Fair Gaming in Europe

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Anónimo, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Anónimo Member

    Fair Gaming in Europe

    I´ve been thinking about this and I really think this as to be asked

    What kind of fair game has been made in Europe?
    how is it different from american fair game?
    Are they also using legal threats? PI´s?

    If not I think the euro anons can get just a littler bolder. The CoS does not have the foothold they have in the USA.
  2. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    Compared to US, the baiting and fair gaming in the UK is pretty lame. They tried to fair-game me over my medicinal cannabis stance (and failed)... tried to get me charged with harrassment (and failed)... have tried to intimidate me with late-night silent telephone calls (and failed)... and today, they used posts on an online forum against me where I admitted dabbling in cocaine (I used to be a full time pro musician... of course I tried cocaine, and thoroughly enjoyed it at the time)... lol

    At first, they really got in my face and were quite aggressive when they tried to bait me (with one even hitting me over the head with his shopping bag), but that quickly diminished.

    I'd say that fair-gaming in Europe is a lot less severe than in the US. I mean, if that is the best that the cult can throw at me in over 2 months of being namefagged, then it really aint much ;)
  3. Anonymousedk Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    Nothing much in Denmark. What I know of was at the last protest. They called the cops because a few of us were standing on the "wrong" side of the road, handing out fliers.
    The cops told us to not do that (although I can't see that holding up in court) and also to not stand in the road (a dumpster was conveniently placed).
  4. Anonym_Redux Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    There's been some fair gaming in Europe. Heldal-Lund was stalked and harrassed quite a bit, wasn't he? Some journalists and politicians have also been harrassed.

    But on the whole, there's nothing that can compare to what has happened in the US. You just can't get away with stuff like that in most European states, and neither can you win a court case simply by throwing money and lawyers at it.

    With the risk to offend our US anons, everytime I go to a protest I think "Thank god I'm in Sweden, where the scilions can't get away with shit like that".
  5. moose Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    I haven't heard of any fair-gaming of Anons. I think that's mostly because the laws here leave less room for that.

    But of course a lot of journalists and ex-sci's have been fairgamed in the past.
    Karin Spaink had to fight in court for 10 years, they had PI's watching her (and others) for some time. The heavily fairgamed an ex-sci (who became a freezoner) in 2004 when he had some tv-interviews. But I haven't heard of anything serious in the last 2 years.

    They sometimes send letters to owners of websites to remove content, but that seems to be about it...
    I guess they are running out of resources.
  6. anonGF Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    I think there's a simple reason for LondonAnons getting a far better treatment: the tube.

    Yankfags seem to drive to the event, it seems, which means that they can get their registration plates photographed and from there on in namefaggery is a matter of ease. Here in London we just use public transport so all of us Britfags are spared. OSA, like any black ops squad, needs information before it can pull the nasty shit.

    Stuwyatt has encountered lots of resistance for making himself a nuisance but that's because he's not anon. I imagine if we weren't we'd get much the same but as it is they really have nothing on us. We just turn up on the platform, protest, leave from the platform. There's no leads for them to follow unless they send out people to follow us personally and us being eeeevil terrorist SPs they don't seem to have rolled that way.

    tl;dr: Yankscifags might be worse but so far we can't compare trans-Atlantic because namefagging is harder for britscifags.

    And as for the rest of Europe...Well...I haven't really heard of anything much. The Scis seem to be a lot weaker there. Especially Germany, lol.
  7. Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    As regards London, John Sweeney had quite a lot of shit after the Panaorama thing.
  8. anonGF Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    He was not anonymous. He was also a lone agent rather than a horde and also most of the really sinister crap {getting stalked etc} happened in the US.
  9. UpStatSP Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    Fair Gaming individuals is not that impressive across Europe.

    In the UK, they dont have the members (roughly around 1,300) nor the financial backing from the US to launch anything too destructive, bar childish intimidation tactics.

    If they are taking on someone/something big like the BBC, then yeah, the money comes in. But their FG attempt after the SAM show was so ridiculous that it earnt them more mockery than anything else......Yeah, course the BBC made a bomb threat against little ole Scientology....FFS!
  10. Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    Its trickier due to various legal issues in the UK and most of the EU. We could jump on them the second they try anything. WBM told me about the Woods and how we can win so so sooo easily in court. (Plus they pay for our legal fees when we win, so just go ahead and hire the best god damn lawyer you can find)

    However, plenty of anons have reported people following them, taking pictures of licence plates etc, and I fear they might be trying something a little cleverer.

