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    did Red cube go bust? accounts?
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    Mandarin Eyebrow Ltd? could be a different Duncan Williams.
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    Tuesday, May 31, 2005

    Mentally Ill Prison Rehab Programs, Scientology Recruiting Grounds?

    Read more... Schizophrenia Advocacy · Schizophrenia, Poverty & Crime
    The Los Angeles Times has a news story on how Criminon International (a Scientology associated group that works in many countries of the world) is providing an "anti-psychiatry" rehabilitation program in one of the California prisons.

    What is important about this news story from the LA Times is that it suggests that this group is recommending people avoid anti-psychotic medications - the treatment most recommended by experts (and backed up by many well-accepted, independent, peer-reviewed clinical studies demonstrating effectiveness in treating schizophrenia). In other words, the LA Times story suggests that Criminon International is recommending people who have psychiatric diseases abandon their proven medication and treatments, and adopt Criminon's own unproven treatments. If this information is accurate, it is our opinion this it would be a gross violation of ethical and medical standards for the treatment of people who have schizophrenia.

    A short except of the 5-page story follows:
    Scientologists Reach Behind Bars
    Eschewing psychiatry and antipsychotic drugs, secular arm of church offers rehab. Some corrections officials have promoted its use.

    By Dan Morain, Times Staff Writer SACRAMENTO — Hundreds of inmates at one of California's highest-security prisons, where a fourth are mentally ill and most are serving time for violent crimes, have participated in a rehabilitation program affiliated with the Church of Scientology, which rejects traditional mental health care.
    The rehab program is offered at Corcoran State Prison by Criminon International, a secular arm of Scientology, a fierce opponent of psychiatry and antipsychotic drugs given to mentally ill prisoners to regulate their impulses and behavior.
    California prisons are under a federal court order to provide all necessary treatment, including medication and therapy, for mentally ill inmates.
    Experts both in and outside the prison system say Criminon's presence could undermine the ability of licensed clinicians to treat mentally ill inmates. They and others worry that if inmates reject therapy, they could pose a danger to themselves or others.
    "Criminologists say there are no generally accepted academic studies showing whether Criminon's techniques work. Five leading academic experts on recidivism said they had not heard of Criminon or knew little about it and were not aware of any academic studies of it. "

    See this link for the full story: Scientologists Reach Behind Bars
    NOTE: If you or your family has had any bad experience with (or due) to the Scientology Crimonon program - we recommend you contact the author of the Los Angeles Times article - Address it to the Attention of Dan Morain, with the title "Criminon Story" at:
    More News on Criminon Program:
    PacoVilla's CCPOA Blog on "Scientology behind Bars" - May 29th, 2005 (CCPOA is a web site is site dedicated to Correctional Peace Officers and the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA).

    On March 7th, 2003, in England, the "East Grinstead Courier" reported:

    "An East Grinstead charity which works with prisoners is planning to expand its work, following the proposal of a research project into the effectiveness of its rehabilitation programme. Criminon, based in Lewes Road, runs a number of correspondence courses for prisoners, and its work is to be evaluated by senior lecturer in law at the university of Kent at Canterbury, Dr Deborah Cheney. "We've been up and running for seven years doing this," said Criminon executive director Susan Chalmers. "We would very much like to take it to the next level, which would be actually running courses inside prison.
    "But to do that, you need to have a proven success rate - and this work is very difficult to evaluate." ...
    "If this proves successful," Mrs Chalmers said, "we can then move forward to an in-house programme where it can then be evaluated for recidivism." Criminon is part of an international organisation which uses the works of L Ron Hubbard to address the main factors behind offending. Programmes are running in prisons in countries as diverse as South Africa, the USA, Hungary, Israel and Mexico."

    in 2001, The UK's "Independent" newspaper stated:
    SCIENTOLOGY FACES BAN OVER JAIL 'INFILTRATION' "The Church of Scientology, once described by a judge as "corrupt, sinister and dangerous", is under investigation by the Home Office for targeting drug -addicted prisoners.
    The Home Secretary, David Blunkett, is considering banning leaflets used by the sect to recruit inmates to its anti-drug programme.
    Prison groups and anti-cult campaigners fear that the organisation, whose members include the actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta, is trying to infiltrate British prisons.
    Bob Keenan, a spokesman for the L Ron Hubbard Foundation, which is part of the church, said the ads were "just to inform people". However, Harry Fletcher, from the National Association of Probation Officers, said the circulation of Church of Scientology literature to prisoners and people on probation was "extremely worrying".
    The leaflets are being circulated by Criminon UK, the charity which runs the sect's drugs programme. It says it uses vitamins, minerals and saunas to sweat out toxins, thereby curing addicts. Criminon says it treats up to 200 prisoners a week."

