Duncan Williams, News of the World, Phone Hacking, National Scandal

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Max Mosley is so butt hurt over the sex tapes of his hurt butt, that he wants to sue Google to remove any mention of it from search results.

    Streisand Effect paddling, set force over 9000!
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    Piers Morgan Testifies in British Phone Hacking Inquiry

    Uploaded by NewsTsar on Dec 20, 2011

    CNN anchor Piers Morgan testified today in front of a British Parliamentary committee today about his time as Editor of The News of The World and The Daily Mirror. The inquiry is investigating Rupert Murdoch's News International newspapers for hacking into the voice-mails of British citizens and celebrities. Morgan's testimony largely consisted of denials that he knew anything at all about the practice.
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    Piers Morgan is a worm.
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  4. Q: What's the proper definition of 'countryside'?

    A: Killing Piers Morgan.

    (courtesy Mr Stephen Fry)
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    He did admit to listening to voice mails, however. Guilty!
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    Oh, and

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    Leveson Inquiry: Piers Morgan Denies Phone Hacking

    Uploaded by NOTWPhoneHacking on Dec 20, 2011
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    It is seemingly clear to me now and surely others that Duncan Williams must either have been arrested and bailed or is in fact grassing out all of his former tabloid dirt digging associates. I base this assumption on the info detailed on this thread and elsewhere on the web. Williams has given statements in interviews that have transpired to be far too close to unfolding facts and has predicted statements and testimony later confirmed by other. ie. pinging, police bribery, medical record hacking, phone hacking, email hacking, cash payments off the books rather than recorded cheque payments, news internation supplies ltd. If Williams is some kind of super grass then he must be frightened indeed of Anonymous and this would explain his obsessive and hateful twitter posting regarding Anons at the Ocuppy protests. If he is bailed then it would explain the equally obsessive manner with which Duncan Williams is embracing the Christian faith and his Jesus red top newspaper promotion. I can almost hear his brain offering forth this dedicated work for Christian tabloids as his "amends project" and mitigation plea to a Judge should he, Benjamin "The binman" Pell, John "SCAMELOT" Mappin and himself each end up facing a conviction for illegal surveillance activities during the 90s and naughties under the guise of working for the independent news group. At the VERY least, none of these people are registered as private dectectives.

    View attachment 334038_10150629736089867_702634866_11913964_160990

    This is the latest from Williams's facebook page @ independentnewspapers (aka: John Mappin Scientology Industries Inc.)

    "As I experience it, there are left wing Christians, there are right wing Christians. There are helpful Christians and, sadly, there are those who will miss out on this obvious opportunity for the Christian faith, from whatever branch of church, to solidify and redefine itself alongside of a country that has reached rock bottom on so many levels."

    Could media then, really reform morals and rebuild the mirror through which the British people view themselves?

    "In an industry, news media, just like that in banking and politics, we urgently need to re-evaluate our aims and agendas. I see our regional newspapers much akin to little churches, each one charged with pumping out a benefical, uniting and inspiring message."
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    Duncan Williams - super grass or super arse?

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  10. Or maybe it's just that the whole phone hacking thing was an open secret and all of 'Fleet St' (metaphorically) knew what was going on.

    The ICO's "Operation Motorman" reports make for an interesting read in this respect:

    So I think you might be overestimating Duncan's importance.
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    independentmags Duncan Williams
    Corporation of London finally gets legal action rolling in order to turf out tent protest rabble.
    19 Dec

    independentmags Duncan Williams
    Tent rabble used St Paul's as toilet, got rid of two CofE clerics but achieved very little else. 'For God's sake go!' say local traders.
    19 Dec

    independentmags Duncan Williams
    'Hold on!,' says angry news reporter. 'The media called for banking reforms long before tent protest tramps staged their pointless s*it in!'
    19 Dec

    independentmags Duncan Williams
    'Occupy camp thought they were righteous but robbed our livelihoods just as surely as the looters did to shopkeepers 6 months before...'
    19 Dec

    independentmags Duncan Williams
    Badly stage managed from the off and hungry for the milk of media attention, the Occupy St Paul's protest peters out as ego bloated flop.
    19 Dec

    independentmags Duncan Williams
    Alleged rapist Julian Assange due to face court. 'It is very worrying that this man has masked facing this serious matter for so long...'
    19 Dec

    independentmags Duncan Williams
    Jail them up for Christmas! Police swoop on summer rioters in dawn raids. 'None will escape justice,' pledge cops. 'Have a Merry Christmas!'
    47 minutes ago

    independentmags Duncan Williams
    Piers Morgan's new gastro pub The Hansom Cab, located next to Kensington police station, has spare bookings for Christmas lunches...
    31 minutes ago
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    Duncan Williams - arsonist and cult fraudster - calls Occupy protesters "tramps"
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    "Or maybe it's just that the whole phone hacking thing was an open secret and all of 'Fleet St' (metaphorically) knew what was going on.

