East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

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  1. Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th


    Go to the national express website. Buy your ticket (cheap day return London to East Grinstead). Use the 'print it out at ticket machine' option.

    Print out on the day. Use card you paid with to prove you're you, enter code, machine poops tickets, you're away.
  2. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    OR. Get up on time? ^^;
    I was up at like half 6!

    ...'Cause I thought I was gonna have to walk, then I didn'ts...

    Edit: Oh, and yeah, sorry about the not saying baibais on teh train... so I say it nao: BAIBAI =3

    And possibly see you next week >_>
  3. Morriganon Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Thought they'd say something like that... damn, Rory Bremner's been namefagged...:roll:

    Sadly, this is no longer unbelievable. I noticed Dolce & Gabbana man suddenly started talking to the police, pacing about & looking at his phone-obviously trying to distract himself from hearing the recording. He seemed pretty calm until then, but his body language did not look comfortable when it was played. I feel bad that we may have caused fear of the ethics dept-the doubts and attempts to sort it out in their heads must be painful for some of them, especially those with families in. But, I'm sure you and Tory and all the others went through that and look at you now! Free, happy lives.

    I may PM you soon with some other questions I have... bit to much wine tonight though! Celebrating our epic win and trying to numb my sore feet!

    Great to see you as always! Splendid day's enturbulation :)
  4. Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Camfag man was just <3

    I keep remembering other awesome shit that happened today! Like asking the poleece if we could start a riot, and the discussion about how even the Nazis and Brits still had their friendly moments during the war, then that awesome gentleman who asked the scilons if they'd like to play football with us on No Man's Land. made me chuckle!

    Today was just such utter win although my feet/legs are still FUCKED.

    I should go upload those photos now, I'll BRB.
  5. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

  6. Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    I SHALL DO! I hope I got some decent shots of some sort, I didn't use the cam that much, and it was a bloody nightmare trying to snap in the middle of woods with my heavy bag, a bannur and boiling up!

    I wish I could've got a pic of said creepy scilon, he was one miserable fucker.
  7. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    At teh train station?
  8. Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    The image of those windows slowly closing in the weedy barracks will keep cracking me up for days. Thank you, OT3 anon!

    I had an interesting journey back after all the already documented stuff.

    I really enjoyed meeting nice taxi driver, who is being harassed by that po-faced ginger twat Graeme Wilson for being involved with us. Taxi man is really alone. There is nobody else [aside from AC/DC] in East Grinstead who has made a stand against Scientology. As a result he is quite worried they will raep his livelihood and it sounds as if his work are not supportive. I suspect he will not back down though! He strikes me as the sort of chap who does NOT like being told what to do.

    Also talked to lots of ex-scientologists at pub afterwards. Some of them were quite newly out, so their news was current.

    And you are all lovely. A+++++, would enturbulate with again. Maybe next time there will be more bullbaiting. I only got a little on the way to the town centre and am slightly disappointed :D We were in the LION'S DEN and most people seemed to like us and be on our side!
  9. CafcFred Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    big enough for a camel..

    oh hahahhahaha =]]
  10. Morriganon Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Legs? Left mine halfway back to town. Crawled the rest of the way.

    Anyone have Epic Cab Guy's number? PM me for next time? The taxi number we had resulted in one 1/2 hour wait on the way, and one very, very long walk back. Fail.
    Did I mention the pain????
  11. Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    NEGATIVE, the creepy mofo who snatched a leaflet off me and shoved it in the bin in quite a furore HURHURHUR

    He just had this bitter, twisted face. The Way to Happiness? My arse.

    I heard about that Wilson shit with the Epic Taxi Guy, really sucks. I hope he knows he can rely on us for any support should it be needed. His flip off to the guards though was truly EPIC.

    Btw, new thread for vidz/picz of raid. In which section shall I post? Enturb confuzzles me :( unless someone else has had the pleasure of posting it already?
  12. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Got back home about 9ish.

    Brilliant day, really enjoyed it.

    THE KIDDIES PARTY THINGY! Have some video to edit.

    Enjoyed meeting the exes too.
  13. Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    OKAY GUYZZZZ :awesome::

    I don't have time to start an epic vidz/picz thread, as it's gone 3am and I need to be up in a few hours for my flight =___=;; so I'll leave you with the goodies here!







