Egypt goes berserk

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. the anti Member

    didn't he already say some of this stuff before?
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  2. Crappy Member

    Pretty much, yeah. It sounds like a repeat. He just confirmed the changes in the constitution.
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  3. Etain Member

    If he thinks he's staying until September, he's nuts.

    I'd be surprised if he lasted another month.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    "Really pissed off" is one way of putting it! Tomorrow will not end well!
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  5. Crappy Member

    It seems to me he is pushing his country towards even more rioting and chaos.
  6. Etain Member

    That could very well be his intention. Which is just dirty.
  7. Crappy Member

    It might give him the excuse he needs to set the army and police on the people to "safeguard peace" or some other BS.
  8. exOT8Michael Member

    I think his strategy is the path of heartless tyranny. I truly hope this ends well for the Egyptian people.
  9. Etain Member

    Which will only create greater resentment for him and result in losing any international support for himself.

    I doubt that offer to 'go to Germany for health reasons' will be on the table much longer.
  10. Kilia Member

  11. xenubarb Member

    So in this unprecedented situation, the people rabbled until rumors that Mubarak might step down brought a party mood that quickly shifted to anger. Imagine that moment of realization that this is not the denoument and there are more chapters to go. Mubarak just dug in his heels, he marginalized "Egyptian youth" while playing papa, and pledged to find and punish those who murdered protesters. Maybe he'll run into OJ in his quest.

    Everybody in that square is going 'WTF we do nao?' There's no manual for this shit.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    The cynicism of Mubarak is stunning. To make such a speech, after 17 days of massive demonstrations demanding an end to his corrupt regime, and to claim he is listening to the people - wtf?

    It seems he won't go until he feels the hand on his shoulder - I only hope it will be that of an army general, and not the enraged citizens, driven to desperation by his lies.
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  13. prot Member

  14. Etain Member

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  15. Crappy Member

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