Ex CoS PR Frontman Thomas "Tommy" Davis Offers Help, Advice and Brotherhood

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by ITryToHelp, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. ITryToHelp Member

    Hey All! I came across this on an investment/banking business networking type site and was quite surprised considering what I’ve heard regarding this guys reputation...then again, didn't a lot of the now 'good folks' in/out of the CoS all have bad reps at one time or another?!? Anyway, I just thought I'd pass it along as a share. Best to all you brave folks.

    Thomas “Tommy” W. Davis
    5605 N. MacArthur Blvd
    Suite 350
    Irving, TX 75038
    Telephone: 972-893-7000

    Tommy Davis is currently a Senior Vice President at Colony Capital which he joined in 2012 and is currently in charge of “special projects” as required by the CoB of Colony Capital Investments.

    Prior to joining Colony, Tommy Davis served for decades in various positions within the esteemed Church of Scientology, eventually serving as their senior public relations director. After both he and his wife Jessica began experiencing personal and professional conflicts with their direct superior, Mr. David Miscavige, Tommy resigned his management and public relations position citing ‘ethical concerns’. Mr. Miscavige retained Mr. Davis holding a transitional job as a property manager for a Church location maintained and owned by a holding company, WLD Investments until 2012. During that transition period Mr. Davis’ wife Jessica spend time in ‘peaceful religious reflection’ at a private Church retreat and sanctuary.

    Mr. Thomas ‘Tommy’ Davis encourages current and former Church parishioners and colleagues, as well as the general public to contact him directly now that he has left his PR position with the Church. He invites questions about both Colony Capital’s services and investment opportunities as well as any questions or concerns about his years working for the Church. Mr. Davis encourages anyone to call him with questions or concerns regarding his many statements and commentaries (considered controversial by some) during his plethora of high-profile television, radio and other media appearances and interviews, or about his extensive writings on the Church. Mr. Davis feels strongly that this new chapter in his life includes that he is open to, and available for, anyone at anytime.

    Anyone with questions, concerns or comments for Mr. Davis regarding his large body of work or new pursuits are free to contact him at the phone number and address he lists above. Certainly Mr. Tommy Davis does his Church proud by offering to us all (both in his faith or not) the benefit of his business savvy, hard earned knowledge, wisdom and truths. 972-893-7000 or use email and other functions at his website:
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  2. wolfbane Member

    Waaaaaay too good to be true. Can we get a link or screen grab on that please?
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  3. Quentinanon Member

    Interesting. I would hope he would offer a public apology to John Sweeney.
  4. Ogsonofgroo Member

    They are either really really dumb, or another scilon run corporation.


    And fucking near spit out my liver laughing @ 'Anyone with questions, concerns or comments for Mr. Davis regarding his large body of work...' ....... O'rly? More like 'Large hobby of Jerk' imho, self entitled little douchebag is gonna be a putz for cult shit until his mom blows, iow forever.

    Investing money with scientologists involved? Wow, what could possibly go wrong?

  5. Hugh Bris Member

    Here's the company website blurb:
  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  7. Anonymous Member

  8. What specific "investment/banking business networking type site?" Do you have a link? A screenshot?
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  9. anon8109 Member

    OP is fake.

    No way Davis could have it written about him that had "ethical concerns" about Miscavige and not be declared SP.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    You could be right about that part, but...

    Tommy Davis.jpg
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  11. Hugh Bris Member

    Looks like someone took the company blurb, and shall we say, trolled it up a bit.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    down vote arrow.gif
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  13. StephaneZ Member

    So I had an idea...I don't know if anyone would want to help me but I would like to thank Tommy Davis for his kindness and compassion.

    In fact, I would like to pay him back for all he has done for me and my family. So my idea is to let him know how kind he is. I would like to take a day, maybe a few days, and get as many people as possible to call Tommy at work to thank him. We could even all call on the same day, say April 1, 2015. We could work-place "love bomb" Tommy for all he has given this world. Hundreds of us folks could call his work numbers and just very politely leave kind messages to and for Mr. Davis. Maybe something like this:

    Ring Ring....

    Them: "Good Morning, Capital Investments how my I help you today"?

    Me/Us: "Good Morning right back to you! I would like to leave a message for Mr. Davis please, would you mind taking it"?

    Them: "Would you like his voice mail, Sir"?

    Me/Us: "No, please just let him know that Mike called to say hello and that a bunch of us will be seeing him soon, he'll totally understand it".

    Them: "OK, got it Mike. Thank you"

    Me: "No, thank you"!


    "Yes, you could put me through to his voice mail, that would be great, thanks"!

    Me/Us: "Hi Tommy, this is Mike, your old pal...just wanted to wish you well at Captial and let you know we're all thinking of you and will be seeing you real soon! All the best buddy!"

    Tommy needs to know that a bunch of us are rooting for him in his new position and the new chapter in his life. We need to acknowledge and encourage Tommy for his devotion to his Church and all the good will he so selflessly exudes.

