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  1. Anonymous Member

    During the December 2012 Vananonymous Raid in Vancouver, Canada, a threat to public safety was noticed (and photographed) in some structural integrity failures in the masonry.

    This is in the rear of the cult building, about 10-12 feet above the street, at the lane way:

    File #6-small.jpg



    Suggestions of structural failure can be found in many places on that north wall of the cult building:


    Two days later, in the interests of public safety, this situation was reported to City Hall Building Inspectors as a public safety hazard.

    The City Bylaws about buildings and public safety were quoted and these photos were submitted. At the time, it appeared that it was maybe possible to bust the cult for the situation.

    File #5-small.jpg

    The entire north wall of the building, as seen from the lane way, is in quite shabby shape.

    Broken Glass Window2-small.jpg

    Broken Glass Window-small.jpg

    Ample evidence of cosmetic damage has been visible from the lane way for a long time.

    North Wall From Lane.jpg

    Following discovery of the gross hazard to public safety, I wanted to obtain better viewing of that entire north wall.

    From the lane way, it is possible to notice minor disrepair and cosmetic damage on that wall, but a comprehensive view of the entire wall is restricted by the geometry of the city architecture.

    Parkade street level (1).jpg

    A few months prior to December 2012, I became curious about the parkade building to the north of the cult building. I wanted to know if it was possible to obtain access to the roof of that building.

    For my great good fortune, Mrs. Night Owl possesses WOG Super Powerz in abundance. She suggested that I obtain a satellite photo of that downtown block. So, I did:


    [To be continued...]
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  2. RightOn Member

    yep looks very dangerous.
    Question tho... I have been to Old Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and Vancouver. The buildings there are very ancient and many show disrepair. Are the safety codes in Canada a bit more lax because of the age of some these buildings?
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  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Anonymous “Night Owls” Expose Vancouver Scientology - Canada cult |

    By David Love

    This is indeed an amazing story of a “dauntless, defiant, and resolute” couple who spent months investigating and documenting yet another crumbling Scientology building, this time in western Canada.

    In breaking Scientology news today from Vancouver, Canada, Anonymous members “Night Owl” and “Mrs. Night Owl” have just completed a covert photo mission. They captured shocking images of public safety issues resulting from what can be viewed as negligent staff practices and a building that stands in a desperate state of disrepair and is visibly dangerous. Approximately 58 high resolution images were taken over several months.

    Continued at
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Lo and fucking behold! A parkade roof with vehicles!

    400 cordova Vehicles.jpg

    The presence of vehicles on that roof suggested that there was ready access to that roof, ergo, access to a comprehensive view of that north wall of the cult building.

    To help you understand the geometry of the situation that will unfold in this thread, I provide this image:

    401 w hastings Guide.jpg

    In relatively short order, elevator and stairway access to that roof was located, without having to park a vehicle @ the rate of $5.00 an hour.

    Early in January 2013, the City put up some barriers to help prevent pedestrians from being close to the wall with the failing masonry:

    File #5-small.jpg


    It was around this time period that Anonymous Montreal reported structural integrity failures at the Montreal cult HQ:

    January Post Game Thread from Montreal:

    David Love's Article in The Examiner about the situation there:

    WWP regulars are probably familiar with the Toronto Org situation:

    An aside - late in December 2012, I took a drive down to cult HQ in order to see if the City had done anything about the hazardous, teetering rock.

    It was pouring rain and I didn’t have a camera with me, so this is anecdotal.

    There were two limousines parked in the lane way and a wedding party was lined up against the wall. It was a photography situation, while completely oblivious to the safety hazard above. All I could do was facepalm and drive home.


    During the Vanonymous Raid in January 2013, two building Inspectors appeared. I had a brief conversation with them. The two gentlemen explained that all they were doing on that day was making an inspection and that they would be providing their supervisors with a report.

    They had no information for me about how a private citizen could lay charges against the cult and further explained that the City can't repair private property. The City can only cite the owners of private property for having a safety hazard.

    Chalk Mark-small.jpg

    Early February, 2013, I took a drive to the cult building and noticed that a chalk mark has been placed onto the piece of masonry that appeared the most threatening.

    As of February 27th, 2013, the big rock had been removed:



    Early March, 2013, scaffolding appeared beside the building.

    Raid Day-small.jpg

    [To be continued...]

    Attached Files:

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  5. Anonymous Member

    The month of March 2013 arrives, and the gaping hole in the masonry remains, continuing to do so throughout the month, into April and now into the month of May:



    And now, the merry Month of May 2013:

    May 6th 2013.jpg

    May 6th 2013-2.jpg

    The photo below is the very top corner of the wall with the severe failure of structural integrity below:

    Top Corner-small.jpg

    Here's a closer look:

    Top Corner Detail-small.jpg

    The photos below show a set of three eye-hooks, used to anchor electrical power lines. The top-most upper right hook appears to be losing its grip.


    Hi Res Eye Hooks-small.jpg

    The photos below will show some severely damaged window sills:

    cracked sill masonry-small.jpg

    Sill Damage 2-small.jpg

    [To Be Continued...]
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  6. Random guy Member

    Lookee, they've got their own little fern garden right on their window sill! How quaint!
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  7. Anonymous Member

    The following set of photos show some examples of egregious mismanagement of confidential documents.








