Duncan Williams, Scientologist, Arsonist, SP Declare,, Bartercard, friend of John Mappin.

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    There is another name that appears and reappears in Dunkers "editorial page".Anyone else spot this.It is that of one Alistair Davenport.This links back to an alias that Benjamin Pell uses and he,as we know,was a member of the team of muckrakers that was the Independent Local News Group.
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    (I just found this one, parked it here, and will put it in date order later.
    The New London Independent, October 12th 2001
    with Duncan Williams

    CAT on a Hot Tin Roof, currently running at the Lyric in Shaftesbury Avenue, London, is yet another version of the famous Tennessee Williams play that, thanks to Liz Taylor and Paul Newman, has become etched on our collective psyche.

    This production wins on several levels, principally due to the performances by Ned Beatty as the family patriarch and Frances O'Connor as his wily, sex-starved daughter-in-law. Although it was written in the 1950's, the play is startlingly fresh. Much more graphic and exploratory of its underlying subject matter than the 60's: film, looking unblinkingly at repressed homosexuality and alcoholism, this production benefits from a beautiful set, so inviting and realistic that you are almost transported to a southern plantation house, complete with Mississippi breezes and mosquitos.

    When Maggie first appears on stage, strutting and preening in desperation, you worry that O'Connor will be unable to fill the shoes of the voluptuous Taylor. Yet, O'Connor's performance broadens and deepens with each line she utters so that eventually her inherent fragility and wistfulness become as much a part of Maggie as the character's famed cunning and resilience.

    Brendan Fraser is slightly less successful as Brick, her booze-soaked husband. This role has most often been played with aloof dignity. Witness Paul Newman's icy detachment in the film version. More recently, Ian Charleson, in a late 80's London production, played Brick with mildly disdainful reticence, as if he were the elegant prisoner of this crude and noisy household. Fraser, on the other hand, despite or perhaps because of his powerful stage presence, plays the role with an unexpected departure from this reserve. At times his animation and athleticism threaten to upstage the drama, adding an unintentional comic aspect to the play, so that when he falls over and flails time and time again for his crutches, the character's physical vulnerability; so subtly portrayed by previous actors, comes off as slapstick.

    Not all the funniness is unintentional, of course, and Ned-Beatty, blustering and big-bellied, is spot on as Big Daddy, simultaneously menacing and comic in his longing for more life and in his desperation to retain power within this family. His wife, played by Gemma Jones, is overshadowed by his strong performance, but she too is believable in her clumsy, thwarted desire to mean something to him.

    The term 'dysfunctional family' takes on a whole new meaning with the intricacies of each character's relation to one another, and we squirm with discomfort when Big Daddy confronts Brick on his sexuality, and when Maggie lies that she has managed to become pregnant by her unresponsive husband. These moments of confrontation and deception have since been done a thousand times by every soap opera, but it is the power of Williams's dialogue that makes such scenes transcend cliche in our jaded era. This version of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a polished, entertaining, and mostly successful version of the famed play, and witnessing the awakening talent of its younger actors is an education in the enormous difference between the skills used for film acting and for stage acting. Lovers of Williams's work should certainly go and see the production, provided they leave the iconic images of Newman and Taylor behind.
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    Is this the same creep who put Thomas The Tank Engine on his The Way To Happiness booklets. If so this guy has questions to answer!
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    That is the same Clam, Anon. I think though that we need to tread carefully with this one. The facts need to be got before we speculate.

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    Facts, baby. Facts. A wiki or some kind of time-line is needed to land this slippery fish. Whatever the story here, suspect that this particular fish is not good to eat, has poisonous spines and sharp, backwards-facing teeth. Caution advised ;)
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    It seems he used a photograph of a Thomas the Tank engine-style attraction... probably doesn't quite constitute the crime of copyright infringement.
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    Some of us think he may even have been posting on the Camelot Castle thread
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    So who exactly is Alistair Davenport.........?
    Clearly there is a link to John Mappin, Duncan Williams, Benjamin Pell and Scientology.
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    More clues that connect Davenport to Dunkers...................

