Egypt goes berserk

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. rof Member

    Herro you can quit being an uninformed jock whenever you want.

    It would make people happy.
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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Herro Member

    Hey rof, if you were paying attention then you would know that the media has understandably been focusing only on the violence in Egypt because that's what people are most interested in and that's where the story is. But it has the effect of giving the mistaken impression that the entirety of Egypt is in chaos, which just isn't true.
  4. prot Member

  5. dispart Member

    German TV interviewed some person who claimed that some rich Mubarak supporters e.g. in the tourism industry were organizing and financing some of the thugs, including supplying them with horses and camels.

    They also interviewed a german journalist who said that there were folks out there hunting journalists and destroying equipment. In german media it is clearly said that the attackers aren't just some regular people who happen to be ´pro-Mubarak´, but agents of the regime.

    I'm very disappointed in the reactions by western leaders. These folks who are beaten up and killed are showing exactly the enthusiasm for democracy that they always claimed they supported and wanted to see in the arab world. Now that it's there, they are afraid of instability and willing to sacrifice them. The protesters are citizens with rights, they are human, they do what most western folks claim they would do in such a regime, including those very leaders, how can you just relegate them second place to "stability", as if the middle east is such a wonderful region in which all sudden change must be bad. The protesters should be the natural allies of western governments if "democracy" was more than just a propaganda phrase for them which is used when practical. Instead stability is apparently more important than anything else and of course the public image of the governments so that whatever the outcome in Egypt the governments will be in good standing with whoever wins. They are making a big mistake and wasting a historic chance and it gets worse with each moment that goes by without decisive action, e.g. demanding Mubarak step down or discussing sanctions or expelling diplomats etc. Something which removes any ambiguity and gives a clear message. There is a time for "stability", economic interests etc and there is a time for taking a principled stance. This is such a time.
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  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    AJ says Mubarak said he has enough and is ready to go but fears the chaos afterwards. true?
  8. Silly433 Moderator

    For people like you, with little time and info need:
  9. Silly433 Moderator

    At this point is hard to believe anything he says. One thing is clear: if he and his government step down the protest will be over.
  10. Herro Member

    Most Western leaders have called for an immediate transition of power in Egypt, including the US.
  11. Herro Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    Parking a tank on the front lawn.
  13. Herro Member

    Man, watching Al Jazeera's coverage makes one thing clear: Al Jazeera is fucking pissed. It seems like their reporters have endured more than their share of these attacks on journalists. What's that old saying about it not being wise to pick fights with people who buy ink by the barrel?
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  14. Silly433 Moderator

    Where did I say they said that? I was just answering to you saying your sources were not up to date.

    Chill out
  15. Char. Limit Member

    A surprisingly wise saying, considering it's about the press. Too bad Mubarak doesn't realize it.
  16. Anonymous Member

    I can recall at least four occasions where their correspondents had to cut short short interviews before they got pummeled.
  17. Anonymous Member

    He does realise it - he is banking on the Egyptian people not hearing those media sources.
  18. Herro Member

    My bad brah.
  19. Silly433 Moderator

    To be honest, Aljazeera seems to have taken sides right from the begging. I still think its the best coverage of the Egyptian crisis available.

    (maybe because the protesters are right!)
  20. Anonymous Member

    Adhering to the facts =/= biased
  21. Herro Member

  22. HOC Member

  23. the anti Member

  24. CarltonBANKS Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

    It's just too bad that the large majority of the Republican Party are trying to make this look like a dangerous "Islamisist [sic] uprising" that will spread to the western world and enforce Sharia law upon us and chaos and apocalypse will reign etc... and that there are so many people in this stupid fucking country that believe this kind of rhetoric. Fortunately, there is at least enough sanity to fight back against this kind of agenda-lead propaganda... it all depends if the brainwashed population is willing to listen to logic and reason. It just saddens me that some people would rather take the racist, propagandist angle.
  26. CarltonBANKS Member

    Watched the UK Channel 4 News tonight, with Jon Snow, JRug & Linsey in Cairo.

    State TV is spreading rumours saying that Israeli agents are disguised as Western Journalists.

    Jon Snow said that now you don't know if someone you go up to interview is about to hug you or stab you.

    JRug + his camera dude tried to walk 10 mins from their hotel to the action, concealed cameras showed plain clothes FGTs stop them.

    Watch This Page for a really well curated news stream of what's going on.

    xenijardin Egypt: foreign journalists targeted at Hilton hotel in Cairo. 1 hour ago via Tweetie for MacRetweeted by Glinner and 12 others

    xenijardin RT @LaraABCNews: watching Tahrir Square w dread, wondering if crackdown on cameras+ journalists was to keep us from seeing something bloodyabout 3 hours ago via Tweetie for MacRetweeted by Glinner and 29 others
  27. Silly433 Moderator

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  28. Silly433 Moderator

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  31. Etain Member

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  32. dispart Member

    What I'm missing here is a bit of "or else" or diplomatic action other than -admittedly strong- criticism. Maybe it's happening behind the scenes, if so I hope it's effective and soon. Of course it would be wrong to completely waste all influence that's left, but I feel more is necessary than these statements. The previous support of the regime was more than symbolic, so now the opposition to these actions should be more than symbolic, too. I don't get to decide that obviously and I don't envy those that do. It's a volatile situation with huge implications for the region, but still... something needs to be done.
  33. Anonymous Member

    I think this is rather relevant.

    Here's to hoping the violence dies down soon, and the will of a tyrant with it.
  34. Silly433 Moderator

    Agreed. Things seem to be moving slowly in that direction.

  35. Rockyj Member
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  36. prot Member

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  37. Etain Member

  38. Rockyj Member

    Me too, that was on Jan. 31, so I would love to hear her voice again & hope she's still as enthusiastic!
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