Ex Church of Scientology Members Passport Confiscation Testimonies

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by RightOn, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Schwabe Member

    Checked "M" (completely) by searching for 'passp', 'drive', 'card' in all linked dox.
    Checked "N,O" (completely) by searching for 'passp' in all linked dox.

    Would be nice to have a complete document with all stories. There are also old scanned articles (10-20%) not catched by this search. OCR for PDF->TXT around?
    Got 3 hits out of 145 - should give 41 out of 1700 by simple text search alone.

    Hits so far:
    Noel (Nowell?) Matarandirotya
    Edit: Not new as I see now

    David Mayo
    Giuliana Costantini
    (from Maria Pia Gardini's Book)
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  2. RightOn Member

    nice Schwabe! Thanks!

    I am going to get on this when I find some time. hopefully next week. I have been swamped
  3. amaX Member

    AWESOME thread!
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  4. RightOn Member

  5. RightOn Member

    done with the "A"s on the wiki
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  6. PodPeople Member

    Past threads, docs, re: immigration, visa's, foreign students, green cards, etc. There should be a good deal of supporting documentation in those because they all have to have passports.
  7. RightOn Member

    B's are done on da wiki

    although I think I remember Maureen Boldstadt saying that when she had to travel she had to lie or something. something to do with her passport or visa running out. Do not know if it was ever held wherever she went?
    I wonder how she is doing. I wish her well. Her story was so sad.
    I hope she is on the mend
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  8. DeathHamster Member

    It was probably in one of Nathan Baca's interviews. (#$@% KESQ!)
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  9. Schwabe Member

    Checked "P" completely

    Catarina (Sandström) Pamnell
    <<Passports were to be handed over, to make it harder for people to escape.>>

    Melissa Paris
    <<"They took our passports, too," Melissa says, vouching for what Valeska has alleged, that every visitor on the ship gives up his or her passport when they arrive.>>

    Other finds (Google e.g. "passport" -> tons of hits)

    Pearl O'Krackel
    <<Police obtain her passport from ship and return it to her.>>

    Other definition of 'beaching'
    <<"Beaching" I have seen many times and it did not improve port relations. A beachee, put ashore with his passport and no money (except his Sea Org "pay" sometimes) to make his way home, would go to his Consulate for help and have some explaining to do.>>

    Tory Christman?
    <<Andreas had helped me (via encouragement, how, etc) to get my passport, some years ago, and I began saving to go to Norway, with my little Norwegian Savings account.>>

    Unknown (person who knows 'Elisabette' and 'Edward')
    <<My passport was to be sent to the British Home Office in London, but the Sea Org had it locked up in a drawer at Housing and I was able to obtain it only in exchange for my return air ticket.>>

    Ronald DeWolf?
    <<I was told I would be given my camera back (minus the film), along with my passport, just prior to leaving the ship, when returning to the States.>>

    Unkown Zimbabwean
    <<The Rev Stephen Bowen, vicar of St John's, says angry cult members ordered him from the grounds and then filmed him and companions accompanying a Zimbabwean Scientologist trying to get his passport back from cult officials.>>

    scamology at
    <<When you board the Freewinds, they take your passport 'for safekeeping.' This is true of ANYONE boarding the Freewinds.>>

    John McLean
    <<Very few have talked about their experience on the ship because to get off they must apply directly to the leader for the release of their passport, John McLean says, and they sign promise not to talk.>>

    <<It was also a regrettable necessity to prevent anyone from 'blowing the org'. Although all the passports were locked in a safe, attempts to jump ship were not unknown. Whenever it happened, Sea Org personnel were rushed ashore to stake out the relevant local consulate, where the fugitive was likely to try and obtain a new passport.>>

    "Inverted": Odhran Fortune (Deprogrammers took his passport?)
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  10. Schwabe Member

    Ramana Dienes-Browning
    <<For the next step, she knew she'd have to get a form filled out and signed by the ship's captain, Mike Napier, for her passport to be released to her.>>
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  11. RightOn Member

    Nice Schwabe!
    please be sure to check page one too!
    We already hade Pattison and Pignotti
  12. Schwabe Member

    Checked P to R completely

    Oops - I thought I deleted them - too much tabs open ...
  13. Schwabe Member

    Searched for "sea" in letter S to Z to check especially former sea orcs. This wasn't very successful.

    Some others came up along the way, not sure if useful:

    Franco (Pseudonym, Chapter 10 in MP Gardinis book)
    This enabled Franco to retrieve his passport.

