Egypt goes berserk

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Stop feeding it and it will go away.
  2. Shinythings Member

    Al Jazeera says tens of thousands in multiple cities. No, I don't think they are extras.
  3. mancer0 Member

    As an American I'm sorry weapons made in my county was used on protesters. We sold them to Egypt so they could be used on terrorist, not protesters.

    Peace be with you.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Well said! Now we are getting to the real issues - FOOD! Now that Obama is on the Egyptian people's side, emplore him to crack down on American commodities speculators - like Morgan Stanley - that brought the world economy to deep recession under George Bush. There is no reason for food commodities to be this high. Take a look at the Baltic shipping indexes. No grains are being shipped, so why would there be increased demand?! Why would food in Egypt be 50% higher?

    This problem probably has its genesis on Wall Street and the thiefs that your friend Obama, refuses to reel in.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Yo como tú
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    la vida,
    el dulce encanto de las cosas
    el paisaje celeste de los días de enero.

    También mi sangre bulle
    y río por los ojos
    que han conocido el brote de las lágrimas.
    Creo que el mundo es bello,
    que la poesía es como el pan,
    de todos.

    Y que mis venas no terminan en mí,
    sino en la sangre unánime
    de los que luchan por la vida,
    el amor,
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    el paisaje y el pan,
    la poesía de todos.
  6. Anonymous Member

    "Eres Tu (Touch The Wind)"

    (Juan Carlos Calderon)
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    [English translation]
    Like a promise, you are, you are
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    [Eydie Gorme version]
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    And, baby, I'll be close to you
    Touch the wind
  7. Anon T0d Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Spread plz

  9. Idk. Every time the American government has gotten overly involved, we ended up with Khomeini, Karzai, Musharraf, and other epic fuckups. I think the current message out of the White House is the most appropriate one. If we get involved, if Israel gets involved, it gives the NDP and the people of Egypt a common enemy, which ends in epic fail.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    That's not what Dalton was talking about.
  11. Lrn2UniversalDeclarationofHumanRights. Article 20. Read and learn. The UN managed not to fuck something up, for once.

  12. Shinythings Member

    On a side note, I'm pretty impressed by the coverage of all this by Al Jazeera, First quality journalism, so far. I wonder who pays for that (like, where's the catch?)

    Once more, the link to their live stream
  13. Anonymous Member

    On 6 October 1981, the month after the crackdown, Sadat was assassinated during the annual victory parade held in Cairo to celebrate Egypt's crossing of the Suez Canal.[28] A fatwā approving the assassination had been obtained from Omar Abdel-Rahman, a cleric later convicted in the US for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
    Sadat was protected by four layers of security and eight bodyguards, and the army parade should have been safe due to ammunition-seizure rules. As Egyptian Air Force Mirage jets flew overhead, distracting the crowd, Egyptian Army soldiers and troop trucks paraded. One troop truck contained the assassination squad, led by Lieutenant Khalid Islambouli. As the truck passed, the assassins dismounted, and Islambouli approached Sadat. Sadat stood to receive his salute, whereupon, Islambouli lobbed three grenades at Sadat, only one of which exploded, and additional assassins rose from the truck, firing assault rifles into the stands. After Sadat was hit and fell to the ground, people threw chairs around him to protect him from the hail of bullets.
    The attack lasted about two minutes. Sadat and eleven others were killed, including the Cuban ambassador, an Omani general and a Coptic Orthodox bishop, and 28 were wounded, including Vice President Hosni Mubarak
  14. Shinythings Member

  15. I did not know that
  16. Anonymous Member

    One where he isn't in control? Otherwise it's not a new government, just new paint.
  17. Nope. He will be in control, but it will all be better this time. Trust him.
  18. Anonymous Member

    You know that the US constitution doesn't grant the people the right of Freedom of assembly, just recognizes the people inherently have that right and puts limits on government attempts to control it?

