"Eat This" Video for David Miscavige & Church of Scientology Abuse

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Safe, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Safe Member

    I produced this video as a protest video message about David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology. The video is for a more awakened Scientologists, who've I've named a "progressive Scientologist." (I'm actually no longer a Scientologist, myself. I'm a progressive Christian now.)

    I have a section on my new forum for anybody in Anonymous who wants to participate. I'm trying to open doors instead of close them, to include instead of exclude.
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  2. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Wait... I thought you just very recently set up that site. Are you shedding your programming at a furious pace, or was I wrong about the time frame (or something else)?

    Either way, cool beans.
  3. Safe Member

    Yes, I did. I've been moving fast and furious. :)
  4. Safe Member

    I also produced the following video, and another is coming out soon targeting 6 missing books that use to be sold by the church which have mysteriously disappeared over time. Striking at heart of the beast of the Church of Scientology, RTC & associates is going after them hard for the worst "sin" they could ever do to Scientologists. That's the fastest way for the church to fall, IMO. That's what I intend to expose.

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  5. Sonichu Moderator

    Oh my Xenu. A Video aimed at Scientologists that doesn't use a quote from LRH?!? You sir are selling Squirrel stuff!

    /rabid scilon mode

    Seems pretty interesting. I hope somebody manages to leave because of what they see here.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    Watching these videos was like being at an event. Designed to overwhelm and stop ones thinking. I'm sorry but I could not finish the DM vid.
  9. Krautfag Member

    First of all, welcome back to WWP, Safe.

    And how nice to read that you are off the hook too.
    Out of curiousity, did the mega-miscommunication last time around have anything to do with it? I seem to remember that you wanted to reconsider com cycles and stuff after being introduced to our way of communicating.

    Oh, and pretty impressive videos. Though probably a little overuse of gfx effects, heh. It's just too much fun to play around with the movie software, I know ;)

    Also, interesting decision to make an anon subforum on a basically pro-tech site. We'll see how this plays out.
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