Ex-OSA spy to speak at Riverside BOS meeting, 7/26/11

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by Anonymous, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. RightOn Member

    who is the women in the center flipping papers around and playing with her pen the whole time that guy was speaking?
    Talk about not listening and being rude
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Lomabard? That sounds wrong.
  3. RightOn Member

    her name is said by Buster before she comes up to the podium
    But I think he says Paulina
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    Someone may or may not have 'pooned Tony Ortega and he may or may not have something on this in the next day or so.
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  6. RightOn Member

    tee hee this shit is getting good
    wish I had a close up of Stone's face while she was talking
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  7. i'mglib Member

    That's all I know--that at least some of her family is out.

    Isn't it amazing that she took the trouble to do this? I guess that's one more name for the "Exes who have spoken out" list.

    It just goes to show that even the most hardcore-seeming Scientologists can wake up and do a 180. I have to think she must have some really deep-rooted beliefs about what is right and wrong, but she can't be alone.

    Also, whoever pooned Tony Ortega, I hope you sent the video where AO caught the protest of his home on video. It's somewhere on Youtube (sorry I can't search it now, or I would).
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    Some of the videos are gone.

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  10. I can't watch the videos right now, so I'm sorry if my question would be answered in them.

    Is there any information this woman has that should be given to police, prosecutors, or at least the media? If she defected recently then any shady spy shit that the CoS had her doing may still be of interest to them. If I haven't messed up my history too much, didn't the Clearwater Hearings get going after a defected Guardian Office spy talked to the local paper?

    This meeting is nice since it's a matter of public record, but if she has anything juicy then there are better venues for her to speak.
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  11. subgenius Member

    readin' my mind again
  12. moarxenu Member


    Mark Bunker now has it:

    Ex-OSA Volunteer Exposes Critic Op

    July 26, 2011 by XENU TV

    Paulien Lombard talked to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors earlier today and explained how she was approached by OSA to find out info on AnonOrange, harass him at his home and deny any involvement by Scientology. She makes a pointed reference to Supervisor Stone’s Scientology friends who once were her friends before she was declared an SP.

    Paulien was well known as Orange County’s top Dianetics book seller and Volunteer Minister before being declared.


    Thanks for your bravery and integrity, Pauline Paulien!
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  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. TrevAnon Member

    ^^ See LinkedIn profile. She did University Utrecht, which - in response to a post before - is in the Netherlands.
  15. Smurf Member

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  16. Ann O'Nymous Member

  17. Smurf Member

  18. Ann O'Nymous Member

  19. TinyDancer Member

    That's a beautiful photo. ^^

    I respect Paulien for going back to the people she wronged and not just apologising, but offering to help make things right. Wonderful stuff.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Scilon changed the road design, Riverside did nothing. Fatal accident follows. Tip the ambulance chasers, anybody? It could be a major lawsuit against Scientology and Riverside, bankrupting them both, forcing any supervisor with scilon connections to resign.
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  21. Suprise buttsex for Jef Stone

    Dutchology works and it helps people.
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  22. moarxenu Member

    I loved how Paulien insisted on having a last minute in order to plug Janet Reitman's book.
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  23. xenubarb Member

    Did you see how they let her? This is why OSA can take over meetings and lectures. They just rolled over and let her take that last bite. Anyone else would've been shut down at the end.
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  24. RightOn Member

    yeah totally cool
    looooooooooooooooved it
    Lulziest by far was when she said she had the same friends as Stone and to look more into COS.
    I laughed out loud.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Chairman Bob Buster did allow other speakers to squeeze in another sentence after he said their time was up. He deserves credit for this.
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  26. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  27. Smurf Member

    Bob shows his professionalism when he does this. When scumbag Jeff Stone was running things, he'd motion for one of his deputy storm troopers to come over and threaten the speaker with expulsion.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Google Office of Special Affairs 4.5 good pages
    Google Scientology 5 pages, little bit of this and that, more this than that
  29. Anonymous Member

    Is that why they call Dutch virgins... gootentight?.
  30. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

  31. Smurf Member

    Guess it runs in his family.

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  32. Anon PTS Member

    Tony Ortega has picked it up:
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Transcript, Riverside County Board of Supervisors Meeting, 7/26/11, of Paulein Lombard
    former Church of Scientology's intelligence arm, OSA (Office of Special Affairs)

    “Good morning, Board of Supervisors. Thank you for letting me speak here today.

