Ecuador grants Julian Assange political asylum .

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by LastOneStanding, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Ecuador are refusing to play ball with US banks/corporations regarding dodgy oil deals and toxic debt "assets".
    This is a show of defiance, one that is fully supported by most of South America who have their own bitter experiences with the same US mafia style military/economic gameplay that the Middle East is currently enjoying.
    Assange is a creep, but he published a LOT of very sensitive data and only someone unwilling to look properly would suggest the leaked material that Assange and others was leaking somehow paints the US government in a good light.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Firstly, dox from YouTube? Srsly?

    Secondly, no mention of who killed these 66,000 civilians. Just that the deaths were logged.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Wow, Assange has really ignited the public interest, there must be tens of supporters blocking the pavement outside the embassy. Almost as many supporters as there are members of the press! It's practically a firestorm of support.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Almost all the countries in South America think it's a big deal the Aussies are already on record they get their hands on him they turn him over the to US. And the UK is spending 50thousand pounds a day to encircle the embassy.
  5. Anonymous Member

    No those were American operations there is more available not just that less than 2min piece. The intercepted log/telexs, communications point it out.
  6. Anonymous Member

    By all the south American countries you mean a handful of dictators with vested interests, Australia on record as in reported on an netz news site quoting " sources close to" and by encircling the embassy you mean controlling possible protesters and press gathering.

    Stop putting a spin on everything. It just makes you look desperate, like Arseange
  7. Anonymous Member

    So there were investigations into every one of the 66,000 deaths to prove US forces killed them?
  8. Specify which South American countries are controlled by "dictators" please.

    It's clearly a show of force, they are waiting to arrest Assange and want the world to know it.

    Same advice to you.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Not unless you count Bin Laden taking credit for it as proof.
  10. Anonymous Member

    "This is why people like you, who see someone promoting something they might like and decide to support that person immediately without any research shouldn't be allowed to vote."

    Probly shouldn't be allowed to breed, either.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Dox or STFU.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Shall we begin with Argentina's nationalization a couple of months ago of a Spanish-owned oil company? How about Chavez' antics in Venezuela or Cuba's nationalization of American assets 50 years ago. Give me a fucking break. Investing in South America is extremely risky.
  13. Anonymous Member

    we are all hueg investors so ty for sage advice
  14. Anonymous Member

    There is a reason for that. They know they will get the shit kicked out of them.
  15. Anonymous Member

    No points for missed point.
  16. True, but most of it was BORING. Most of it was government officials pissing and moaning about people who are assholes and known to be assholes behaving like assholes. Still, so much boring stuff being classified is a story in and of itself. Why so much crap? Too much is classified that doesn't need to be, and what does it say of the ability of the Fourth Estate to keep us informed? The stuff that wasn't boring was mind-blowing. Spying on Kofi Annan when he was the Secretary General of the UN... that should have ended with the US and UK labeled as rogue states and subject to harsh sanctions.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Cuba (also a member of the OAS), Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador. Most South American countries have a lamentable human rights record.
  18. Anonymous Member

    No, it should have ended with that corrupt son-of-a-bitch Annan going to prison.
  19. Somewhat true, but the US and UK should have been sanctioned for such a serious breach of international law. It would be more accurate to compare him to Minister Fudge in Harry Potter: hopelessly inept and ready to throw others under the bus.
  20. Herro Member

    Where are the US dirty tricks in that video? Did you not know that helicopter gunships existed?

    I dunno mang, the general consensus on the leaked cables is that the diplomats in general come off as competent and well informed. Honestly if I were Manning's attorney I'd be pointing out that none of the material he leaked was noticeably damaging to the US government.
  21. Anonymous Member

    These were cables from our diplomats. They detailed, for example, the actions of the Egyptian police force against political prisoners, including torture. We supported Mubarak in spite of this, and denied the police actions.
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  22. 5had0w5 Member

    1 - I apologies firstly for my language skills as I m not US/UK/SA/Australian guy.
    2 -
    I am afraid you had wrong data -even if Assange childhood is kind of strange-
    3 -
    What the fuck you re doing here ? You are keeping Julian Assange in the spotlight.
    He has got the whole south america team behind him. ROFL. He doesn't give a shit.


    Are we Anonymous?
  23. Herro Member

    Mubarak's abuses have been well known pretty much since he replaced Sadat. Those cables didn't tell us anything we didn't already know in that regard.
  24. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Why don't you go and tell that to the prosecution ?
  25. Anonymous Member

    The South American dictators of the 70's and 80's were ALL installed by US, and their child-killing rapist generals trained at the School of The Americas, Fort Benning.

    US School of Genocide.

