Duncan Williams, Scientologist, Arsonist, SP Declare,, Bartercard, friend of John Mappin.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Tiny Tim, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. CarltonBANKS Member

    that's exactly what my researcher volunteer for (critic site) was told. The truth is there no ripples being caused, it's all bullshit, and it's most likely written by the very people they purport to investigate.

    Dear Duncan/ clams: GTFO

    Williams doesn't have any shit-hot info. At best, he's a mentally ill time-waster.

  2. GoogleMappin Member

    I think the problem with Satanism is that it only frightens those that believe in it - like Catholics and Scientologists for example :)
  3. Anonymous Member

    Eh? I don't see posts from Duncan Williams. I do see two posts from Rupert Pady that are strange. One claims "Tiptoe through the Tulips" is Satanic, which is nonsense. Another was a hotlinked pic to a dubious web site.

    Rather than pruning the "noise" I would ask that mods consider flipping any anon posts to their pseudonym for individuals as stupid as Rupert Pady appears to be.

    If my own pseudonym were to start trolling in a similar manner (ip fishing, non-lulzy), I'd be fine with having my anonymous posts flipped as well.
  4. Anonymous Member

    ^Seek professional help.
  5. CarltonBANKS Member

    The clams hate this thread, so they're diluting it/polluting it with total nonsense. Obvious strategy is obvious.
  6. Anonymous Member

    You might be right, Carlton. I am pretty distracted by the idea of Tiny Tim as a Satanic cult leader...

    This "Alpha Course" thing in Christian churches might need a closer look.
  7. [IMG]
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  8. Anonymous Member


    Nice try, clamfag.

    Take your derail to alt.whatever.athiesm

    ITT, we stay on target. Enjoy your liferape, Duncan
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  9. Anonymous Member

    So you learned how to stay focused in your Alpha Course?
  10. GoogleMappin Member

    Hah hah hah love it
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  11. Anonymous Member

    The fact that this dude has been mass printing and distributing the Clam's number one calling card The Way To un-Happiness and claiming to be a legit publisher.Using the cover as a born again "Jesus freak" to gain access peddle $cientology to still more others.The guy is either greedy or mad.His other magazines and newspaper clearly offer a PR route for $cientology,whether or not they paid him for advertising placements is neither here nor there.
  12. Anonymous Member

    I agree; lets' get this train back on track.......................
    Williams is a publisher of the enemy's shit book propaganda the way to happiness (not!) ..........
    He has also gone public in the past to attack Anonymous and publically SUPPORT John Mappin..... (??) :-0
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  13. Anonymous Member

    The aforementioned TWTH booklet got a great plug tonight on Channel Four's 4Thought programme. Thanks to the "Jive Aces" waxing lyrical about the virtues of Cult membership. If Duncan Williams is indeed getting a payment for publishing these books for the CoS he must be doing pretty ok with the dollars since I notice that the Scilion members are required to buy minimum bundle of ten to "disseminate" into their local communities. This is much akin to the profitable kickbacks that G+G Vitamins earn the Gaiman family for supplying the Cult with meds for their members. LRH was certainly right about one thing; "the big money is in setting up your own religion". Via publishing or pills, the money is there for the higher ups in this vile bogus religion. What the hell do Channel Four think they are playing at, providing a plug for this deadly Cult on Sunday night?
  14. Anonymous Member

    You should write that in
  15. CarltonBANKS Member

    • Again, this image is a freaking web beacon for the cult. deleted, thanks
    • Using language like "the enemy" just makes you stand out, like a twat.
    • It's not even propaganda, you dumb cunt. It's just gimmicky marketing, as Martin Poulter so wonderfully explains:
    • No-one gives a flying fuck if someone "attacks Anonymous", (omg, they said mean things!). You're such a fucking idiot. I can't quite believe how much you're failing at this.
  16. Anonymous Member

    mod/ lets please delete this whole thread.
  17. Anonymous Member

    No Duncan, we won't!
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Strange how poster "Rupert Pady" uses a picture of Rupert Pady exactly the same as the one on Duncan Williams Flickr photostream

    Dont bother pulling it duncan already screen capped it all!
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Yes - and that picture of those TWTH books doesn't come up ANYWHERE in google images when you search for 'the way to happiness' or 'twth'. Almost as if someone had that picture ready-to-hand on their desktop...or something
  20. Anonymous Member

    Was it the Alpha Course business that provoked so much interest from our passionate lurkers? I don't know much about it, except it's some sort of spiritual coaching thing in small groups and individually. I don't think they ask for fixed donations like the Scientologists. But it may serve as a route to spread New Age ideas in Christian clothing, and so groom people for "more advanced" discipleship later.

    The perennial return of the left hand path within Christianity is one reason the Inquisition was invented. Not that I approve of the Inquisition --bit of the cure being worse than the disease.
  21. Rupert Pady Member

    The Power of Good Manners :)

    Do you like rude people? Do you mind if someone interrupts you? Are you happy when people ignore you?

    Of course not. No one likes bad manners.