    SEE THE REST HERE: Flickr: defunctphotography's Photostream


  14. Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    HeHe, I had the absolute beswt time. I smirked so much my jaw hurt. I'm just sorry I had to leave early, who organises a party for 3 in the afternoon anyway :sad:

    Anyway, Angry Briefcase Scilon was brilliant. He was everything I imagined a crazy scientologist would be. Angry, haggard looking, and really not sure what to do. He seemed to spend a lot of time talking to the police, I don't know what he thought they would do. You'd think the scilons would figure out that we're not actually doing anything illegal if the police are just standing there watching. Caught him giving me some filthy looks over my suicide sign as well. Oh joy!

    Saint Hill was wierd (only magaing to be there for afew minutes) not at all what I was expecting. Just silent watchers :colbert:

    Had a nice chat with my taxi driver on my way back to town too. I'd watch out using that number in future (300000) because he told me that a few of there taxi drivers were scientologists. He didn't seem to know alot about it, and seemed really shocked. But he still seemed to have an underlying feeling they were up to no good. He left me with "I wouldn't be able to do it myself, but I'm glad someone's doing something"

    Bring on next sunday!

    Blah blah blah win blah yay blah blah epic
  15. jensting Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    [copy of post to a.r.s.]


    OG and Anon own the high street and cause windows to be papered over at St

    Reports are starting to come in from about

    We had a lovely demo yesterday! Xenu managed to hold off the rain (forecast
    to start in the afternoon). The general public in the high street were very
    supportive. The police people were nice, even when they told us we couldn't
    stand at the back of St Hill :-(

    We had been told to have the megaphone on a "reasonable level" so we kept
    the boombox some way down from "TONE 42" and John gently filled the high
    street with "protesting AGAINST scientology."

    Sweets from the lovely sweets shop were bought and consumed (in business for
    over 100 years - that's epic!).

    We made off for St Hill roughly at the planned time (how did that
    happen?!??) and started off at the gate. No clams in evidence (except
    skulking back in the parking lot). Speculation that there was a major event
    going on, as cars were parked everywhere (outside the gate) and cars
    entered / exited the whole time we were at the gate.

    We're still working on the ideal route (or even a repeatable one) to get to
    the back of St Hill, but at least our slowness was exceeded by the
    incompetence of the clam handlers who were still shuffling Sea Ogres out of
    the way as I made it to the window along the side of the castle. Superb
    megaphone tech got L Ron's drug addled rants about Xenu and spacecraft
    looking like DC8s blasted pretty effectively onto the emptying building. A
    lot of posters went up over the windows, as we were leaving (i.e. a mere
    1/2 hour too late).

    We proceeded from the side of the castle to the back, where there was time
    for several epic flag raising photos to be taken before the nice police
    people had to ask us to go back the way we had come (whichever that was). A
    sitdown in a field ensued where I managed to get rid of the bottled water I
    had dragged around all afternoon ;-) ;-)

    We retook position across from the main gate and more structured watering
    occurred (well done, that man with the soft drinks and the ice and the

    I joined a large chunk of the OG in the pub, but Anon and a few OG and
    ex-members held out at the gate for a long time, no doubt making the day of
    St Hill OSA even more miserable.

    What a grand day out!

    Best regards

  16. narCONon Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Epic day was epic.

    That really is all i can say on the matter.

    Despite getting quite possibly facefagged in the pub afterwards with Bonnie and Hartly et al.

    another strike for great justice
  17. uber_anon Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    What an epic day! Grinstead felt the win.

    was hassled twice by scifags, first one was a woman claiming she would take my flyer straight to saint hill, and told me we're not affecting them, and we may as well pack up and go home. My reply was 'its all about raising awareness to scientology, we all know about you now" to which her and her lamefag husband walked off in a huff.

    second time was none other than angry briefcase man! whos main argument seemed to be making the 'pff' noise to all our points, telling us he was the authority on scientology, denying fair game exists, and randomly calling us criminals and cowards in front of the police! Him asking me to remove my masks resulted in lulz and a no.

    saint hill was also epic win, aside from the suspect farmer telling us to get off the public footpath which he decided was his private land (fag police are fags). Raid was total success, many many blankings from the synos, many honkings from the public, and many lulz, no bushmen found, good old davey probably got rage at the pictures made.