    My concern is that they have sussed that these terrorrist accussations are comical, and are finding out the names of as many anons as possible (In the UK, and maybe Europe) with the intention of proving we are part of 'anonymous', and then taking us as an organisation to court all at once.

    It's do-able, but requires hard evidence, and obviously they will need evidence of crimes - if they could convince a court we were responsible for bomb threats etc (we meaning an anonymous person) then we would have a problem.

    Hopefully they will just continue to be incompetent though.
  11. Anonermously Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    Nothing I have heard of in Germany, but they know the secret service over here is watching them and probably just waiting for them to start harassing people.
  12. John_Doe Member

  13. Anonymousedk Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    At least two danes have received a translated version of the Latham & Watkins threat letter, except (IMHO) it's worse.
    I received a call (hidden number) on my phone shortly after a cop went in to talk to them, protest permit (with my personal info on it) in hand... I might be paranoid ;)
  14. rasputin Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    Off the top of my head:

    - John Sweeney during the Panorama doc.
    - Paul Bracchi, a journalist who infiltrated the cult
    - Bonnie Woods

    While they don't do it so often here (most likely due to money/numbers) it does happen, as Stu attests.
  15. dani_anon Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    I get dead phonecalls, weird vans parked by my house - yes I may be being paranoid.

    There were more fun and frolics on saturday and today too - but as I cannot directly prove association I cannot say what.
  16. Plups Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    What kind of frolics, Dani?
  17. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    you should ask mr. gandow who is also posting on this forum, i think he´s a priest who speaks out against the Co$ and they tried to push his car off the road etc. etc. i read a newspaper article in berlin, where they had to bring him into his church with police protection, if that´s not fair game ...

    He´s berlins Cult expert by the way, here´s the article but guys, we really cannot translate as much as they are reporting about the Co$ at the moment ...

    Scientology gibt Bespitzelung zu
  18. Sanjuricus Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    I dare say that they wouldn't dare try it on in the UK. The liklihood of them getting a good and proper 'shoeing from the lads' is disturbingly high.

    In my neck of the woods there are plenty of pig farmers, landfill sites, remote locations and absolute nutjobs who'll do someone over for 50p and a bag of grapes that I'd be surprised if I ever got fairgamed tbh.

    If I did, they'd be dealt with. Thats all I'm gonna say. :whistle::secret:
  19. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    the same thing here in germany ;)
  20. dani_anon Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    lets say they involved staring at a wall for 8 hours in a confined space behind a locked door.
  21. gandow Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    Only one of Scientology's Fair Game Campaigns in Germany

    We had quite at least a "bit" of Fair Game in Germany.

    What nobody knows, will not be found in the medias.
    And medias don't like also to touch those things. They are shy.
    They cancel stories etc.

    Even ARS and anonymous do not really delve in to the Fair Game against Gerry Armstrong in Germany, Russia and of course US and Canada.

    Even "well meaning" opponents like me do not really believe what Fair Game is all about.

    When Gerry was in my house and tried to caution us on Scientology's Fair Game and about potential Scientology Operatives, coming to our village, he also told me about his experiences twenty years ago in the US.

    I said: "OK, this happened to You twenty years ago in the US.
    BUT: This is Germany, not the Wild West of the US. And this is 2003, not the seventhies."

    When we finally happily arrived from the Autobahn at the church, Gerry could say: "This happend to me twenty minutes before."

    In my opinion by pure lucky chance the "Fair Game on the Autobahn" made it into the newspapers.

    Gerry Armstrong--Scientology's Current Fair Game Campaign in Germany

    A lot of media links about the autobahn, spying and a fake bomb threat.
    Sorry, but I am not able to copy them to this forum.

    Only these two:
    - video: Refund and Reparation - CNN: Scientology in Peril

    - newspaper:Gerry Armstrong--Berliner Zeitung 01-20-2003

    A lot happened also to Lawyer Ingo Heinemann
    Some of it is not "Fair Game" in a strict sense, but simply handling opponents by all means, f.e.

    Be aware: Scientology ist only a synonym for "Fair Game" and "war against WOGs" .