    In 1998, the UK's newspaper "The Mirror" reported:

    "CHURCH TARGETS RAPISTS; COURSES FOR INMATES; CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY TARGETS MURDERERS AND RAPISTS A CONTROVERSIAL cult is backing an Irish religious sect's bid to sign up dangerous criminals.
    The infamous Church of Scientology is helping to target murderers and rapists in top security jails, including Arbour Hill and the Currugh, which hold dangerous sex offenders. Criminon Ireland - run by self-confessed German-born Scientologist Katrin Ruckert - is offering inmates courses based on the teachings of the late L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientologists.
    The group claims to be a charity but is not registered as one. It sifts through newspaper reports of rapes and murders to find names of prisoners to contact.
    The letters to prisoners invite them to join courses based on the L. Ron Hubbard book The Way To Happiness. A copy of the booklet is enclosed and freepost envelopes are provided for prisoners to send their lessons back.
    A jail insider in one of the tightest security prisons in the country said prisoners are receiving the letters only a week after they are put behind bars.
    He said: "This is a very trying time for anyone in prison even if they have served time before.
    "They are grasping at anything and the Scientologists are aware of this. They know it is a good time to approach a person who would be very vulnerable to what they are offering."
    Top cult expert Mike Garde said last night that the Church of Scientology - which includes actor Tom Cruise as a member - has been experiencing falling numbers in Ireland.
    He said: "That is one of the reasons why they are targetting the prisons. They are shrewd operators and know that people in prison are vulnerable to join up."

    In 1997, The Scottland newspaper the "Sunday Mail" reported:

    CULT TARGETS SCOTS PRISONS; Bid to snare danger men; Church of Scientology targets Scottish prisons A sinister cult is trying to recruit some of Scotland's most dangerous prisoners.
    The controversial Church of Scientology has contacted high-profile cons, including murderers and robbers, behind bars.
    And yesterday prisons minister Henry McLeish promised a full investigation into the "very worrying" situation.
    A jail insider said: "They seem to think our prisons are fertile recruiting grounds."
    Prisoners are being sent packages offering them correspondence courses in Scientology.
    One of their first targets was double hostage taker and armed robber James Holland. ...
    Critics say Scientology is a dangerous movement which uses brainwashing techniques on its followers.
    It's thought Criminon UK, a branch of the Scientologists, have found the violent cons' names in newspaper reports. ...
    Criminon UK, run by Dutch lawyer Nico van den Berg, uses a post office box number in East Grinstead in West Sussex, where the Scientologists have their UK headquarters."

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    At last! The lawyer's name at the footer of this "fake?" Declare.


    Pierre-André Dubois - Partner


    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]


    Pierre-André Dubois
    Download V-Card
    Phone: +44 20 7469 2020
    Fax: +44 20 7469 2001

    • 1998, Law Society of England and Wales, Solicitor
      1986, Quebec, Canada
    • University of Montreal, LL.B., Common & Civil Law, 1984 1st Class Honors, Dean's List
    • English
    • French
    • Spanish (basic)
    • Italian (basic)
    • German (basic)