    The photos made with a 500mm Telephoto lens will not be shown here.

    Although quite publically viewable from the vantage points used for this exposé, presenting those photos here would cross the line about doxing as there is need for extreme redaction. Until further notice, said photos are embargoed and shared only with confidential channels.

    The following set of photos show an interesting situation on the roof of the cult building:

    wide angle of roof.jpg

    At the south end of the roof, an electrical extension cord snakes its way from left to right.

    outdoor lighting circuit 1-small.jpg

    The extension cord appears to be spliced into the outdoor lighting circuits on the left/east side of the building.

    outdoor lighting circuit 2-small.jpg

    Veteran Members of WWP may remember that David Love busted the Vancouver Org HQ for Electrical Code Violations in August, 2011:

    [To Be Continued...]
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Protip: Thumbnails are good and help people. Not everyone has lives in an area with fast internets.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    According to information shared by David Love, outdoor electrical wiring must be housed in immobile metal tubing. A rubber extension cord will rapidly suffer the results of entropy and become a serious fire hazard.

    wire 0-small.jpg

    wire 1-small.jpg

    wire 2-small.jpg



    Perhaps some kind of ventilation or air-conditioning system - electrical, no doubt!

    During one of the most recent photo missions for this project, the west wall of the building was examined.


    It appears that one of the windows is used as a doorway to the floor below the roof and a ladder used for top-floor roof access.



    A discovery was made of the cult's smoking lounge!


    I totally failed to get any photos of the scientologists yelling at that ashtray while they smoked cigarettes.

    Smoking Lounge EDIT.jpg

    [To Be Continued...]
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  10. moarxenu Member

    "The photos made with a 500mm Telephoto lens will not be shown here."

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Let us never forget; scientologists are the most ethical people on the whole fucking planet!

    Those of you familiar with cult scripture will recognize this shit:

    ENMEST, 1. property, energy, or space which has been rendered less useful by poor thinking. Time which is wasted. (*HTLTAE), rotten canvas, broken chairs, things which don't belong in the area, rubbish, etc. (FO 1973)

    (Flag Order 1973 - and the Admin Dictionary definition for enmest.)

    And this shit:


    A part of everyone's hats is keeping a good mock-up in people, offices,
    classrooms, quarters. Keep your desk and your mest neat and orderly. It helps.

    And when you see things getting broken-down or run-down or dirty, fix them or clean them or if you can't, yell like hell on the right comm line.

    You are doing the right thing to help the Scientologists, yelling like hell about their enmest on the right communication line.

    Hubbard’s definition for MEST in Scientology’s Dictionary of Administration and Management:

    MEST, mathematical symbol for matter, energy, space and time. Loosely, property and possessions. (HTLTAE, p. 121)

    *(How to Live Though an Executive)

    During the final photo mission, it was learned which of those windows is used for doorway access to the roofs:

    May 6th 2013 (1).jpg

    May 6th 2013-#2 (1).jpg

    Mr. & Mrs. Night Owl (1).jpg

    Oh, hai OSA.

    I reckon that by now, you gotta be asking yourself… “…has the EXIF data for those photos been removed, or is it still in place? Or, if it is in place, has it been manufactured in a lab run by Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer or Squibb? If so, will the camera serial numbers lead me to cameras owned by scientologists in South Africa, Taiwan and Moscow?”

    So you gotta be asking yourself, “…do I feel lucky?”

    Well, do ya punk?

    - Finis -
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  12. moarxenu Member

    On the Twitter I follow a very droll guy named Tristin Hopper @TristinHopper , who lives in Vancouver and writes for the National Post @nationalpost

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  13. OTeleventy Member

    Wow! That's awesome Night Owl (and Mrs. NO). Great job. Question about the stuff you're not showing: Without doxing anyone, can you say what the documents taken with your 500 revealed? Is it totally confidential stuff?

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  14. wolfbane Member

    That shit is mest'd up. Nice job Night Owls /APPLAUSE
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  15. Anonymous Member

    It is very confidential stuff! :)
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  16. moarxenu Member

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  17. moarxenu Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

    I don't think there is any laxness in the municipal legislation about public safety, but I am speculating.

    David Love is much better versed in the various municipal legal realms than I, as he spotted this egregious violation of the law in August 2011:




    These photos were taken at the August 2011 Raid by Vananonymous, a Saturday.

    Before the following Monday morning, David Love had filed a complaint to the appropriate City Department, and about a week later, the illegal wiring had been removed.

    This suggests that electrical hazard complaints are processed more expeditiously than hazards involving physical danger, but again, I am speculating.

    The electrical situation I reported earlier in this thread is being sent to City Hall, along with the photos showing very shabby upkeep of that north wall structure.
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  19. RightOn Member

    BRAVO!!!! wow. what started out as a few loose bricks turned into a mega release of goodies!
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  20. Intelligence Member

    Published on May 10, 2013
    May 9, 2013: In breaking Scientology news today from Vancouver, Canada, Anonymous members "Night Owl" and "Mrs. Night Owl" have just completed a covert photo mission. They captured shocking images of public safety issues resulting from what can be viewed as negligent staff practices and a building that stands in a desperate state of disrepair and is visibly dangerous. Approximately 58 high resolution images were taken over several months.

