Duncan Williams, News of the World, Phone Hacking, National Scandal

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    @independentmags Duncan Williams
    Scientology Church 'does not use surveillance, private detectives nor intimidate our members,' insists longterm devotee Rupert Pady.
    2 hours ago


    @independentmags Duncan Williams
    Bin raiding, former top Murdoch snooper admits that 'at the same time he was also working for a leading Scientologist' as a private eye.
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    He looks like he lives in a trash can, the dirty sweaty greasy tosspot.
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    Newsnight Report: News of the World Hired PIs To Spy On Lawyers

    Exclusive: Investigators followed and filmed lawyers of hacking victims in apparent attempt to gather material on private lives

    The News of the World hired a specialist private investigator to run covert surveillance on two of the lawyers representing phone-hacking victims as part of an operation to put pressure on them to stop their work.

    The investigator secretly videoed Mark Lewis and Charlotte Harris as well as family members and associates. Evidence suggests it was part of an attempt to gather evidence for false smears about their private lives.

    The News of the World also took specialist advice in an attempt to injunct Lewis to prevent him representing the victims of hacking and tried to persuade one of his former clients to sue him.

    The surveillance of Lewis and Harris occurred during the past 18 months, when Rupert Murdoch's son James was executive chairman of the paper's parent company, News International. He is due to give a second round of evidence to a House of Commons select committee on Thursday, and is likely to face intense questioning about the quality of his leadership.

    Neither lawyer would comment but friends say they are furious at what they see as an attempt at "blackmail" and are considering suing the News of the World for breach of privacy. They have previously had to reassure clients that their private lives would not be exposed if they dared to sue the paper.

    A News International spokesperson said :

    "News International's enquiries have led the company to believe that Mark Lewis and Charlotte Harris were subject to surveillance. While surveillance is not illegal, it was clearly deeply inappropriate in these circumstances. This action was not condoned by any current executive at the company."

    Tom Watson, who sits on the Commons' culture select committee investigating phone hacking, told Newsnight that the News of the World hired the private investigator in a bid to "besmirch" the victims' lawyers.

    Tom said:

    "I think it shows an utterly relentless and ruthless organisation, clearly highly politicised and who would stop at nothing to try and cover this case up. It's yet another revelation that I think will shock people when they get to know what it means."

    James Murdoch, the executive chairman of News International, is due before the committee again on Thursday.

    Mr Watson continued:

    "He's got some very serious questions to answer, because his original testimony has not just been contradicted by the former editor of the News of the World but it's been contradicted by Tom Crone, the in-house lawyer, and I am sure we will want to go into great detail about how his recollection of events differs to a number of other people who work for him."

    Thanks to the BBC

    For up-to-date news on the hacking scandal, follow me on Twitter @!/NOTW_Hack_News

    Tuesday 8th November 2011
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    Some of the small fry, like Williams, may well be the best way to crack this disgusting scandal and corrupt corporation wide open. Those farther up the food chain, like James Murdoch and the executives, will no doubt worm their way out of trouble. Brooks already has a hefty golden handshake and has only gained from the whole sorry mess. The little ones, like Duncan, who were probably muck raking for pin money, can probably be counted upon to blab if we continue to press them.
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    Murdoch Tabloid Spied On Prince William

    Prince William, Prince Harry and Daniel Radcliffe were among scores of individuals who were the subject of covert investigation by the News of The World, a private investigator has told the BBC.

    Former policeman and surveillance expert Derek Webb has shown the BBC's Newsnight program a dossier of 90 targets that he was hired to follow.

    Among them are the parents of Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe, the footballer Gary Lineker, Prince Harry's former girlfriend Chelsy Davy, the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith and many others.

    Webb, who has told the BBC that he worked for the News of The World for eight years, has come forward because he believes he is owed bonus and loyalty payments by the paper, which was closed in July.

    "II got calls from numerous journalists on the news desk," Webb told BBC reporter Richard Watson. "I was working for them extensively on many jobs throughout that time. I never knew when I was going to be required."

    Yesterday Webb told Newsnighthow he had been hired to conduct covert surveillance on two lawyers who were acting for phone-hacking victims. He said he had followed Mark Lewis, the lawyer representing the family of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, and had followed his ex-wife and daughter.

    He also said that he had followed Mishcon de Reya lawyer Charlotte Harris, who won a seven-figure payout for hacking victim and celebrity agent Max Clifford.

    News International has yet to respond to the latest allegations, but yesterday confirmed that both Lewis and Harris had been targets of surveillance ordered by the News of The World.

    "While surveillance is not illegal, it was clearly deeply inappropriate in these circumstances. This action is not condoned by any current executive at the company," a spokesman for News International said.