    So I think you might be overestimating Duncan's importance."

    I don't agree. The criminal surveillance operational link between Williams to Pell to Mappin to Scientology is a strong one that we obviously have exposed.

    More importantly it is the one good strand that implicates the CoS in a convincing way.

    Breach of privacy abuses that we know have also been used by the Scientology cult for decades.

    Once Leveson sets the bar for sentencing the tabloid snoops we get some sort of measure by which we can go after the OSA and its affiliate agents.

    I find Williams's desperate association with his tabloid Christian publishing venture to be deeply suspect. This surely is a guilt driven, devious man clinging to his positive news raft like a drowning rat.
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    And here, for all to enjoy, is the latest from the puppet master and Cornish media baron to all us locals. ( MOD - I have removed the link. )


    Dear Friends and Noble Ambassadors of Camelot Castle,

    We really really need your help.

    Sometimes one comes across something that is extremely important...This is true of the NEW film that we are sending to you today.

    We can't even begin to try to describe what is in this film but we will say this. The information that it delivers will almost certainly be very relevant someone that you know or care about.

    Once you have watched it... Please answer the questions below as fully as you can. It will help us. And please forward this Film on to your friends.

    As you may know, at Camelot Castle we run a international positive media group, and thus we sometimes hear about vital and totally groundbreaking news before it reaches the general news stream. This particular news is so vital to nearly every family in the world so we have decided to share it with you today.

    This brilliantly made and immaculately researched documentary film has just been released in 16 languages worldwide.

    Here it is on line.


    Please do ask your friends to watch it too and to send in their feedback to

    THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING and for you continuing support of all that we are doing at Camelot Castle.

    You are so appreciated.

    We look much forward to seeing you again soon.


    Thanks for your help.

    John, Irina and Ted.
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    Yes, internationally selling dirt to the world's tabloids whilst claiming to be running a good news editorial policy. The game is up, Mappin, Williams and Pell! No-one is fooled! You just wait - once evidence is in the public domain you guys are going to swing. Merry Christmas!!!
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    This is very odd. Our Williams watchers in Plymouth have just noticed a sudden change in editorial policy from the local propaganda meister - the positve news red top appears to be attacking Scientology. Do you think they have given Williams the push? Or is he doing a reverse ferret knowing that the link to the Clam's OSA and email/phone/medical record hacking is shortly to be exposed? Has anyone in the Plymouth area also seen the paper on the streets?


    Latest: "A remarkably positive response to The Son's recently expanded dist...
    Latest: "A remarkably positive response to The Son's recently expanded distribution reach, in both London and Manchester, has resulted in many new readers from a cross spectrum of Christian churches." - Duncan Williams, Independent News Ltd.

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    More twats that attack fellow Clams? Very strange turnaround for a man that has been publishing glossy editorial pieces in his UK magazines for a decade or more. Has Dunker's finally come to his senses ? or is this all part of some legal battle prep' for him avoiding links with OSA privacy breaches???

    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m
    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Scientology continues to enjoy a profitable tax exempt status in the USA, where it is officially recognised as a religion. But for how long?
    3 hours ago


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m
    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Greedy, sinister and currupt. A surprise New Year revolt by senior Scientology staff accuses leader, David Miscavige, of being a villain.
    3 hours ago


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m
    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Evgeny Lebedev, 31 and chairman of The Evening Standard and Independent - 'Me and dad reckon we know what's best for British newspapers.'
    3 hours ago


    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m
    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Russian father and son, Alexander and Evgeny Lebedev, propose a meeting between all British newspaper proprietors to help clean up ethics.
    4 hours ago

    View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m
    independentmags Duncan Williams

    Your Town Your Choice magazine : Where your own community is always on the cover...
    2 Jan
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    hi Dunkers, all this SEO must be driving you crazy eh? how to combat a small army of lunartics, who: armed with only a mouse, are destroying your best laid plans to control your own image, and possible attempts at obscuring your past..? how indeed

    the Judge's b&hammer must be pretty prominent in your thoughts, mustn't it? really, the best way to make amends before a british judge is to let the truth flow, you've got to blow everyone involved in plain text by name - totally surrender to the judges mercy, it's a complete mindfuck isn't it?

    so who's protecting who? and who stands to lose most if you, poor Dunkers get discovered for crimes and have to account for those. does someone we might recognize owe their current freedom to you, or maybe they protecting you? who knows how this Rabbit-Hole goes?