    Oh and I believe ALL oil companies should be nationalized.
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  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    If the military breaches its rules of engagement, that's a bad thing.

    It's not a surprise that war crimes happen, but it is worth knowing about possible war crimes.

    Whether that's 'dirty tricks' by the US or not depends on whether you think there was a breach of the rules of engagement, and if there was then whether or not it was with the tacit permission/encouragement of the higher echelons of the military and government.

    So while it's not a surprise that helicopter gunships exist, they can be used in ways which are not legitimate (in that they breach the Geneva Convention or similar), and that's worth knowing about.
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  28. I agree, but it's not like it will matter. It's clear the fix is in for the Manning trial. He was tortured for months on American soil, which, according to the UCMJ, should be grounds for dismissal of all charges. Yeah, I don't think that's going to happen either.
  29. Anonymous Member

    I see that Herro employs the 'Tleilaxu' technique: appearing to be as stupid as fuck, laying in wait for someone who will believe someone could possibly be so uninformed, biased, and generally thick. Keep waitin'...

    Stop ripping off Glenn Beck.
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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Herro Member

    Reasonable people can certainly debate the appropriateness of the actions taken by that gunner. No argument there. But I was questioning the assertion that those leaks exposed US government dirty tricks. I don't think the collateral murder video shows any dirty tricks. Even if we conclude that the gunner violated the rules of engagement, that's on him. He called it up the chain of command and was given permission to fire. Then he made a decision to open fire again on the rescue attempt.

    Anyways, what I have been getting at in several posts is that neither the State Department cables nor the "Afghan War Diaries" really contained much information that we didn't already know or couldn't already infer. And that's why I don't think Manning should go down on a treason charge because, even though he clearly broke the law, he didn't really do any damage. He should be shown some leniency and I would not be at all surprised if he is shown leniency.
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  33. 5had0w5 Member

    Ecuador grants Julian Assange political asylum .

    Manning is just a part of what Assange has built. Can we please be back on initial thread ?

    I agree Manning is the center of the USG war against Assange, but (to me), Assange is not only committed to the US leaks.. Let's say I put him above that (far from a god, close to the hive we represent). To me again (I am probably wrong), but Assange is after transparency -the USG was a good initial target, but not the only one.-
    I personally traduce his behaviour as a fight against censorship, a fight for people to know, just a fight for people, regardless of their education, their skin color, their way of life.
  34. Anonymous Member

    A screwdriver can be used to breach the Geneva convention, you are genuinely surprised that an apache gunship can too!
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Curse thee. Now I have 45 minutes of Jethro Tull in my ear. Ear worms BAFKJKHH!
  36. Anonymous Member

    You honestly talk as though gov secrecy is a new thing! As if Arseange has stumbled upon something new, deadly and something that threatens the very existence of humanity!!!! Get a grip! As for the hive supporting Arseange? It's limited support, not as many as you think worship Arseange and his smitten follower Manning.

    If you really believe gov secrecy is a new threat that has to be stopped then you are either naive or young and naive.

    Governments throughout the centuries have kept secrets, it's not new! It's not shocking! It's not threatening or dangerous! It's life. Some thing are best kept secret, some things are done in the interests of the country some things are not. You listen to too much Arseange bullshit and self publicity.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Just as far as the USA all of the death & destruction since Vietnam was not threatening or dangerous and this would include Iraq x2 and Afghanistan along with numerous black-ops. Just blindly follow your leader like a Jim Jones follower down the path. Most of the news today is coming from independent sources across the globe from the Middle East to Europe and the US by people willing to take a chance.

    "It's not threatening or dangerous!", your quote; Why not tell that one to all the dead American & British soldiers along with all of those horribly maimed. Also tell that to tall the dead across the Middle East as well I am sure they would welcome you with open arms. Did you ever wear a uniform or just sit at a keyboard?
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  38. Archer Member

    Some things to consider that are not made especially clear in the collateral murder propaganda machine.

    1. There is 20 minutes missing from the ''full'' video released by wikileaks. I wonder what happened in those 20 minutes, according to the reports of soldiers on the field, they were under heavy fire by insurgents in that very area non stop since the morning.

    2. The journalists were not identified as such, as required by international conventions in combat zones.

    3. The journalists were accompanied by someone carrying a rpg launcher and someone carrying a AK-47.

    Carry on.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    So, you're both a Scientology AND a USG apologist? How impressive.
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  40. Archer Member

    No, I'm simply willing to look at ALL the facts, the way the soldiers behaved in that video was still wrong, since they attacked a van where they were clearly only trying to transport the wounded. Which goes against the rules of engagement. Now if you would please stop stalking my posts, I'd appreciate.

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