    The revelations will make for yet more uncomfortable questioning for James Murdoch, the BSkyB chairman and News Corp. deputy COO, who will answer more questions on phone-hacking and the culture of apparently widespread illegal behavior at The News of The World.

    Thanks to the BBC.
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    Tom Watson - Tabloid Surveillance Straight From A Cold War Novel

    The Labour MP says Rupert and James Murdoch need to "carry the can" for phone hacking after the revelation of further allegations over practices at the News of the World.

    Thanks to the BBC.
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    Mark Lewis To Sue Over 'Sick' Surveillance Of 4-Year-Old Daughter

    A lawyer who represents phone-hacking victims is to sue News International for damages after it was revealed one of its papers spied on him.

    Mark Lewis told BBC Radio 5 live he was taking legal action after it emerged the News of the World (NoW) hired private investigators to follow him.

    Shadow culture secretary Harriet Harman said the revelations were a "new low".

    News International has said the action was "deeply inappropriate" and "not condoned by any current executives".

    Mr Lewis's former wife, daughter and other solicitors were also followed.

    The lawyer, whose clients include the family of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, told the Victoria Derbyshire programme that he was "looking over his shoulder, thinking I'm being followed".

    "I don't know what's actually happening out there," he said.

    "It's staggering. It's very upsetting to find that out that they could even think of doing that. It was just wrong."

    Derek Webb, who ran private investigations firm Silent Shadow, said he had been commissioned by the NoW to carry out surveillance on Mr Lewis and his former assistant Charlotte Harris in early 2010.

    Mr Lewis said the now-defunct tabloid newspaper had been trying to find out whether he was having an affair with Ms Harris, who also represents phone-hacking victims, but that it was "barking up the wrong tree".

    "My private life has absolutely nothing to do with my professional life. Even if they had found out what they were trying to, it would have made no difference to the cases I was representing," he told the programme.

    He said he was taking civil action for an invasion of his privacy, adding that he believed the company was aiming to discredit him and therefore prejudice the cases of those he was representing.

    "To attack the lawyer who is pursuing cases for other people is a very serious matter," he added.

    Thanks to the BBC.
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    Covert Spying Was Routine At NoW

    The BBC has learned that a former police officer was hired by the News of the World to carry out surveillance on two lawyers, representing victims of phone hacking.

    The private investigator tracked the family of Mark Lewis and his former assistant Charlotte Harris.

    The revelations come just three days before James Murdoch is due to be questioned again by a parliamentary committee.

    Thanks to the BBC.
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    News Corp Used Spying On Industrial Scale

    A dossier of evidence obtained by BBC Newsnight from an ex-policeman hired by the News of The World (NoW) shows the newspaper was engaged in covert surveillance on a huge scale.

    Over eight years Derek Webb was paid to follow more than 100 targets. They included Prince William, Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy, former attorney general Lord Goldsmith and football manager Jose Mourinho.

    The paper's owner News International said it was not able to comment.

    Along with celebrities like football pundit Gary Lineker, relatives of stars - such as the parents of Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe - were also targeted.

    Mr Webb says he is not ashamed of his actions and that he did nothing illegal.

    It comes a day after revelations that the NoW hired Mr Webb to carry out surveillance on two prominent lawyers representing victims of phone hacking. One of the lawyers, Mark Lewis, is to take legal action against News International.

    Speaking exclusively to Newsnight's Richard Watson, Mr Webb said that shortly after setting up his own private detective agency in 2003 he was contacted by the NoW and offered work. He continued to work for the newspaper until it was shut down in July after a string of allegations emerged about the hacking of phones, including that of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler.

    "I was working for them extensively on many jobs throughout that time. I never knew when I was going to be required. They phoned me up by the day or by the night... It could be anywhere in the country."

    Mr Webb is a former police officer who worked for many years in covert surveillance and received additional training from MI5. He said he felt the paper should have given him "loyalty money" for his eight years of service when it closed - as it had done for other freelancers - but it refused. Mr Webb said that most of the time he received his commissions over the phone, but sometimes he was also e-mailed photographs or address details to assist him in his work. The approaches came from a number of journalists at the paper, he said.

    The private detective said that 90% of his targets were celebrities or politicians. They also included Boris Johnson, Angelina Jolie, Simon Cowell, Sir Paul McCartney, Charles Kennedy, David Miliband, Elle MacPherson and Heather Mills.

    In 2006, Mr Webb was asked to follow Prince William when the prince was spending a number of days in Gloucestershire. It was also in 2006 that Mr Webb covertly followed Gary Lineker, a job which lasted a number of weeks. Lord Goldsmith was followed by Mr Webb when he was attorney general for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    And on occasion the surveillance was not restricted to celebrities or public figures, but the people that surrounded them - Mr Webb's records show that in the last two years he was hired to follow the parents of Daniel Radcliffe.