    User astra
    When I was in charge of security, an order came down that all sea org members passports were to be kept under lock and key in the security office.

    User outlander
    When I was in, my passport was kept by HCO/Security "for safe keeping" but it also prevented me from leaving.

    User mrtampa info del'd
  14. RightOn Member

    sure I think these are useful.
    They are not as credible as people using their real names, but they are still accounts of confiscation
    I have that entry from mrtampa from ESMB ITT

    We need exs to come forward who have already told their stories and to mention if this was in fact the policy they knew of or heard others talk about
    or if it happened to them
    Many people told their stories and they are on the ex list wiki, but passports were not mentioned.
  15. I second sign post and another person from a different board... can't speak to the whole staff thing, but as public on the freewinds, my passport was absolutely taken away from me and I was warned by other scientologists that if I didn't finish my course and route out properly, I would not be allowed to leave, despite having roundtrip tickets, and they would hold my passport to prevent me from leaving. I had unfinished business but thankfully I finished the course by bullshitting through the meter check (I usually thought of horses running through a field and kept repeating to myself in my head "that course was great! I learned a lot! I feel great!" and I distinctly recall not only not feeling that way about the course, but having a pretty much entirely awful time on the ship altogether so... e-meters are definitely not very good lie detectors.).
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  16. RightOn Member

    thanks for the contribution! ^^^
  17. greebly Member

    The sad tale of not getting the database project off the ground.

    But there is RO whose needs one!:p
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  18. Anonymous Member

    When I went onto the Freewinds to take a course as a public, the gangway security guy asked to keep my passport. I initially refused, but he said if they had it, I could not lose it. (Of course, they could have lost it.)
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  19. greebly Member

    lol awesome picture!
  20. subgenius Member

    Apparently a lot of thieves on the Freewinds.
    That's not supposed to happen.
  21. PodPeople Member


    Eliana Alaimo
    , from Italy, Passport held on Freewind; later financial fraud, kept prisoner, slave labor, toxic fumes, and more. Took her 4 years after she left to realize she was not at fault. (Obviously she did not seek or get professional mental help)

    “My name is Eliana Alaimo and I have been in Scientology since 1987.
    I did my Bridge both sides, Auditing and Training. In January 2003 I started OT VII as public and my training Level was Class IV. In September 2004 I joined the Sea Organization on the Freewinds. I blew the first time while I was doing my Class IX Internship because I refused to squirrel as a pc and as auditor as well.”

    “But my blow did not last and I was convinced to come back and route out properly, so I went to Milano first and then to Copenhagen then back to the Freewinds and received an FPRD and a new Sec Check. I was left for five month with no Passport and so could not leave the ship, so I was looking at the various islands from the ship while doing hard MEST work.
    I even cleaned the fuel tank and I was inhaling the fumes since my mask was old and faulty and … I experienced the strangest chemical release I ever had in my life. The MAA saw I was so happy when I got out of the fuel tank that he wanted me to write a Success Story!!!!!! “

    “I went many times to the infirmary and got heavy dosages of antihistamine because I had a very strange allergy and my face was completely deformed.”

    “I went out of SO on September 2007 and I realized all in November 2011.
    Before November I thought for 4 years that I was wrong and everybody else was right, I was thinking that only destruction was around me, in my universe and paradise for anybody else……
    I thanks 2 terminals if I opened my eyes: Elena Maffeis (Int justice office) Marcel Huber casshier at FSO) the first changed my freeloader from 90000 dollars to 4000 euros but as exchange I have had to buy 2000 dollars in materials immediately.”

    And after some months as exchange again I had to renounce to 20000dollars stolen by my FSO account. The second, Marcel, after more months, gave me the real factor that
    the cycle with Elena Maffeis and Int had never existed and my freeloader went down to 4000 dollars and he told me that after 4 years the truth was that my freeloader never had been calculated!!!!! So I lost 2000 in materials (that I hope went to Libia) and I lost 20000dollars from my account!!!!!!”
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  22. Quentinanon Member

    Elena Maffeis did not do Eliana a favour: Freeloaders Bills are 100% fraud and unenforceable. It is just an extension of the scientology human trafficking and extortion system. The money debited from her account was in fact embezzled.
  23. xenubarb Member

    Haven't any of these people heard of Xerox machines? You can copy your passport and keep the copy in your shoe.
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  24. PodPeople Member

    There's a great deal she has yet to understand. She is sadly now a fanatical KSW'ing Independent.
    I'm not making fun of her or those like her. Anyone can be fooled for a while, but this long term under these kind of inhumane conditions is indicative of something above and beyond a misguided fool.