    Professional Profile
    Pierre-André Dubois is the partner in charge of Kirkland & Ellis International LLP's UK Intellectual Property and Competition Law Group. The Group's practice covers all aspects of intellectual property and information technology law as well as UK and EU competition law. His work involves advising on hard IP issues (such as patent, trade marks and copyright); advising on commercial matters such as outsourcing agreements, licensing, distribution agreements, R&D agreements, manufacturing agreements and joint ventures. He advises regularly on data protection and privacy issues as well as new media issues. He deals with competition law matters in Europe and the UK such as complex merger clearance cases, abuse of dominant position and cartel. He provides pre-litigation advice and has handled contentious cases involving patent and trade mark infringement, data protection, misappropriation of confidential information, IT contracts, commercial disputes as well as competition law. He has represented clients on numerous occasions before the European Commission, the Office of Fair Trading, the German Federal Cartel Office, the High Court of England and Wales as well as before the European Patent Office, the UK Patent Office, OHIM and the Advertising Standards Association. His client base varies from large publicly traded companies to smaller UK- and US-based enterprises and start-ups. A substantial amount of his work relates to providing strategic intellectual property and competition advice to private equity houses and investment banks.
    Mr. Dubois was recently named by Intellectual Asset Management magazine to the IAM Licensing 250: World's Leading Patent and Technology Licensing Lawyers, a short list of 250 lawyers around the world. IAM described him as a "pragmatic deal maker," and noted that his "cutting-edge licensing activities span the full-range of technology-dependent industries." For the last five years, Mr. Dubois has been recommended as a leading lawyer in the PLC Which Lawyer? Global 50 and in the IT field in the PLC Cross-border Communications Handbook. Mr. Dubois was listed as a leading IP lawyer by Legal 500 (UK edition) in 2003, as a leading lawyer by Global Corporate Counsel 300 in 2002 and as a leading IP/IT practitioner by The Insider's Guide to Legal Practice in 2001.
    Mr. Dubois is currently the Chair of the UK Chapter of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals.
    Before practicing in England, Mr. Dubois practiced in Canada. He acted as a lead Counsel in many high profile IP litigation cases. He also served on the Executive of the Canadian Bar Association, was an advisor to the Federal Court on the reform of the rules of practice to the Court and was chairman of the Trademark Agents Qualifications Board.
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    Guardian will get back. Best to use sensible alias, obviously; but the Martyn contact listed on thread is a valid employee. Interested in facts on Duncan Williams.
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    Also, folks, Merope Mills - who wrote Duncan's wanno piece a decade ago - can now be updated upon his recent criminal advances into the world of media hacking and Hubbard fucking at Weekend Guardian, below:

    Merope Mills



    Merope Mills is editor of
    Guardian Weekend

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    Criminon Watchsaid...

    This attest was sourced from a Criminon email newsletter 2002 - 2004.I believe it could be your man Duncan Williams?? ---------------------------- Expanding Dynamics: A CRIMINON INTERNATIONAL success story ...

    Whilst at Wandworth Prison in London, following the commencement and successful completion of the CRIMINON programme, I went on to win a position as prison librarian. I could see at first hand how the use of books and information could be used in the betterment of lives.

    I studied books on the law and shortly I was able to prove that I had been imprisoned wrongly, with an illegal sentence. Appeal judges agreed and I was released following a hearing at the High Courts of Justice.

    Encouraged by this fact, I went on to obtain the publication rights from Able International for a print run of THE WAY TO HAPPINESS. These simple yet effective booklets were distributed amongst prisoners and drug users in and around the London area.

    I have now distributed 1000s of these booklets right across the UK! The rewards are huge; the technology to transform lives is here.

    Today I work for a leading newspaper and magazine publisher, and all the time I remember how CRIMINON assisted in getting my life back on track.

    I found a new respect for myself and for the power of the written word. I get great satisfaction from my career and my personal life has never been better! There are just two words I'd like to say to all those who have doubts or questions about long-term rehab and education - and those are, "CRIMINON works!" - DW
    3 July 2011 05:30 icon_delete13.gif


    LOL, just what Scientology needs, more criminals to do their bidding.

    Like Jesse Rimmer, head of Criminon in the Netherlands. Busted for assassinating people as a hit man. But it was okay, because he spent the money on Scientology.
    4 July 2011 08:23
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    you're spoiling my fun.

    Is "Louise Boat" a sensible alias?
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    someone with a solid grounding in Scientology bullshit explain to me why a Scientology-we-are-the-law-wog-law-doesn't-count "Suppressive Person" Declaration needs a signature from a 'wog' lawyer? is this usual?
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    Could be that the looney tune mind of mister Duncan Williams is in truth in the pay of Mi5? Stranger freaks have been employed. David Shayler,etc.
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    Wat? That's not a signature; it's upside down and prefaced with what appears to be the word "for." Looks as if someone routed it to the lawyer.
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    can you read it? I can't. big version somewhere?
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    There's a squiggle above the "-" that I can't make out, looks like either "of" or "06"
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    ok, that makes sense,
    (lawyer's name) of (law firm)

    perhaps they were acting for him in his request for a refund of course fees.
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    They must be desperate indded, however, it is not unheard of for convicted prisoners to be offered a quiet "deal" and "sentence reduction" or even a "complete pardon" when recruited via HMP Prison Systems and placed back into society to do mother state's bidding as a spook. Frankly, with Williams, I doubt it very much. This made me think, though. lol.