    Newsnight's Richard Watson said the "industrial scale" of the surveillance was "astonishing" and it raised ethical issues about what the NoW was doing to get exclusive stories.

    Mr Webb kept detailed logs of his movements and observations while on surveillance jobs, which Newsnight has seen.

    "Basically I would write down what they were wearing at the time, what car they were in, who they met, the location they met, the times - the times were very important - and I would keep that.

    "And then I would transfer part of it into my diary, but not the actual log itself. Just the names of the people."

    Mr Webb said he never asked his contacts at the newspaper why they had selected the targets for surveillance. He also defended his work for the newspaper, pointing out that what he had done was legal.

    Mr Webb went on: "I don't feel ashamed. I know to a certain extent people's lives have been ruined with front page stories but... if I wasn't doing it, somebody else would have been."

    Thanks to the BBC.
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    Murdoch's lucky this isn't the Middle Ages. Otherwise, all the Queen had to do was say, "Off with his head!"

    And indeed, if not literally, heads shall roll.
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    How Rupert Murdoch envisions himself.
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    Be sure to watch the video above titled "News Corp Used Spying On Industrial Scale", with Derek Webb explaining what he did for the News of the World.
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    Derek Webb is just a greedy ex plod who is smarting because he no longer has a job to do. Or "My Work" as he laughingly puts it.
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    Reported - SPAM & Derail.
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    Richard Madeley Shown NoW Surveillance Footage

    Richard Madeley has described surveillance video taken by a private detective who was hired by the News of the World as "repulsive".

    The TV presenter was shown footage obtained by Newsnight from the private detective - who was hired by the paper even after the phone-hacking scandal had begun.

    On Thursday 10th November 2011, News International chairman James Murdoch will appear before the Commons media committee investigating how his paper hacked into the phones of so many in pursuit of splash stories.

    Thanks to the BBC
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    James Murdoch 'Mafia Boss'

    News International chief James Murdoch has rejected suggestions the company operated like the Mafia over the phone hacking scandal.

    During questioning by MPs, Labour's Tom Watson suggested its UK arm had adopted the "omerta" code of silence.

    Mr Murdoch said that was "offensive and not true" and said he was not made aware in 2008 that phone hacking went beyond one rogue reporter.

    He also said two former executives had given MPs "misleading" evidence.

    The clash with Mr Watson, who has pursued the company over the phone hacking scandal, came halfway through the session.

    Mr Murdoch had repeatedly told the committee he had not been made aware of details suggesting phone hacking went beyond Clive Goodman - the former News of the World royal reporter jailed in 2007 - when he authorised a large out-of-court settlement to footballer's union leader Gordon Taylor in June 2008.

    Mr Watson asked if he was familiar with the code of "omerta" - which he characterised as "a group of people bound together by secrecy who together pursue their group's business objectives with no regard for the law" and suggested that was "an accurate description of News International in the UK".

    Mr Murdoch replied: "Absolutely not. I frankly think that is offensive and that's not true."

    The Labour MP said the company was facing a series of allegations around hacking and told him: "You must be the first mafia boss in history who didn't know he was running a criminal enterprise."

    Mr Murdoch said that was "inappropriate" and said while it was a "matter of great regret" that "things went wrong" at the newspaper, when evidence had come to light "we acted.. I think with great zeal and diligence to get to the bottom of issues to improve the processes to make sure they didn't happen again".

    Thanks to the BBC
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    Highlights Of Murdochs' Committee Evidence - July 19,2011

    A quick reminder of James & Rupert Murdoch's evidence back in July of this year.

    Culture, media and sport committee membership:

    • John Whittingdale (Chairman)
    • Therese Coffey
    • Damian Collins
    • Philip Davies
    • Paul Farrelly
    • Alan Keen
    • Louise Mensch
    • Adrian Sanders
    • Jim Sheridan
    • Tom Watson

    Thursday 10th November 2011
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    James Murdoch Denies Seeing 'For Neville' Email

    James Murdoch has accused former News International staff of misleading MPs as he insisted he was not warned in 2008 about the extent of phone hacking at the News Of The World.

    The NI executive chairman denied he was shown a crucial email about the practice being more widespread at the paper at a meeting with its editor Colin Myler and NI legal chief Tom Crone.

    He accused the two men of "misleading" the Culture, Media and Select Committee, when, in September, they testified that Mr Murdoch was told about the contents of the so-called 'For Neville' email.

    Mr Murdoch was forced to deny that he himself had misled MPs, when in July he had said he had not been aware that the document suggested hacking went beyond a single "rogue" reporter.