    People with bad manners are rejected. They do not get the good jobs or the promotions. Their businesses do not succeed.

    People with good manners are accepted. They are liked and supported. They have friends, luck and success.

    "In a culture, manners are the lubrication that ease the frictions of social contacts." -- L. Ron Hubbard

    When you improve your manners, you improve your chances for success.

    12 Examples of Good Manners

    1. Be polite to everyone you meet. You will never regret being too polite, but you might regret being rude. For example, when you go on a sales call or job interview, be courteous to receptionists and assistants as they can affect your chances of succeeding.

    2. Use the magic words as often as possible: "Hello," "Please," "Excuse me," "Sorry" and these two most important words: "Thank you."

    3. Use good manners in all of your communications. Examples:
    Return telephone and e-mail messages within 24 hours.
    Do not use swear words or vulgar words.
    If you receive a rude message, do not respond with rudeness, but be polite.
    Do not interrupt people.
    Make sure people are ready to listen to you before you start talking.
    Talk less than 50% of the time.

    4. Leave generous tips for food servers, luggage handlers, car valets, hairdressers or barbers who do their jobs.

    5. Use good manners as a driver. Weaving in and out of heavy traffic and cutting in front of other cars only gains you a few seconds of time. If you are courteous, patient and calm, you arrive safely and more relaxed.

    6. Do not blow your nose, use toothpicks or perform other bodily activities in front of guests or people you respect. Never smoke around a non-smoker.

    7. Show your appreciation at every opportunity, even for small things. "Thank you for returning my call." "Your advice has been very helpful." "I appreciate your taking the time to meet with me."

    8. Arrive on time or early for appointments. When you arrive late, you appear to be disrespectful, disorganized or both.

    9. A good sense of humor is good manners. However, jokes about race, disability or sex are bad manners. Tell clean jokes about yourself or pass on humorous stories that anyone would enjoy.

    10. If someone treats you with bad manners, do not lower yourself to the same level. Smooth out the friction with your best manners. For example, "I'm sure you have a good reason to swear at me, but I think we can work this out so we're both happy. Can you take a minute and try?"

    11. Before starting important conversations, meals or meetings, turn off your cell phone. Ignoring people while you use your cell phone is disrespectful. You can probably leave your cell phone off for hours with no lasting harm.

    12. Do not try to show off or prove you are more important than others. This is called "one-upmanship" and is poor manners. For example, a friend is excited about meeting an important scientist. You immediately "top" him and tell about the time when you met a much more important scientist. Instead, share your friend's excitement without bringing up your own story.

    As you improve your manners, you will enjoy more support, admiration and respect from everyone around you.
  22. Wow Dunc. They said your posts would not make sense and waste time but this is on a whole new level.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    13. Explain what is meant by "Alpha Course" and why a Scientologist might take an interest in it. Clarifying one's intentions is part of being a well mannered individual!
  24. Rupert Pady Member

  25. Rupert Pady Member

    yyou aint seen nothin yet
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Yes, can we just explain just what the Alpha Course is? Anyone?
  27. Anonymous Member

    I think it is a Bible study established by English church leaders some ten years or so ago.
  28. Anonymous Member

    I think it is a Bible study established by English church leaders some ten years or so ago.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Sounds innocent enough. I wonder why Duncan Williams has taken an interest in it.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Alpha has a level of recruitment success that Scientology can only dream of. Maybe someone's trying to pick up tips?

    Anyway, is what you want for an explanation

    Now, let's end the derail and get back to dropping Duncan's dox.
  31. Anonymous Member

    The Alpha Course is a fairly evangelical Christian take on Christianity. It's big on feelings, less so on facts. Critical thinking is not encouraged, just a "take it on faith" attitude. It embraces a view of the world that is about as legendary as Scientology, but in its own way. I went to half a course until I figured out that the vicar of the parish was one of the dumbest people I'd ever met. He did not understand why I came unglued over draping an American flag wreath on a processional cross. (This was on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2001.) So I never made it to the "speaking in tongues on a Saturday" part.

    Oh yeah, Nicky Gumbel hates teh ghey. That was another huge problem for me.
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  32. timthephoto Member

    because christian churches are full of nice ppl. wonder how many of those are feeling a bit poorer for knowing him
  33. Anonymous Member

    That particular photo comes from a New Zealand Narconon site. I'm not sure if I should link to the site, but if you put that TWTH photo into Tineye, you get the result from the Narconon site.
  34. Tiny Tim Member

    A Couple of reminders of where Duncan Williams has chosen to plant his flag in the last year

    proxy up perhaps Castle

  35. Tiny Tim Member

    Now after reading the above read this

  36. Tiny Tim Member

  37. CarltonBANKS Member

    It's easy for Duncan to type that, but could he actually say it, on camera, with a straight face?