    Interesting story, after everyone left, police, anons etc, Chamerlain and I were left waiting for our lift on our own, so of course, we decided to go and sit in front of the syno gates! was brilliant, the two security guards didnt know what the fuck to do at first, but we got talking to the security guard wearing all black (D&G BELTMAN), turns out hes from Albania, and moved over here after joining the church, was a nice enough guy, still had some of his feelings obviously, cause was explaining that he couldnt leave until we did, and he was dead bored of it now.

    dunno if ive forgotten anything.. oh yeah, epic win guys an girls!
  18. Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    hahaha, just remembered PC Akbar. Geeky Policeman is Geeky
  19. Lolajal Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Of note, the path we were on was not public but owned by Deers Leap Park and is a bike trail, general theory is that scilons poked them and told them about us, so they then spoke to the police to get us moved on. As we approached the field we spotted 2 scilons down at the bottom who scarpered once we appeared, my guess is they were getting on the phones right away. Pics to come soon, and remember

  20. ldnanon Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    And why on earth did he want to know where Bananaman lived? How random!
  21. Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    BTW, do you have the vid of that? Could be useful footage to show how unpleasent they are.

    Otherwise, very much win. Especially the Lulz!picnic the failfag police unfortunately cut short.
  22. ldnanon Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    I just checked my footage and my mic didn't pick up the guy saying it, just him getting a talking to by the copper. Shame. :(
  23. Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    That was a pleasant day out in the beautiful Sussex countryside with a nice pint or three to finish with....
    The Black Sheep Brewery, Masham North Yorkshire

    Oh, the picket? Local people were noticeably more responsive, and that can only get better with familiarity. It may however be the last time for a while that we'll be able to get close enough to the Saint Hill buildings to be seen and heard, at least until local people realise that the cult no longer has any power in the area.
  24. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    I'd agree there, we really need a look over property deeds and local foot paths to see if there is any way we can get access to the rear.

    Oh, and pub was good too. Must thank Jens for providing nibbles and a pint.
  25. Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world!

    Once a route is figured out, let's mark it on Wikimapia.
  26. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    We had been warned beforehand we weren't allowed to go there actually >_>

    So doing so was quite naughty xD But the "oh, we really didn't think they meant THIS land!" card worked quite well.

    Basically the Scilons passed on a letter from the landowners to the police saying we weren't allowed to do that again...
    So yeah, reckoning the Scilons did well have something to do with this.
  27. narCONon Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    frankly that was a half hour of fail in an otherwise epic day.

    We need to either talk to the landowners or find a new way around.

  28. ScudMuffin Member

  29. LazarusLulz Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Photos from Epic Winstead 26th July 2008.

    Epic Winstead 26th July 2008 - Shared Photo Album - PhotoBox

    Me pub next time, me pub long time, me no wanna drive next time.

    Apart from that, a bloody excellent day out. Still finding sweets in me pockets!

    The locals now know we're not another scilon thing and that we are anti clam. Their support easily doubled since last demo. A pleasure to be in East Grinstead, nice to be thanked for "Doing a damn good job!" by peeps as they went by...

  30. Shifter Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Epic win in EG. It was excellent to be there. A tiring day though, all that hiking and outdoors :-/

    There was more potential face faggotry at the station when I left, not sure, but I think I was photographed by a slightly older gentleman in a floppy hat who then sat down two benches from me and muttered to himself.

    Apparently D&G man was ex-sea org with a colourful history. 'Bins suggested he was posted to the gate as his amends project! Loving that idea. I thought he seemed pretty calm when OTIII was played. Asagai and a few of us were yelling that he must have heard it before and still he seemed to stay cool.

    Pics will be up later.
  31. Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Don't I remember someone saying that someone was trying to take a picture UP their masks, holding the camera at waist hight and taking upwards pictures?
  32. ldnanon Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    My vid will take a bit longer to get up as my computer is being a fag and Adobe Premiere Elements just crashes as soon as I open it. Sorry guise.
  33. Bruce Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    How on earth can that be 'fail'. All the protesters adapted to an imperfect situation and achieved their objective of enturbulating Saint Hill Manor, front and rear, resulting in the scienos scurrying out of sight which in turn indirectly delayed their preparations for their bash that evening. Irrespective of the scienos beliefs enturbulation right on the doorsteps of the UK CULT HQ must have some psychological effect on the CULT members, not just on those present but also back in Clamtown, Florida and LA when the inevitable reports get back the Dwarf. The Dwarf and his sidekick (TC) do venture forth to St Hill periodically and they will not one little bit like the freedom which Anonymous and others ultimately displayed when protesting St Hill Manor despite their best efforts to 'intimidate' the local land owners.

    I say WIN for achievement, flexibility and being able to work with the local constabulary (she was a very nice sergeant lady as well !).
  34. Bruce Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    ScudMuffin my man, you may also like to check out the Ramblers Association as well. An excellent bunch of 'anoraks' who defend public pathways and their right to walk over land like a Terrier possessed. If there is a public footpath or other right of way, these guys will know about it.