    BTW did it hurt when you got your Debbie Cook email? when it turns out the SP's are actually less suppressive than DM by a long long measure... did it hurt?
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Something is definately up in the state of Denmark -
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    And someone else seems to have distanced herself from twitter......................???
    There seems to be obvious trouble at mill following the power surge from Debbie Cook's NYE email assault.
    A coup? A new leadership challenge? DM will need to "bat down hard" on those pesky SPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. Anonymous Member

    The net closes in, ever nearer, ever clearer. Statements taken. So just WHO was running the snoops who were running the snoops? Can you guess yet? Can YOU? Of course you can! And that is why this is bottomless and why this thread is priceless if you bother to follow it through from tip to toe. ;-)

    Phone hacking: Rebekah Brooks's former PA arrested

    Woman arrested by detectives on suspicion of attempting to pervert the course of justice understood to be Cheryl Carter
    Phone hacking: the woman arrested is understood to be Cheryl Carter, former PA to Rebekah Brooks (above). Photograph: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

    The long-serving personal assistant to former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks is understood to have been arrested by detectives investigating phone hacking.

    A 47-year-old woman, understood to be Brooks's former PA Cheryl Carter, was taken into custody at a police station in Essex on suspicion of attempting to pervert the course of justice in relation to Operation Weeting, the Metropolitan police's investigation into phone hacking.
    She was later released on police bail to return for more questioning later this month.

    Carter is no longer employed by either News International or Brooks, who quit the company in the wake of the phone hacking scandal last July.
    She was Brooks' right-hand woman for 19 years and will be familiar with many of her business affairs. Carter worked with her when she was editor of the News of the World and the Sun and latterly when Brooks was elevated to the chief executive's role.

    In 2003 Carter was given a beauty column in the Sun and co-founded her own makeup brand called Famous.

    On she dished out tips on everything from how to get glossy lips to the nourishing and hydrating qualities of rosewater.
    As recently as July, she was listed as the Sun's beauty editor. She is understood to have left the company around the time Brooks resigned.
    Brooks was arrested and bailed in July as part of Operation Weeting, Scotland Yard's investigation into phone hacking and as part of Operation Elveden, the investigation into police corruption.

    At the time her lawyer, Stephen Parkinson, said police "put no allegations to Brooks and showed her no documents connecting her with any crime".
    According to a Metropolitan police statement, a 47-year-old woman was arrested at 6.55am on Friday morning.

    Scotland Yard said in a statement: "Officers from Operation Weeting have this morning arrested a 47-year-old woman at an address in Essex.
    "The woman was arrested at approximately 06.55 on suspicion of attempting to pervert the course of justice, and she is currently in custody at an Essex police station.

    "She is the 17th person to be arrested as part of Operation Weeting, the investigation into phone hacking."

    A spokesman for the Met said the woman had not been arrested before and confirmed she was not a policewoman.

    The 47-year-old is the third person to be arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice in relation to Operation Weeting.

    In December the News of the World's former private investigator, Glenn Mulcaire, was arrested on the same grounds and bailed until March 2012.

    In September a former News of the World reporter, Ross Hall, was also arrested on suspicion of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

    He is believed to be the man who transcribed the "for Neville" email that was sent to private investigator Mulcaire.

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  29. Anonymous Member

    We have the WHY? But what about the WHO?
  30. timthephoto Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    Leveson Inquiry: Gordon Brown 'told Rupert Murdoch he would destroy his company'

    Rupert Murdoch said a “furious” Gordon Brown threatened to destroy his empire after The Sun switched its support to the Tories, Kelvin MacKenzie, the former editor of the paper, has told the Leveson Inquiry.

