epic Hamburg cell was infiltrated by OSA? (Verfassungsschutzbericht 2010)

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Anonymous, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    quick Google Translate:

    "As the protest groups called Anonymous targetet the SO critically worldwide (CDB 2009), it was the same year when a young operative of the SO-OSA infiltrated the Hamburg Anonymous group.

    He was able to investigate this group of critics thoroughly until March 2010. His spying activities were revealed by the LfV Hamburg."

    WTF guys, whats going on here? :confused: How did this happen?


    Link to Verfassungsschutzbericht (german):
  2. WhiteNight Member

    The Hamburgers!? Fucksticks. I love those guys. Oooh shit hope this is bullshit.
    (Die Hamburgers!? Bumsenstöcke. Ich liebe diese Jungs. Oooh scheiße hoffe, das ist steirscheiße.)
  3. Anonymous Member

    Inevitable. Hamburg cell is epic - if any clam was hanging with them the enturbulation must have been immense.

    Plus it would confirm to the confused little clam the leaderlessness of the activities and the lack of money from big pharma, which must have messed his thetans up.

    I think it's safe to assume there would be infiltrators elsewhere, but what damage can they really do??
    Anonymous is bigger in number than the scilons, and one would imagine time spent away from the cult plants seeds of doubt in the minds of the infiltrators.

    I guess the only thing to be worried about is a trumped up rape charge - you know how fucked up and sick the cult of child abuse is - it's not a leap of logic to suggest that a honey trap could be placed - hot scilon chick pretending to be anon opens her legs willingly for some fag and suddenly "rape!" plus she'll have the DNA.

    I wouldn't put it past the criminal cult of fraud. Let's be careful out there.
  4. the anti Member

    oh if i only knew german
  5. anon0004 Member

    Ok it was only a matter of time until this comes up.

    Fist, the situation has been handled internally, in coop with the mentioned German Authorities early 2010.
    This plant will not harm other Anons again.
    Only minor dox could be obtained by the person in question, before the cover was blown, mainly due to a lack of OSA internet training.

    we will not drop dox to protect everyone involved.

    on the other hand we have learned invaluable lessons:
    - never underestimate your enemy, especially osa, not in 2008, not now.
    - xenu, disconnection, SPs are only terms to keep the cashcows in line, they have no meaning, or consequence to operatives.
    - as obvious by the above: enturbulation does not work on operatives, they will participate in entrubulation if necessary
    - scilons look and feel like humans now, in every last aspect.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    This seems fairly important to all of us still fighting scientology.
    Osa still active.

    Tell us more.
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    How did you find out that this "infiltrator" was an OSA agent?
  9. anon0004 Member

    As thier own report states, german intelligence services of the interior were involved. They did tje dirty work. And sice they do not detail that any further I think it is wise to do the same.

    Lets put it this way, the fact that someone you trust is one of them, brings up a lot of emotional stress, which is not always easy for everyone to deal with.

    that is why we dragged that never to any board, until now that they officially released the report.
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  10. anonymous612 Member

    One question. Is there any chance this could have involved the dox of anyone outside the Hamburg cell?

    If no (and I suspect no), then I suggest we let the Hamburg anons deal with it internally rather than dragging it out publicly.
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  11. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Interesting. Thanks.
  12. Anonymous Member

    But always make sure you mention BODY THETANS alot - that does cause problems for most scientologists - especially if they are below ot3. However - I agree as the people who infiltrate aren't necessarily scilons - they hire people.
  13. anonymous612 Member

  14. anon0004 Member

    dox obtained were a local anons address, local nicknames, protest footage and a few cellphone numbers. Everything local.

    I actually liked the person in question, despite his inability to use the internet correctly, which gave me my share of cognitive dissonance and later boosted my paranoia a few degrees upward.
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  15. anonymous612 Member

    In that case, since none of the rest of us are at risk, it's none of our business and you should feel free to NO U the lot of us.
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  16. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    we had OSA spies at our protests in the 90s. I don't think they got anything useful. Plus at times we knew who the spy was and just kind of kept an eye on them.
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  17. Scatman Member

    Not surprising. Paranoid cult is paranoid.
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  18. Anonymous Member

  19. jensting Member

    We were pretty sure that some of the people (very keen) who showed once or twice were spies.

    So what? Admittedly, we never tried to remain anonymous, so that was different. But the main thing was that we did not, in fact, have anything of significance to hide.

    Anon0004's conclusions above do appear solid.

    Best Regards

  20. sooleater Member

    we made its intern.
    not realy many data get leaked.

    therefor allways waer a mask
    dotn get friends in anon.
    never ever give your real phonenumber an anon (buy some anonphones ;)
    never trust.
    don´t say some thing personal
    read and lern the osa techtics for a better battle
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  21. Zak McKracken Member

    and beware anyone who clicks "like" under your post.
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  22. anon0004 Member

    Well the important thing we learnd from this is, Enturbulation only works for the public believers. Handlers and public figures.

    Based on the assumption that Scientologists will be enturbulated by the provable truth, by well known crimes of thier cult, and the sheer nonsense they hang on to reflected by common sense, we created open structures.
    Designed for everyone to join, assuming joining Scientologists would be enturbulated and trolled by what we do, by our actions our comments, our leaks etc.

