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Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Jul 7, 2011.

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    I have just listened again to tiny little 'button man' Duncan's live BBC interview, on the Sunday NoW closed - amusingly he describes the Murdoch's and Executive Management as ".....having a lot of buffers....." Straight outta the Godfather Part 2.

  2. Anonymous Member

    "......The family had a lot of buffers."
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    Lawyer Attacks Murdoch's Hacking Evidence

    News International's former legal manager has disputed James Murdoch's evidence on phone hacking to MPs - saying the executive chairman knew exactly what was going on at the company.

    Tom Crone said Mr Murdoch had been shown a crucial email, which indicated hacking went beyond a single reporter at the News Of The World (NOTW), during a meeting with himself and editor Colin Myler in 2008.

    But Mr Murdoch, giving evidence to MPs on Thursday, denied he had seen the so-called 'For Neville' email.

    He accused Mr Crone and Mr Myler of "misleading" the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee in September when they gave evidence amounting to the exact opposite.

    The 'For Neville' email, written in 2005, is said to be a transcript of hacked private information about Gordon Taylor, the chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association, and appears to be intended for Neville Thurlbeck, the NOTW's former chief reporter.

    Of Mr Myler and Mr Crone's account, the News International chairman said: "I believe their testimony was misleading and I dispute it."

    In a statement after the hearing, Mr Crone said: "It is regrettable, but I can perfectly understand why James Murdoch felt the need to discredit Colin Myler and myself.

    "The simple truth is that he was told by us in 2008 about the damning email and what it meant in terms of wider News of the World involvement.

    "It seems he now accepts he was told of the email, of the fact that it contained transcripts of voicemail interceptions and that those interceptions were authorised by the News Of The World.

    "Perhaps Mr Murdoch could explain who he thought was doing the authorising at the News Of The World?

    "At best, his evidence on this matter was disingenuous."

    Mr Crone added that he had not mislead the committee about the evidence being confined to a "single rogue reporter".

    Mr Myler also issued a statement after hearing, saying his evidence to the select committee was "entirely accurate and consistent".

    "I stand by my account of the meeting with James Murdoch on June 10, 2008."

    He added: "These issues are now the subject of a police investigation and the Leveson judicial inquiry. I have every confidence that they will establish the truth."

    Culture, media and sport committee membership:

    • John Whittingdale (Chairman)
    • Therese Coffey
    • Damian Collins
    • Philip Davies
    • Paul Farrelly
    • Alan Keen
    • Louise Mensch
    • Adrian Sanders
    • Jim Sheridan
    • Tom Watson
  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    Former NoW chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck Speaks About James Murdoch

    Former NoW chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck, to whom the "For Neville email" is assumed to be referring, has denied accusations that he was involved in hacking.

    He said he has compiled a dossier to clear his name, and that it would be good news for Mr Murdoch.

    "I think there was a News of the World agenda which very firmly believed that a lid could be kept on all of this if everybody said nothing. I don't think a lot of the information went further than the News of the World newsroom floor," he said.

    Thanks to the BBC
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    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Anonymous UK protesters admit some of their members 'are professional cyber hackers linked to the News of the World' snooping scandal ...
    5 Nov


    Yeah. That's a smart and devious move. We need to watch out for claims like these. If THE SUN is as rotten as NoW then things will really start rocking. Blaming an enirely Anonymous membership organization would provide a lot of cover for a lot of rotten apples.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Good job nobody gives a shit about the screaming cockmongler that is Dodgy Duncan Williams, isn't it
  8. Anonymous Member

    People would probably take more note of yet another "message from Anonymous" that talked about his involvement.
  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    independentmags Duncan Williams
    The net closes in. Emails uncovered in India could result in James Murdoch being arrested very soon - says Daily Mail.
    10 minutes ago

    Hacking police find 'bombshell' emails: Now detectives may want to question James Murdoch

    Police investigating phone-hacking at the News of the World have recovered a series of ‘bombshell’ emails which they believe takes the inquiry to ‘a new level’.