    Obsessive Minogue fan bulk collects magazines to wallpaper his home with Kylie

    Kylie appears on cover of CityLife Portsmouth magazine while compulsive Minogue fan bulk collect copies... and all so he can wallpaper his home with pictures of the sexy Aussie songstress!

    Kylie Minogue appears on CityLife cover

    PRLog (Press Release)Aug 13, 2010 – Portsmouth's summer really started to sizzle when super-sexy Kylie Minogue appeared on the front cover of the city's local magazine.

    But as fast as they appeared on the streets the glossy magazines seemed to vanish...

    One devoted local fan seemed determined to hoard copies of CityLife's latest edition. All so he called wallpaper his house with pictures of the Aussie superbabe.

    Local oddball Alistair Davenport, 38, who lives in a terraced house close to the Gun-wharf seafront, says he has always adored Kylie Minogue ever since she was a star of tv soap Neighbours.

    "I think she has the most lovely eyes," smiled Alistair. "When I saw copies of CityLife magazine being handed out in my local Portsmouth supermarket, I had an idea! It was weird. It was as if her eyes were speaking to me."

    So Alistair borrowed a wheelbarrow from a neighbour and started to collect up as many copies of the magazine as he could. From shops, supermarkets, the library and the hospital.

    He then set about his unique form of interior design.

    Alistair explains; "It was simply a matter of gluing the dozens of copies of the cover across the walls of my flat. It took a couple of nights to get right, but now I have Kylie looking at me all of the time!"

    Regular readers though were a little miffed. As a result, the magazine's editor, Duncan Williams, has promised to get an extended late summer print run arranged. So no one will miss out.

    Says the editor; "We all knew that an interview and cover picture of Kylie would go down well with local Portsmouth readers, but we were not banking on Alistair's over keen interest in the singer."

    So does he hold a grudge against Alistair Davenport?

    "No, not at all," says the CityLife Portsmouth editor. "Alistair is well known around here as a bit of an eccentric. He has even helped us to distribute the magazine in the past. Most of last summer he was very keen on hovercraft spotting and would be seen on the beach photographing arrivals from the Isle of Wight. Maybe the heat this year has got to him... Anyway, I think this change of interest is a probably a very healthy sign."

    And as an magazine editor it's always good to know you have at least one avid reader...

    Maybe someone you know has built a budget shrine to their favourite celeb? If so, why not write into CityLife magazine and tell us all about it. Who knows?.. There might even be a front page story in it!
    # # #
  12. Anonymous Member we tip toe, as we tip toe.............. :)
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    The slippery f**ker!

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    Andrew Pescud friend of Duncan Williams HUGE Dr Who fan

    Also he is often named in Duncans Kwality magazines and publications.

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    Yes. I notice that name appears in CityLife Magazine this month......... 1001855CL20FRONT.jpg
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    Guys, wtf has this to do with Anonymous and Scientology? Let's not get sidetracked. There is nothing here for us that is based on fact.
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    what we needz is one of THESE to link it all up
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    It has to do with Duncan Williams who has pushed the way to happiness, known cohort of John Mappin (see other thread) the links between them. The reasons why Duncan Williams is heavily involved with the christian Alpha Group. The Plymouth Ideal morg.

    There is something troubling going on and plenty of online evidence.

    Other characters involved seem to be

    Benjamin Pell
    Iain Jones
    Andrew Arthur Pescud
    Edward (Ted) Corbally Stourton
    Iriana Kudronek Mappin

    and a whole cast of other characters

    Williams has pushed "The way to happiness" Crimanon Narcanon etc etc

    Williams has a goldenrod SP Declare (possibly faked for naferious purposes)

    Williams and Mappin go back years and are both involved in media muckraking in the past and "good news" media

    So I would conclude that until we know what the agenda is here there is enough for Anonymous to pay close attention to all these Characters.
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    Would the people who have the rights to Thomas the Tank want it affiliated with Scientology?
    I don't think so
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    I'd fuck that cult right out of her brains!
  22. xenubarb Member

    Regarding the Christian group Williams is involved with...
    If there is any doubt that he's also involved with a crew of Scilons bent on recruiting people in town:

  23. xenubarb Member

    Fuck her out of that dress. I want to cut it up for my paper mache fish projects. Great scales!
  24. Anonymous Member

