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Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. How is racism ignorant?
  2. anonymous612 Member

    do not feed the trolls.

  3. Hypocrite.
  4. I Ran Hubbard Member

    If your post contains the words "racists" or "ban" consider yourself warned. If it bothers you quit responding to them.

    Ow, this stove is hot, I'm going to keep touching it.
  5. Nihad Subasic Member

    Do not argue with trolls.

    They're here to hurt you, the best way to defend yourself against them is to portray them as non-existant.
  6. Sorry, but my fear is that Iranians who do not speak English well will be turned away from this site because of it.
  7. ddpxl Member

    Some people still have to learn how to deal with the internets. I guess those trolls are (in net-words: before puberty). Or they are just retarded and will never reach puberty, who knows...
    most trolls use windows, and that couldnt be sooo hard to get in, right? ;)
    Let them their posting fun while you type: format c: /mbr :eek:
    changing ip and email is easy .. but installing a new system every time could be very annoying :rolleyes:
  8. Yo. .
  9. Craig Member

    exactly this^
  10. You're disturbingly simple. My image verification code is plockin lejeck, I think that would be a good name for you.
  11. Instead of the R word you can use:


    And the B word:

    Well, you get the jist...
  12. Yes, treat one wrong with something that's Illegal, good logic there budday, when you start doing that, we win...
  13. I Ran Hubbard Member


    Close it.. unless this is just troll kibble honeypot.
  14. umm have you ever thought of a government that's actually got ELECTED by the IRANIAN PEOPLE. Not by KHAMENEI. Not by US government. Not by the West. Not by Europeans. Not by Africans. Not by Asians. But by IRANIANS.

    The west has been doing a good job in NOT interfering with this election and you have NO right to say that the west has an involvement when the harshest word from Obama is "i am deeply troubled about the situation in Iran"

    You are just a bigot
  15. Instead of containing the trolls to this thread let them spill forth into another one.

  16. OP here, close this thread if its a nuisance, I just wanted to warn you to get modding up... sorry.
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