    My only concern is if a whole bunch of us start calling his work and leaving all kinds of really nice messages it might cause him some issues in his brand new job. I am happy to leave some very kind-hearted messages thanking Tommy for his service directly on the voice mails of his co-workers and bosses so we don't overwhelm his personal voice mail because that would be bad. I'm sure doing that would be great for Tommy too because he'll look like a hero to all his colleagues and co-workers at his new job for having so many admirers! What better way to pay someone back for all he's done for me, my family and all of mankind really than to let everyone in his new company know just how popular and appreciated he is.

    Here's some of the other folks that would love to know how popular and appreciated their co-worker/employee Tommy Davis is and you can reach any and all of them and Tommy personally on any of these numbers::

    <MOD EDIT: A whole butt tonne of names and numbers removed cause just nope>

    I have never tried to "love bomb" anyone before but I've seen how the Church of Scientology does it and people just absolutely love the feeling! So even though it's only a gesture, sometimes it’s these small things that make a difference; and it sure would be nice to give something back to a man whom has given so much to society.

    If anyone has more experience in how best to organize and execute a work-place "Love Bomb" for a valued employee (to let an entire organization know how lucky they are to have a new, ultra-talented employee in their midst) please just lay out the best way to proceed and I will be the one to make that very first call when and how you say (personally I can't pull off a surprise birthday party)!

    Thanks for any ideas and help! You all rock.
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  14. Dome this shit. The stupid, it burns. Also seems like doxing.
  15. ^But not really doxing - it's a freely-available corporate phone number for Colony Capital, so no need to Dome.

    Can't help but wonder to myself how Colony Capital came to offer Tommy Davis his senior VP position, with a CV that consists mainly in being 'head of Public Relations' for CoS, which could hardly be termed an unmitigated success, could it? Neither could his track record of being economical with the actualité on the CoS policy on Disconnection.

    Can't see the wisdom in it.
  16. RightOn Member

    "how Colony Capital came to offer Tommy Davis his senior VP position?"
    one word MOMMY
    As in Anne Archer. IMO

    So I wonder if or how much Tommy is still auditing?
    And I vote no on the phone call idea, whether or not the phone number is public. Just seems kinda childish and a "clammy" action.
    But of course all are free to do what they want.
  17. BLiP Member

    More likely Daddy, AKA Wheatbelly, who's got lots more money than mommy.
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  18. RightOn Member

    ahhh ok
    Well I knew it was something on that order!
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  19. I would help out 100%...This is one bad of the worst...all the misery in his wake and he just moves on without any notice what so ever? Not right. And I don't want to hear about how he'll be judged by a higher authority and face his immorality at the gates of some imaginary ethereal realm...face music here and now...we have to do something...please someone tell me what to do too because I can't live with this.
  20. Forgive me but I don't understand this post...'Dome' means? "The stupid' = this is a stupid idea? Thanks for any clarification...I'm old and sure that has something to do with it...I had to look up "doxxing"...and BTW, when I did I actually loved the definition and wanted to "dox" this assclown even more...FAIR GAME works both ways, does it not?
  21. White Tara Global Moderator

    Dome is short for Thunderdome. It is the basement level of wwp accessible to those with registered accounts (Thunderdome is....for those who can tolerate NSFW and generally wtf type posting)
  22. anon8109 Member

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  23. Tommy Davis' behaviour, recorded for posterity (his nauseating performance in his interview with Larry Anderson, for example) enraged a lot of people, even though he was so poor at what he did while acting as the spokeshole for CoS, he was frequently mockingly referred to here as the Leadar of Anonymous.

    Those who were treated badly by him will have very long memories, and his own words come back to mock him every other week on this or some other scientology-related site, even though it is apparently three or four years since he quit the scientology PR job. (My my, it only seems like yesterday).

    Personally I don't think anybody has to do anything much at this stage to make him squirm - so long as what already exists of him on video and audio remains for all to see and hear.

    But whatever you do, don't mention the Galactic Overlord from 75 million years ago to Tommy - it seems to make him uncomfortable.
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  24. Man I am getting old and in the way...I have no idea what you mean by these sentences...

    wwp = ? (Wounded Warrior Project?)
    wtf type posting=? (What The f*#K) but wtf type posting means what exaxctly?
    NSFW= Not Suitable for Work (I actually knew one, if this is in fact what you mean)

    I guess by "basement level" you mean the beginning or lowest rung on the ladder? Like an entry level person or novice?

    Even if I could figure out all the acronyms and contracted words and urban slang I still have no idea what the point of the post is...all I know is there is one, it's meaningful and it's clever...but to me its a spaceship that looks like a DC10...way over my head.
  25. anon8109 Member

    Because it is at the very least immoral with aspects that are criminal.

    While lying is generally not illegal, it sometimes is. But cheating someone or stealing from them certainly is, and destroying them utterly most likely is too.

