Emails from Scilons - sales pitches - IRS Wake the hell up!!

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    Emails from Scilons - sales pitches - IRS Wake the hell up!!

    Below is an example of one. Look at this one and more here at the Operation Clambake message forum: ... torder=asc

    Dear Scientologist,

    Here is a briefing on the upcoming International Volunteer Ministers Convention on board the Freewinds.

    Read the briefing and then answer the following survey questions:

    1. Are you interested in getting more data about this convention?
    2. Are you interested in attending this convention?
    3. Is there anyone you know you think could benefit from this convention?
    4. Is there anything that you would like to ask?

    Sincerely, Michael Sander - Advance Scheduling Registrar FSSO



    The International Volunteer
    Ministers Convention

    31 May - 7 June 2007

    aboard the Freewinds®

    Guest Speaker from the Office of the VM I/C International

    The Freewinds has served as a training center for the International Volunteer Ministers for the past 6 years. It is at this unique location of the Freewinds that you can receive the training and drilling that you need as a Volunteer Minister.

    At this Convention you will:

    - Learn how to handle all different scenarios, from arguing neighbors to handling an accident scene to running an entire disaster response operation.
    - Learn environmental and crowd control.
    - Drill different real life scenarios, bull baited and increase your control and ability to stay calm and in control in any circumstances.
    - Special ship drills on handling emergencies.
    - Team building drills that give you leadership skills vitally needed in a real emergency.
    - Hatting and drilling on how to connect up with and work with Social Service agencies, including how to get access to disaster zones in order to help.

    Add to that the powerful OT data that you will learn on LRH’s Congress and OT Hatting courses, the unparalleled Freewinds environment and you have a combination that spells only one thing for you - EXPANSION! So don’t wait. BOOK NOW!


    10 Days Shared Accommodations
    2 Congress Courses 1 Convention Fee


    For more information, call your local Flag Ship Service Consultant or the Freewinds directly at: (727) 445-4309 or Email at:

    * 2007 CSFSSO. All Rights Reserved. FREEWINDS, FLAG, OT, LRH and SCIENTOLOGY, are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission. Services relating to Scientology religious philosophy are delivered throughout the world exclusively by licensees of the Church of Scientology International with the permission of Religious Technology Center, holder of the SCIENTOLOGY and DIANETICS trademarks. Scientologist is a collective mark designating members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology. Freewinds Ship is registered in Panama.

    If you’d like to be removed from this mailing, please let us know at:

    Flag Ship Service Organization
    118 N. Ft. Harrison Ave.
    Clearwater, FL 33755

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