    But that only works for the blinded followers, not for the rest.
    If someone knows that Scientology is a businessmodel, and there is a need to protect it, and the xenu-nonsense is just the product to be sold, not more, there is no chance of enturbulating.
    Its like telling the salesman of Anti-earth-ray devices that there are no erathrays. He knows already, but he makes his living with selling them to the dump who believe. So you telling him won't change anything in that case.

    Based on this we have changed our modus operandi, we went covert except for protest planning, into closed usergroups it is hard be be invited into, we began to move away from boards. (You may have noticed)
    Because even closed board sections are something you see is there, something you could feel a desire to get into, we switched nearly all of raids and operations into collaboration tools, you can't see from the outside that it is even there.

    This has diminished our influx of newfags, but we think our new strategy serves us better.

    Nothing is as bad that it does not serve as bad example, that can be learned from.
    (someone remember spacko?)
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  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Anonymous Member

    Obviously you guys need to start doing some security checking. You can buy used e-meters on Ebay.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    The big fat one?
  26. Anonymous Member

    I had completely forgotten about spacko.
    Actually, at the time I thought he was just insane. That seems to have been the consensus among most WWP people.

    Now, re-reading the messages 3 years later...

    are you suggesting he was OSA?
    or that what he was reporting, was actually a successful OSA op in toronto?

    or is the "what" and "why" and "who" not even relevant....
    the culture of "friendship" and openness and lack of paranoia that HAD permeated toronto before,
    was the cancer that badly weakened it, and spacko (and maybe others) saw the fallout from that cancer.
  27. anon0004 Member

    no, I am not sugessting he was osa, I just wanted to name a bad example of dragging local drama to the main Board.

    If I remember right the whole drama also errupted from including/trusting people to easy. Just as we did.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    You remember better than I do. I did not remember the whole drama even when it was happening.

    > or is the "what" and "why" and "who" not even relevant....
    > the culture of "friendship" and openness and lack of paranoia that HAD permeated toronto before,
    > was the cancer that badly weakened it, and spacko (and maybe others) saw the fallout from that cancer.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Inclusion and even trust are generally good things at raids. There's nothing OSA would like better than to see paranoia springing up within individual Anon cells. It's a form of lulz cancer. With some basic operational security in place ie; no open sharing of IRL info and watching ones back when travelling home and/or to a parked car, nobody is likely to be doxed by spying cultists. Short of that, the only information an OSA spai is going to pick up at a raid is stuff that we're there trying to inform them with anyway.

    May as well just assume there's one or two spais at every raid and carry on. Call them out if they start acting up or running interference, otherwise there's always plenty of moist delicious cake to be shared.
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  30. jensting Member

    It sounds like you assumed that an infiltrator would be a clam.


    The criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology can send, and has sent, private investigators to infiltrate groups. (Documented example: Dialog Centre in Denmark.)

    Sure, a lot of the time OSA send a clam on the margins to infiltrate ex-Co$ clam groups (example: Nancy Many), but they have done more than that, historically.

    I agree that assuming that one or two demonstrators at the big protests are spaies is the best way to cope. Paranoia is what OSA would like us to suffer (after all, it's their permanent state) - there's no real need for it.

    Best Regards

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  31. Anonymous Member

    Don't assume OSA isn't getting enturbulated in your presence. You never know what effect you're having on cult members.
  32. Anonymous Member

    This is an important point.

    The people hiring the PIs are likely closer to the financial interests of the organization. And at that level, I see a confederacy of scammers that includes Scientology. That confederacy isn't something Anonymous can really fight --it's too big.

    The alliances between Scientology, naturopathy, chiropractic, the John Birchers, the moonies, and the various New Age cults share an interest in weakening government oversight and regulation and "handling" rather than responding to criticism. That handling involves manipulating public opinion and spying.

    The way to fight the whole mess is, teach our children "Dox or STFU."
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  33. Anonymous Member

    This is one of the better OG examples of OSA dirty tactics. At the time the usual OSA methods (i.e. legal shenanigans) were proving ineffectual. Afaik, in legal cases DC is currently batting something like 20-0. Hence OSA changing their tactics. The infiltrator was not a Scientologist. It is important mention that again – THE PERSON WHO TOOK A JOB IN THE CENTRE WAS NOT A SCIENTOLOGIST. Spouting Xenu and bt’s and whatnot doesn’t provide much protection in cases such as this.
    I think most people have realised at this stage that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. If you asked 20 Scientologists what is keeping them in you would get 20 completely different answers (assuming they were being truthful). Diversity in our message has always been key.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Two things:

    First, if you really believe in something and are willing to be sent to infiltrate an opposition group and are subject to handling and are also aware (or your handlers are aware) of the psychological effects of spending time with the infiltrated group, I imagine it is very unlikely that you will change sides. Even if you experience doubts you will have been prepared for that beforehand. So even if you are a blind follower there is no guarantee enturbulation is going to work if you are subject to "proper" handling.

    Second, going into a closed structure is not always an advantage.

    But in the end you have to decide what is best for you and I don't know about your situation. Thanks for sharing some information about it.
  35. Herro Member

    Hey, leave BSG alone you fucking sacks of fail.
  36. anon0004 Member

    for you I'd be gay anytime
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  37. anonymous612 Member

    We're gonna need pix of that in the Hot Guys thread.
  38. wolfyrik Member

    In short;

    Don't fuck with Anons
  39. Herro Member

    I already offered you the couch. Why are you demanding pics?
  40. anonymous612 Member

    D: not of YOU, silly, of HIM.
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