    The Ramblers Association - Home
  35. basil Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    If it's on a map, then it should be a public right of way. The only way a footpath can be 'closed' is if it can be proven not to be used for several years, or it's built over, as far as I can remember.

    Looking on Google Earth, if I'm seeing the right building, there certainly looks a 'well worn footpath' round the back of it around the edge of the fields.

    Go to Ordnance Survey, Britain's national mapping agency and look for the map section for "RH19 4JY" for a map view, although it's not especially clear.
  36. LazarusLulz Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    This snippet mentions St.Hill and i'm trying to locate paths...

    from East Grinstead Town Council Official Guide

    3: Down HERMITAGE LANE, another shady road through rock, and DUNNINGS ROAD past Dovecote (charming gatehouse c.1862 through which drive originally ran) at top and St Barnabas’ Church/Hall 1975 and Dunnings Mill C16 at bottom. On uphill through cutting FRAMPOST HOLLOW with view back over town. At top l. along lane to Standen (p.23) but turn r. just before cottages along side of field. Best view, r., of Saint Hill 1792, altered 1890, modern additions. Through iron kissing gate, l. along longest edge of triangular field and down track to N. bank of Weir Wood Reservoir (p.27). Path to end, l., rather overgrown. Path r. to Stone Farm then either steeply downhill to Willetts Bridge and S. side of reservoir (best view) or cross road and along short track to Stone Rocks (climbing, panoramic views, picnics) or both. (21/2m so far; 21/2m. straight back by road).
  37. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Thanks for that, I should of thought of them. Am firing a harpoon right now.
  38. LazarusLulz Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Agreed, the old bill this time were absolute diamonds. One of them took his hat off and said "Now, just as a bloke, and not a copper...) and asked what we were about. During the ramble we ranged from

    "Believe what you want, but play nice." as our basic premise to...

    the birth of Anonymous on the chans and the reason so many were so annoyed at the abuse of a medium they had grown up with but the clams had "NO IDEA" what the net was about,

    our goal of just letting people read both sides so if they choose to become a clam they go in with their eyes open (there will be some... ),

    censorship and the sort of people a total lack of produces (You can't unsee what has been seen, but it turns out nice folk because they "KNOW" what is right, wrong, dangerous, stupid etc and the lure of "The worst thing ever, ever, in the whole world." is gone by the time they're 16)

    the advantage of the Pedobear meme in giving young kids the vocabulary and removing the stigma so they can shout "Pedo! Haaalp!" and how the government's outlawing of cartoon images of paedophilia will stop this,

    emergent behaviour in relation to leaderless human social / political grouping and the flexibility and self healing / policing of such groups,

    the actions of the OSA,

    what the clams actually do to each others minds,

    brief rundown Tory's, Marks, Bonnie's stories,

    how I got involved both pre and anti Anonymous, where to buy the masks (and when not to)

    the differences in treatment we got from the met and city police in London (he went all "neutral, non committal, "you may say that but i couldn't possibly comment" at this point, as he should, but i just wanted to say that if the a copper does take a drink here and there it must colour his judgement, and the clams may not say they want anything in return but... He even turned down the delicious sweets!

    I tried to use an example of how me and my partner dealt with a group of four kids in East Grinstead (12 or so...) that walked up to us on Saturday and said "So, what do the scientologists actually do that makes you do this? We said, "Here's a few flyers, have a look at the websites on them and you'll see some of the things that make us protest. Then go to $ and have a read of that, then (it's East Grinstead remember... mini Clearwater with nicer architecture) we said "Do you know any $cilon kids?"

    "Yes! there's some at our school, they won't talk...". "Ok, well, once you know our side of the story and the $cilon side of things, then try and talk to them about specific things that worry or interest you, perhaps they'll feel less threatened if you know a bit more. Remember, they don't have a choice about being in $cientology, their parents decided for them because at the time they thought it was the best way they could make sure their kids were safe and had a decent future, even if you think they were wrong to decide that, they were in a place where everyone around them believed the same thing and it would have been nearly impossible for them to do anything else and still keep their kids with them. There's a special website just for kids in their situation". (Passed them an ESK flyer)

    "But mainly, don't listen to us or the $cilons, not even your parents, teachers or friends although they may have interesting ideas that may help you decide. This is a thing you have to decide, we, or they, can't do it for you. Make your own mind up when you have looked at all the different views and thought about why this person has this view, and why that one has that view. Then, if you still want to be a $cientologist, we'll buy the bus ticket, a copy of dianetics, a 'phone number to call when you want to bail out, and a packed lunch for the first day.

