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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Primroses, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Primroses Member

    There seems to be concerns about hijacked FB and fake Anon pages and the messages not being officially backed by Anon! What are the pages that you are all using in FB can you please post them so there is no longer any confusion =)
  2. Tangerine Member

    How about posting bogus accounts, and why you feel they are bogus?
  3. Primroses Member

    Hello :)
    some are coming in fb an saying they are not Anon.. this is why i am asking. Thank you, for replying so fast btw!
  4. Primroses Member

  5. Tangerine Member

    If they say they are not anons then you should believe them. It's a good idea to not trust or friend anyone on Facebook that you do not already know. This is just common sense.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Primroses Member

    Done.. Thank you Tangerine! = )

    "moonbat faggotry" I like that lol
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  8. Tangerine Member

    True Message of Anonymous, besides being insane, has a "like" by Miranda, who is certainly not our Miranda. I have seen people impersonating WWP users before. When I had a Failbook account, someone using my old handle here wanted to "friend" me. So, like I said, only friend people you actually know. OSA or whoever, are definitely impersonating people. Also, lots of moonbats posing as anon "groups", as you have shown.
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