End the tucson Foreclosure auction

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Phunt555, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Phunt555 Member

    Every weekday at ten am at the tucson superior courthouse they have a foreclosure auction. Apparently if you make a big enough fuss at the auction they halt proceedings. Occupy tucson successfully halted proceedings yesterday and we plan on doing so every single day we can. I believe that the rest of the occupy movement would gain a lot of support from the rest of the 99% if we move forward and start halting auctions across the country. I also believe that if we have enough people dedicated to this in tucson we can effectively halt foreclosures for quite some time.
  2. Anonymous Member

    So you would prefer that the courthouse not be able to try to turn a profit on a parcel that the original owner defaulted payments on?

    And this is a good idea why?

    Also not every city has these types of auctions.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Who keeps the profit?
  4. Anonymous Member

    What profit?

    I lend you money to buy a house.
    You don't pay me back.
    I take the hose and sell it to get some of my money back.
    There is no profit.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    What about adjustable rate mortgages that allow anyone to get a house even when they know they can't afford it then they jack up the percentage rate on the mortgage? What about people who were victims of outsourcing, layoffs, and the horrible unemployment numbers? What about people who get duped into shit refinancing they saw on a commercial. My parents were the victim of an adjustable rate mortage. The person selling them the house told them that it wouldn't be an adjustable rate mortgage then told them it would be after they signed the paperwork. They were able to afford the home for a full year then they doubled the percentage rate.

    If you don't understand an issue don't criticize it.
  6. Anonymous Member

    The evil banks
  7. Anonymous Member

    They can go suck a fuck.
  8. Budd Member

    Why don't you people go get a job, instead of banging drums in a park?
    Do something constructive for America, and for yourself.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I have a job, and I have yet to meet an occupier in my city who doesn't. How is helping american families keep their homes not constructive for America?
  10. Phunt555 Member

    This thread is for individuals who'd like to assist in the protest. Its difficult for me to understand why people, who are on a website geared at helping protest movements, could possibly be critical of individuals trying to help families being foreclosed on. It's hypocritical and its rude and you're not gonna get a positive response so stop wasting your time.
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  11. anonymous612 Member

    Maybe you should understand even a little bit what a foreclosure is.

    They borrowed money they did not have. They promised to pay that money back. They did not do so. That means the people they borrowed money on are at a rather significant loss. There's no profit involved.

    If you borrow ten bucks from me to buy a book, but never pay me back, yes, I am within my legal rights to take that book and sell it for eight bucks to try to make back some of the money I lost when you broke the deal.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I'm sorry about your parents' situation. If they are in the US, they were given a copy of the paperwork prior to the closing of the loan from the lender (would've been FedEx'd to them, probably), and a duplicate set given to them in person by the loan officer at the time of closing - which was the paperwork they signed making the contract valid. If the two versions aren't identical regarding the terms of the loan, they may want to consult with an attorney. I am curious (not judging) as to why they didn't question the terms of the loan (adjustable versus fixed) at closing and didn't refuse to sign until the agreed-upon terms were reinstated rather than paying on it for a year. The person selling the home, whom I am assuming was a licensed Real Estate salesperson or broker, likely wouldn't have been the one to discuss loan terms. Loan officers from a mortgage brokerage, bank, private lender, etc. do the financial piece of the transaction.

    Again, I'm sorry for their situation.
  13. Phunt555 Member

    I understand what a foreclosure is and I understand how it works clearly better than you. On the surface yes they borrow moeny they don't have and don't pay it back. But life isn't always so cut and dry. there are lenders who lend to anyone and jack up the percentage rte to 200 x what it was, there are other lenders who tell people the price will be consistent and give them something completely different. Sometimes the lenders get away with doing that. What about the people who've owned their house for 50 years and take outa mortgage only to find the bank is charging them three times what its worth.

    People do profit from foreclosures. The lender gets the money either way they don't care if the families are booted out of their homes.

    Like I said, research an issue before you criticize it.
  14. anonymous612 Member

    The basic fact, though, is they took money from someone else and told them they'd pay it back, and they didn't. The people they borrowed from are well within their rights to seek compensation for their losses.

    And if you disagree with that, lend me $1000, I *promise* I'll pay it back...
  15. Phunt555 Member

    You don't know how this works its not about them not being able to pay it back its about them charging people thrity percent then upping the percentage rate any time they like. When you have a house and you make the payments every month regularly then come talk to me sweetie but until then You're gonna get trolled
  16. Anonymous Member

    Also - you only got here Tuesday. Lurk moar. 612 is on the Chanology side of Anonymous.

    Not everyone here is on point with the Occupy thing.
  17. Phunt555 Member

    oh that makes sense
  18. Anonymous Member

    O RLY??

    I get several posts deleted explaining to 612 the principle of extortion and loan sharking?

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  19. HOC Member

    I'm confident you are all intelligent and mature enough to resist any further flaming, and to keep discussion revolving around the topic instead of around personnal insults etc.
    Thanks guys and gals. :)
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  20. Anonymous Member

    ...I still think she doesn't have to run her own property, and that her daddy must be a cop though, for her to have zero idea about the real world.
  21. HOC Member

    I have moved some derailing posts to the Thunderdome in order to keep things on topic.
    Thanks in advance for understanding. ;)
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  22. Anonymous Member

    I'm confident you are intelligent and mature enough to realize why the flaming occurred. 612 does not and has never had a mortgage.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    OK, I get it, no problem... that's cool. Thunderdome is the fun zone.
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  24. Phunt555 Member

    Is that where we get to troll?
  25. anonymous612 Member

    My father is essentially Tech Support, actually. I have no familial connections to law enforcement whatsoever.

    But nice try.
  26. James Spader Member

    Yes. There's a sticky thread about it in the New Members forum.

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