    The emails were among tens of thousands held by the newspaper at a data storage facility in India.

    Police are believed to want to question News International chief James Murdoch and former Sun and News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks about their contents.

    Discussions have taken place with the Crown Prosecution Service about whether Mr Murdoch should be arrested and interviewed under caution.

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  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    independentmags Duncan Williams
    Cyber & IT 'specialists' claim 1000's of emails thought to have been deleted by NotW have resurfaced in past 48hrs.
    2 minutes ago
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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    BBC News - Phone hacking: Leveson inquiry into press ethics starts

    A judge-led inquiry set up in the wake of the News of the World phone-hacking scandal begins its work looking into the practices of the press, later.

    Appeal court judge Lord Justice Leveson will hear evidence, including from alleged hacking victims, at the Royal Courts of Justice in central London.

    BBC correspondent Peter Hunt says the inquiry "could transform the way newspapers operate in this country".

    Live video of all the sessions will be streamed on the inquiry's website:

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    Does Duncan Williams have Downs Syndrome?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Are you trying to insult people with Downs?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Hackers blamed for Sky News tweet over James Murdoch 'arrest'

    Sky News has said one of its Twitter accounts was hacked into after it wrongly tweeted that James Murdoch had been arrested by police investigating phone hacking allegations.


    James Murdoch giving evidence to the Commons Select Committee Photo: REUTERS

    By Ben Leach
    10:27AM GMT 13 Nov 2011

    The Sky News business desk’s official Twitterfeed posted the message at around 11pm on Saturday.

    The tweet claimed the News International executive chairman had been questioned at Paddington Green police station at 10pm on Saturday.

    The message, from SkyNewsBiz, read: “BREAKING: James Murdoch arrested over phone-hacking claims. Questioned at Paddington Green police station at 10pm.”

    It was then retweeted by dozens of Twitter users but around 30 minutes later it was deleted from the SkyNewsBiz account – much to the confusion of its followers.

    Mark White, a Sky News political reporter, soon tried to downplay the significance of the message.

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    [what's this]

    He tweeted: “Don’t get too excited over James Murdoch arrest tweet. Don’t think it’s true. Trying to get to the bottom of it.”
    Neal Mann, Sky News’ digital news editor, then tweeted to say he believed the Sky News business Twitter account had been hacked.
    He tweeted: “Sky News has no information to suggest that James Murdoch has been arrested and believe the @SkyNewsBiz account has been hacked.”
    Spokesmen for the Metropolitan Police and News International said they were not aware of any arrest related to the phone hacking inquiry.
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    I quite can't work out whether or not a great chunk of posts ITT are actually just promoting this Williams faggot. If they aren't meant to be then it still looks like it sometimes.

    I mean, is there any point to all this in relation to scientology? Because I'm sure that nobody in else in the world gives a fuck about what Duncan Williams has to say on phone hacking scandals or anything else for that matter.

    Stuff in relation to his association with scientology and with the fishing buddies Mappin and Stourton over at Clamalot Castle is reason his name was brought up in the first place up but mostly all I'm seeing is his utterances about this Murdoch phone hacking scandal with very little that is cross-purpose. Maybe I've missed some point to this side issue but if it is supposed to be some sort of knowledgebase gathering then I think you need to set some sort of bar as to what is actually useful and what is just clutter.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Ditto. But if we can prove that Duncan Williams was one of a group of NoW spies also employed by the Church of Scientology to snoop then we have a real case to expose.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Yes, that has been implied ITT and that would be great but reposting his tweets etc as if it is some great revelation each time isn't really going to achieve that aim. I mean all he's doing is repeating mainstream news and stating the obvious or he's making some other ridiculous assertions about something that nobody gives much of a toss about. I think he probably enjoys the attention. If a few of you have an interest in this then maybe you can collaborate. However, as far as what DW posts on the internets, I doubt you're going to learn anything new without some serious investigations or some blind luck with a surprise witness with dox.
  18. timthephoto Member

    it does wonders for SEO though


    ==edit btw==

    i just noticed the "wear and tear" on that card, not gotta problem with your NOSE have you DUNKERS?

