Duncan Williams, News of the World, Phone Hacking, National Scandal

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Is there any evidence that Duncan Williams has any ongoing connection to Scientology
    since his brief business venture with John Mappin several years ago?

    Based on the tweets, shouldn't we add him to RightOn's List?
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  2. timthephoto Member

    usually a person gains more trust in the world simply by going public about ending their clamhood, not Dunkers, with him there's always something going on.. slippery one is Dunkers

    maybe, it'd certainly add to any rage DM might be experiencing
  3. Anonymous Member

    Not overtly. He is a strange one to pin. As noted, some of his tweets are now pointedly anti Scientology. All very odd.
  4. Anonymous Member

    that weekly sport he bought on the cheap off the Irish is still up online. no cult stuff there either that I can spot.
  5. timthephoto Member

    rather you than me reading that utter drek
  6. Anonymous Member

    • 5 days ago
      5 days ago

    Duncan Williams appears to be a Chelsea FC fan if this current Google search picture of the former Scientologist and phone hacker is correct.
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    This Weekly Sport paper is linked to Scientology after all!

    I thought as much when Williams was keen to aquire it on the cheap from a bankruptcy sale. The independent News Group has got adverts running for CCH on the main page already!!!!!

    It may have not been spotted if on a rotation but sure enough it is there. Mappin must be involved too. This smells bad for the future of ethical reform of British tabloids if these shady Cornish cult members are examples of where the future of newspaper ownership is heading.

    Slippery is not the word for Duncan Williams. Saturated in Scientology sums this man up.

    But on a serious note. Could Scientology really be on a mission to control British media whilst it's a low ebb?

    And just how much lower can it get.................. Advertising Camelot Castle Hotel?????????

  10. Anonymous Member

    it seems he does still take the Scientology shilling for advertising in his "titles"................. :-(
  11. Anonymous Member

    my name is Duncan Williams, Professional Liar, Arsonist, Phone Hacker, Propagandist Stalker Journalist, Fraudster
  12. Anonymous Member to site >>
    Weeklysport is ranked 3,737,625 in the United Kingdom. 'Weekly Sport.'
    3,737,625Rank in United Kingdom
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    Last Updated: 28/05/2012

    Weeklysport is a website that has pages on, Duncan Williams, Vimeo, Fixtures Released, 5 Drink-inspired Light Fixtures, Betting On Sports Using Pools/lotteries, Playing Fair, Mccarthy Happy With Win, and Guest. (??????)
    Other related sites are,,,
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    It is hosted by Atls-lb (England, Leeds,) using nginx web server. Its 2 nameservers are, and Its IP Number is
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    our Plymouth Anons have spotted Duncan Williams in their locality pushing his dreadful cheap and nasty magazines on local people in ther city centre. In addition to The Son newspaper, the Independent (sic) publisher has gotten The Oracle out (sse link) and onto the undeserving streets of Plymouth this month. See page 31 for the Dung's editorial clap-trap and a very Scientology-like use of a readers' survey form - this is pure tech alright! And the good people of Plymouth will not be be doing with it! 46 Flipbook June - July/Default.html
  15. Anonymous Member


    12 June via Mobile
    Leftwing Christian supporters rally to defend Andrew 'Sparks' Graystone and his media charity. 'Stay,' they plead. 'Do not bow to pressure to resign...' Charity faces criticism of seriously bungled leadership policy. http://www.
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        Andrew Graystone I don't really recognise this at all. The nickname, the supposed criticism, the "pressure to resign" all seem to have come from your imagination Duncan. And there is no sense at all in which theMediaNet is "my" charity. But if you or anybody else would like to discuss it, please feel free to contact me (by Facebook or email please.)
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Murdoch slams Scientology as 'evil and creepy'

