Ex Head Minion Marty would never involve a person’s child in Fair Game. Fuck!

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by DeathHamster, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    Damnit, every time I think Marty's making slow progress, he says something where the Fucking Fuck inside shows itself.
    Like fuck it didn't!
    The NY Times story doesn't mention it, but there were also leaflets distributed at their school as I recall.

    Now, Marty's status yo-yo'ed a lot around that time, but I doubt all the Fair Game involving kids stopped and started the moment he was back or out. I sure that all the damned victims of Scientology can put their heads together and come up with many more examples of Scientology letting their Creepy Pedo Flag fly when Marty was in charge.

    I'd like to know when Scientology has ever thought of kids of enemies and SPs as being off-limits. Was it some slow weekend in the 80s when everyone else was off sick or traveling?
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  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Yup, he is good at setting off the 'fuckity-fucks', I sort of think he's trying to get his head out of the Hubbard maze, we'll wait and see I guess....
  3. moxie Member

    Marty, when formally a Scientologist, likely believed that kids are simply short of stature adults who were not "really" any person's child.
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  4. DeathHamster Member

    He doesn't seem able yet to look back and reevaluate Marty the Head Minion and has this weird double-think still going. Gets angry if someone suggests that CoS did nasty things on his watch.
    Terror was what it was all about:
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Is this incident in Theroux's film or ad hoc conversation between he and Rathbun ?
  6. DeathHamster Member

    In the film, I think. It'll be interesting to see how it's framed.
  7. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ my bolding.

    Regardless of how it is framed, ad hoc or film sequence, I think it to be a very valuable insight into Mr. Rathbun's alleged progress.
    He remains very deeply in the maze. What happened to him while becoming the cult minion and go-to-thug remains fully operational. This is how I am reading this situation.

    JohnnyRUClear made an extremely astute statement in January of this year:
    I did my best to expose the psychology of consequence of the cult's mind control programming in this post in January of the previous year:
    This recent incident with respect to conversing with Theroux and perhaps even in his film reveals that Mr. Rathbun continues to believe himself to be a humanitarian.

    There is evidence of strong denial that he did anything that could ever be considered the exact opposite of humanitarian actions, such as fair gaming children.

    But DeathHamster has shown that he did that kind of fair gaming.

    This suggests that the deep traumatic programming that Mr. Rathbun received from the cult remains deeply buried in his subconscious.

    He remains no more than a mere marionette dancing on all the strings pulled by the cult of scientology.

    IMO, he is extremely dangerous.
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  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Manipulator too, he learned from the best eh.
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  9. moxie Member

    I think he is experiencing intense but vaguely understood guilt. He needs to face and accept his complicity in the ruination and attempted ruination of human lives and make amends. Angry denial will gain him nada. Just my take, though. He might be a complete psychopath for all I know. I don't think he is and FWIW I think he needs help beyond his personal circle jerk. His over the top reactions to questions from those outside the circle seem to be symptomatic of his reaction to a crack of reality in his protective web of double think. Sometimes the truth really can set you free.
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  10. DeathHamster Member

    As I said, he yo-yo'ed in and out of favor a few times and spent years in the RPF. For that example, it's possible that he had little authority during that time.

    I've been tempted to build a timeline of exactly when Marty was in or out, but then I think, who gives a shit? No one on the other end of the stick noticed a bit of difference in how CoS dirty tricks changed when Marty was in or out, and frankly I doubt there were any. If he had had any limits or squeamishness, he would have been bounced out of the job and back to the RPF until he got it right. Scientology is rape machine, and there are no virgins at the top levels. Even the "good people at heart" will still fuck you over. It's nothing personal.

    I do wish he'd stop making broad claims that CoS wouldn't do something either on or off his watch. Sure they would, and sure Marty did. I'll throw him a bone: Good people can do fucked up things to other people. So can bad people. It's how they deal with it afterwards that separates them.

    Let me mush together two Marty-excuses to see how it works:
    Don't explode. Recognize that they're exactly where you were Marty.
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  11. SlappyDM Member

    A timeline of MR's dirty deed time as opposed to RPF time would be interesting but I think if he still carries guilt, it's deserved. Seems like he's still on a seesaw and until he excorsizes Hubbabubba... Jury will remain out.
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  12. BLiP Member

    Righty-ho, thanks for that Marty. I'll let Nicole Kidman know that it has never crossed your mind to bring a person's child into Scientology's machinations against the parent.
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