    So, it's Ducan's empty words (above) with hard evidence (below)

  38. Anonymous Member

    bump. 4teh lulz
  39. Anonymous Member

    "And all bullies and bigots must, and will, be brought to heel"

    Evidently dictated by a true dogger lover of dogs. Right, John?
  40. Anonymous Member

    There is a clear link unfolding between some of the characters in this thread. The aforementioned Aitken is very involved with Alpha Groups in Holy Trinity Brompton Church (See below) and is also a key figure in helping former prison inmates. It is possible, through some kind of misguided introduction, that this is how Dunkers got Aitken's rather lovely daughter to work on his magazines publications. What is doubtful though is whether Aitken is aware of Williams and his involvement in the Church of Scientology....?

    Jonathan Aitken

    In the eighties I was a dutiful external Sunday Christian. That is very different from being a Christian of the kind I believe I now am. In the past my commitment was flawed. It was to go to church with my family once a week, and to do right things with my lips, but to go on doing wrong things in my life.

    I was on the move towards spiritual searching before my troubles began. In 1995 I remember surprising my civil servants when I carved out time for the Parliamentary Retreat. This was a series of one to one sessions throughout Lent with a man who has had a tremendous influence on me, Father Gerard Hughes, the author of God of Surprises.

    My searching was partly prompted by life’s success and finding it more empty than I had expected. We don’t always know ourselves when spiritual seeds are planted. I am sure that among the crucial milestones was spending three years in a Dublin hospital from the age of four and being nursed through a period of tremendous medical danger by a wonderful nun, Sister Mary Finbar. Being a choir boy and leader of the choir at an old Suffolk church and confirmation at public school, were also seed plantings that I had forgotten about until I looked back and realised what a debt I owed to people like my school chaplain and Sister Mary Finbar.

    If you have had as much time as I have had to examine past mistakes, it’s not too difficult to makes some reasonably accurate judgements. I think that where my relationship with God was concerned, I rather treated God as though He were my bank manager. I thought He was important enough to visit in His premises quite regularly and that He was a kind person willing to forgive the spiritual equivalent of over spending on the credit card. But I thought I was in charge of the account so I could get away with what I wanted, and that is not a Christian life, but a self centred and proud life.

    I had a painful, but also a particularly fruitful period, which ran from the collapse of the libel case in June 1997 until waiting to go to prison in June 1999. One of the key steps were prayer partners – people who came alongside me most unexpectedly, and said ‘we would like to pray with you’. It was a group of half a dozen people, some like Michael Alison old Parliamentary friends, and we met once a week and from that I was steered to the Alpha course at Holy Trinity Brompton.

    But the journey was essentially a private journey of prayer. Gradually the inside and the outside of my life started to match up. I went through a long period of what Psalm 130 calls ‘the depths’ which encompassed defeat, disgrace, divorce bankruptcy and jail – a royal flush of crises, especially as they all took place within the public eye. I think it was Luther who said in our pain and our brokeness we come closer to God and that has been my experience.

    Against all the forecasts nothing bad happened to me in prison. I am sure this was because I was protected by an invisible wall of prayer. I used to receive an embarrassing amount letters and the vast majority ended up ‘I am praying for you.’ A prison cell can be a great place to pray in. I can understand why monks like cells so much. When you are in a tiny space, with nothing but a chair and your bed it is very simple. A prison is a very quiet place in the early morning and I found I had wonderful quiet times with no distractions. I also became involved in the formation of a prayer group. Paddy, my prayer partner, had the qualities of a recruiting sergeant and within no time we had a very strong prayer group, which developed into a Bible study group.

    A third of prisoners can’t read or write and I used to have a long queue outside my cell I because I was willing to read peoples intimate letters from their wives and girlfriends and write back for them. There was a joke that the quality of love letters coming out of Brixton prison suddenly shot up!

    I had wanted, as part of my spiritual searching, to see if I could do a correspondence course in theology. Then someone said I should go to Wycliffe and I was offered a residential place. A week before my interview I would have said I could not accept that because after leaving prison I would be under an obligation to get a job to help my family and so on. But unexpectedly my creditors refused to accept any settlement of the debt and four days before I went to Wycliffe I knew I was going bankrupt. So the one thing I couldn’t do after prison was earn money.

    I don’t envisage being ordained. I don’t think I am worthy of that. In fact I don’t have any plan for the rest of my life. It reminds me of a line I heard in a sermon: ‘What makes God laugh? People who have plans’. I do want to devote the rest of my life primarily to the service of God. I am not interested in going back to business or making money. I am joining the board of Prison Fellowship and I am going to write Chuck Colson’s biography*.

    My evangelical friends would say my friendship with Chuck is not a coincidence but a God-incidence. We have both gone from political power to a crashing fall from grace and then come to Christ, going to prison and then afterwards throwing ourselves into Christian service. He has been mentor, friend and prayer partner and has shown me that you can turn disgrace to something useful to your neighbour and pleasing to God.

    God is a God of new beginnings. We can all have little resurrections in our lives. This dawned on me in a police cell waiting for a decision whether they were going to charge me. For the first time I read Mark’s gospel from beginning to end, and I remember being overwhelmed by the power of the narrative and the Passion chapters. I began to see dimly there my own story. It is a story of hope and trust and in the end of great contentment.

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