F.U. Ahmadinejad

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Unregistered, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Found a very funny picture :
  2. GIRL that chick has a set of titanium balls like no other...almost as good as Tienanmen Square! PROPS!
  3. Tx mod for editing the tags for the piccie....used the wrong one... :p
  4. ITT: Awsomey goodness and WIN.
  5. I love Amademajad's expression. Looks like he was stopped mid wave then realized she was flipping him off.

    "Hello. Hi th......oh"
  6. n/a

    thanks irani girl...
  7. skollie-IRAN Member

    Excellent photoshop! :D
  8. lol and you can tell by the pixels its a shoop? all the shadows and lighting are right, this thing is f'king real :D
  9. there was a big discussion over at reddit over whether its shopped or not. either way, its hilarious, awesome, and sums up my political views nicely :)
  10. skollie-IRAN Member

    It's 100% shopped - but that does not detract from it's awesomeness! :D
  11. sauce on this then, proof of 2 or moar pics
  12. Best picture ever.
  13. skollie-IRAN Member

  14. it's clearly not photoshopped, there's a reflection of her arm on the car..
  15. It wasn't here arm that was shooped. Just the hand.

    It is still a WIN.
  16. codeman177 Moderator

    That might be a shop but dang it thats an epic picture
  17. Ray Murphy Member

    Yes, but there probably should be a lot more reflection from her body. My heat-map program should be able to show clearly if it is photoshopped, but I can't find it. The guy who invented it put it on the net, so if anyone wants to track him down they can probably still download a copy. He's a forensic expert who identifies fake pics and video quite regularly for the FBI and others - particularly Al Qa'ida stuff.
  18. skollie-IRAN Member

    The original is here.

    More from the silent protest in Tehran #iranelection on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  19. Ray Murphy Member

  20. Ray Murphy Member

    I've just noticed that there are 2 versions in circulation. The middle finger version is definitely a fake because the jpeg artifacts around the hand are very prominent. The other version looks real.
  21. It's a shop because in Iran, the middle finger doesn't mean anything rude. Unless she did it on purpose knowing Ahmadinejad won't be offended.

    Giving the thumb to the Iranians is the same as giving the middle finger to the Western people.
  22. Ray Murphy Member

    (FIRST PIC - hand up)
    More from the silent protest in Tehran #iranelection on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    (SECOND PIC - below)

    Here are 2 segments from both versions. Both have the wrong jpg artifacts, so they are probably both fake.

    See how the thumb is cut off in the first image. The hand also has black pixels surrounding it instead of graduating tone that is half way between the hand color and the background color. It also has artificial near-white pixels emphasizing the hand outline.

    Click on the image below to enlarge it.

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  23. Nice find Ray Murphy... :)

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