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Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. Underaged ignorant primitive /b/tards are going to attempt to troll this board out of racism and hate.

    I am warning you guys so you know. Please ban/delete any accounts that are registered write now that are posting things that might seem like trolling. Thanks.

    Keep up the efforts.
  2. Ugh, this is not the time for their racist bullshit
  3. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Trolls trolling trolls.

  4. What you are suggesting is that anonymous is attempting to troll anonymous?

    I thought this was a united front kind of deal, now I am finding out that opinions is split?
  5. ZackZero Member

    Guess someone accidentally the memo.
  6. A small percentage (although it seems like alot) of /b/ are racist (as I said mostly underaged).
  7. Ravenmore Member

    racists are subhumans, and as a result, dumber than a bag of rocks.
    it's sad, but of course they would start shit at such a terrible time.
  8. Yous trollin!
  9. Ignorant people are subhuman and as a result, dumber then a bag of rocks. it's sad, but of course they would start shit at such an awesome time.
  10. Ravenmore Member

    I am unapoligetic. Racisim has contributed to the worst crimes against humanity in human nature, and it's something that needs to be stopped.
  11. Oh dear

    I saw some of that on youtube today.

    This happens almost every single time a new activist website starts up. Do not be afraid.

    It was good of you to warn people before it happens.

  12. I think you mean, "contributed to the most awesome crimes against humanity".

    Perhaps it was just a lapse in your concentration, I don't know..

  13. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Set this thread on fire.

    If you can be trolled by some /b/tards because of stupid words on a forum on the internet, please go hang yourself now.

    You are the reason people like that exist, because you get all upset about OMG "racists" and you waste ten replies about the subject. Learn to not respond to trolls and focus on what is important.
  14. I'm pretty sure those who come to troll on these sites are not racists, but instead simply frustrated that serious business is being conducted in the name of anonymous. Really, the notion of "anonymous" being a social movement was fucking joke to begin with, but somewhere along the way people forgot that and started to take it seriously. So now you have two separate definitions for "anonymous". The older group that adheres to the "do it for the lulz" mentality, and the newer that adheres to the "do it for freedom/change/revolution/etc" mentality.

    imo, all of this activism should be done under a name other than anonymous, because I would like to keep my "desudesudesu" online life separate from my "serious biznis" online life. The two were really never meant to mix.

    But w/e that's just me. I'm pretty all of this deep-thought already took place back in '08, and nobody gave a fuck then either.
  15. Thank you for posting OP. What makes you think that "most" /b/ people are racists? Serious question.
  16. paperdragon Member

    As someone who doesn't give a flying fuck about anonymous or what name this is done under... just that it's done ... I hereby say, meh. This is about the young people fighting for freedom (and their lives) in Iran.

    It's not about your opinions, or mine. Get on board or get out of our way.
  17. colleagues in

    OP, you alarmist twit. Guys like you live in perpetual friend-zone because you think you're white knights.

    The rest of us can call it like it is.

    Iran is a quagmire of quasi religious, socio-political piece of desert that's little more than a throwback to stone age thinking. Count North Korea in there, too.

    The problem with these regions is the populace (sycophants, really) are too brain-dead to just leave. You live in a state governed by laws written by power-mad men thousands of years ago and you wonder why you're oppressed?

    Nothing changes, only the names of the guilty.

    The woe-tards and bleeding hearts will never get anywhere, you're weak and, thus, the very reason you're exploited. Servitude; someone's gotta do it.
  18. anonymous612 Member

    If or when it happens, don't feed the trolls. Nothing more needs to be said on the subject and we certainly don't need a multipage thread on "hey some trolls might want to troll us."
  19. Don't worry, I'm on board. I'm just pointing out that the troll comments are most likely born out of frustration at the usage of "anonymous" as an identifier for something other than posting disturbing porn. And regardless of who should be using the name or not, it is in neither "groups" best interest to be associated with the other.

    But w/e, there are more important things to be worrying about. Like this whole Iran business.
  20. Hmm, I guess I am pretty much done trollin here then. What a great post, thankyou.

    One last go though.

    paperdragon - You are a complete and utter faggot, go and shove your fat self righteous head into the nearest toilet and cool yourself down. If you were any more virtuous you would have to don a white cloak and tell the negroids not to use condoms.

    "young people fighting for freedom (and their lives)" :sob:

    Sounds like a good episode of Dawsons Creek.
  21. please mods ban and post ip address, post ip addresses of all these racist

    all. Of. Them.
  22. Gloria sealskin


    I say I don't know how international racist trolling is. Forewarned is forearmed.

  23. Nope... nope they are just racist.
  24. I am sorry but what part of that post was racist?

    Sympathise with what's happening now but don't be blind to the truth.
  25. whatever you say, broham
  26. I Ran Hubbard Member


    DO NOT RESPOND TO TROLLS. Also, /r/ b& on bawwwww baby.
  27. How is that the in the 'anon' spirit? Besides, the text you quoted is all truth.

    Do you have a problem with that or is your head buried in the sand?
  28. drama ITT

    im not even sure who the original troll was anymore, but they were certainly successful
  29. No its not, its not truth.
  30. You have no clue what you are talking about.
  31. You can't just stop racism. As an example, if a Muslim runs into a building and blows himself up killing 200 people, can you expect the survivors or the deads family not to spite the Muslim faith since it was a religious killing? If a black person steals something from you or trys to kill you would that make the person wrong for hating black people.

    There's Racism and Racism not everything is black and white.
  32. Please mod's ban these guys, and ban all their new accounts.
  33. newcomers

    I realize that this is born out of 4chan and /b/, but I understand the OP's intent. If this forum was intended to help change for Iranians, being a dick on will just make any new Iranians to this forum leave. Tradition of trolling or not, if you want to be actually helpful to any group of people, you have to not be an asshole.

    Look at the people who have left Scientology, you think that they would have responded well if they came to Anon members and the Anon members just trolled them?

    Also realize you are dealing with a cultural difference. The purpose of trolling is lost on most Americans much less those with language barriers.
  34. Spoken like a true unregistered guest lol
  35. OP here,
    >being a dick on will just make any new Iranians to this forum leave.

    That's exactly why I want these trolls banned.
  36. Nihad Subasic Member

    Keep the peace.
    Keep the community intact.
    Support the revolution.
  37. Full of self. And the very reason why you're not a mod. Go back to bed, kid.
  38. Mods ban everyone with a different opinion plz...

    Oh wait, the French beat you to it...
  40. yes they should, opinions are fine, but ignorant racism is not

    insulting and generalizing a people is wrong
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