Edward Snowden exposes National Security Agency domestic surveillance

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by The Wrong Guy, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Chris Hayes Calls Out Glenn Greenwald Critics For 'Radio Silence' On Other Leaks (Video)

    Chris Hayes called some critics of Glenn Greenwald out for hypocrisy on Thursday night, saying that those who allege his leaks endangered national security have not been as critical of other leaks that advance the government's agenda.
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    WikiLeaks@wikileaks 15m
    Univision and WSJ are publishing intercepted/hacked emails from the Ecuadorean gov in relation to Snowden NSA asylum and the story is...

    WikiLeaks@wikileaks 9m
    ..spun to be about tensions that don't exist. Hacked/intercepted emails in relation to an NSA spying story. Talk about missing the obvious.
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    AS a NON religious person but a spiritual person, all I can say to you "The Wrong Guy" that to me, you're the RIGHT Guy & you're blessed for keeping so many important issues & stories alive!
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    I'm sure that TWG scans far and wide to provide us with news updates on this. For that I am deeply grateful.
    Thank you, TWG. :)
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    Glenn Greenwald@ggreenwald 5m
    Here's the speech I gave tonight at the Socialism Conference, with intro by @jeremyscahill & @SherryTalksBack

    Published by WeAreManyMedia on June 28, 2013

    Glenn Greenwald speaks via Skype to the Socialism 2013 conference in Chicago regarding Edward Snowden's revelations about the NSA's mass surveillance program. Introductions by Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater and the filmmaker behind Dirty Wars, and Sherry Wolf, author of Sexuality and Socialism. #Socialism2013 #Snowden #NSA

    Check out more audio and video recordings from the Socialism 2013 conference at
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    In further lulz it appears that Ecuador is seriously unconcerned about pissing off the US....Doubling down on Putin's snark, Ecuador takes the moral high ground as far as human rights are concerned by offering to help banana republic USA to reform itself...

    "The government of leftist President Rafael Correa came up with an angry response on Thursday after an influential US senator said he would use his leverage over trade issues to cut preferential treatment of Ecuadoran goods at the US market, should Ecuador grant political asylum to Snowden.
    "Ecuador will not accept pressures or threats from anyone, and it does not traffic in its values or allow them to be subjugated to mercantile interests," government spokesman Fernando Alvarado said at a news conference.
    He added that Ecuador is willing to allocate $23 million annually, an equivalent of the sum that it gained from the benefits, to fund human rights training in the US. It will "avoid violations of privacy, torture and other actions that are denigrating to humanity," Alvarado said.

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    And bump more
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  13. A thread for writing to congress deserves it's own thread
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    The father of suspected National Security Agency leaker Edward J. Snowden is seeking a deal with the Justice Department that would allow his son to remain free prior to a trial in exchange for his surrender to face espionage charges.
    It also requests that the younger Mr. Snowden would not be subject to a gag order and that he be allowed to pick the venue of his trial, and says that if any of the agreements were violated the case would be dropped.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter
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    Bump again. It's long and he did it on Skype. I did chores and listened. It's worth it.
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    U.S. bugged EU offices, computer networks: German magazine | Reuters

    The United States bugged European Union offices and gained access to EU internal computer networks, according to secret documents cited in a German magazine on Saturday, the latest in a series of exposures of alleged U.S. spy programs.

    Der Spiegel cited from a September 2010 "top secret" document of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) which it said fugitive former NSA contractor Edward Snowden had taken with him and which the weekly's journalists had seen in part.

    The document outlines how the NSA bugged offices and spied on EU internal computer networks in Washington and at the United Nations, not only listening to conversations and phone calls but also gaining access to documents and emails.

    The document explicitly called the EU a "target".

    Continued at

    At this point there isn't an English version of the Der Spiegel article mentioned above. Here it is in German:

    NSA horcht EU-Vertretungen mit Wanzen aus
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    Father proposes deal for Snowden's voluntary return - CNN

    The father of Edward J. Snowden has offered federal authorities a deal that he says would likely lead the accused leaker to return voluntarily to the United States to face espionage charges.

    The proposal was laid out in a letter, dated Thursday and obtained Friday by CNN's "Amanpour," addressed to Attorney General Eric Holder and written by Bruce Fein, a Washington-based lawyer for Snowden's father, Lonnie G. Snowden.

    It demands that the former National Security Agency computer contractor who exposed details about U.S. surveillance programs remain free prior to trial; not be subject to a gag order; and be tried in a place of his choosing.

    It further demands that, if any of those promises is broken, the prosecution would be dismissed.
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    SPIEGEL English@SPIEGEL_English 8m
    Attacks from America: NSU Spied on European Union Offices
    An English version of the story has just been published.

    NSA Spied on European Union Offices - Spiegel Online

    America's NSA intelligence service allegedly targeted the European Union with its spying activities. According to SPIEGEL information, the US placed bugs in the EU representation in Washington and infiltrated its computer network. Cyber attacks were also perpetrated in New York and Washington.
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    Greenwald on ‘coming’ leak: NSA can obtain one billion cell phone calls a day, store them and listen — RT

    “What we're really talking about here is a globalized system that prevents any form of electronic communication from taking place without its being stored and monitored by the National Security Agency,” he said.
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    Here's a related post, from last December:
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    Here's one more post from last December:
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  33. Yup.
    If memory serves me the NSA probably have quantum computer.
    A company called Q-tel make them, they sold one recently to lockheed martin
    Q-tel is part owned by the feds.
    Also if rumour is true the NSA has the ability to store 10 to the 8 bytes of info.
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    Alleged US security officials said NSA leaker, journalist should be 'disappeared' – report

    from June 10 but in case it wasn't posted here, here it is.
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    Not to be perhaps confused with *In-Q-Tel, the not-for-profit Venture Capital Firm that is a US CIA project.

    I couldn't find any companies named "Q-Tel" that manufactures quantum computers.

    But there are a number of companies using that name - a Google Link:

    * A company worth knowing about.
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    EU concern over Der Spiegel claim of US spying - BBC News


    The head of the European Parliament has demanded "full clarification" from the US over a report that key EU premises in America have been bugged.

    Martin Schulz said that if this was true, it would have a "severe impact" on ties between the EU and the US.

    In a statement on Saturday, Mr Shultz said: "On behalf of the European Parliament, I demand full clarification and require further information speedily from the US authorities with regard to these allegations."
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    The Guardian Revealed A Major NSA 'Scoop' Then Deleted It From Their Website - Business Insider

    The Guardian released another shocking NSA scoop on Saturday, revealing collusion and mass harvesting of personal communications among the United States and at least six European Union countries — only to delete it from their website hours after publication.

    The article, titled "Revealed: secret European deals to hand over private data to America," was written by Jamie Doward, who reported information from Wayne Madsen, a former Navy Lt. and NSA employee for 12 years.

    Nada Bakos@nadabakos 25m
    I'm confused...and if I'm confused how can the average person sort out what is being reported on #NSA re legit or not
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