    Mogul makes remarks after hearing of Cruise and Holmes split

    MOVIESTlgo60_124708.jpg By Ben Arnold | Yahoo UK Movies News – 6 hours ago
    Rupert Murdoch has branded Scientology 'creepy, weird and evil' in the wake of the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split.
    The media mogul caused a storm on Twitter with his remarks, which pulled no punches over his opinions on the religion, of which Cruise is its most high-profile follower.
    “Scientology back in news. Very weird cult, but big, big money involved with Tom Cruise either number two or three in hierarchy,” he said, after hearing the news of the split.
    PA-murdoch-jpg_054705.jpg Murdoch... caused Twitter storm with Scientology comments (Copyright: PA)
    “Watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop. Something creepy, maybe even evil, about these people.”
    He later replied to 'attacks' made on him after making the comments.
    “Since Scientology tweet hundreds of attacks. Expect they will increase and get worse and maybe threatening. Still stick to my story.”
    He was also asked by followers his thoughts on Mormonism, and added: “Mormonism a mystery to me, but Mormons certainly not evil.”
    It's claimed that Cruise's devotion to the religion will become the centre of the couple's divorce battle.
    “There is no way her advisers will not be putting Scientology at the very core of this divorce,” legal expert Mike Paul told the Daily Mail.
    “The only possible reason for Katie to push for [custody] is that she fears for the emotional wellbeing of her daughter. Suri is at an age where she will be becoming more and more involved with the church and Katie clearly wants to make the break before her daughter is dragged into Scientology.”
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      1. 41806_121453207878348_1705240062_q.jpg
      3. 15 hours ago via Mobile
      4. Rupert Murdoch has no right to criticise us! - says Church of #Scientology leadership. @uptone
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    The Daily Sport has apparently been owned by "Telecoms, Travel & Internet entrepreneur" Grant Miller since early June 2011. He's Managing Director and CEO of Daily Sport Limited (company # 07662173). From the Daily Sport Facebook page:
    Daily Sport Limited was formed in June 2011 by Telecoms, Travel & Internet entrepreneur and playboy Grant Miller after the purchase of the Daily Sport title, ip and website to re-launch this great publication. Plans are afoot and the website will be back bigger and better than ever before, in the coming weeks. The paper will return later in 2011.
    The UK's Hottest Newspaper - Hot Stories & Even Hotter Babes!
    There's more supporting info on the Daily Sport Wikipedia page and Miller's LinkedIn profile.

    As suggested previously, all Duncan Williams seems to own is the defunct Irish paper the Weekly Sport, which I would guess means nothing more than the name and associated brand logos.
  19. Anonymous Member

    He is a nasty piece of work. I always thought that The Son was sus'. He seems to be having another go at black PR-ing ;-

    Self publicist and media charity director @AndrewGraystone threatens to violate grave of Sun Myung Moon. @BBCradio4
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      • 41402_679826160_962_q.jpg
        Andrew Graystone If you read this site regularly you will know that Duncan often posts strange and untruthful things about me and about theMediaNet. If anybody would like to discuss these posts please don't hesitate to contact me directly via
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        Ian Flanagan You must be well weary of this chap, Andrew.
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        Andrew Graystone Very.
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        Andrew Graystone ‎...but I expect that's what he wants.
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      • 161968_162312750455520_163587660_q.jpg

        The Son newspaper That and you to resign. Which I doubt very much you are going to do. Meanwhile, as predicted, you are building quite a fanbase from your 'persecution'...
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      • 274793_1484020230_1202508593_q.jpg
        Ian Flanagan Duncan, I've known Andrew Graystone for most of my adult life. He is one of the most honest, principled, kind men I know and I'm proud to call him my friend. I simply don't recognise the person that you portray him to be. Where does your petulant vitriol come from? How has he maligned you that speak about him so scathingly? How about a few facts to back up your argument instead of playground ad hominem attacks? Andrew needs no defence from me. Anyone who knows him will rightly chuckle at you, knowing that you're just plain wrong.

        And this from a Christian... I don't believe any of that malarkey any more, by the way, but you profess to believe it. Your Lord must be pretty miffed when you put pen to paper: another hammer blow on his nails, eh?
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      • 161968_162312750455520_163587660_q.jpg EditDelete
        The Son newspaper Ian, I simply do not share that impression. But rather like the prose style of your last retort. Thank you for commenting. Do tell me one thing; was it the hypocracy of the practitioners, the denial or just plain disallusion that turned you into an athiest? I am intrigued to know what happened?
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      • 161968_162312750455520_163587660_q.jpg

        The Son newspaper Ian, I simply do not share that impression. But rather like the prose style of your last retort. Thank you for commenting. Do tell me one thing; was it the hypocracy of the practitioners, the denial or just plain disillusion that turned you into an athiest? I am intrigued to know what happened?
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      • 274793_1484020230_1202508593_q.jpg
        Ian Flanagan It's not an impression. I've known him for a long time. Your grammar and spelling seem to be a bit weak for journalism, but then it's not really my field. And as for my atheism, it was the result of neither of the things you mention, merely thinking it through. Don't forget that you're an atheist with respect to Thor or Jupiter or any of the gods that mans
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      • 274793_1484020230_1202508593_q.jpg
        Ian Flanagan Bugger - I hit send too early. You're an atheist with respect to the gods of other religions. The difference between us is that I believe in one fewer god than you. That and the fact that I don't resort to baseless character assassination, of course.
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  20. RightOn Member

    hey guise, whats going on in this thread?
    recap of the latest?
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    Duncan Williams is posting anonymously (inciting arson) in this forum as part of an OSA style operation - to get a UK anon SWATTED
  23. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Well, it's about time we got some more drama around here! With Smurf, Aaron, and Cameranon long gone, it's gotten entirely too unpopcorny.
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  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Phone-hacking: Hugh Grant and others file high court claims

    Hugh Grant, a leading celebrity campaigner against press intrusion into private lives, has joined the ranks of those seeking damages from News International over alleged News of the World phone-hacking and has vowed to give any money he gets to helping fellow victims.
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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    In case anyone is interested, I just noticed that tonight David Cameron is a guest on the Late Show With David Letterman.
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    The Hamster Wheel - Rupert Murdoch Standby Obituary

    Published on Oct 3, 2012 by chaserhq

    A standby obituary for global media giant Rupert Murdoch.