    But it needed someone to stand up and say "Oi! You can't do this! This is the other PoV! Read both sides!" and stand up to the $cilon court cases, threats and lies so you "CAN" go to sites like "whyaretheydead" "Ex $cientology Kids" with all the information we can find to make the decision fairly. That's why were here."

    Oddly, the "Read Both Sides" meme was totally new to the copper in relation to Anonymous. I suppose all his experience was major TV news, a couple of newspaper articles and us lot shouting "XeeeeeNuuuuuuoooo!" at clams and stuff some shouted into St.Hill when we went around the back that was very "them and us", using war and conflict memes, battle lines drawn, "Taking you down!", you know what i mean.

    When we got told it was private land and we had to turn back i heard a "You won this battle scilons, but Anonymous will win the war!" and "Exterminate!" in Dalek voice, no matter what language it's in, is still a direct, personal threat and it plays straight into the hands of the clams. They can say, "See? They want us dead, it's a war to these SP's, they have no reason, just hatred..."

    So, we don't want them dead, maimed, destitute. We want them to have all the tools to make their own minds up. And if we keep with the confrontational stuff they're going to be able to easily explain us SP's in terms of mindless mob hatred and we''ll lose the hearts and minds thing.

    Rickrolling not "Xeeeenuuuoooo!"

    Caek not confront. (Happy, reasonable SP's outside the front gate Rickrolling, munching caek and saying a few, sensible things. "Read Both Sides", "Don't you think OTIII might be a little kooky?", "Have you called your folks lately?", and "Come over here for caek and a hug!" will be next to impossible for the clams to pigeon hole us as "Nasty, low tone SP's."

    Anyway... Better "Anti Clam" signage... It took a while for people to realise we weren't pro clam and wanted to give them a way to happiness leaflet. Even last Saturday, popped into a shop masked. Took it off and asked the chap what he thought of $cientology in the town. He said "You're asking the wrong person mate, I bloody hate them!" We gave him an anon flyer and his face mellows... "Your against them! Brilliant!" and then he's got a story about how they mess his life up. So the mask isn't enough, even in East Grinstead after all the anon raids down there. Although it's loads better than it was. They seem to see a bunch of happy people dressed oddly and immediately assume it's the clams again and steer well clear.

    And "Be Nice!". That's what has got us so far, so fast. It's what we're good at, known for and it's the one thing the $cilons have no defence for... "You told us Anon were evil SP's hell bent on mindless destruction and in the pay of psychiatrists. But they all seem to come on public transport, have homemade signs, shun leadership and say things like "Get Informed, Read Both Sides!" and "Phone Home, Disconnection Hurts!" which seems reasonable, i do not feel threatened by them like your constant "sword of Damocles" downstat, low tone, possible ComEv, white glove sea org gits and bloody supercilious teenage bumfluff ridden ethics officers ...I mean, where's the lulz faggot?".... "Oops"

    "Plus, they have more fun than we do, get to eat what they like, go where they like when they like, do the 2D stuff and not get a bollocking for it... and, i caught myself humming along to Rick Astley, and wishing i was over there with them, not here with you."

    Found myself wanting a more peaceful approach, more talking with the locals, even the clams may come out to argue their point instead of running away and hiding...

    Where's "hiding" in the list of ethics conditions then clams? Eh? You all found yourselves in a condition of hiding pretty damn quick and all we did was get lost in the woods and amble past. Homo Novis not! Lied to Homo sapiens much! LRH lied, Miscavige is changing source and we got caek. Save you a slice?

    I know, anon not my private army etc. So me and Ms Lazarus are thinking about perhaps a separate, mellow, lots of info, talking, calmness type raid on a different day. Just the two of us at the mo, but that'll be good too. A quiet couple having a picnic in that field round the back would have been able to stay there way much longer than all of us lot with a police escort, two loudhailers and much shouting. And how many clams would see our two signs / parasols? "Two SP's put the whole of St.Hill into a condition of hiding!" and $cientology sound very odd to us, imagine describing it to your Gran?"

    Plus, i kinda enjoyed the Anon nearly picnic in that field. If the old bill hadn't moved us on it would have been nice stay there for a bit. Masked though... those woods were crawling with clams.

    Till next time! Bloody good day, many more to come!


    tl;dr oldfag / moralfag went on a bit...
  39. Londonymous Member

    Re: East Grinstead Protest: July 26th

    Yeah, it was pretty fucking win.
  40. ScudMuffin Member

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