    He said:

    "In the evidence they gave to you in 2011 in regard to my own knowledge, I believe it was inconsistent and not right, and I dispute it vigorously." He added: "I believe their testimony was misleading and I dispute it."

    Mr Murdoch, giving evidence to the committee for the second time, admitted he was told about the document at a meeting with the two men in June 2008 to discuss a legal claim by the chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association Gordon Taylor.

    But he stressed he never saw a copy of it and that it was only talked about in the context of that case.

    "The so-called 'For Neville' email... was mentioned to me as evidence that was important with respect of it being a transcript of a voicemail interception that came through, that proved it was on behalf of the News Of The World," he told MPs.

    "It was not shown to me, nor was it discussed with me its other feature - that it was 'For Neville', and that it might indicate wider-spread knowledge or wider-spread activities of phone hacking."

    Culture, media and sport committee membership:

    • John Whittingdale (Chairman)
    • Therese Coffey
    • Damian Collins
    • Philip Davies
    • Paul Farrelly
    • Alan Keen
    • Louise Mensch
    • Adrian Sanders
    • Jim Sheridan
    • Tom Watson

    Thanks to the BBC

    Thursday 10th November 2011
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    NOTW_Hack_News NOTW Hacking News
    Brilliant news in Murdoch's refusal to rule out the option the Sun could be closed down if hacking claims found. #fingerscrossed
    24 minutes ago

    NOTW_Hack_News NOTW Hacking News
    Seems James Murdoch fears the worst kept secret in town that the Sun was as knee deep in hacking as NoW is soon going to be made public.
    15 minutes ago
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  30. Don't know if available outside the UK, but here is a link to the entire hearing held today, featuring James 'Corleone' Murdoch, who 'was not aware' that about 6000 people had their voicemail hacked by his employees or their agents - despite the Guardian telling him so way back in 2009 - did not know that the corporation of which he is chairman arranged surveillance of members of the UK parliament, and the lawyers (and their kids) of those who were hacked, despite 'great zeal and diligence'.

    Yeah right, Jimmy.
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    Thanks for that video link. It plays just fine here in the US.
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  32. Etain Member

    Oh, boy...

    The Murdochs are screwed, aren't they?
  33. I like the point Madeley makes in this video @ 0:30+
  34. Trusted advisors to 'News' Corp are now advocating what is popularly known as the 'afroman' strategy, in relation to the ever-widening evidence of criminality at the Murdoch corporations -
    Video related:-
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    HARDtalk: Chris Bryant, Labour MP - Phone Hacking Special

    To borrow a phrase from prime minister David Cameron - Britain's phone hacking scandal has prompted a firestorm. Rupert Murdoch's media empire has already been badly burnt, Britain's most senior police chief has resigned and the flames are still licking round the pillars of the country's political and media culture.

    HARDtalk's Stephen Sackur talks to Chris Bryant, a Labour MP and one of the few politicians who consistently demanded deeper investigation of alleged wrongdoing at News International. When the political heat finally cools will this scandal have changed Britain?

    Thanks to the BBC.
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    HARDtalk: Jacqui Smith, Greg Dyke, Christopher Boothman - Phone Hacking Special

    The phone hacking scandal has exposed some of the dirty secrets of British public life.

    Journalists turned to crime to gain competitive edge, police chiefs failed to investigate and political leaders looked the other way.

    Rupert Murdoch's British media business is under intense scrutiny, but so too are the country's most powerful institutions.

    HARDtalk's Stephen Sackur talks to three guests - former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, Former BBC Director General Greg Dyke, and Metropolitan Police Authority member Christopher Boothman discuss phone hacking.

    Thanks to the BBC.
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    Nah. Too Big to be Screwed. Some lesser lights shall go dark, but Murdoch shall shine on.
  38. but that's the thing, when big guys tumble, even if only half way, they always remember that they used to be more than they are now.
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    HARDtalk, Max Mosley, Former President of the FIA - Phone Hacking Special

    In 2008 a British tabloid newspaper accused Max Mosley, then president of Formula One's governing body, of taking part in a Nazi-themed orgy. It even had photos from a video that it posted on the web.

    Max Mosley sued the paper and won. The judge ruled there was no evidence of a Nazi theme so there was no public interest in running the story. But we all still know about his private life and that is why Mosley is now asking the European Court of Human Rights to restrain Britain's press.

    Is he right? And should it rule in his favour?

    HARDtalk's Sarah Montague speaks to Max Mosley.

    Thanks to the BBC.
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    Tom Watson Asks James Murdoch - Have You Been Arrested?

    Tom Watson Asks James Murdoch - Have You Been Arrested?
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