    The proper way to deal with fair game is to demand justice, not petty revenge.
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  26. RightOn Member

    WWP = Why We Protest
  27. Something fishy about this thread. Tommy is on the radar. Why?
  28. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Nothing fishy at all about it man.
    He's never been 'off the radar', being a lying, conniving, complacent, brain-dead spokes-hole for Hubbard's cult of manipulation and grief, has righteously earned him a place in the 'Asshole's Hall of Shame', especially after his BBC interview with J. Sweeney years ago.
    Remember not to forget eh!
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  29. wtf

    Tommy Davis is the only spokesperson who has told the truth about Scientology"

    Davis said, 'Of course, if it's true that Mr. Hubbard was never injured during the war, then he never did heal himself using Dianetics principles, then Dianetics is based on a lie, and then Scientology is based on a lie.
  30. Ogsonofgroo Member

    And such footbullets keep him on my radar, not only mine I'm sure, to me he is but another 'keeper of the skeletons' in the dark and smelly closest of a fat greedy lunatic name L Ron Hubbard. My opinion, whats yours?
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  31. Rotten as the day he he hasn't blown yet rite?
  32. He is what Scientology needs.
  33. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Yes, they lost a great clamster the day he decided to put looking after his wife ahead of the needs of the cult, for shames o him, they need him fer sure, way prettier than Karen Pouw (mind you so is infection)...
  34. I am the person that suggested the calling blitz to Tommy Davis' new company (where he works new...not that he build it). While I totally respect and applaud the intelligence that makes Anon great and the high moral standards that you adhere to I really saw this suggestion going another way.

    I thought that I would get hundreds and perhaps thousands of people from all over the world supporting my idea to make hundreds/thousands of phone calls to Tommy and his colleagues leaving polite and kind messages. Passive aggressive: check...Childish: check Petty: check Highly embarrassing to them, annoying, off-putting and a demonstration of that the worlds aware of his character and that a large group will not do business with them or his company: check

    No laws libel...just a large public display of kindness and that: we know who you are, where you are, and what you've done. I thought this alone would be a righteous endeavor. But alas, it's no good. I really thought it would be. I have is wife's phone numbers at her Reality office as well...I just envisioned 2 or 3 thousand calls coming in to Tommy and Jessica over a 7-10 day period with questions, concerns and lot's of well wishing for their new lives.

    But if this is a toxic idea then it's toxic. I just had the 'now where to hide' fantasy...because even though I had to move 5 times they always seemed to show up at my home, my work place, my wife's work place, our kids schools...and their HD video and Go Pro cameras each and every time in hand. So I thought 1500 or more phone calls to Cauldwell Real Estate's offices and Colony Investment Offices with kind messages would be fair. And when Tommy and Jessica left those jobs...we could call their new offices to wish them well there, too. Just like 7 of them did to so many folks who moved to new states and took new jobs, they were always there so why not pay back their kindness, But no one thinks it's a fair, just and meaningful gesture so then I will concede will full allegiance, albeit a disappointing one. I still think 2000 phone calls to Tommy and his wife wishing them well would make a very nice point...but it will just have to be one phone call for now.

    I meant well, honestly I did. I am just sick inside that they skate free and need to do something...something 100% legal and that doesn't get anyone physically injured or hurt in any way. All the phone calls in the world can't hurt someone..but it might force some people to think, if not Tommy then maybe those around him.

    I can make more signs and give more money to the LMT and Anon but this was something more, and I was hoping for just that. Maybe after 10:00 PM tonight est things will begin to change. All I can do is hope.

    Best to all.

  35. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    It's illegal. It can be tried under the RICO Act as conspiracy to shut down a business ( It happened to an anti abortion group.)
  36. Mr. Davis, Senior Vice President of Colony Capital, LLC, joined Colony Capital in 2012, and is primarily responsible for business development and is an advisor on special projects to the Chairman.

    :)He never learns
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  37. Ann O'Nymous Member

    If people call and request an appointment, but never show up, I hardly see how it could fall under RICO.

    IMHO, people are free to propose here what they want as long as it remains legal, and to do what they want as long as they are aware of the consequences.
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  38. White Tara Global Moderator

    LOL DC10:p

    OK I must confess, it seems I have been hanging around down in this rabbit hole far far too long. my apologies for having gone native. :)

    To rephrase, the site we are on, wwp, (Why We Protest) is for the most part, view-able to both guests, and registered members. (registration is achievable from the upper left of screen) This is considered 'the upstairs' and as a public site we like to keep it on topic, relatively sane and most certainly Safe for work.

    That being said, we also have to put questionable posts somewhere so the Thunder dome or 'downstairs' is that place. Registered members who care to brave the questionable posts, NSFW content, and the wtf posts (posts that simply make you scratch your head and go...What the F_ck?) can adjust their settings to allow themselves access to the thunderdome.

    I can assure you, hang around here long enough and it will all make far better sense to you. Enjoy :)
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  39. Interestingly, that page -

    -- now comes up 404 not found.

    I wonder if after Going Clear Colony Capital decided that touting an executive's prior experience as "the head of public relations for the Church of Scientology International" might not be the best PR.
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