Egypt goes berserk

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Al Jazeera had correspondent on phone from front line saying some pro-Mubarak have sniper rifles with green lasers. He had seen 3 headshots from these. No dox, but sinister nonetheless
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    This seems like a time when violence might be necessary just to get what you need. I know it's a last resort, and it might just be what the government is asking for in terms of PR, but there needs to be some sort of force taken against the people who are doing this sort of thing.
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    Oh he knows god damn well what's going on. But this is why Fox is knowingly lying about what's going on. The truth does not concern them when it comes to those whose payroll they're on. People with an agenda love Mubarak and wish to keep him, and Fox is linked in one way or another to these people.
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    Thx, Tiny.
    Lol, George Soros, the "Jewish Nazi". When you want to attack someone, at least make it sound somewhat logical. WWP rightwingfags, you're better than Glen Beck.
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    As RAAAGEEE and frustrated I feel about all this, I don't think this is a workable solution. The people does not have the guns, the police does have them (and the mindstate needed to actually kill people) and the position of the military is not clear yet. If the protesters turn violent they will be massacred.

    The only way out I can see is moar international pressure. It's building up slowly, but its not enough yet!
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    I wonder if he had account info on the phone that was stolen?
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    I pulled down my copy of 'Half-Blood Prince' because of a certain quote.

    Mubarak is finally reaping what he has sown over the past 30 years. He created his enemies by oppressing them and denying them their basic human rights.

    Tyrants take heed. This is what happens when you walk all over the people. They get up and boot your sorry ass to the curb... or the nearest tall tree with a noose.
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    Hey I've got twilight quotes too!

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    Fear Mubarak's Thugs are cracking down on journalists is big sign of they plan to use mass crack down violence against the Pro Democracy Protesters! Please call President Obama @ 202-456-1111 & tell him to call Mubarak to not use violence against his own people!
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    AJ just said the reason for the current low video quality in their live pictures is due to their equipment being seized.
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    Egyptian internet usage graph:
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    There is a very useful rule of thumb when it comes to identifying who is the bad guy. The bad guys are the ones trying to shut down the media.


    All-out witch-hunt against media

    Reporters Without Borders is horrified by what appears to be an all-out witch-hunt against news media that are covering events in Egypt and is very concerned for all the journalists currently in Cairo, especially on the eve of a major demonstration planned by President Hosni Mubarak’s opponents for tomorrow, which they are describing as the deadline for his departure.

    “Theft, violence, arbitrary arrests and extreme violence... the list of abuses against journalists by President Mubarak’s supporters is getting longer by the hour and they are clearly systematic and concerted,” Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Jean-François Julliard said.

    “After shutting down the Internet and then reconnecting it at the start of this week, the regime has decided to target media personnel physically by unleashing its supporters in an unprecedented campaign of hatred and violence. This has gone beyond censorship. This is now about ridding Cairo of all journalists working for foreign news media.

    “We urge all news media to reinforce their coordination in order to provide as much security as possible for their correspondents in Egypt. And we urge foreign governments and their embassies to provide the utmost diplomatic support for journalists from their countries when they find themselves in difficulty.”

    Julliard added: “It seems that journalists are no longer safe anywhere in Cairo. Several news bureaux have also been attacked. The highest level of the Egyptian government must be held responsible for this policy of physical attacks. We urge the international community to adopt a strong unanimous position quickly, to draw the appropriate conclusions from the events of the past few days and to consider sanctions.”
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    Here is a round-up of attacks on the press:

