facebook pedophiles being exposed by anonymous

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by commisiar, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. commisiar Member

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  2. Oswin Gallos Member

    If you read a post on Huffington, it reads :

    "It’s easy to sit behind a computer and think you're anonymous and do these illegal types of activity, whether it’s hacking into a company or trading child pornography or buying and selling stolen identities," he said. "But it’s just a matter of time before these criminals make mistakes and we capture them. All it takes is just one time."

    They feed lies to the people, the purpose of Anonymous is not only to fix this messed up world, but to actually expose pedophiles and bringing back what belongs to the people. The fact is that they are liars and hypocrites.
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  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  4. Talkn Stang Member

    What about exposing police corruption when law enforcement actually creates sex offenders? What law enforcement is doing by using sex to lure men in on adult websites only to do a bait and switch, is criminal in itself. These sting operations, mostly in Florida, are about as corrupt as anything and needs to be stopped. Hiding behind the guise of "protecting the children", they have lied to America over and over. We know exactly who is responsible for what is happening and it is just a matter of time before those lying cops and government officials are held accountable.
  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Ordinary men looking for sex online don't continue when offered children.
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  6. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Sit right back and grab a beer and listen to a story:

    A while ago I got extraordinarily bored and watched the Teabag made movie "Occupy Unmasked". The TL;DR synopsis was that OWS was orchestrated by dirty, smelly, Commie, anarchist Hobbitsssss That this group "Anonymous" was a group of terrorists wanting Socialism and Communism. To top it all off: the whole OWS was just a liberal attempt to counteract the Teabag faggot movement. Irony is that the movie was made by Citizens United and the fat dead fuck Andrew Bierbart: The very...Jawas... responsible for fucking over campaign finance reform by calling corporations, like themselves, "people".

    Anyways, besides being a complete waste of my time and nearly causing me to piss my pants with all the howls of laughter I got from these Teabag Jawas giving the OWS movement way, WAY too much credit and being a complete exaggeration and hyperbole of OWS impact and roots, they had an interview with what appeared to be a butthurt cop. He said that he "openly" gave out his private info and that people who anonymously spread his dox was a coward. Yeah, it didn't take a second to know he was setting up and baiting a trap.

    Long story short: I watch shitty trap movies from Teabag Jawas so you don't have to!

    Now: Wouldn't this thread be more appropriate in the OP Innocence area?
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  7. tinfoilhatter Member


    The teabag movement has blown up in everyone's face. Its chased out the moderate votes, and gotten fringers into the political scene that would have stayed out traditionally.

    As for the whole "bait and switch thing"

    1: Non-pedos run the fuck away if they SUSPECT a minor
    2: There are better, more legitimate means to find sex on the internet
    3: The internet is a FILTHY place, why the fuck would you want to find sex there? You would be better off buying a real doll. Lets face it, if all you want from the relationship is a sex object, then you should get a sex object.
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  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Anti-pedophile activists slip easily into anti porn. It's not on message, I believe that anything between consenting adults is cool.
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  9. Andy Downs Member

    Now I believe that anything with a kid is not cool....however

    I knew a guy who used to say an unnatural act is when you and the goat don't agree

    I know I will catch some shit for this one :)
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  10. Talkn Stang Member

    There is this thing called social networking and LEO's have invaded it. It's not just men wanting to find sex, but they use other sites like,,, etc. It is the dirty tactics that LEO's are using by sending fake suggestive photos, placing legal ads and then changing it around. The government should not be in the business of testing the will of the normal law abiding citizen and use sex as an unjust tool to lure them in. It is not even about catching predators for LEO's, its about creating the illusion and making the arrests to make the public think they are being tough on these type of crimes. The fact is that these stings aren't doing shit to catch real predators. It's all a PR campaign and now there is evidence of them targeting military servicemen.
  11. You seriously need to loosen up the tinfoil hat on your head. It's choking off the air and blood supply and killing your only brain cell.

    This is nothing new nor is it anything conspiratorial. LE has been doing this since long before the internet was around. Ever hear of Bait and Bust? Ever hear of an undercover sting? They are perfectly legal and constitutional. That is all that is going on here, but only on the interbutts now.

    Also: Anybody fucking stupid enough to continue a sexual encounter over the intertubes after asking ASL and the A being >17 (or whatever the age of consent is) gets what they fucking deserve. Sadly, what they really fucking deserve is a slow, excruciating, painful death broadcast for the world to see, but that pesky rule about no cruel and unusual punishments gets in the way of that.

    Fuck you with this whole "Baww! The gubermint shouldn't actually do something that catches scum balls! They are being tricked even though they were retarded enough to continue and they should be allowed to continue to be vile scum!"

    Fuck out of here with your anti-government bullshit moonbattery. Then DIAF Especially if you wish to protect the lowlife vermin who get caught in a legal Bait and Bust.

    There is a saying for that claim::

    DOX or STFU

    Provide where you came up with that with empirical data (blogs and websites from moonbats do NOT count, so don't start!) or get thee the fucks out of here and roast in a fire till you die. Post haste, homo!
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  12. tinfoilhatter Member

    It's all a PR campaign and now there is evidence of them targeting military servicemen.[/quote]

    I am a veteran, and let me tell you something, there are PEDOS everywhere. At least once a year they would catch one on our base.

    Furthermore, if the cops were misbehaving around the military, we would find out FAST. Service members have it better then you do when it comes to legal protection, JAGS may not be very smart, but they are FREE(paid for by the tax payer), and a good "I foiled the plans of evil cops" cases are a fast track to: advancement, medals, and a great job in a good law firm when they get out. So let them "target" the servicemen, they better have their ducks in a row if they do.

    There is a very serious flaw in your argument, these people have to go to trial. Any semi retarded lawyer would subpoena as much facts about the investigation as possible, so if it appears that the cops where being shady, then everyone would find out fast.

    This isn't people downloading lolicon or other stupid shit, this is creepy old men breaking the law and hurting minors.
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  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Share that evidence please.
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  14. Zero Divided Member

    Facebook is not the only source for pedophiles. Craigslist has a reputation scope including prostitution, murder, and advertising minors for a price for pedophiles (aggregated news information). It's repulsing and disgusting.
  15. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I don't call Craigslist "The Den of Thieves" for absolutely no good reason.

    To be honest, I would not shed a single tear if it shut down permanently. Might not happen, but I can dream.

    The trick though is to flag the posts and contact LE. Hopefully they get caught. I do it countless times although I am not sure it works or is doing any good.
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  16. Zero Divided Member

    Craigslist should be shut down. The following video is one of many for pedophiles.
    Or the creepy guy intentionally filming innocent kids at a park.
    The craigslist killer a young married couple who had custody of their mutual child.
    This did not specify if the pedophile was a user on craigslist (this video and others showed up on YouTube).

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