    From Season 2, episode 2 of The Hamster Wheel - aired [on ABC Australia] October 3, 2012.
  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Rebekah Brooks And Andy Coulson Are Bailed

    Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks have appeared in court to face charges linked to alleged corrupt payments to public officials.

    David Cameron's former spin doctor and the ex-News International chief executive were among five people to appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court.

    The charges have been brought under Operation Elveden, which deals specifically with the allegation of making and authorising corrupt payments to officials.

    Brooks, 44, appeared first with John Kay, 69, The Sun's former chief reporter, and Ministry Of Defence employee Bettina Jordan Barber, 39.

    All three spoke only to confirm their identities and addresses after hearing the charges against them at the short hearing.

    They face one count of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office between January 1 2004 and January 31 this year.

    It is alleged that Brooks, from Churchill, Oxfordshire, and Kay, from northwest London, conspired to pay Jordan-Barber around £100,000 for information.

    They were all released on unconditional bail until they next appear at Southwark Crown Court on December 6.
    Coulson, the former News Of The World editor, his former royal correspondent Clive Goodman appeared next.
    Coulson, 44, from Kent, and Goodman, 55, from Surrey, face two counts of the same offence.

    They relate to the alleged request and authorisation of payments to public officials in exchange for information, including the royal contacts book.

    Coulson and Goodman were both released on unconditional bail until the same date as the other three defendants.

  29. Phone hacking: man, 46, arrested!!!

    Man aged 46 is the 26th person arrested by officers working on Operation Weeting, the investigation into phone hacking
    • A man has been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

    A man has been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice by detectives investigating allegations of phone-hacking, police said.

    The 46-year-old was held on Wednesday morning at his home address in south-west London.
    He was taken into custody at a south London police station for questioning, Scotland Yard said.

    The suspect – who is not believed to be a journalist – is the 26th person arrested by officers working on Operation Weeting, the police investigation into claims that reporters hacked into mobile telephones to obtain stories.

    A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "Detectives from Operation Weeting have this morning arrested a 46-year-old man at his home address in south-west London on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

    "He has been taken into custody at a south London police station, where he remains."
    Operation Weeting is running alongside two other investigations: Operation Tuleta, a Metropolitan police inquiry into privacy breaches including the alleged hacking of computers and stolen mobile phones, and Operation Elveden, which is examining claims of corrupt payments to public officials.
  30. Very odd that this company is clearly linked to tabloids and anti Scientology - @SellStories
  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Police arrest four journalists in probe into phone hacking at the Sunday Mirror | Mail Online

    Four journalists were arrested today on suspicion of phone hacking at Mirror Group Newspapers, Scotland Yard said. Three men, aged 40, 49 and 46, and a 47-year-old woman were arrested at separate addresses in south London at 6am this morning.

    The force said the arrests came after investigations by detectives working on Operation Weeting, Scotland Yard's probe into phone hacking. The force said officers have 'identified and are investigating a suspected conspiracy to intercept telephone voicemails at Mirror Group Newspapers'. It added: 'This conspiracy is being treated as a separate conspiracy to the two being investigated at the now defunct News of the World newspaper.

    'It is believed it mainly concerned the Sunday Mirror newspaper and at this stage the primary focus is on the years 2003 and 2004.'

    The men and woman arrested are journalists or former journalists on Mirror Group Newspaper titles, Scotland Yard added. The suspects are being interviewed at various police stations in London while searches are being carried out at a number of addresses.

    Officers said they plan to make contact with people they believe to have been victims of the suspected phone hacking in due course.
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Rupert Murdoch Summoned To Parliament Again

    By Jack Mirkinson, July 9, 2013

    Rupert Murdoch has been summoned to appear before a British parliamentary committee for the second time in three years.

    The Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee announced Tuesday that it had voted to ask Murdoch to face new questions about his media company's phone hacking scandal.

    The announcement came after a new, secret recording surfaced which showed Murdoch lambasting the police investigation into News International (now called News UK) and acknowledging that some of his journalists had been paying police officers for decades.

    More at
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  33. A chance for Rupey baby to reprise his Uriah Heep role and tell us all how very 'umble he is, with a BAFTA up for grabs.