    My name is Paulein Lombard. I have been a Scientologists for 30 years. In June of 2009 when the official spokesperson of the church, Tommy Davis, announced that 50 instances of violence had occurred on 22 members of the staff here in Hemet, I decided to withdraw my support to this organization.

    However, in September of 2008 I was still a trusted member and I was asked by the Office of Special Affairs in Orange County, which is the intelligence arm of Scientology, they, they monitor what information about Scientology goes out to the members and to the world, and I was asked to assist with the arrest of Mr. Francois Choquette who I’m sure you are all familiar with.

    And I was asked to go out to his home, which I did. I was, actually, as part of the information control that the church runs on their members I was indoctrinated to believe that all protestors were terrorists. That is the line they use to members to make it understandable that there even are protestors.

    Okay, so I was, I was then asked to go to his house, which I did, and I stood in front of his house with a sign saying that he was a terrorist, that , this was the sign made by, by Scientology in Orange County.

    And the day before, two members of Orange, of the Orange County organization, had gone to his neighborhood to spread leaflets throughout the neighborhood saying that Mr. Choquette was a terrorist. Scientology likes to isolate their critics from family members, neighbors and friends and they do it this way.

    As part of this operation I was also asked to find out from the neighbor of Mr. Choquette, about [?] Mr. Choquette’s source of income. Scientology likes to know this because they like to go to the employer of the critic to discredit the critic or spread lies or both. In the case of the critic being self-employed they will go and contact the clients of the critic to discredit him, to discredit the critic.

    Upon my return to the organization I was also informed, if anybody were to ask me me who set me up to do this, I should tell them that it was on my behalf, I, I myself decided to do this, not the church. The church will lie and they’ll set others up to lie in order to give themselves a favorable image.

    I know, Mr. Stone, you have some friends that are Scientologists. I see [?] know them personally. They used to be my friends. They have since disconnected from me. They are not allowed to talk to me anymore, okay? This is all part of the information control that is going on in the church.

    Church members are not allowed to research the history of Scientology online. If they do, they, there are severe repercussions. I strongly suggest you inform yourself about Scientology.”

    [Board member: “Thanks, Miss Lombard, and your time’s elapsed.”]

    “I have one last sentence to make. Please read the book of Janet Reitman. It’s called ‘Inside Scientology’. Thank you for your time.”
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Oh, you mean Marty and Yvonne Prince who live at the end of E. Appletree lane in Orange at the end of the cul de sac??? All their neighbors know who they are now and they all know how Marty and Yvonne stiffle free speech, how they follow protestors, how they have them assaulted, how thier cult forces abortions and ALL of their neighbors received the full summary of the New Yorker article which describes many cult abuses worldwide. They also know about Jan Eastgate and how the cult covers up child abuse.

    WOW, Marty and Yvonne, your neighbors know a LOT about you and your CULT. See what you brought on...

    It will not end until they come clean and their dirty little org closes!!
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  35. Anonymous Member

    And btw, Marty's real name is CHUCK least that is what the DMV record for his shitty little black mercedes says...
  36. Anonymous Member

    And one more thing, his neighbors directly across the street at the end of the cul de sac...they are MORTIFIED they live near a family of cult members who believe in forced abortions. You see, they did some research based on a flier they received and they happen to be members of the catholic church. They told me they cried when they read the stories of the kids in the sea org.

    Yeah, they know the TRUTH!

    FYI MARTY AND YVONNE AND YOUR LITTLE RETARDED BRAINWASHED KIDS: People don't like you or the way your cult acts. They don't like forced abortions and people being help against their will. They also don't like disconnection because they LOVE their families!

    Something you would throw away in a second if you were given the orders....RIGHT? You sick fucking little pawns!
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  37. TomVorm Member

    What is easily resolved, is the problem presented in the last line of Pauline's testimony.

    Instead of asking the board to read a book (which they may or may not be aware of,
    or know how to get), why not just order a copy online and either deliver it or have it
    sent to the clerk of the board?

    That is an entirely legal thing to do, and bypasses the whole issue of needing someone
    to do something for someone else. Better yet, someone with deeper pockets could
    forward 5 or more copies to the board, so every Supervisor or district can read them
    simultaneously. Right now, they're priced about $16 each on, so the whole
    deal could be done for less than $100.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Marie Murillo: Your neighbors are next...get used to living like Casey Anthony you ugly fucking bitch!
  39. Anonymous Member

    You might consider writing to Marie this sentence and send it via postage. There is no indication she visits WWP.
  40. Anonymous Member

    OH, she fuckin sees this...believe me!

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