  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    MPs Investigating Hacking Were Put Under Surveillance

    A committee of MPs investigating hacking at the News Of The World will discuss on Tuesday allegations they were themselves put under surveillance. It follows claims made by former Daily Mirror editor and Media Guardian columnist Roy Greenslade during an interview with an online US radio station on Friday. He said all members of the Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) select committee were put under surveillance by News International six months ago. He told Media Matters:

    "I do have a source, who was at the News Of The World, which was closed as a result of this debacle, and he tells me that for three days only six or seven months ago, every single member of the committee investigating this matter were followed by private eyes, and/or staff of the newspaper. And only after some of the staff protested that they didn't want to do it, were they called off. Now that goes even beyond we've previously be told, I've only been told this in the last 24 hours."
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    GreensladeR Roy Greenslade
    Need to clarify my weekend statement about media select committee MPs being followed. Will do that on my blog soon. For now, see next tweet
    4 hours ago

    GreensladeR Roy Greenslade
    I said on Media Matters surveillance of MPs was six months ago. Source now says it was mid-2009. Big difference. Tom Watson, please note
    4 hours ago

    Roy Greenslade Speaks About News Corp. Spying On MPs

    NOTW_Hack_News NOTW Hacking News
    This more than justifies @tom_watson mafia line to James Murdoch.
    52 seconds ago
  21. The Wrong Guy Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    As I see it, Anonymous as a movement has evolved way, way beyond simple Scientology exposure. In the wake of the global Occupy Protests we are standing up against more than Scientology....... much more. As such, the hacking scandal and all those involved, including Duncan Williams and his ilk, are fair game.
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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    UK Phone Hacking Inquiry Opens

    As a new inquiry in to phone-hacking begins, CNN's Phil Black says wider British media ethics will be examined.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    I agree entirely. I was not aware of Anonymous prior to the recent protests. I am now totally in support of their campaigning to bring forth change in the banking, political and media sectors. The Anonymous protests have brought this need to the attention of the world. A mature protest movement is what, especially with Julian Assange providing symbolic support by wearing an Anonymous mask, I am keen to see Anonymous evolve into. Those that want to focus purely on Scientology can continue. I am interested in the possibilities of radical lobbying.

    It is also unwise to use this opportunity to post up abusive comments that degrade not Duncan Williams but belittle the Anonymous agenda. For personal reason's the previous comment about Down's Syndrome is silly and not constructive to this thread. Anonymous can achieve great inroads for benifical change if we retain a mature and united attitude to protest.

    Modern world history will see how Anonymous brought forth a new era via peaceful protest, let's not ruin that eventuality immature student rants. Nor allow trouble makers to blight these online threads with their own bile driven, unfounded postings.

    If we are to expose press lies and corruption we can olnly achieve this if we remain constant in not reporting lies or foolishness.

    No offence to anyone, but this is what I feel; as someone new to Anonymous's mode of protest and possibilities we can be a launch pad for so much more.
  25. Anonymous Member

    OK, the Down's Syndrome comment was a little low, and certainly unfair to those often amazing people who are afflicted.

    Duncan Williams - he is a convicted arsonist isn't he? Do his "Christian" groups know about his past?
  26. [IMG]

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  27. Anonymous Member

    That doesn't sound like any fun. :(

  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    I think we can safely assume that his Christian Alpha group "friends" must know about this by now.

    Although recently I have doubts myself that this is in fact true.

    The only resource online that states Williams has been convicted as an arsonist is our own (Anonymous affiliated) blogger headline "Duncan Williams, Scientologist, Arsonist, SP Declare,, Bartercard, friend of John Mappin." and a piece of very suspect orange paper, proportedly from a "Continental Justice Chief" at the Church of Scientology.