    M View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m 5..............?
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    must have money to burn (lol!!!) , coz Kirkland are one of the most expensive legals in the biz..... wonder who footed that bill? anyone get anything back from Monsieur "......and suddenly there was God...." Dubois? He won't reply to my Stanley Streetcar alias!!!! :) lolz! (I'm liking this thread already!)
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    Why is Williams filming Anonymous protestors AFTER he has been Declared SP by the church? Could someone edit these clips into short sampler to make ID clarification clearer.
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    It is far more likely that Williams was drafted into News Corp following exit from jail, since this seems to be way that Murdoch's media operated. The culture of dark (piss) artists being exposed appears to have made captital of using those who were familar with working outside of the law. By employing the "skills" of a nexus of ex convicts to do his dirty work, Murdoch (most probably James?) had a smooth intelligence agency all his own; both for tabloid muck raking and maybe even blackmailing prominent people. It would also seem that Duncan may well have seized another opportunity to do a little freelance snooping for the OSA secret police, and that is how he got mixed up with Scientology. Williams in mi5. Pigs will fly!
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    Sean Hoare postmortem results confirm death not suspicious

    Toxicology tests awaited as police rule out any third-party involvement in death of News of the World whistleblower

    Sean Hoare's Watford home. The tabloid reporter was the first named journalist to say Andy Coulson knew of the paper's phone hacking. Photograph: Jonathan Hordle/Rex

    A postmortem into the death of the News of the World whistleblower Sean Hoare found no evidence of third-party involvement and confirmed that his death was non suspicious, the police have said.
    No specific cause of death was given by the police, who said they were waiting for the results of toxicology tests and were continuing to examine "health problems" identified during the autopsy.
    Hertfordshire police said the results were "inconclusive", but detectives could not rule out suicide until they knew the results of the tests, which could take weeks.
    "There was no suicide note found at the scene," the spokesperson said. "We cannot categorically say one way or another whether this was suicide, as we have not got the toxicology results."
    Hoare was the first named journalist to allege that the former News of the World editor Andy Coulson was aware of phone hacking carried out by his staff.
    Hoare worked for the Sun and NoW with Coulson, before being dismissed for drink and drugs problems. He had spoken openly to a number of news organisations about the practice of phone hacking.
    Hertfordshire police had previously said they were treating the death of 47-year-old Hoare as "unexplained but not thought to be suspicious".
    In a statement released on Tuesday, the force said of the postmortem: "There is no evidence of third-party involvement and the death is non suspicious … there is an ongoing examination of health problems identified at the post mortem."
    The postmortem was conducted by a Home Office-accredited forensic pathologist and it began at 2pm on Tuesday.
    The examination was a section 20 autopsy, which would ordinarily be used in suspicious death cases. Hertfordshire police said this was just a precaution. "Because of the circumstances surrounding the case and the high-profile nature of the person believed to be involved, a decision was taken for a Home Office postmortem to take place to thoroughly investigate the matter," a spokesman said.
    The former tabloid journalist is understood to have lived in a first-floor flat in Watford with his wife, Joanne.
    Hertfordshire police, which asked its major crime unit to investigate the death, also answered questions concerning their approach after the discovery of Hoare's body on Monday. He was found dead in the flat at 10.40am. Neighbours said police and an ambulance were at the site until about 3pm. It was not until after 9pm, two hours after TV and website reports of the whistleblower's death, that more uniformed and plainclothes police, including scientific officers, arrived at Hoare's flat.
    Police said the "log detailing response activity in relation to the incident shows clearly that the initial response to this incident was correct".
    They added: "Throughout the day the tragic incident was treated as an unexplained but non suspicious death. As an additional measure, following a routine review of the incident and in light of a clearer understanding of the former position of the person, officers returned to the property to make routine follow-up inquiries, which are now ongoing. The incident continues to be treated as non suspicious."
    Hoare returned to the spotlight last Tuesday after he told the New York Times that reporters at the NoW were able to use police technology to locate people via mobile phone signals, in exchange for payments to officers. He said journalists were able to buy mobile-phone tracking data from police for £300.
    That evening Hoare had dinner with two New York Times journalists involved in the story – Don Van Natta Jr and Jo Becker. Van Natta Jr, via a web tweet on Monday night, said: "RIP Sean Hoare. Jo Becker and I had dinner with him last Tues night. He was ailing but defiant and funny. And no regrets. All-courage."
    Hoare had given further details about "pinging" to Guardian journalists last Tuesday and Wednesday. He described how reporters would ask a news desk executive to get the location of a person. "Within 15 to 30 minutes someone on the news desk would come back and say 'right, that's where they are'. "
    He added: "You'd just go to the news desk and they'd come back to you. You don't ask any questions. You'd consider it a job done."
    Hoare repeatedly expressed the hope that the hacking scandal would lead to journalism "being cleaned up", and said he had decided to blow the whistle on the activities of some of his former NoW colleagues with that aim in mind.
    Calls to Hoare's home phone on Thursday and Friday went unanswered.
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    Agreed, anon. and whichever way duncan williams likes to spin it, positive news, born again christian, community do gooder, the fact is - all his own media businesses are built on bent money and dark dealings from his past. we are going to keep an eye on you, pastor! Eye, eye, skipper...................... ;-)
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    i have also discovered these "media" companies that duncan williams is either a shareholder of or director of during past or present retains interest in. these companies are are :