    It's probably easier to understand the mental state of someone who repeatedly goes back to their abusive relationship partner until they get the therapy they need. Scientologists think they are equipped to diagnose and treat mental conditions. They lie when they call it a religion; they know they're involved in mental image pictures (ahem) Not religious images.

    Said it before. These sci's, independent and freezoners as well, if they really want to help people, then they need to Stop Justifying and Excusing themselves as a) Above the Law b) Above the requirements just like all the rest of society. Go to college, get a degree in mental health field, get a license to practice, get peer reviewed in what they intend to practice, and while they're at it, get a little therapy themselves.
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  25. PodPeople Member

    I think a copy of a passport doesn't get accepted in most areas? Those who have escaped, some have done this though and somehow managed. The problem in general is every thought you have is interrogated, every inch (see Anderson Cooper wives) of you and your MEST is searched. There's a reason it's been compared to a live enactment of 1984. I can't even imagine living like that.
  26. subgenius Member

    Is a copy good for anything?
  27. Anonymous Member

    You need to call your nearest embassy if you're only carrying a copy of the passport. In most countries you will find some sort of consulate.
  28. Anonymous Member

    sorry to necro this thread and I really didn't know where else to put this.
    Mods move it if you want.

    Its not so much about passport confiscation, but about human trafficking. A former member mentioning that expires visas are "taken care" by the church staff.
    It is in a story by Diego Davila who recenty left COS and he mentions this:

    "In mid 2007 the Org was trying to recruit my younger brother whom I had just brought from Peru to live with me, Gucho we call him. Gucho had zero experience with Scientology aside from the few basic courses he had done at my encouragement. The staff at the Org told him that they would send him all expenses paid to Florida for 1 year to train as an Auditor, all he had to do was get there and then come back and be under contract on Staff for 5 years. When Gucho approached me I told him that I did not think it was a good idea as no one, literally no one, finishes that training in 1 year, they were lying to him. I told Gucho to go and ask some people who I know had done that and ask them how many years they were gone for. Besides Gucho was here under a visitor’s Visa and it would soon expire. He told me the staff said that “they would handle that”, whatever that meant. Although now I know the Church was (or is or it is on hold) being investigated for Human Trafficking."

  29. another123 Member

  30. DeathHamster Member

    Why would RuTube even blink at an American DMCA? I think I have have them all archived...
  31. another123 Member

    in the middle of this wall of text :
    .RU → Russian government goes online, for better or worse
    Apr 4, 2012 ~ "...Among various changes that are really not part of the scope of this program, the Civil Code will also impose new regulations on the world wide web. It finally addresses the situation surrounding intellectual property rights regulations online, and some already dubbed it the harsh Russian “DMCA”, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a United States copyright law implemented in 1998. According to the new Civil Code..."
  32. DeathHamster Member

    Has WESQ actually filed copyright takedowns in RUSSIA to remove the videos?

    If so, that's going well beyond any normal limits. Scientology must have some serious blackmail on someone. (Or they're just Assholes of Unusual Size.)
  33. another123 Member

    Never quite figured out what happened. That channel lost a good 60 videos (they were so old I can't even remember what some were about). No notification. But RuTube doesn't have a 3-strikes rule, so the channel is still there. Also, all of Ollie's videos disappeared. It was also the same time I lost a video back-up website (embedded vids from RuTube).
    On a side note, all the Church's official videos disappeared too.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Why is that? Does the most ethical group on the planet admit that they have common thieves on board their vaunted vessel?
  35. Anonymous Member

    my passport was taken away but only when i made it clear i wanted to leave.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Please do expand on this. When and where did this happen? Did you contact the authorities? Did you get it back? Details are important.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    this happened 12th floor hgb - inside osa int. when: greater than 15 years, less than 20 - sorry, i'm still messed with. i did not contact the authorities, instead i played nice, stole it back and then ran.
  38. RightOn Member

    wow I forgot all about this thread.

    edited. this thread was started 2 years ago, and I don't think anyone who writes articles or blogs has done an extensive enough job on this very huge and illegal crime that the COS still practices today? Or did I miss it?
    Time to revisit this issue and get some exs to be interviewed.
    Tony O to the courtesy phone please?
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  39. Anonymous Member

    interview mike/marty. best both can do is be worker bees on behalf of the victim ex-ers or they looks like a participants, which both were [hell, let's not lose sight of this fact: maybe one/both still are]. challenge to mike/marty.

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