Epic Flag is epic!

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by Betrayer, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Anonamour Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    How many colours?

    I have an idea and it just might work!

  2. Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    I really think the original green and black flag used in DC is the best. It's nicely designed, recognizable and full of class. It represents Anonymous and nothing else. It implies no specific action and signifies no specific event. If we want a flag to represent Anonymous globally, it mustn't be specific to crushing Scientology. The purpose of a flag is to represent.

    I also like the plain black and white flag. Reminds me of the jolly roger. Win.
  3. Anonamour Member

    Party Hard Flag

    The squares represent our monitors. The psychedelic pattern radiating out from the monitors is the wave of energy and movement we are a part of. The Anons are dancing because it's a b-day party.


    It may be too many colours: black, white, red and three shades of violet is a bit much.
  4. Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    i wantz mudkipz flag.
  5. Betrayer Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    I've already stated several times why that is not what I want. The DCfags have collectively decided that, because we already have an Anonymous flag, it would be cool to have a different one...If I am unable to come up with a good design by the end of the month, I will talk with the DCfags about whether I should just get a duplicate of the original in order to have it by 3/15
  6. su0myn0nA Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    And why exactly should we care about what you want?
  7. Betrayer Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Alright, so I guess my last post was a You don't have to care what I want, nor should you...I guess I was just being a little impatient regarding finding a design for my own flag, because the dcfags decided it would be better to have a different design. *sigh*
  8. Anonytrench Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Something I threw together with MS Paint, 4 hours. I'm not sure if I really like it.

  9. Legione Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    The general public doesnt know what anarchy means. Most think it means utter lawlessness and chaos. Assosciating ourselves with their symbol when we are trying to gain public appeal is not so great. We may be an Anarchist group in that we have no leaders, but PR is important.
  10. anonbris Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    for triple screen Anon's 3840x1024
  11. AnonymousTV Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Hey, everyone. I'm the original designer of the "A" for Anonymous design that has been thrown around as the anarchy symbol.

    I initally decided to use it as the logo for my AnonymousTV youtube packages and also my forum avatar to the left there. Basically, as you might be able to tell, I inverted the "V for Vendetta" logo and made a play on the VTV logo V used in the film during his broadcast to London. This fit well with the message we've been following with the whole "Guy Fawkes" symbolism - a bunch of anonymous faces standing up to something large and intimidating. So, inverting the "V" symbol for our use was a natural progression.

    While it does come off similar to the anarchy symbol, I think when used in conjunction with the word "Anonymous" the correct meaning of the "A" shines through. A for Anonymous. I don't think my creation should be any shining, definitive symbol of this movement any time soon, but I do think it stands fine on it's own as my logo and as another of plenty of images that help motivate people into action against the crimes of the CoS. If used in conjunction with the term "Anonymous" instead of "Anarchy".

    At the end of the day... We are not anarchists. We are Anonymous. And that's all that matters.

    PS. Great job on the boots flag. It looks amazing, though too threatening/aggressive looking for what we're trying to accomplish. I think the original D.C. flag is peaceful enough.
  12. IronAnon Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Although the original flag design is pure -brilliance-, I will refrain from using the same flag as suggested; However I DO want to use a flag as a nice rallying mark and a bright raise to morale of other Anons and attract the attention of onlookers. I will do my own design and colors.
  13. Betrayer Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    I think, personally, you can go ahead and use the original. I however, am a DCfag, and we don't want to be redundant *shrug*
  14. Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    I like the black/green flag best, and I intend to get one as soon as possible.
  15. anonymouse514 Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    i rather like it actually.

    i was thinking of doing a kind of grey scale theme of the flag patterns of the world. black and white are already good colours, and grey works well as a metaphor for how Scientology operates. we're the stark black and white truth against the shades of grey against Scientologies murky truths. or something.

    anyway, like i said, i was thinking of doing a bunch of themed flags. anyone more talented then myself is more then welcome to try their hand. basically i was going to Anonymous-up various flags of the world. making the colours black, white, grey if necessary and have the nice logo from the original Anon flag, or just the suit, or the bar code depending on what fit best where. i figured it might be a nice way to still keep our flags random, but clearly related and give a bit of a boost to our locale. could do this with provincal or state flags too.

    only one i finished really is Canada's[/url:2nlwrubv]
  16. Re: Epic Flag is epic!


