East Grinstead May 31st

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by hartley patterson, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. eclipse Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    Are we allowed to have music? I may be able to get hold of a mini-trollcannon.
  2. narCONon Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    i think so. The ARSCC (original organisers of this picket) are in contact with the police, so i doubt there'll be much trouble. However, uve gotta remember, these arent london police, who are used to a little protesting and civil disturbance. they're rural sussex police who probably rarely see this sort of thing.

    but bring it anyway, for teh lulz. we may get a few blasts on it before/if they shut it down.
  3. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    Personally I don't think loads of music is gonna be the most suitable of things in rural Sussex... Though playing the OT3 shiz and that over a trollcannon- albeit mini if that's the case- would be lulz.

    Thing is, I'm presuming it'll be quite a bit less congested than in London and with more people ambling, rather than with places to go, so it won't be necessary to pull out all the stocks to grab their attention.
  4. narCONon Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    ^^^ this.

    btw what fliers do people hav?

    i have 200 Google Lisa McPherson ones

    100 why are they dead ones

    100 list of names of those who are dead ones

    and 100 23 innocents dead ones

    EDIT: oh yea, i also got 100 little strips that say "Free speech no longer available due to copyright claims by the church of Scientology international Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology

    as you can see, ive gone with the victims route, cos i think thats what inspires doubts in the minds of the scilons. normal SCIENTOLOGY IS A SCAM ones dnt seem to affect them.
  5. AnonyBee Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    I've got an absolute tonne of "Why Am I Wearing This Mask" flyers that I just need to fold. No idea when I'm gonna get time but I'll work it out. Possibly do some on the train down?

    Anyway, OT3 over trollcannon will be lulz.
  6. An0nand0n Member

    Message from an OG member

    PMed them to try to tease some sense out of the clusterfuck that is the planning for this op. Here ya go:

    Originally Posted by An0nand0n
    Hi -------,

    What are the arrangements for Saturday? Where are we protesting, how many OG are coming and where/when are we meeting? London Anon have heard nothing from any of the OG about arrangements. Have you sorted everything with the police? Also, is somebody bringing a sound system or megaphone we can plug an ipod into? If there are any things that still need to be done let us know we might be able to help.


    Just wrote you a lovely long message and managed to lose it so I'll start again.
    As far as I know we are demonstrating in front of the War Memorial on the High
    Street in the center of the town. I believe it starts at 11 am. Several of the Old Guard have said they are coming . Several may very well show up on the day. We have contacts in East Grinstead who have told us that the police were informed early on.

    If St. Hill are true to form then they will want a strong contingent of hard core members to come out and handle the demonstrators. They will have resources much more available from the local Scientologists who live in and around EG.

    As you will see ,EG is a very affluent town and has many tourists visit to see the original Tudor buildings on the High Street. They might at first, be startled by Anonymous, but when they see what you are about and that you are there to inform people I am hoping they will be curious enough to come and chat.
    I don't know about the sound systems so I am hoping that Hartley will know about that.

    I am sorry that London Anons have not been well informed. I cannot speak for the OG but we can come across as fairly low key. We don't wish to take advantage of Anons and we know that it is frowned upon to think of you as anyone's personal army . We are grateful for your support and co-operation.
  7. narCONon Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    is that the war memorial on the high street, next to the bus stop?
  8. t3|-|_D()c^_^ Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    Damn it! Gotta work Saturday morning... time to find out if I can pull in a few favours :wink:

    Do what I can to be there ^_^
  9. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    I'm panicking on our (mine and Vin's) leaflet situation >_<

    But anyhow, in reference to An0nand0n's post- that surprises me 'cause it always felt like we were hijacking them to me... but if it is as they say, then so be it, at least they get about the personal army thing ;)

    And I think it's about time I checked out an actual roadmap for this place...
  10. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    Leaflet situation seems sorted, now gotta either pick or make one within the next 12 hours xD
  11. Orderous Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    Two types to choose from;

    Affecting the mind of scilons
    Enraging the local populace to the point where they look at them with flaming hate

    Both would be brilliant.
  12. k8jde6 Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    The local mayor supports them. They run the local (private) scilon school, Greenfields. The local non-scilon populace is tiny to the point where I'm not even sure it exists.
    Saint Hill is one of five advanced orgs in the world (discounting the Freewinds) and three of the others are named after it. They TRAIN OTs: reading OT3 or shouting Xenu won't work. Scilons COMMUTE from East Grinstead to London to keep it working. You are not protesting Saint Hill. You are protesting their village (dianetics) bookshop and/or raising awareness from the war memorial.

    In short, don't expect a warm welcome or a great deal of achievement from this. :guyfawkes: up well in advanced and expect bullbaiting. We're doing this one for the Old Guard.
  13. AnonyBee Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    k8jde6 my little alphanumberic friend, are you coming?

    I'm worried about East Grinstead, a bit. Seems like srs bsns. OG is a bit confusing, does anyone else think this?
  14. rasputin Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    I'm all scared now. :(
  15. narCONon Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    dnt worry, there'll be plenty of people there. if u dnt feel so confident, then stay in the centre of the pack. More experienced debaters can stay on the fringes.
  16. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    ...So I shouldn't share with you lot the dream I had last night? Heh...

    I'm just about to go out and get meh leaflets, we think we can get 200-250 in one batch, and I may be getting a batch for Anonhopeful too by the looks of it- thinking one load of this one we found which is quite general and well written and presented, so that's for the public really- and then another WhyAreTheyDead batch to aim at Scilons.
    (So altogether could be up to 400/500, if not: 200/250.)