    please list at so potential investors will be alerted.

    View attachment 135597_10150103113701228_705671227_7513773_7528434
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    or will we....?

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    Reading these tweets,( twitter@independentmags )one wonders if Williams were present in the public viewing section during the media hearing last Tuesday?..........

    ............the tweets are in a timeline that suggests either that, or was he was glued to a news channel.He certainly doesn"t seem to hold James Murdoch in high regard,does he? :

    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    As power reasserts itself the pressure is on - 'To survive PM must draw line under scandal!' There will be more arrests to get convictions.
    19 Jul


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    News Corp share price on New York Exchange rises. Fast profits being made for those who bought when stock bottomed out only hours ago.
    19 Jul


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    'It's always the bleedin' same, it's the rich wot gets the money, while it's the poor wot gets the blame'... Wall St. won over by Murdochs!
    19 Jul


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Jonnie Marbles and his custard pie stunt may have inadvertently given Rupert Murdoch the public sympathy PR boost he badly craves...
    19 Jul


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Rebekah Brooks fields awkward questions with skill. She avoids accepting any blame at every turn but the strain is starting to show...
    19 Jul


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    'The chiefs are attempting to paint a picture that blames all the indians,' say legal commentators at Media Hearing.
    19 Jul


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Hearing resumes. Brooks on the block.
    19 Jul


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Chaos breaks out in Media Committee room! Man handcuffed after attack. Murdoch's rushed to safety.
    19 Jul


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Boy Murdoch knows it's all over now...
    19 Jul


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    At last, blackmail accusations come to light! Boy Murdoch squirms...
    19 Jul


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Old Man Murdoch 'gently' strikes desk to bang home his defence.
    19 Jul


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Boy Murdoch arrogantly cups his ear, faking not being able to hear question, 'Do you know who was responsible for phone hacking?' ...
    19 Jul


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Old Man Murdoch reaches across to The Boy. Hands on, he interupts him, asserting, 'May I just say this is the most humble day of my life...'
    19 Jul


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    The Boy Murdoch attempts to read statement but is promptly slapped down by Chair and told to 'submit it in writing later...'
    19 Jul


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m

    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Stockbrokers poised for action as Rupert Murdoch prepares to confront Media Committee...
    19 Jul
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    I recall when I was living and working in Eire that the Catholic Church was very anti this Weekly Sport title due to its porno image.
    It was a pretty silly paper that went bust due to lack of readers, even amongst the porn starved ejits in the west of Ireland!
  29. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous said:
    The Daily Sport has apparently been owned by "Telecoms, Travel & Internet entrepreneur" Grant Miller since early June 2011. He's Managing Director and CEO of Daily Sport Limited (company # 07662173). From the Daily Sport Facebook page:

    There's more supporting info on the Daily Sport Wikipedia page and Miller's LinkedIn profile.

    As suggested previously, all Duncan Williams seems to own is the defunct Irish paper the Weekly Sport, which I would guess means nothing more than the name and associated brand logos.