    Image 1 of 2
    Rupert Murdoch, left, and Gordon Brown Photo: GETTY/EPA

    By Andy Bloxham
    4:39PM GMT 09 Jan 2012

    Mr MacKenzie said Mr Murdoch told him that he had received a phone call in which the former Prime Minister “roared” at him “for 20 minutes”.
    The former editor also told the inquiry into press standards that News International, Mr Murdoch’s company, had lied to the Press Complaints Commission and recommended that newspapers be fined for such actions in future.
    He also referred to the phone hacking scandal and said The Guardian had “got away” with falsely reporting that News of the World journalists had deleted Milly Dowler’s voicemails.
    Had such an error been made by The Sun, he said, the newspaper might have been forced to close.
    Mr MacKenzie said he had worked closely with Mr Murdoch for 13 years in which he had spoken to him almost daily.
    Related Articles
    He told the inquiry that it was Mr Murdoch who disclosed Mr Brown’s alleged threat, something which the former Labour leader has repeatedly denied.
    Although Mr MacKenzie was not at the meeting between the two men in late 2009, nor was he the newspaper's editor, he gave an account of the conversation as reported to him by Mr Murdoch.
    The evidence, which first came during seminars at an early stage of the inquiry, was read to the hearing by its counsel Robert Jay QC and it refers to a speech by Mr Brown which did not get as much prominence as a story about the paper’s shift of allegiance to the Tories.
    Mr MacKenzie had said: “Of course the endorsement blew away Brown’s speech off the front page.
    “That night a furious Brown called Murdoch and in Rupert’s words “roared at me for 20 minutes”...
    Asked at today's hearing who the source for the story was, Mr MacKenzie replied: “It was Mr Murdoch.”
    Mr MacKenzie’s submission continued: “At the end, Brown said: “You are trying to destroy me and my party. I will destroy you and your company”.”
    When reports of a conversation between the former Prime Minister and Mr Murdoch first surfaced, Mr Brown claimed to have numerous witnesses who could attest to its not having taken place.
    After Mr MacKenzie’s evidence, a spokeswoman for Mr Brown said: “It has already been pointed out that there was no such phone call nor communication between Mr Brown and Mr Murdoch.”
    News International declined to comment.
    The inquiry heard further details of Mr Murdoch’s behaviour.
    Mr MacKenzie refuted the broadcaster Anne Diamond’s previous claims to the inquiry that she had been singled out for negative treatment by his papers.
    He said he had “never heard Rupert Murdoch say we should 'go after' anybody”.
    Mr Murdoch was furious when he found out The Sun was to pay £1 million in damages to Elton John after a story falsely claimed the singer had hired rent boys, the inquiry heard.
    Mr MacKenzie recalled sending the media mogul a fax then receiving a 40-minute phone call of "non-stop abuse".
    He told the hearing: "Let's put it this way, he wasn't pleased."
    On hacking and the way stories are perceived differently according to the newspaper in which they appear, Mr MacKenzie said: “Take the Milly Dowler deletions of those calls. Had that been The Sun, The Sun would have come very, very close to being shut down had they got that story wrong. The Guardian sticks the story on page 10 and they get away with it.”
  32. Anonymous Member

    Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

    • GsNJNwuI-UM.gif
      INDEPENDENT NEWS LTD.'s notes (0)

    Advertising will dictate news morals - says 'oddball' newspaper publisher Duncan Williams
    by INDEPENDENT NEWS LTD. on Sunday, 15 January 2012 at 02:53

    News and advertising are the key ingredients to any successful publication. The News Advertiser series of regional papers, in their various and variety of forms, have been a staple throughout the UK for hundreds of years.

    Offering stories that focus specifically on local communities and the people who live in them, the News Advertiser papers have tried to play a positive part in shaping the areas that they serve to best effect.

    Coupled with their commitment to offer discount advertising space to local tradespeople, shops and their businesses, the News Advertiser format is a simple yet effective one. Independent News Ltd has always been a firm believer in the power of British regional publishing and see this brand has a pivotal role in the future of independent local publishing.

    "Everybody wins," says newspaper Chairman, Duncan Williams. "We go that little bit extra to ensure that the titles are of maximum benefit to readers and advertisers and that most importantly the newspapers, whether in their digital or print published form actually to enhance and mirror their communities in the most positive way."

    Williams has over 20 years experience in the newspaper business and is considered to be a rank outsider by many in the media world. Because of rumours within the industry of his strong Christian faith and "oddball" agendas, he has been mocked by some as a "kindly Christian" or simple minded "Jesus freak". Others see that the Chairman of Independent News may well have a clever angle on newspaper publishing that others would be wise to follow.

    In the wake of Leveson, the need for profitability and ethical balance are now an acute one. Williams and his team of media publishers do seem to have a Midas touch in turning lead into gold when it comes to the acquisition of poorly performing magazines or newspapers and then reserving their fortunes with a streamlined ethical approach to both editorial content and advertising opportunities.