    You can have the wrapping I just want the toy that came in it.
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    Can I get the info for the Christian group? I would like to email them.
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    Call me a newbie but anyone care to explain this reference? (as also seen on GoogleMappin blog)
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  29. GoogleMappin Member

    I must of missed Anon Training School
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    Let's take ole 'Pastor' Williams on a "Beeeeerrrrrrrrgeeeeee ride" with Anonymous, shall we? :) :)
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    starborgled;1323401 said:

    I smell a big hairy rat with this Duncan Williams. Co-director of Mappin's Independent news, known him since the early 90s... Scientology links... declared 'surpressive person' by CoS.. converted to Catholicism (???), now fighting Mappin's cause?

    What the f------k else is left in the bottom of this cess pit? :confused:

    This "Dung Can" just gets smelling worse and worse to me. I smell an OSA fish me thinks me does.... Lets reel him in, me hearties!!!
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    Hi Duncan Williams,

    Thank you for your donation through Project Agape to JUSTGIVE, which in turn made a gift to the cause CRIMINON. Project Agape has partnered with JustGive, a nonprofit that enables people to make online donations to nonprofits and advocacy organizations registered in the United States. Please note that your credit card statement will read "JUSTGIVE".

    Please keep a copy of this email as a record of your donation. For tax documentation purposes, the charity listed on this receipt is JustGive. When filing your taxes, you should name JustGive as the recipient charity. JustGive's tax identification number is 94-3331010.

    Donation #: 103400
    Donation Date: September 24, 2007 at 04:36PM
    Donor's Name: Duncan Williams
    Donation Amount: $5300

    If you have any questions, please contact us anytime at

    -The Project Agape Team



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    I spy with my little eye.
  34. Rupert Pady Member

    Follow the lyrics.It's a very nasty Satanic hymn.Or has been used that way in the past for spell casting.I bullshit you not
  35. Anonymous Member

    It appears that there is now recent activity on The Message Board has been promptly deactivated. (I told you, guys n gals, to be QUICK............. The names you are trawling are HOT cookies!!!! Mappin and Williams have clearly been stirred. Keep it up!

    404 File Not Found 404

    “The Merchant Pell”

    However, the page you linked to is no longer available.

    You will be redirected to the home page within seconds, or you can click here to get there without delay!
  36. Rupert Pady Member

    Where there's muck there's money.The stink from Dung's probing is causing ripples in $cientology............ Shred that trash. Guard that email. We are on to you!.....................................

    Mod Edit: Deleted Pic Hot link to Scio site
  37. CarltonBANKS Member

    He made a fail attempt to infiltrate by pretending to be a journalist. (as if his retard glossy InChelsea mags constitute journalism!) Hoped that by having :
    • SP Declare
    • Charm
    ..he could be BFFs with some London SPs & PTSs

    I listened in on one of the phone calls. He can talk for hours. He seems to think Hubbard's writing are magical and that his unpublished works are worth millions. Claimed Hubbard's scientific research was just spectacular. Unfortunately, for him, he was talking to a science graduate and his pseudoscience claptrap was painfully embarrassing. At first he talked about specific clams, even someone he said was an OSA spy, but then the crazy really started to come out. (Duncan if you're reading this - no offense mate). PROTIP: When talking to skeptics, do not allude to supernatural phenomena when trying to impress!

    At one stage, I thought he was a nice guy who wanted to help but was a few "sandwiches short of a picnic". (again, if you're reading this Duncan, please don't take offense, it's not your fault you're crazy)

    Now, seeing how much work he is doing for Mappin, and other stuff we haven't posted publicly, it seems it was a truly lame attempt be a spai, of sorts.

    tl;dr If Duncan Williams wants to meet you in person to discuss the cult, chances are:

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    oh gawd, Duncan Williams is now posting in this thread. Expect to see posts that are BS or just don't make sense. It's just Duncan (or one of his socks) trying to be 'mysterious'. It's a blatant time-wasting tactic, just fuck off.

    /r/ a mod to prune out the noise.
  39. Anonymous Member

    • honeypot links to get IP addresses
    • embedding photos from (the ripped up pieces of paper) is a Web beacon.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Mod Edit: Please do not link to Scientology sites

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