    Not sure that this fellow Grant Miller (playboy? Millionaire? Clam?) is the owner of the Daily Sport, anon?
    Check the weblink of and it leads straight back to David Sullivan (the porn baron and West Ham football club owner) and his Sunday Sport title.
    Williams does appear to not be placing porn on his Weekly Sport link at and no Scilon affiliations like his Your Yown Your Choice mag , as yet......
  30. Anonymous Member

    But redirects to which references the paper's purchase by Grant Miller's company, Daily Sport Limited. DSL owns the domains and

    Check the links in my original post also, e.g. the Facebook page or his LinkedIn profile, and look up the company info: it seems clear enough to me that Grant Miller does own it.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Duncan seems to have issues with David Sullivan alot of tweets didding him over the past week (the man is odious though so even i can't blame dunkers for that)

    Also tweeting about Sci's trying to cash in on the riots too.

    And this interesting tweet too!!

  32. Anonymous Member

    Also considerably more movement on the foodologist magazine that (reading past threads on WWP) was what first got "publisher" and criminal Duncon Williams into trouble with the Sci cult for copyright breach..... There is an interesting programmne of the posh pylewell park country estate festival,that Dunkers was involved in hosting,and can be downloaded from the site
    It all looks very like St Hill and I can see the Cult sniffing out profit in holding something likewise at the HQ in East Grinstead.
    Wasn't it the Gaiman's and their G+G vitamin company that claimed the foodologist was a Hubbard idea and therefore got SP Declare on Williams? Any ex UK members got any more detail on this?
    pylewell-house.jpeg [IMG]
  33. Anonymous Member

    ..............and as ever another freebie press release has been issued by man out of nick and in the media, Duncan "I never comment on my connection to Scientology" Williams! Enjoy the B.S. below :)

    the FOODologist arrives at Pylewell Park

    The weekend of 23rd-24th July saw the FOODologist magazine proudly sponsor the first ever Pylewell Park Food and Drink Festival, in what event organisers hailed as a “huge success”.

    the FOODologist magazine
    PRLog (Press Release) - Jul 27, 2011 - Set on the 80 acre Pylewell estate, with beautiful views overlooking the Solent and down to the Isle of Wight, the Pylewell Festival saw thousands of people enjoy the many activities and events on offer.

    Attractions included wine tasting, cookery demonstrations from Celebrity Chefs, Horticultural and Garden displays, Farmers Market Producers, Clay pigeon shooting, and much more.

    The food festival was the brain child of Simon Scutt, driving force behind the Marina Jaks restaurant chain and also a leading local chef in his own right.

    Amid resounding applause from a gathered crowd, Simon announced : "It is the ambition of all of us organisers to make the festival continue as an annual, must-attend event, for food suppliers, caterers and connoisseurs of food, the length and breadth of the nation. This ambition is highly likely to be realised with the ongoing support of the FOODologist."

    The FOODologist is a food and drink magazine…with a twist. Unique and quirky insights into the world of food and drink are offered, in what proves to set the publication aside from the rest.

    For FOODologist magazine publisher, Duncan Williams, the restaurant business is about so much more than just feeding people.

    It is about spirituality, about making people feel good, about looking after people, and just spreading a bit of good old love around.

    He likes to refer back to a quote made by restaurant inspector, Fernando Peire, during a recent FOODologist profile feature on catering professionals:

    “This business is all about feeding people not only food but also spiritually and that means looking after people, customers are coming in to get a bit of love” Peire stated.

    Williams agrees.

    “The restaurant business is all about men and women who are gifted and skilled in food preparation - serving men and women (and little ones) who want to enjoy good food and be cared for at the same time” said Williams.

    This unique and inspiring view on the restaurant business is conveyed in Williams’ FOODologist publication.

    The FOODolgoist first started as a magazine in March 2010 and it now has an online version, thus spreading its reach to food lovers around the country.

    What makes the FOODologist different from your typical food and drink magazine, is the fascinating insights offered into other aspects of the dining experience that go beyond just food and drink.

    Experts from various different areas of fine dining, each provide their own intriguing inputs:

    The Health and Beauty section explores the use of food, spices, and herbs in beauty and medicinal products; beautiful photographic contributions are provided by art director, Thor Haley, whom also explores other aspects of food in art, and vice versa; and a resident gardener looks at the modern ‘kitchen garden’ and what to grow in it.

    The FOODologist also has a resident wine expert and an upcoming celebrity chef.