    The Washington Post told CPJ that they have heard from multiple witnesses that the paper's Cairo bureau chief, Leila Fadel, and Linda Davidson, a photographer, were among a number of journalists detained this morning. Their status was unclear late today.
    The New York Times reported today that two of its reporters were released after they were detained overnight in Cairo.
    Canadian Globe and Mail journalist Sonia Verma tweeted that she was being taken "into some kind of custody." She later reported that she was held by the military for three hours.
    CNN-IBN reported that video journalist Rajesh Bharadwajm was "taken away" from Tahrir Square by military forces. Bharadwajm's status was not immediately clear.
    Government officials, pro-government journalists, and commentators loyal to Mubarak have for the past two days been engaged in a systematic campaign to present foreigners, and particularly foreign journalists, as spies. CPJ has documented at least seven instances on state-owned television or on private stations owned by businessmen loyal to Mubarak in which individuals described elaborate foreign plots to destabilize Egypt that centered on foreign provocateurs, including journalists. In several instances, they were described as "Israeli spies." In one instance, a woman whose face was obscured "confessed" to having been trained by "Americans and Israelis." She went on to say that the alleged training took place in Qatar, where Al-Jazeera is based.
    Mubarak supporters stormed Cairo's Hilton Hotel searching for journalists, Al-Jazeera reported today. Journalists inside the hotel posted a Tumblr entry that said: "About 20 foreign journalists are currently holed up." No injuries were immediately reported, but the journalists' status was unclear.
    Dima Salem, a reporter for Dubai-based Al-Arabiya television, was attacked by pro-Mubarak supporters who took her cameraman's equipment and tried to beat her. Witnesses helped them escape, Al-Arabiya reported on the air.
    Two Al-Jazeera English journalists were attacked by Mubarak supporters, the Qatar-based satellite station reported on the air. Three other network reporters were detained in Cairo, the station reported. No names were given.
    A BBC producer tweeted that Margaret Evans, a CBC reporter, was forced to hand over recording equipment to military forces in Tahrir Square.
    At least four Spanish journalists were attacked in Cairo, according to news reports. Joan Roura, a correspondent for TV3, a Catalan public television station, was attacked by men who tried to steal his mobile phone while he was conducting a live broadcast for the 24 hours news channel. Assaults were also reported against Sal Emergui, a correspondent for Catalan radio RAC1; Gemma Saura, a correspondent for the newspaper La Vanguardia; and Mikel Ayestaran, a correspondent for the newspaper Vocento/ABC.
    Several Turkish journalists were attacked by Mubarak supporters, according to news reports. Cumali Önal of Cihan News Agency and Doğan Ertuğrul of the Turkish Star Daily were attacked and beaten by pro-Mubarak supporters on Wednesday. Both were in stable condition today.
    Men with knives seized Erol Candabakoğlu, a Turkish Fox TV reporter, along with his unidentified cameraman and driver on Wednesday while they were filming in the Boulaq neighborhood of Cairo, according to news reports. The Turkish news agency Anatolia reported that Egyptian police later freed them.
    Metin Turan, a reporter for the Turkish state-run TRT channel, was assaulted today and beaten by Mubarak supporters, who seized his camera, money, and cell phone, according to the Turkish newspaper Today's Zaman. The reporter escaped and sought refuge at the Turkish Embassy; embassy officials told the paper they would take Turan to the hospital because he suffered from wounds and bruises. Isa Simsek, a photographer for Today's Zaman, was also assaulted today by a Mubarak supporter, according to news reports.
    Popular Egyptian blogger Mahmoud (aka "Sandmonkey") tweeted " I was ambushed & beaten by the police, my phone confiscated, my car ripped apar& supplies taken." He said he was briefly detained.
    The British-based communications company Vodafone accused the Egyptian government of hijacking its text messaging services and sending out text messages supportive of Mubarak, according to news reports.
    Multiple journalists for state-owned or government-aligned media have resigned or have refused to work after the government put pressure on them to sanitize the news or to not report on violence against demonstrators, several CPJ sources said. Shahira Amin, an anchor on the state-owned Nile TV channel, said on the air: "I refuse to be a hypocrite. I feel liberated."
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    Dr. Omar Ashur, on Al-Jazeera 20 mins ago - "Whether Egypt's future lies in more years of autocratic rule or democracy depends on the people in Tahrir Square".

    So duplicitous are Mubarak and his lackeys, not one word they say can be trusted.

    Those incredibly brave protestors, bloodied but unbowed, must not be betrayed now, nor the millions who protested 30 years of oppression elsewhere in Egypt. Mubarak and his thugs are guilty of the gravest of crimes against their own people, and the Western powers must increase the pressure until they are gone.
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    Seizing equipment is so old school. Welcome to the 21st century.
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    Mubarak's security forces drives through a crowd, literally.
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    btw, everyone would do well to bear in mind that Egypt, by and large, is pretty chill right now. It's mainly this one flash-point in Cairo where shit is poppin off.
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    From twitter:

    State Dept: US has information that MInistry of Interior is involved in roundup of journalists

    Talk about being a day behind events.....
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    Alexandria has experienced similar, with gangs of thugs doing the rounds. Considering the two locations where we have journos are reporting this it seems unreasonable to put much stock in your claim.
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    I am all out of tinfoil, but I do wonder what the CIA is doing to influence events on the ground. I hope we find out.
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    Sickening... Glenn Beck is spinning the revolutions as some sort of "Muslim uprising" and eventual "takeover" of Europe:

    The sad part is, there are hundreds of thousands of viewers that take this seriously, and a few of them might wind up "doing something about it". Fox News is most likely what leads to anti-Muslim violence (among other forms of politically-motivated violence) in the U.S.
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    Oh yeah, I bet they do, and the state-owned employees weren't ordered to show up.
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    Even moar tinfoil - you think the CIA gave M the idea for fake protesters after their successes with the teabaggers?
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    Where did you hear that?
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    AJ were carrying a live feed from Alexandria and you could see a group of pro-M thugs charging the protesters. Alexandria's violence was reported on before they switched back to Cairo.
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    From twitter:

    FLASH: State Department says bracing for real confrontation, bigger protests in Egypt on Friday
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    Ah, must have been more recent than then my info. Still, reports are that most of the country is pretty calm. Either peaceful demonstrations or people just going about their day to day lives. Of course who knows if things will stay calm.
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