    Mr. 'Night Owl' --- you and yours did an awesome job over many months
    to expose this crumbling so-called church. Take a 'BOW' and have some 'CAEK' :) <3

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  21. RightOn Member

    VERY nice!
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Mrs. Night Owl always has my deepest gratitude for watching my back, and supplying sterling advice whenever needed. It wouldn't have happened without her and her WOG Super Powerz!

    Mr. David Love did an Outstanding Job of coordinating the News events on his end - another Anon with WOG Super Powerz! <3 and {{{ BIG HUGS }}}!!!

    Heart Sparkles.gif Heart Sparkles.gif Heart Sparkles.gif Heart Sparkles.gif Heart Sparkles.gif Heart Sparkles.gif
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Thetans are not afraid of lung cancer, neighbours, electrocution, and falling stones. They are your wog problems. We have no money to pay for the heating bill anyway, so who cares about a hole or two on the windows or walls?
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  24. Random guy Member

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  25. Random guy Member

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  26. RightOn Member

    gorgeous back drop by the way! WOAH!
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  27. Intelligence Member

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  28. DamOTclese Member

    How is this even permitted? Why have the local building safety agencies not closed this building down and condemned it? Do people have to die before the city gets involved?

    We also see standing water on the roofing, we see fire death traps inside from stacked boxes... Bet you the plumb line tests of the walls show at least the North face is slumped.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    I can't comment on other Canadian cities, but in Vancouver, necessity for improved safety for the citizens is often determined by a high body count.

    Typically, a pedestrian-controlled intersection is only introduced after a large number of citizens have been killed at that intersection.

    When it comes to issues involving public safety, the municipal politics is entirely reactionary, and only rarely proactive.

    If part or all of that north wall on the cult hq building was to fall on someone and either injure or kill, there may be some actions taken, but I wouldn't place a bet on that.

    Have a look at some of the handsome devil candidates for the upcoming Provincial Election:

    JONATHAN-DIELEMAN.jpg molyneaux.jpg MikeBrousseau-Skeena1.jpg Bryce-Crigger-Nanaimo.jpg
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  30. moarxenu Member

    I rather like Bryce Crigger's moustache.

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  31. SPRTT Member

    Night Owls = BAMF.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Maybe not report the electrical violations and wait for the wiring to fail? Anyone up for a open-fire cookout? Hot dogs, marshmellows, gram crackers, and chocolate will be provided free of charge!
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  33. And they say Night Owls do their best wotk at night (except when operating anonymously), very impressive covert daytime expose, Mr. & Mrs. Night Owl, Thx, well played............
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  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. Anonymous Member


    Haven't these retards ever heard of a scanner?
  36. Anonymous Member

    WAT??? Explain?
  37. SeenTheLight Member

    It's a variation of the HCOPL of September 21, 1958, Theory of Scientology Organizations:
  38. Anonymous Member

    Lol, Hubbard was queer enough over his...."MEST". Never mind a mess like this.

    They can bury titanium encased stainless steel disks bearing Dianetics down in underground desert vaults yet show no sign of having a clue about managing those mountains of dead case files, crappy mailings and whatever little else the remaining org staff shuffles around these days in order to look busy?

    They could fit everything they've got inside that building onto a thumb drive and be done with managing all of that dead weight once and for all.

    They just don't bother, there's nothing in those files that is worth the effort.

    Just a museum of useless paper. And cigarette butts. The world abhors a vacuum. There's just no way any of this can last much longer.
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  39. DeathHamster Member

    Thought I'd drop this here:
    I'm surprised it's even that high, but that could include a lot of people who aren't active. (Source: 2011 survey by Statistics Canada.)

    UmbraXenu Vancouver Org (Currently no editing allowed for other people. The robot-spammers are pretty active.)
  40. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for the Vancouver Sun Link and the membership number.

    A little news to add. It seems that the cult HQ at 401 Hastings Street suffered some damage in June 2014.


    The green panel to the left of the figure with the red top is plywood. The damage to the corner runs all the way up under the awning.

    I first saw it while driving, early in June. I didn't get a photo at that time, but the one above was taken from my vehicle on June 16th, 2014 and the plywood had been painted green.

    The situation appears to me to be a case of a vehicle crashing into the corner of the building. I suggest this because there is an intersection in my neighbourhood that has had repeated crashes into the corner of a building at the intersection.

    The intersection is one of high and heavy traffic. North and South bound is to and from the airport, and the East and West road is a high traffic alternative to the Broadway corridor.

    There were so many crashes into the building corner the proprietor moved the window facades further east and north and replaced that with a solid column, like the cult building.

    I searched the local newspapers for a crash story involving 401 West Hastings Street but came up empty.

    I don't know how a 200+ membership is keeping the cult building open. The ideal org page for the city is dead along with all the other Vancouver org web sites.

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