    I wrote a fucking tl;dr essay on it, but then I got a 500 server error thing and lost everything...
    I'll just make a short version then.

    The binary is just "we are anonymous we do not forgive we do not forget". It's basically there to honour anonymous' origin, we're from the motherfucking Internet after all and most of us are computer enthusiats. It goes well with the "United as one, divided by zero" line too, if you don't get it, it has a meaning. You cannot divide by zero, i.e. you cannot fuck our unity up (became an hero already if I learned you something new).

    Dark red is the color of "vigor, willpower, rage, anger, leadership, courage, longing, malice, and wrath." Pick one.

    The middle, you know, the good ol' anon logo from the original flag. I abused my photoshop filters on it, meh, it just looks fancy. I'll probably change it back if it's approved as more than bullshit. Also, circle = symbol of unity and infinity. The rest is self-explanatory.

    The text at the top, I added "we are the people" simply to make it less creepy and more obvious. The average unanon would probably say "wow what a bunch of gaymers", but with "we are the people", it makes it more "general" and not just about us internet people going on rampage IRL.

    The overall red/black/circle could also be interpreted as some sort of new anarchism symbol. This is intended, as Anonymous is anarchist organization after all. Of course by anarchists I don't mean motherfuckers who throw bottles at police officers, I mean real anarchism. Wikipedia it.

    tl;dr, what do you think?

    inb4 "gb2photoshop", "fail" and "too much bullshit".

    (I know there's a typo on the flag, currently fixing it)
  17. Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    btw the one with the boots = fucking badass, definitively the one I'll bring to Montreal if I can get there (white + green(or red) instead of black + red tho, the original is really badass but it looks way too aggressive).
  18. IronAnon Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    That is goddamn hot. Though too much text at the top, I love it. I'd also love to use the idea, but with less filter. Crisp edges and clean text are a much more viable sight to the public, I would say.
  19. PhillyThetan Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    i like this one the best
  20. anmoyunos Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Second to the original flag, this is my favourite. It might not be quite as powerful in not-US, but it certainly gets a positive message across.
  21. MaskedPenis Member

    Re: Party Hard Flag

    Fuck, I'm blind.

    Amerifag anon fag is nice, but I seem to be more drawn to the original...
  22. Anonymous021 Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

  23. Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    ahahaha fuck YES
  24. Mikomi Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Came up with this one after seeing the US flag one :wink:
  25. su0myn0nA Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    I came.

    Then I lol'd.
  26. we are one Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    don't know if anyone has posted this already, but makes custom flags that'll look pro.

    its not cheap, but if somone showed up with a profesional flag to each protest it'd show them were serious.
  27. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Bowler-hatted anon. EXTREME WIN!
  28. Anno Nymous Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Don't make national looking flags. In another countries, if the protests show up, it can be viewed as imperialism.
  29. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    ^ I really think people can work that one out for themselves, mate. :anon:
  30. Anno Nymous Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Dude, after i saw a guy posted on the internet that he couldn't get a girlfriend, so he started sniffing his sister panties to know the smell, I don't doubt peoples stupidity. Someone called his house and told to his parents.
  31. Mikomi Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    It was only meant for fun :lol:
    Hence the sterotypical bowler hat and tea cup and saucer. I would of added a stiff upper lip but I wasn't sure how to represent that in a question mark :oops:
  32. patches Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    If we do ever decide on a flag design, we can order them in bulk and thus lower the individual price.

    Also, per the original DC flag (as I'm really digging it), which flag method did they order, dye-sublimation or screen printing?
  33. we are one Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    i'd get one if i saw one, put it that way

    me to, tis a win.
  34. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Clearly with a burly, healthy hearty moustache. :wbm: He has a stiff lower face, but the principle is the same.

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