    Could be just another pieing, though - and no Wendi to watch his back. :(

    Definitely a good time for the Super, Soaraway Sun to print a mega-exposé of Scientology.
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  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    News Of The World Phone Hacking Trial Of Coulson And Brooks Promises More Political Scandal

    By Paul Vale

    What an unusual three months we have ahead as seven former News of the World employees, including two former editors, both associates of the current British prime minister, stand trial at the Old Bailey on charges relating to phone hacking.

    Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks – one, David Cameron’s former hand-picked spin doctor, the other, a member of the PM’s Chipping Norton set - are the most high profile of Rupert Murdoch's former acolytes to be invited to stand in the famous old dock, charged with a raft of offences, some that carry a heavy custodial sentence.

    Alongside Brooks and Coulson, the now defunct newspaper's other fallen grandees called to stand trial on Monday include managing editor Stuart Kuttner, the former head of news Ian Edmondson, the head of security for News International Mark Hanna, the newspaper's former royal editor Clive Goodman and the perhaps not quite so grand Cheryl Carter, Brooks' former secretary, and Brooks' husband, Charlie.

    Yet next week's showpiece is only the start with 20 journalists facing trial over the forthcoming months, following exhaustive police investigations that have led to more than 60 industry arrests, and not all from the News International stable.

    Continued at
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  35. mip Member

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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Ex-reporter tells UK court he hacked William and Kate's phones nearly 200 times | Reuters

    By Michael Holden, May 14, 2014

    The former royal editor of Rupert Murdoch's News of the World tabloid admitted to a London court on Wednesday he had repeatedly hacked the voicemails of Princes William and Harry, and William's wife Kate Middleton.

    Clive Goodman, who was jailed in 2007 for illegally accessing voicemails on the mobile phones of royal aides, said he had hacked Queen Elizabeth's grandsons almost a decade ago in search of stories while working at the now-defunct tabloid.

    From late 2005 until his arrest the following year, Middleton's phone was hacked 155 times despite her often changing the PIN number to access her voicemails, William's was hacked 35 and Harry's nine times, the court was told.

    Goodman targeted Middleton, known as the Duchess of Cambridge since her marriage to William three years ago, on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day in 2005. The last time was on August 7, 2006, the day before police arrested Goodman.

    Despite the regular royal hackings, Goodman said detectives had never before asked him about the tapping of the princes' phones and it had not been publicly disclosed before the trial.

    The Old Bailey jury has previously heard how recordings of the royals' messages had been discovered, including one in which William called Kate "Babykins", but not who was responsible.

    "I'm quite happy to get everything out there and in the open," Goodman told the court. "I don't want anyone to think I'm not ashamed of what we did."

    Goodman and private detective Glenn Mulcaire, who worked for the paper, were jailed in January 2007, although the ex-royal editor's involvement was then said to have been limited to three aides to the princes.

    At the time, Murdoch's British newspaper arm News International said phone-hacking was limited to a "rogue reporter" but police reopened their investigation when new information emerged in 2011.

    The subsequent scandal rocked the British establishment and led Murdoch to close the 168-year-old News of the World. Three of the paper's former news editors have admitted phone-hacking offences.

    Goodman, 56, is now on trial accused with the paper's former editor Andy Coulson, later Prime Minister David Cameron's media chief, of authorizing illegal payments to police officers to obtain royal telephone directories.

    Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, another former editor and later chief executive of Murdoch's British newspaper arm are also on trial accused of phone-hacking offences. They and four other defendants on trial deny the charges.

    Continued at
  37. RolandRB Member

    "Babykins" - I have never heard of that one.
  38. The Wrong Guy Member

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  39. The Wrong Guy Member

    Somewhat related:

    WikiLeaks @wikileaks · 2h
    Cable: Murdoch editors told to 'kill Whitlam' in 1975 | SMH


    News Corporation chief Rupert Murdoch directed his editors to "kill Whitlam" some 10 months before the downfall of Gough Whitlam's Labor government, according to a newly released United States diplomatic report.

    The US National Archives has just declassified a secret diplomatic telegram dated January 20, 1975 that sheds new light on Murdoch's involvement in the tumultuous events of Australia's 1975 constitutional crisis.

    Entitled "Australian publisher privately turns on Prime Minister," the telegram from US Consul-General in Melbourne, Robert Brand, reported to the State Department that "Rupert Murdoch has issued [a] confidential instruction to editors of newspapers he controls to 'Kill Whitlam' ".

    Describing Mr Murdoch as "the l'enfant terrible of Australian journalism," Mr Brand noted that Mr Murdoch had been "the principal publisher supporting the Whitlam election effort in 1972 Labor victory".

    With a publishing empire that included The Australian as well as daily or Sunday newspapers in every Australian capital, Mr Murdoch's new editorial direction was seen as a critical political development.
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