    But this all depends on my mood upon reaching the print shop as to whether I want to risk not having much monies spare for travel... (though, probably blagging it as a child).
  17. narCONon Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    easy enough to do...

    also.... TELL US UR DREAM!!!!

    the hivemind is curious!
  18. Orderous Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    Then you got me with the camera running everywhere, and constantly being on the fringe.

    Time to brush up on those debating tactics it seems.
  19. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    @narC: It involved people here and kidnap, rape, stabbings, barbed wire wounds, lots of sprinting across fields, a car crash and pile up, constant drastic weather and time of the day/ night changes, media and police attentions, DM crying and a political party consisting of Anons being created.

    Last but not least, it led to the eradication of the cult =3

    And all this only seemed to last an hour or so... lulz, confusing.
    That was the first Scientology related dream I had in a while though xD So I think it all just explooooded at once.
  20. Re: East Grinstead May 31st

  21. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    Ffs, guys, it was just a dream of mine, and I don't really want to go into saying what happened to who because I dunno how superstitious you plebs might be =P Plus, it'd just be creepy anyhow; Like the ones where one particular just kept dying- like, recurring dreams, but where he died differently everytime.

    Anyhow, I'm off for a bit.
    Probably gonna stick with just 200-250 fliers I have decided due to lacking of funds, hoping they might allow for a batch of two designs- half on each.
  22. narCONon Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    oooo how epic.

    but yea, fliers!!!! FUCKIN FLIERS

    i gots me 600.
  23. jensting Member

    Re: Message from an OG member

    That's what I have. Wen we say that the A.R.S. Central Committee doesn't exist, we're not kidding. A time/place to meet, informing the police and reminding to bring leaflets/camera/boombox is pretty much what we have in the way of organisation.

    I'm bringing the boombox (aka. wheelie PA). It has RCA phono inputs which should be totally level compatible with headphone output, i.e. a straightforward way to plug in an iPod. The system doesn't have any bass, of course, so it'll make an absolutely awful job of music-like content but it'll be great for speech like OTIII. It also has a CD-player built in.

    Best Regards

  24. narCONon Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    epic... cant wait! This is gonna be awsome!
  25. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    I have 500 leaflets- 250 for me, 250 for Anonhopeful [bitch owes me monies nao]. 2 designs =3
    The man in the shop looked at us sooo weird ^^;
  26. SweatyJon Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    I'll be printing up some leaflets when I get paid tomorrow and have money for a new ink cartidge. Can somebody in the know give us a google maps screenshot pinpointing where it is we're protesting? I haven't been to East Grinstead in bloody ages so all this talk of memorials and high streets means nothing to me.
  27. AnonyBee Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    SweatyJon I've said it before but I'll say it again, I ALWAYS lol at your avatar. Though it puts the fear in me.

    I had a dream the other night that L Ron Hubbard was in my bed. And by dream I mean I actually kind of woke up (obviously still half asleep) and actually SAW HIM laying there. I was like DUDEEEEEEEEE WHAT IS THIS.

    Then I went back to sleep. Sweet dreams, L Ron!
  28. SweatyJon Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    Did you get a touch assist?

    EDIT: I want a touch assist from

    <--------- her
  29. narCONon Member

  30. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    I haven't ever been but I'm usually not too bad with navigating myself, I'm actually going to check now...

    Also, wow, look what came up when I typed in East Grinstead to Google, check out the video, wow, ha.
    East Grinstead Community Web Site - EGNet
    ALSO, on this page (1, there's a picture of where we're meeting- the war memorial, but 2) so, bank holidays it's like that? Anyone else not thinking there would be Scilon stalls for sure? EG Net - Photo Tour

    Anyhow, closer up shot of the place:

    And then for us train fags I marked our route:
  31. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st


    You poor thing...

    Edit: Anonhopeful just reminded me, it may be a good idea to exchange mobile numbers via PM (this is aimed mainly at those taking the trains)- ofc, only do it to those who you TRUST. I will be sending out mine to a few select, possibly, tomorrow night- prompt me if you want it for sure.
  32. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    Request: for someone who'll be getting the victoria station if they would mind giving me a contact number, and im not osa honest....
  33. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    (^He's not... and if he is, he's very very good at hiding it =P)
  34. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    im in your mind, gaining your trust :p
  35. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    You're also in my MSN, fuck!
  36. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    hahaha anonymous are everywhere.......
  37. AnonyBee Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    PM me for msn plox
  38. Re: East Grinstead May 31st


    We seem to on course for this. The police and local papers have been informed.

    Thanks for the map!

    We estimate around 10 Old Guard and 30 Anonymous intend to come along, though not everyone will make the 11 AM start that's fine - we just picked the peak shopping hour. As Jens has said we should have a sound system and at least one megaphone, a couple of placards and leaflets, anything Anonymous can bring would be most welcome. Signs with CULT on would be good.
  39. Anonnumition Member

    Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    I was thinking: "Cult-like CULT is cult-like" =3
    Need to cover up one of our old ones anyhow... (not very appropriate in general ^^;)
  40. Re: East Grinstead May 31st

    I can bring a megaphone if needs be - I've been dying for a chance to use it. It can take direct link to mp3 players, so I'll bring the cable with me, too.

    What leaflets are other people bringing? I'm getting some printed tomorrow and don't know which ones to do.

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