    The one reliable news source that lists a Duncan Williams (we are only assuming that this is the same man) as having served a prison sentence "on remand for Arson" and then "Aquitted" is the Guardian newspaper.

    Since the same Guardian newspaper has been so proactive in exposing the phone hacking and tabloid ethics scandal, it seems to me odd that Duncan Williams has not been mentioned in any of their reports.

    They must have more insight into this man? They must also have noticed by now the search engine links to Duncan Williams and phone hacking.

    What was the rumoured Duncan Williams arson case all about anyway? I'm still none the wiser from these threads and random posts? An insurance scam? Drunken slumber resulting in fire from ciggy? Dodgy electrical fittings? What?

    Just sayin'. We as Anonymous don't want to be viewed a few months down the track as having contributed to the lies and half baked facts that the journalists connected to the NoW and The Sun are going, probably and rightfully, to be nicked for by having Anonymous documented as having been party to the same grubby tactics.

    If Williams was convicted there will have been a court case record of this available in the public domain. Maybe the Guardian can provide details of the facts used to publish their interview with this Duncan Williams, that we are assuming is the same one as is caught in our cross hairs, in the article published by them back in 2001?
  31. Anonymous Member

    From what has been heard around London, he was drunk and broke into a place and set fire to it (this is heresay and not a relflection of what actually happened) all we can say is he was help at least on remand and not granted bail (draw your own conclusions)
  32. Anonymous Member

    Benji the Binman? Leading Scientologist John Mappin?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Plus, why do so many OSA's follow Duncan on Twitter and vise versa?
  34. Anonymous Member

    why does duncan's membership card look like it's been chopping up cocaine ?
  35. heatberd Member

    It's not coke. It is PCP. It's processed for "Operation Lace Toothpaste of Evil Psych".
  36. Anonymous Member


  37. Anonymous Member


    tom_watson tom_watson

    Investors pile pressure on James Murdoch:
    16 Nov
    Retweeted by @independentmags


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Sean Hoare's death. Detailed clarification of toxicology report called for? Why and how Hoare's nose broken days prior to his death?..
    18 hours ago


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Leveson hears : Intimidation tactics being used against current and potential witnesses to phone hacking and 'pinging'.
    18 hours ago


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Leveson hears: Mother of Hugh Grant's child was victim of threatening Anonymous hate calls the evening Grant appeared on 'Question Time'.
    18 hours ago
  38. Anonymous Member

    Wow, so someone was using $cientology techniques on Hugh Grant's baby mother?

    I love the way that the arsonist fraudster Duncan Williams tries to pin any un-named activity on Anonymous.

    He'll be blaming Anonymous for 200 year old Christmas carols next.

    The fucking gimp faced retard.
  39. Anonymous Member

    If the Leveson Inquiry discovers that the NoW had been using serious intimidation methods toward members of the Commons Committee then it is a diabolical abuse of press power. Anonymous members, including myself (new to Anonymous following the recent Occupy events which introduced me to some of you) will want to continue protesting to expose this and bring the culprits to justice.

    We do not want to be accused of exactly the same behaviour as Murdoch's henchmen by simply attacking this character Duncan Wiliams with unfounded and random posting containing misleading headline threads.

    Some of us can see that Anonymous has the chance to become the leading protest movement of the 21st century.

    How can we object to the injustice being directed at Julian Assange through internet misinformation if our own protest group is doing exactly the same to others.

    I don't give a fig about scientology. Most sensible people know it is a con and wouldn't be foolish enough to get involved with it. What I do care about, and I speak for others who have recently become involved with Anonymous, are threats to democracy itself that were clearly evident in the conduct being unmasked by exposing the phone hacking scandal.
  40. Anonymous Member

    "unfounded and random posting"

    Such as?

    You're new to this - Duncan Williams the $cientologist and arsonist has been smearing Anonymous for years.

    There is plenty of foundation for attacking his comments. He's a deluded and mentally ill person.

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