    The latest in modern technology is also being embraced, with a special iPhone App that gives users on the go access to the latest reader reviews and discount vouchers.

    The iPhone App, along with the printed version and the online version of the publication, means that readers really can now consume the FOODologist in whichever format that they wish.

    A new special members card is also being introduced, along with restaurant discounts, prizes and family days out, thus further enhancing the FOODologist’s reputation as offering a unique service to food lovers.

    The FOODologist also proudly supports their charity of choice, The Even Keel Project, which supports the disadvantaged to learn new freedom and skills through the activity of sailing.

    The support provided to The Even Keel Project and the recent Pylewell Food and Drink Festival, show that the FOODologist really is more than just a food and drink magazine…it is an integral part of the community.


    # # #

    Ozone Marketing Ltd. has been at the forefront of contract and B2B publishing since its formation in 2003. Based in London and working closely with major newspaper and magazine companies, Ozone is able to offer its clients value advertising opportunites.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Ozone Marketing Limited is registered with companies house as being a Dorment Company! The name Andrew Arthur Pescud crops up as the company Sec??
    That name cropped up alot around the Benji the Binman Film debacle too!
  35. Anonymous Member

    Pescud is an old Cornish name.Williams seems to have a lot of business links to Cornwall.There must be more people in the area that know something about this him?Or family?He definately has a large-ish boat that is moored in Sutton harbour in Plymouth,and a very good looking woman with him who has not yet been ID'd.We are working on finding more,but local Anons who can assist,please??
  36. Anonymous Member

    Pescud could be yet another alias for "Benji the Binman." Pell and the few picuture we have of Pescud look strikingly similar to me.
  37. Anonymous Member

    It could be just a coincidence?But its got to be worth looking into,eh?.................... ;-)
    Local anons,what do you reckon?

    Police seek public help

    Monday, August 1st 2011 17:00

    Police release CCTV footage of fire at Sutton Harbour marina in Plymouth.
    A suspected arson attack on two boats at Sutton Harbour marina over the weekend caused 34 thousand pounds worth of damage.

    Police are now appealing for witnesses to the fire in the early hours of yesterday which caused an explosion on one of the vessels.

    They're also seekeng a man seen running away from the scene who may have been burned.

    He's described as being tall and slim, with a fishing rod and a light coloured hoodie.

    Police have released CCTV footage of the man they wish to speak to in connection with this incident.

    Clip one shows the man, wearing ¾ length shorts walking along the pontoon towards the boat which burned (it cannot be seen but it is at the end on the right).

    He is then thought to be on the pontoon for some time before the fire starts.

    The second clip shows the man running away and in the background the flames start to become visible in the shot.

    Police also wish to speak to a potential witness. The man is a cyclist who is seen on CCTV in and around the area cycling about around the time of the incident.

    At one point he leaves his cycle parked against the Three Crowns pub.

    He wears his hair in a pony-tail and is also wearing ¾ length shorts.

    Anyone with any information is asked to please call police on 08452 777444 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 quoting crime ref. EC/11/7989

    More from Cornwall News

  38. Anonymous Member

    The more I look into this,everything about this Duncan Williams character seems are sinister as hell to me.
  39. Anonymous Member

    n702634866_828953_4749.jpg Duncan Williams ??
  40. Anonymous Member

    It would not surprise me at all if Criminon had created another bona fide pychopath within its ranks with our friend DunCON Williams - however,this CCTV footage does not look at all like Duncan Williams to even the most short sighted observer.

    What remains factual,ladies and gentleman,is this very shady conman's link to Criminon,Scientology,Benjiman Pell the celebrity and political bin raider,John Mappin,Camelot Castle Hotel,Cornwall,and last but not least(unlicensed and illegal) private detective work for the OSA (Office of Special Affairs)and News International (all possibily at the same time?).

    The foodologist post above is interesting;for twofold reasons,if indeed the CoS has objected to the name, and because a search engine trawl of this magazine brings up a past edition link of the foodologist together with independent news group's and Duncan Williams's much favored association with L Ron Hubbard's "Way to Happiness" publications
    Which fact,again, seems to indicate to me that Duncan Williams has been personally responsibily (and actively involved) in flooding to readers in the united kingdom via his his newspapers, magazines and websites.

    Might I point fellow anons toward this incrminating document that I have located on a former WWP thread;

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