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Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by kel, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. kel Member

    Most up to date MAP with addresses
    Embassies in Iran taking injured - Google Maps

    Most up to date INFO:
    List and Status of Embassies in Tehran Eldercato's Blog

    This is the best info available, unfortunately we can't guarantee it is complete or correct
    - Map is most actively maintained and up to date
    - Eldercato's blog is best source of centralized information

    Unconfirmed Post from later in this thread:

    You can help -map is open collaboration- please translate more of the addresses into farsi if you can.

    Also, you might like to read this-
    I think that while no embassy will really refuse injured people that come to their doorstep they may not 'officially' accept them. I would like it noted that that list has influenced the course of history. Embassies and Foreign Ministries all around the world have started responding to it and countries like Italy and Austria seem to have possibly even changed their stance. - eldercato
  2. Jaymax Moderator

    Sticky as requested.

    Some context an opinions to go with it:

    1) All this information is the best which is available - that does not guarantee anything.

    2) Some official statements (Canada, Italy) that I've seen do support the idea that some embassies will provide emergency help when essential

    3) Talk of 'asylum' is misleading - someone does not need to be granted asylum to be on the embassy grounds, but to the best of my understanding, without asylum, any request by the authorities to eject someone and hand them over must be complied with.

    4) Several countries have made ambiguous statements, either referring to asylum, or being vague, or have refused to makes public statements. A reasonable conclusion is that they (rightly) don't want to get involved in the political debate, and also do not want to trigger pressure to open up from home. Nothing whatsoever can be assumed about what they are doing if injured protesters are standing outside from their public statements.

    5) There are numerous reports of access to the embassies by protesters being blocked - even if an embassy is known to be both open and willing to help, that does not mean it will be possible to reach them.

    6) Many embassies won't necessarily have any medical training or facilities beyond normal first aid. You may get better care from a doctor living on your street. Embassies are not an alternative to hospital, even if hospital is not an option.

    7) There are very complex international issues at stake for nations with anything they say or do at an embassy on foreign soil - not least setting an expectation or precedent that may create issues for them in places unrelated to Iran.


    The map is very useful, well presented info, and I hope more countries will soon announce that their embassies will provide short-term respite in emergency situations - and public pressure on politicians has helped achieve this already and could help more.

    But to those in Iran - do not be reliant on the embassies - know where they are, and in a true emergency when a nearby embassy on the map is the only option, then take it.
  3. AP story: Italy open to help and wants to help and has had no requests

    AP. Italy has instructed its embassy in Iran to provide humanitarian aid to protesters wounded during the clashes, pending a EU-wide proposal to coordinate assistance, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Maurizio Massari. The Italian Embassy has received no such requests for assistance, he said.
  4. etilinus Member

    Latest from Twitter:

    RT @drkent @EileenLeft Embassies helping injured: Austral, Finnish, German, UK, Netherlnds, Norway, Belgiu, Mex, Portu, Italy, Swe 10 minutes ago from web (raymondmonique)
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  6. etilinus Member

    Britain withdraws embassy families from Iran

    Polish Embassy is NOT evacuating from Tehran
  7. etilinus Member

  8. etilinus Member

    buffyc RT From Iran today a number of Basijis will gather outside the UK embassy at 4pm, this gathering does not have authorization 9 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  9. Embassies

    We are smuggling in medical supplies and have had requests from almost every embassy- not just enough supplies for them they would need, either. It is always safest. We are also making sure supplies get to people- have printed fliers with aseptic (no infection) methods for sutures, skin glue, antibiotics, morpha, etc. Hope to be able to make more trips before borders get bad. EMBASSIES ARE RECEIVING MOST OF THIS SUPPLIES.
  10. from another thread
  11. from another thread
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  13. reform Member

    MODS - Unsticky this thread !!!!

    After reading all the media and speaking to people that know generial embassy protocols, like refoulement -- one thing is clear. This twitter/blog gossip is only going to cause EU embassies in Iran to close their doors one-by-one, whether by police barrier or staff expulsion, when they need to stay open to handle proper things like visas and citizen services.

    The quote above is clear and political --an EU-wide agreement must be reached: pending = it hasn't. Why, because to agree COULD imply that UK, Italian, French, etc. agents are out causing all the violence and running 'home' when hurt -- this only feeds the anti-green spin doctors.

    Exhibit A
    Minister turns to Twitter to counter Iran embassy myth - On the Hill

    Second, various embassies are near OR very far uphill from the more violent protests. Most protests start 4PM or later -- embassies keep banking hours, not hospital hours. It is not productive to produce this list.

    Unsticky the thread.
  14. The it is imperative that all doctors and other qualified medical personal STOP GOING to the hospitals and start going to the people...tell them to put on the RED CROSS gather what supplies they can from the hospitals, pharmacies, and other sources and stay out of the hospitals. People needing aid should not be beaten for seeking it...the injured must be tended to!
  15. kel Member

    Genuinely appreciate your feedback reform - I agree that it's a very delicate situation politically.

    The map and list is a resource for Iranians, not foreigners. This is why it is in the 'protest advice' section. Frankly I believe any assistance our embassies can give to the wounded in need of medical care, is far more important than somebody applying for a damn visa.

    Given that several embassies have confirmed they will assist people in need, in my opinion there is a benefit to providing an easy, centralised, up-to-date reference to their location and status.

    I appreciate that it's not a black an white situation, and if you present a more compelling argument, I will assist in contacting those who are promoting awareness of the embassies and their stance towards our Iranian friends.
  16. Jaymax Moderator

    To quote your Exhibit A,

  17. lucky6789 Member

  18. AP. Italy has instructed its embassy in Iran to provide humanitarian aid to protesters wounded during the clashes, pending a EU-wide proposal to coordinate assistance, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Maurizio Massari. The Italian Embassy has received no such requests for assistance, he said.
  19. Please see International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) for more information about assisting Operation Red Cross Red Crescent.

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