Earthlink and other COS front groups

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by myot8mythetan, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. myot8mythetan Member

    Earthlink and other COS front groups

    Also, my brother works for a large international company that sells to the Dept of Defense, AT&T, etc and he told me today that a company called Digital Lightwave is one of his competitors and that they have ties to COS.

    Earthlink surprises me.
  2. googoomuck Member

    Also Applied Scholastics, which teaches "Study Tech".
  3. Randomness Member

    Re: Earthlink and other COS front groups

    Lightwave is based in Clearwater =/
  4. myot8mythetan Member

    yeah, Earthlink was started by Sky Dayton who was born into scientology and "graduated" from Delphi Academy a Sea Org and COS k-12 "school"

    His wife is also a native scieno.
  5. myot8mythetan Member

    please explain
  6. Helio is wireless carrier that was founded by Sky Dayton, jointly owned by SK Telecom and Earthlink.
  7. myot8mythetan Member

    oh riiiiiiight. I was thinking the helio phone by samsung.

  8. Haha, it's all good.

    I just looked at that list. They don't waste any time, do they?
  9. Applied Scholastics is part of their ABLE (Association for Better Living and Education) organisations. It also includes Narconon, Criminon, Youth for Human Rights International, etc
    EarthLinks owner is a Scientologist and Scientology customers get some kind of special treatment or provided with specialised call centre people or something like that :?. Its source code or whatever it is (I know jackshit about computers so please forgive me) was written by a 16 year old child genius born into a Scientology family, he killed himself at MIT at 18 after leaving Scientology for the SubGenius
  10. myot8mythetan Member

    that is great information. I am trying to compile some hard data on the extent of scientology infiltration into govt, education, etc etc so that I can combat the "doesnt affect me" mentality of my peers in their late twenties to mid thirties. Im finding that while most people think of COS as a kooky little religion, they are not that interested in fighting them even with the extra attention on COS these days. I implored my associates to do some research, and realize that it DOES affect them.
  11. Sky Dayton is really a nice guy. I was on Earthlink as my ISP many years ago. I had a website there and he emailed me personally to ask if all was well with me and my website. As far as the present is concerned, he is not in charge of Earthlink anymore and has moved on to other things. Wogs control the better part of the ISP at present.
  12. One problem- the Cult Awareness network is mentioned as an "enemy of the church," while for the past ten years, it's been anything but.
  13. I thought it was bought out by the CoS or something.
  14. It was- it was incredibly anti-scientology before 1996ish. Scientology spammed it with litigation until it went bankrupt, then a Scientologist bought it out and retooled the site to serve Scientology's needs. However, the only mention Lermanet has of it is of the state it was when it was actually an enemy of the church, which may give people false impressions.
  15. According to Wikipedia he chose L Ron's birthday as the day he committed suicide. 0_o
  16. xenutruth Member

    Earthlink bought PeoplePC.
  17. AnonMomAnon Member

    earthlink and brighthouse are together here in tampa bay.

  18. LesboSensei Member

  19. theclut Member

    Re: Earthlink and other COS front groups

    Could Earthlink have a wordscanner on their network which alerts some OSA when certain words are used like Dianetics, Xenu, etc. ??
  20. LesboSensei Member

  21. Re: Earthlink and other COS front groups

    UHG im having a brain fart, but there is an insurance company that is run/owned by a Scientologist

    im trying to think of it
  22. CherrieZ Member

    Re: Earthlink and other COS front groups

    Ah shite, I heard an interview where an ex sci said Earthlink has top execs in the CO$...DAMMIT, I'll go look for it.
  23. SLOJOE Member

    Re: Earthlink and other COS front groups

    Also L.E.A.P. (Literacy, Education and Ability Program )
    is a part of Applied Scholastics and has an office here in Memphis.
    Welcome to LEAP

    Also WISE is another Scion front group
  24. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Earthlink and other COS front groups

    [IMG] Scientology in Clearwater February 1, 1998, Thomas C. Tobin, Scientology in Clearwater: Digging In, St. Petersburg Times
    [IMG] Separating belief and business June 2, 2002, Deborah O'Neil, St. Petersburg Times
    [IMG] The CEO and his church June 2, 2002, Deborah O'Neil, St. Petersburg Times

    Is the Digital Lightwave trainwreck still going?
  25. El Ron Member

    Re: Earthlink and other COS front groups

    Yes, that's a budget ISP, comparable to brands such as NetZero and Juno.
    I've noticed some details about Earthlink that provide a slightly more solid scilon connection besides it's founder. Earthlink and it's subsidiaries purchase large blocks of advertising, running ads for at least a month and a half at the most. Many scilon emails are from Earthlink. as seen in the CCHR mails, and the LRH mailing lists.

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