East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

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    I just want to talk about the kids on bikes in East Grinstead. On the one hand, I am aggravated that these foulmouthed antagonistic children felt it was appropriate to attack Anons and try to provoke them. On the other hand, I feel so sorry that we have given them an experience of having their belief system and way of life challenged in such a public and provocative way.

    If we do not "handle" Scientology here and now, we will reap a dreadful harvest, of brainwashed and vindictive Scientology children, ten years on, running the CoS, with arsenals of hate against their critics. Worse even than DM...

    For their sakes and ours, we MUST succeed. NOW.
  2. Shifter Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Agreed. The kids make me really sad. Adults, even young ones, get into $cientology for whatever reason, but it is ultimately their choice to get on the train, only later do they find they can't get off. But the kids brought up in it have no choice to begin with.

    It made me tearful to see those little children run up to the glass doors to see what was going on only to be led away and have those posters go up over the windows and doors. I was saying to Asagai afterwards that it is so saddening to know that all that wonderful curiosity those kids displayed will be stamped out of them. They will be told what to think, what to say and how to report on their friends.

    Seriously guys, that breaks my heart. If there is one over riding reason for doing what we do, it's the kids.
  3. Shifter Member

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    Absolutely agreed on the kids on bike. One of them was the one I mentioned before, approaching me then yelling "GET FUCKED!" I didn't quite know what to say to that! It is very sad though, it only just shows how fucked Scientology is, if I was the parents I'd be disgusted with myself, but it's a totally different situation.

    But at the same time it was a very twisted situation, infact they were the most bullbaiting of types, whereas the adults chose to run away/hide mostly

    I can't wait to go back to EG though, it's a very different environment to London, and it's good to be right there under Scientology's nose
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    It's too late for that. The cult is over fifty years old, and youngsters were seen from the start as an easily indoctrinated tool by Hubbard.

    Cesspits don't empty on their own. Those who believe that the collapse of the cult as a multinational company will end things are sadly as naive as those who believed that defeating Saddam Hussein in a conventional war would end the horror in Iraq.
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    corssposting the public footpaths around Saint Hill that I got sent by EG police

  7. ldnanon Member

  8. Bruce Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Looks like all the marques and stuff that we thought may be for a childrens party or something like was more likely the aftermath of the third (of four) weekly events celebrating the Asbestos Ships 20th Anniversary. At St Hill, CULT HQ, they were held on the Friday with the last being this Friday 1st August.

    Being held at all the Orgs worldwide. In the UK the last of the events is:

    London Fri 1 Aug (TCR or Vic or both ?)
    Plymouth Fri 1 Aug
    St Hill Fri 1 Aug
    Birmingham Sat 2 Aug
    Manchester Sat 2 Aug
    Sunderland Sun 3 Aug
    Brighton Fri 1 Aug

    If only had found this earlier we could have taken some nice DANGER and HEALTH WARNING Blue Asbestos and Freewindup ship placards. Now that WOULD have pissed them off.

    Extract from $cientology Today. Thanks for the info Tad, a bout of Ethics and an Oily Rag for you methinks.

    We're now celebrating the Freewinds' 20th Anniversary with a very special round of events, the next of which are happening THIS WEEKEND at your local org. Click here for local event dates & locations >>

    To make sure you and all your friends don't miss these powerful and unique events, I'm sending you a synopsis below each of the four events so you can plan your calendar for the summer.

    I'm also sending you a our second teaser video on this year's MV events — so you can see what you've got in store, and also pass the word on to your friends!

    Here's a briefing on what's in store for you:

    Opening Night: If you missed this event (held last weekend in most locations) you can view a showing of this event in your local org. Click here to schedule your showing of the event >>

    Night II: FREEWINDS — Your OT Base — Setting Passage to Eternity Itself. This night is dedicated to the NEW Freewinds, as we commemorate her 20 years of service in the name of OT and show the grand view of her history over two decades with a never-before-heard LRH briefing on the Sea Organization. Click here for local times & locations >>

    Night III: A Source Briefing. Here the LRH Biographer presents a totally unique, never-before-heard briefing on L. Ron Hubbard that you won't want to miss. This event is for everybody—experienced Scientologists and newcomers alike. No one should miss the incredible adventures you will hear of at this event. Click here for local times & locations >>

    Night IV: Fourth-Dynamic Global Salvage. This night you will receive our "mid-year report" on the impact all members of the International Association of Scientologists are making across the planet with our broad 4th-Dynamic IAS-Sponsored campaigns, bringing real solutions to leaders and populations world-over. You will also see a special presentation of our latest strategic steps in those campaigns. All are key to achieving the Aims of Scientology and all of it is new, urgent and vital to everyone who cares about the future and planetary clearing. Click here for local times & locations >>

    Every event contains vital data you need to know as a Scientologist. And every Scientologist across six continents of Earth is being contacted to attend all of these events.

    To confirm your attendance, or to invite your friends, click here — and we will see you there!


    Tad Reeves
    Internet Officer
    Church of Scientology International
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    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    On the foot paths front

    Dear David,

    I have looked on the OS Explorer map and it doesn't look to me like there is any public right of way through Saint Hill Manor. You can see a copy of the map online: (enter the postcode you gave me). Rights of way are represented by green dashes on the OS maps and you can see there is one going past Saint Hill Farm and Saint Hill Green but not Saint Hill Manor. You should check with the highway authority to be sure as they are the ones responsible for all rights of way and they hold a legal document called the 'definitive map' which details rights of way in the area. You can find contact details of the relevant authority here: Ramblers Association - Contacts - English Highway Authorities A-F.

    Just to clarify the law - people are entitled to 'pass and repass' along a right of way. Protesters have been arrested on a right of way because this is actually not defined as a legal activity on a footpath, bridleway or byway. You can legally go on a march along a right of way but a sit-down or standing protest is illegal. Obviously being able to protest is important but it's essential you know the law so that you can plan your protests more effectively.

    Best wishes,

    Sarah Gardner
    Rights of Way Team
    0207 339 8530
    The Ramblers Association - Home
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    Personally I think those who died fighting oppressive totalitarian regimes that the memorial is in memory of, would fully support you.
  11. Moralfag Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th


    After one of the London protests I had a WW2 vet tell me he and his mates had fought in the hope that people like Anon wouldn't have to fight evil 60 years later.

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