Epic Flag is epic!

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by Betrayer, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Betrayer Member

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  3. Anon7482 Member

    That thread is full of fail. Let's use this one for actual flag designs.
  4. I like this flag bestest.
  5. Nekromantik Member

    Here's one I came up with that might fit the bill:


    Just an idea -- Feel free to use it, change it, flame it, or burn it, as you see fit!
  6. Mudkipper Member

    I think it's too Anti. We want to say "we love information" not "omg, HAET!!!!1".
  7. Betrayer Member

    Agreed. The other thread is full of discussion about if we should even use a flag or not. We can keep flag designs here. Also, as a DC Anon, I have inside info about where the flag was bought and such. Well, I guess it used to be "inside info" :p

    DC Anonymous Flag

    The flag was made by a company called NorthStar[/url:1zklanxs]. Anonymous DC Anon sent them an image and they made him/her/it the flag. The image and specs are listed below.

    Link[/url:1zklanxs] (Makes an awesome desktop background)

    3 x 5 feet
    60% See-through

    The flag pole is two 3 foot segments put together. He/She/It got it off of ebay for $20. I will have to find another flagpole provider or just get one off of ebay as well.

    Total Cost: About $150 (It's totally worth it)
  8. Redsix Member

    It's 60 pounds, $120 in most English stores. I'm getting one
  9. Oh shit, we've got a flag! Call Eddie Izzard!
  10. SPOver9000 Member

  11. Betrayer Member

    I like it :D Anarchy sign obviously represents that we operate without a leader or any governing body for that matter. The boots represent Anonymous "crushing" Scientology (As seen by the common Scientology symbol in the footprint of one of the boots). It shall definitely be considered. However, the anarchy sign is a bit too covered up and it kinda has an evil look to it :confused: *shrug*
  12. NamelessTX Member

    I think the anarchy sign has been written on too many bathroom stalls by too many 8th grade disaffected wrist cutters to be taken seriously now. Something that emphasizes freedom instead of menace might be better.
  13. Rumi Member

    I like the anarchy one but the message is a little questionable, kind of gives the wrong impression publicly, the barcode with "expect us" is a nice touch though.

    I'm not very good with Photoshop but I kind of like the idea of a combination between that and the original.

    Using the original flag I think if we replaced the green background with a similar red-splash paint as the anarchy one and then dropped the "expect us" barcode to the bottom middle in the black on the flag. Then took the emblem in the center and made the edges have a bit of a splash effect it would look incredibly bad ass.

    Just a thought if anyone else likes the idea or could possibly make it.
  14. argh Member

    In the UK, big boots have negative connotations thanks to the National Front.

    A lot of the general public also might not have a clue what the Co$ logo looks like (I didn't before I got here) they will just see threatening symbolism..

    Sorry... just saying how I see it.
  15. NamelessTX Member

    And the symbol (which I didnt recognize either before this all started) is probably copyrighted or some damn thing. I think we should stick to our own imagery and symbols, if possible.
  16. mattlulzworth Member

    Word. The big boots have negative connotations pretty much everywhere in my experience. They represent armies, skinheads, DeviantART users and furries on their days off. The anarchy sign isn't much better received (usually with a smirk and rolled eyes). Big boots = oppression.

    Good art though, and this anon salutes the artist (not in a fascist way, obviously).
  17. Betrayer Member

    Alright. So thinking through the mind of the general public, the anarchy one is a bad idea. I'm currently making a design of my own, though I don't know how it will turn out. If somebody could take Rumi's idea and run with it, that would be epic.
  18. Does anyone else miss the White Rose parallel people were talking about a while back? It could translate well onto a flag.
  19. brvandal Member

    LOVE this and would gladly sport it, but kind of dark for what our mission is which is stop the practices of the c0$. Looks physically alarming if that makes sense, but honestly, thats bad ass.
  20. Betrayer Member

    So here is what I've been working on. I know it's's only a concept at this point. I wasn't going to spend hours making it perfect.