    Williams is also quick to point out that; "What some people seem to have already forgotten is that the News of the World fiasco, and ultimate closure and job losses that followed, was dictated not my any moral whim on the part of the publisher but by the fact that all of its advertisers pulled out and boycotted the titled. Rupert Murdoch claiming that this was some sort of moral decision on his behalf is a bit rich. Advertising is the financial lifeblood of the newspaper industry. As publishers we all know that."

    Whether this all powerful need for advertising can be married successfully with quality editorial will be the testing ground as to whether Duncan Williams will remain an oddball outsider of the regional newspaper industry or whether, in fact, he has some method in his "madness"...

    One thing is for sure, a readership in a country in full recession will be in certain need of some good news and a little bargain advertising.

    News Advertiser newspapers remain free and are published and distributed throughout the United Kingdom.
    View attachment 374724_332420606781606_121453207878348_1099210_144
    Duncan Williams - Chairman of Independent News Ltd and Independent Magazines Ltd.
  33. Anonymous Member


  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    Uploaded by presstvlondon on Jan 29, 2012

    Four current and former staff of best-selling British tabloid newspaper, the Sun have been bailed pending further investigation, after being arrested on Saturday alongside a police officer over an investigation into suspected payments by British journalists to the police. These are the latest arrests in the hacking scandal that has rocked the country.
  35. Anonymous Member

    So as this whole mire become worse yet again - has national security in England actually been placed at risk by Murdoch's media mafia? The latest bribery arrests at The Sun newspaper, the Met Police and now even the British Ministry of Defense, make it seem very likely indeed.

    Will The Sun survive as a paper for very much longer? Murdoch is saying, "yes" but is still having to make the long flight across the pond to wipe up the shit stink that junior James has left in the pot.

  36. Anonymous Member

    Scientologist using christianity as a front group. Now I've seen it all.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Much of radical Christianity of the sort that Williams seems to adhere to and tirelessly promote is very akin to the suppressive writings of L Ron Hubbard. I find this Terry-Thomas style Englishman Duncon Williams that you Euro-Anons have dug up is definately worth keeping under watch. The nasty side to the phone hacking scandal is still oozing out and am am certain, having followed postings and dox on this board, that Duncan Williams, Benjamin Pell and John Mappin will all be implicated as having been involved in illegal story sourcing. I recall that Yvonne Ridley was once in the pay of Mappin and Williams at their independent news papers in the wake of the 9/11 attacks , and that she was herself was at that time linked to SIS operatives in the Middle East (Iran) prior to Bush and Blair launching attacks on neighbours Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Why has Pell not been arrested when he has written loads of incrimating evidence stating that he was an illegal dirt digger of tabloid sleaze for decades? Why has John Mappin not been arrested when he has openly admitted being Pell's "agent" and therefore, by extension, pimping an income from red top story sourcing?

    As for this cad and cunt Williams. Why this sudden (in wake of Leveson) and obsessive pro-Christian stand? It all stinks to high heaven.

    As others have mentioned elsewhere, this post also puzzles me:-

    Sean Hoare, News of the World Whistleblower, Found Dead Amid ...
    18 Jul 2011 – Duncan Williams, one of the phone hackers and also one of Murdoch's top aides at NOTW, was also an OSA spy for Scientology. Williams might be ... How convenient for Rupert, et al. ... Murdoch operates Fox and the WSJ here in the U.S. Can the NYT take the lead in pushing for the U.S. investigation?
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Rupert Murdoch @rupertmurdoch
    To hell with politicians! When are we going to find some to tell the truth in any country? Don't hold your breath.
    Retweeted by Duncan Williams

    15 Feb View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m Duncan Williams @independentmags
    The net closes in... Rebekah Brooks' arrested PA has her British passport confiscated.

    15 Feb View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m Duncan Williams @independentmags
    Concerns grow that US Justice Department is 'dragging its heals' in bringing charges against News Corp under Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

    15 Feb View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m Duncan Williams @independentmags
    Shareholders plan to oust Murdoch. 'The Sun is a spent force, we need a change in ownership not just of editorial policy...'

    15 Feb View attachment 12422518272044956422Letter_i_in_a_red_circle_svg_m Duncan Williams @independentmags
    I support British owned media publications - says PM at recent briefing in Plymouth. Good news always backs Britain!
  39. SeenTheLight Member

    Susan is OT VIII, and PES at QVS now.

  40. Anonymous Member

    Chalmers sure has come a long way in the cult. Since running Criminon and now a majoring rank in the UK church.

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