're talkin bout the US, the population is evenly divided - and one half will find Michael Moore lulzy and on target - that's the half that should be turned against the CO$ cuz the other half is too wrapped up in bible-thumping to go near the scienos.

    Don't get trapped in ideals, honey-bunch...even the most idealistic fagz among us have to be whores sometimes to achieve our goals. Lulzy Galz should know!!! How d'ya think we got where we are today?? Kisses!!! ;) ;) ;)
  12. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

  13. zebrafaced Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    Sparrow, please become a babysitter for this guy's kids.

    Edit: lol, I can't even watch all of it without facepalming about his communication problems.
  14. q_p Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    Just watched part 10 and what a hoot.

    And they don't get it. They don't get that their behavior is so bizarre it's obvious. When shit like that gets recorded for all time and everyone to see, they don't get the lasting impression it leaves. They're just so disconnected it's amazing.

    But this is all a good sign. It shows they are frustrated. It's probably because if AnonSparrow would just leave, then everything would be ok. But if things were so good on the inside, then why would they be feeling that way? It's because things aren't so good on the inside.

    People don't like tension and do a lot to eliminate it. Even tho they are tense at AnonSparrow, they will start looking to decrease their tension. That means they may start to look at the CoS to see if tension is coming from them. Questioning is good.
  15. Lulzy Galz Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    OMG!!! This just gets better and better!! EPIC FAIL for the scilons!!! Total backfire!!! Way to draw a crowd!! Y'all can be sure that our dear little Sparrow is having a serious effect on the all important statistics. D'ya think it's a coincidence that this meltdown happened on a Thrusday?? When all the statistics need to be reported upline?? They're panicing...there'll be ethics hell to pay if those stats keep headin south - just cuz the org staff can't handle one litte Sparrow!! Stay tuned for an EPIC win!!! SUPPORT SPARROW - so he doesn't need to get a job!!! Where do we send the bucks???
  16. re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    I used to sufferer from erectile deficiency but after watching these videos, i came.

    Thank you sparrow so much for helping me with this. As far as i am concerned u r the viagra of WWP

    Please keep up the good work.

    And remember to tell those robots about TR's when their doing TR's....

    U r Mohammed al Sparrow
  17. re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    i like it how in the first video you can see the squirrel david miscaviging the tech.
  18. Anonymous Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    {ding} {ding} {ding}

    Ed, tell our contestant what she's won.

    * Sure it's not "shutter?"
  19. WagTheWog Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    1- FAIL Bullbaiting

    2- That sidewalk is screaming for some CHALK-TECH
  20. Anonymous Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    Australia loves you Sparrow!
  21. re: False Accusations against Sparrow

  22. kissyfur Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    it's those sneaky dangling participles that worry me most
  23. re: False Accusations against Sparrow

  24. q_p Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    If you go to his channel there are a few more parts up. Amazing stuff.

    Reminds me of the XenuTV vids. Good times are returning. This stuff is comedy gold.

    There's also a vid of a passerby who gets nasty with Vicki and her filming him. FUNNY!!!! Highly recommend watching.
  25. RightOn Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

  26. Lorelei Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow


    "Shutters" are slatted wooden window covers. "Shudders" = that full-body shaking reaction you get, say, after you have just chugged a dose of foul medicine.

    (While we're at it, "navel" is your belly button / umbilicus and "naval" is what the Sea Org in their uniforms think they look like.)
  27. DeathHamster Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    "Get a job like a normal person" -- *snort*! This from a staff member who gets, what, $50 a week if there's money left after the org sends the profits uplines and pays the necessary bills.

    (I wonder if any of them claiming to have children are actually Sea Org members?)
  28. Lorelei Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    LOL, yeah. Sparrow should prepare a special chart for William. On one side, he can have his five favourite themes, and on the other, Sparrow can have his responses. They can shout numbers at each other to save time.

    William's Crib Sheet:
    1. You're suppressive.

    Sparrow's Crib Sheet:
    1. I agree that you believe I am suppressive because I make you uncomfortable with facts.

    2. Your personal grooming is not up to my high standards.

    2. Nice uniform, fat boy. Did you buy your tie at Goodwill?

    3. LOL, you are unemployed janitor who likes beer.

    3. LOL, you work for a cult. Enjoy your rice and beans.

    4. I have no plans to hire you as a child care provider.

    4. I'm not Pedobear, you idiot, but I am sure growing up in a cult will do wonders for their social, intellectual and emotional development.

    5. You need to stop.

    5. NO U
  29. moarxenu Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

  30. beef Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    It's official, Sparrow has been appointed new COB of annonymous!

    "I will tell you something. I have never met a more confident, a more intelligent, a more tolerant, a more compassionate being and I've met the leaders of leaders. So I say to you Sir COB we are lucky to have you and thank you very much."

    We salute you!
  31. re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    Learn to fucking edit your videos.

    Only losers with no life would want to sob through 99999 minutes of yawn.
  32. Sponge Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    Found it....

  33. Anonymous Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    I am one of many such losers without a life who thoroughly enjoy watching Sparrow's vids. Sorry to disappoint.

    I've just seen the newer uploads, and I couldn't stop laughing at times. These videos are comedy gold! I love it when the cult shoots themselves in the foot like this.

    It could however do with an edit of highlights for the attention-deficit people amongst us like the poster I quoted. If anyone has the facilities and time to do an edit, I think it could be useful.

    Sparrow is doing it right, and he is definitely at cause :)
  34. Lulzy Galz Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    You've got a lot of nerve, little missy. Our anointed one, our darling Sparrow, is compiling an archive, you dodo, an important history (with a real narrative thrust, btw). If your puny attention span can't handle it, better go practice your pirouettes....while stars like Sparrow do the real work and change the world.
  35. stuwyatt Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    You just made me pee a little :)
  36. afternon Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    Fantastic work, Sparrow! It's heartwarming to see that "bullbaiting" by Ronbots is back in vogue, and that one lone SP can need 4 culties to "handle" him- which they fail at and simply look creepy and wierd!

    This side of the pond (the UK) doesn't seem to produce such lulzy failtech- except on the rare occurence when we can find a sea ogre, but these are thin on the ground as the cult doesn't have the police backing here that it does in Clearwater.

    Your sterling work makes me want to travel to Saint Hill right now and get me some bullbaiting!
  37. mirror neuron Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    Wrong. Don't ever edit your videos. They're just right.
  38. tippytoe Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow


    I am insatiable for AnonSparrow vids.
  39. anonsoldier Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    I CAME!! I literally just LOLed, scrolled away, then scrolled back and actually ROFLed. If it was physically possible, I'd have LMAO.
  40. Lorelei Member

    re: False Accusations against Sparrow

    Damn it! There needs to be an early warning system before you post stuff like that. I just about poked myself in the eye with my drink straw.


    (Side 2 says "YOU NEED TO STOP! STAY AWAY FROM MY CHILDREN! I HATE YOUR SHIRT!" in a bolded font 72 pixels high.)
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