    Somewhere along the line, the thinking of the Enlightenment and the Rights of Man was turned around by self-serving politicians to wanted to sell the idea that the government graciously grants rights rather than that the people cautiously give limited powers to the government.
  19. Anonymous Member

    It is coming. Satellite internet is the next big thing, along with things like wimax. Canada is recently working to launch sattelite internet and technically it could be expanded to allow people in places like China and Iran to get around official filters. I suppose they could try to outlaw satellite net receivers, but when every cell phone has one built in, it will make that moot.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Canada, launch .....I laff'd.
  21. TinyDancer Member

    This one gave me goosebumps.
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  22. mojo Member

    aljazeera is run out of qatar...everybody hates them because they just report the news...they've been breaking a huge palestinian story here and the palestinians are calling them pro-zionist and the israelis and the west is generally silent. what surprises me is how many BBC journos have jumped ship to aljazeera.

    france24 has also been very good on the tunisia story and 4 french journos were arrested in egypt yesterday. Delta airlines has cancelled all flights into cairo. cannot believe husni must have the same make-up man as silvio -- but can he seriously believe that this ridiculous speech will work? GAME OVER husni, pack up and get out..."i speak to you not as president but as an egyptian".....too funny.
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  23. Consensus Member

    I love you.
  24. RolandRB Member

    An example to show us what is possible.
  25. Rockyj Member

  26. Chrome596 Member

    my only concern has recently become that if this trend continues after the tunisian revolution will something worse move in. I do not want to see a corporate puppet state or a US puppet state or anything else but a true free democratic society that exists for its people to form. With this much unrest and uncertainy though will that be possible. I wish our egyptian brothers and sisters the best of luck and if I can do anything to help them I would love to know how, but I just hope that in the end a government that the people of Egypt and Tunisia and any other nation undergoing a similar popular revolution get the government that they want and truly deserve and not a puppet state devoted to another nation's, corporation's or movement's interest.
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  27. Consensus Member

    ^tearing down a tyrannical government and establishing a true democracy are two entirely different tasks.

    I believe we owe it to them, to humanity, and to ourselves to aid anybody who is attempting to achieve either.

    But yes, there's a real risk that something horrific will emerge from the power vacuum. That said, it's clear now that the people are capable of defeating such regimes.
  28. Anonymous Member
    Researchers at the Citizen Lab have found that roughly 88 per cent of Egyptian networks are disabled, and the remaining ones are responding to remote connection tests. Savvy Egyptians are using rudimentary dial-up connections to access these networks through old, unused ports to maintain an online presence.
    Activists have also begun smuggling satellite phones into the country and have gone so far as to establish an independent “mesh” of connections, forming what Deibert called an “essentially an autonomous internet, not routed through the Egyptian network.”
  29. mojo Member

  30. subgenius Member

    The problem is that Islamic fundamentalists will pour into the opening created by brave freedom lovers.
    Kinda like Marty exploiting the the chaos generated in the Co$ by all the brave anons for the last 3 years.
    Chicken shits stand on the sidelines and jump in when the heavy lifting is over.
  31. Anonymous Member

    95 deaths being reported on the broadcast.

    Consensus is right. Breaking the situation and then rebuilding it are two entirely different actions. I hope they can find a productive path and not fall backwards like Iran did. It seems they have a taste for freedom, achieving the long term politics to keep it will be the challenge.
  32. CarltonBANKS Member

    LOL, Marty is harmless. He's weird and possibly a bit if a dick, according to some, but he's not exploiting anyone. Really.


    On Egypt: loads of people on the telly (who seem kinda knowledgeable) say the Islamic fundies
    are 'conspicuous by their absence'. It seems, that at this stage, they are not a threat.The presidents rhetoric of dark forces (implying fundies) is all (apparently) bullshit. [note - this was last night - aint seen news this morning]
  33. CarltonBANKS Member

    Was it the ancient Egypt people who worshipped cats?



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  34. Anonymous Member

    Been watching this all unfold on Al-Jazeera and I’m struck by how all the people they have gotten on have emphasised the lack of leaders in this uprising. There almost seems to be an anti-leader sentiment inherent in this, which I hope will help ensure that this cannot be co-opted.
  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. subgenius Member

    Carleton: Marty harmless but still waiting to exploit opening for his benefit.
    Egypt: NYT reports fundies waiting in the wings, also poised.
  37. Shinythings Member

    This revolution is a mandatory step to reach such democracy. Once the step is taken, the goal will be closer.
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  38. Shinythings Member

    That's the vulture's nature. Can't be helped. The Internet must remain vigilant.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    This tidbit was reported on CNN last night.
    I wonder if the "real" press is still using us for a free research department. Not that we should mind.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Interesting discussion
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