  22. gandow Member

    Re: Fair Gaming in Europe

    Gerry Armstrong mailed me the following remarks :

    "On the subject of Fair Game, this section of my article provides the understanding that I think needs to be taught and defended:

    The philosophy Hubbard adopted to govern and justify the treatment or handling of SPs is technically and commonly called “Fair Game,” meaning that the “enemy” in that condition or status is legitimately open to attack or pursuit. Scientology’s position is that the Suppressive Person doctrine, being from Hubbard and being religious scripture, makes attack and pursuit of SPs wholly legitimate, and protected, indeed mandated, religious expression.
    Fair Game is the basic philosophy of war, the condition in which attacking or pursuing the designated enemy is legitimated, and failure to attack or pursue may be illegitimate or even punished. Fair Game in Scientology has also come to mean the battle tactics the organization employs against SPs, and the actions its personnel and agents have taken in their treatment or handling of SPs over the decades since Hubbard first ordered his troops to adopt and apply the Fair Game philosophy.

    In his scriptures during a period in the 1960’s, Hubbard even called the treatment or handling he intended for SPs “Fair Game;” although he later ordered that the use of the term “Fair Game” be discontinued because “it causes bad public relations.” In one of his directives, which has come to be known as the “Fair Game Policy,” Hubbard stated: “ENEMY - SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”

    Scientology has for decades claimed that Fair Game, as a philosophy, policy and practice, was cancelled, but this assertion is patently false since all that Hubbard cancelled in scripture and in application was use of the term.
    Although it has unquestionably caused Hubbard and his organization bad PR, and has repeatedly been exposed in the international media and condemned in court judgments, Fair Game continues to be the only treatment or handling Scientologists are permitted to administer on SPs.

    The tactics and actions that comprise Fair Game in the organization’s long war of total attrition vary according to target, opportunity, availability of resources, fear of exposure or legal repercussions, the sociopathy and whims of the organization’s head, and other factors. Scientology’s state of war against SPs, however, and the Fair Game philosophy and decision necessary to wage that war, have remained constant and unchanged into present time.

    Scientologists’ or their agents’ Fair Game against me [sc: Gerry Armstrong - TG] in execution of the Suppressive Person doctrine include: physically assaulting me on six occasions; breaking into my car; stealing my property, including photographs, documents, a manuscript and original artwork; spying on me and my spouse; scaring our neighbors; menacing our families; threatening to assassinate me; terrorizing my companions and me on highways in California and Germany; paying a corrupt Los Angeles Police Department officer for fake authorizations to eavesdrop on me, my attorney and my associates and to tap our telephones; Fair Gaming and compromising my attorney; covertly and unlawfully videotaping me; attempting numerous times to have me prosecuted on false criminal charges based on fabricated evidence, including with the Los Angeles District Attorney, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Prosecutor of Ekaterinburg, Russia; suing me six times; forcing me into bankruptcy; driving me from my home; obtaining unconscionable jail sentences against me and warrants for my arrest in California; forging hundreds of Internet postings over my name, including nonsense and racist messages; running endless intelligence operations against me and my family; and carrying out a global “Black Propaganda” campaign against me that extends to U.S. Federal Government departments, Members of Congress, U.S. diplomatic missions and staff, U.S. state and local government officials, foreign government officials, judges, law enforcement agencies and officers internationally, clergy internationally, media internationally, and the broad international wog and Scientologist populations.

    Black Propaganda or Black PR is Scientology’s policy and practice of willful and relentless rumormongering, slander and libel, often from hidden sources. Since Hubbard’s death in 1986, David Miscavige is responsible for organization Fair Game and is the biggest hidden but actual source of the Black PR on Scientology’s enemies.

    The goal of Black PR, which is a basic and pervasive component of Scientology’s war, is destruction of the SP targets’ reputation and consequently elimination of public trust in their knowledge of Scientology abuses and crimes. Even if not always successful in achieving this goal, the organization’s Black PR consciously hurts its targets and collaterally threatens every potential opponent or critic. The sadism Scientology flaunts in its Black PR publications and operations has been very effective in deterring many people from standing up and disclosing their knowledge of its policies and activities.
    Suppressive Person Defense League - Scientology’s Suppressive Person Doctrine

    "Fair game" is an actual English language term. Scientology practices it at all times and everywhere. They are restrained, of course, by knowledge that what they want to do to the "enemy" -- attack and pursue him -- is unlawful. Scientology, of course, has made black propaganda, which is a fair game ingredient, "lawful" because its victims don't have the money to judicially restrain the organization."

    I hope, these additional remarks by someone with real "Fair Game-Experience" is helpfull to understand the concept.


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