    I know that we should try to limit text for flags, but it seemed applicable.
  21. Tsakara Member

    1st one is still the best.
  22. Reminds me too much of the woman screaming "why are they dead, Scientology?" in the footage of the Atlanta raid. She scared me.
  23. su0myn0nA Member

    I'm a big fan of K.I.S.S


  24. Betrayer Member

    Meh, no matter what, we can't seem to live up to the original Epic Flag.
  25. nonsensical Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Why not just wave American flags? That should really annoy them.
  26. Re: Epic Flag is epic!


    Inverted image is inverted

    Also lighter and cooler colors = Less noticeable, but definatly friendlier. Also my new comp doesn't have photoshop, otherwise I would have messed around with it a bit. Very very snazzy.
  27. Anaunimus Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    We need a flag that looks like a collage of many memes such as:

    Will Smith
    Rick Astley

    And in the middle, it should say:
  28. blackeyes Member


    I like this one. It reminds me of Scarface, and that montage where they're all "push it to the limiiiiit!" and there's a big montage with duffel bags full of cocaine and a tiger for some reason.
  29. Heyanonnyno Member


    It's beautifully done but I think it's far too aggressive for what we're trying to say. Nice linework though, really neat.
  30. Betrayer Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Yeah, it really is the best design I've seen. Unfortunately, we have to think like the general public and that flag design would only make us look like a bunch of rebellious imbeciles.
  31. Wolf Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Flags catch attention, so they are useful... but a couple of things to remember:

    Flag= OPTIONAL
    Flag design= OPTIONAL

    That is all.
  32. Betrayer Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Of course. Also, as I explained on our local DC forum:

    "To me, it is worth the $150. When/If I ever leave Anonymous behind me, I could always look at that flag and remember the "good old days", and the flag will forever stand for what we are doing now. When I look at the flag, I will think, "We fought for you, Lisa McPherson. We fought for you, abused scientologists. We fought for you, 'disconnected' families." It will receive the same type of honor from me that our American flag receives. Perhaps not in the same esteem, but it will be honored nonetheless. I just need input about what I should do with said $150."

    I have been working actively in the more important aspects of Chanology as well. In fact, I typed up a press release yesterday and will be working on getting letters out to representatives. It is especially important in DC because we need to pave the way for Wise Beard Man when he comes to speak before a congressional panel.
  33. Lorelei Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Look into the yard signs at Cafe Press. $15 flat rate, large, lightweight, easy to convert to a flag, sturdy.
  34. Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Haha after reading that I got the insane vision of someone hanging up their old computer above the fireplace telling their grandchildren stories from the "war"
  35. AnonP1ZZ4 Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    Original flag is best. Others seem less... professional.
  36. Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    The first flag is the best. Black is a bad base for flags, it's the sort of thing the Empire would do. Green works well, and it implies that we are a global movement, whereas the rest make us look more isolated and unprofessional. The boots one is no good, the inverted version is confusing.
  37. Socrates Member


    It's all very snazzy, but I felt threatened by the imagery. The boots instantly brought to mind soldiers marching in tandem. The red dripping background made it look like blood. It's strong, and bold. Very aggressive. The inverted version (the light blue one) is less aggressive, but I can't get pass the image of marching boots.
  38. Betrayer Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    I think the best approach we have is to define some symbolism and put it to use. So let's brainstorm some words that represent what we are doing. We already have a general Anonymous flag, so let's design one for Anonymous vs. Scientology.

    Liberation- The statue of liberty would work quite well. Especially since I am a DCfag. And she has a torch! (See below)
    Justice- Scales often symbolize justice, but I'm not sure how it could be integrated easily.
    Free speech
    Truth- A torch is often a symbol or truth

    Now here are a few things that represent Anonymous that can be thrown in:

    Legion (And all synonyms)
    Anonymity (Obviously)
    Anarchy (It has to be subtle...noting that we have no established leadership. Try to avoid the anarchy symbol as it comes off as aggressive and more or less evil)

    Feel free to find symbols for any of the above listed words and/or draft a flag design. Any help is much appreciated.
  39. su0myn0nA Member

    Re: Epic Flag is epic!

    What empire?

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