Duncan Williams, News of the World, Phone Hacking, National Scandal

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    anyone in the uk must be in a sealed bubble if they don't know all about the News-of-the World scandal erupting right now. NoW is a low class, right wing, scandal led based red-top sunday paper

    It's been occupying the media for weeks now as a #1 headline, was the subject of emergency debates in BOTH houses of parliament, involves police corruption and the phone hacking of terror vicims, murder victims, relatives AS WELL as the royals, celebs and government ministers, so in leiu of posting a fuckton of links:

    i'll just leave this here

    now we know Dunkers was involved in the seedier side of journalism - was he doing shit for the News of the World? i'm thinking supplying mobile phone numbers to news of the world from his dumpster diving activities
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    Very good question. I hope the answer is yes.
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    The answer is indeed a,yes. this guy is as dark and murky as they get. He is very possibly OSA linked,skilled in surveillance and really ought to be arrested if The Met police weren't more crooked than he is... Exhibit 1# (saved before it is removed from the web) is an extract from Duncan Williams commenting on phone hacking........

    From the darker side of Grub Street to the lighter side of positive publishing: Profile of a Media Career...



    Duncan Williams, tabloid dirt digger turned positive media guru :
    An article by Liz Hunter for

    Duncan Williams has seen the very worst of the media world. Working as a tabloid ‘dirt-digger’ in the late 90s he spent his days seeking out celebrity stories in a culture where bribery, blackmail and stealing rubbish was the norm. Even born again Christian Jonathan Aitken once phoned to call him "a lying, underhanded s++t!." Now, though, Duncan owns his own ethical publishing company with a keen vision of building up struggling local and regional titles, and helping them to keep giving a voice to communities who are often drowned out in the noise of globalisation. He deliberately employs a proportion of ex-offenders and those recovering from addiction - and insists on a strongly positive editorial policy. In a nightmare market, the company is going from strength to strength. So how did he get from one to the other?

    Duncan’s first contact with the media was through editing his school magazine, which he quickly renamed Bronco after a notorious brand of toilet roll. Writing gave him and his rebellious school friends a chance to let off steam, and he was hooked. At age 17 he moved from the West Country to London to attend film school, and went on to have a career in new media and film advertising throughout the 90s boom years. It was a destructive environment, with a heavy drinking culture, but even then Duncan says “writing was really a form of prayer, a way of getting in touch with my real myself when I couldn’t always express things well verbally".

    A move into print at the end of the decade proved lucrative - whilst selling advertising for a series of high profile London magazine titles, Duncan realised that the real money was in sensationalist news and set himself up as a freelance investigator for all the major tabloids.

    Kept on retainer, he would be given a brief by an editor and set about finding, or creating, a story about them. One well read middle England title, he recalls, would particularly like tittle tattle about society women and would pay very handsomely for insider gossip. It’s wasn’t just journalists that are paid by the papers - behind the staff whose names appear on by-lines there is a huge network of contacts receiving a monthly fee for feeding in stories, from celebrities’ close 'friends' to hairdressers and even doctors. It was not unusual to see suitcases of cash changing hands. Duncan had regular dealings with ‘Benji the Binman’ who made his fortune hunting for scandal in rubbish, and would also employ covert surveillance. Even if all that failed it didn’t mean the story was dead. “I clearly remember one day seeing a front cover of renown Sunday tabloid, a story about Robbie Williams, and knowing that 90% of it was distorted from fact, because I had engineered most of these embellishments. Robbie went on to sue and win a large out of court settlement, but most of the time, for the papers, it was worth it”. As several recent revelations about tabloid reporting practice confirm, he doesn’t think much has changed.

    "Today, one rewarding amend for me, " says Duncan. " Is that I am able to commission the very celebrity targets of my past life to write positive pieces for my own publications. Obviously, celebrities have feelings too... and fortunately forgiveness is often one of them!"

    Duncan says that there was no blinding light epiphany for him, just a realisation over several years that his life had “bottomed out”. He sought help with his heavy drinking and excessive lifestyle, and became a committed Catholic Christian. Not long after he made the decision to use all the money he had made to set up his own independent news company. With the support of some old tabloid colleagues, angel investors and some big hearted celebrities, this step forward seems to have worked out.

    Duncan thinks it’s the most exciting time to be in papers, and that the laments over the death of journalism are misguided. Change is inevitable, but not disastrous, and can be a chance for good. There are huge opportunities for those who want to be influential people of integrity. He was able to buy shares in several large media companies after the price had dropped by 90% last year and is now on the board of five of these; “There are huge opportunities for those who want to be influential people of integrity. The digital revolution will eventually provide far more readers for local titles once they’ve embraced new platforms; Things like Kindle and the iPad provide an amazing way to get positive, ethical stories out there, and we’re showing that there is an audience for it.”

    The titles owned by Duncan, and his group of positive independent news companies, are trying to make a stand against the “propaganda of negativity” that he thinks so shapes our thinking. Like many of us, and even having seen the very darkest side to the media, he passionately believes it can be a force for good.



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    A couple of videos of Duncan have been uploaded to youtube

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    RE: URGENT. cheque

    Tuesday, 18 February, 2003 12:07


    "McCaul, Nick" <>

    "'Mr. Duncan Williams'" <>

    Dear Duncan Williams

    I think Lee has confirmed that James Morgan will be processing your payment claim. He deals with News payments.


    Nick McCaul

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Mr. Duncan Williams []
    Sent: 18 February 2003 10:27
    Subject: URGENT. cheque

    Dear Nick McCaul,
    Please confirm cheque to me from lee harpin has been issued.
    Please create employee (freelance) payroll account number and confirm today.
    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,

    This e-mail and all attachments are confidential and may be privileged. If you have received this e-mail in error, notify the sender immediately. Do not use, disseminate, store or copy it in any way. Statements or opinions in this e-mail or any attachment are those of the author and are not necessarily agreed or authorised by News International (NI). NI Group may monitor emails sent or received for operational or business reasons as permitted by law. NI Group accepts no liability for viruses introduced by this e-mail or attachments. You should employ virus checking software. News International plc, 1 Virginia St, London E98 1XY, is the holding company for the News International group and is registered in England No 81701
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    Dunk's old mate Benjamin Pell, also linked to Scientology's John Mappin......


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    This biographical article needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful. (July 2009)
    Benjamin Pell (also known as &quot;Benji the Binman&quot;)[1] is a British man who was noted for raking through the dustbins of law firms representing prominent people in search of incriminating or compromising documents that he could sell to the media.
    Once a trainee lawyer,[2] he failed law exams at University College London in 1986 which he was expected to pass.[3] Pell pretended to be following a legal career for eight months until his family discovered the truth.[3]
    Pell (or documents he has found) have been involved in several court cases, including ones involving Elton John, All Saints and the 'cash for questions' libel case between Mohammed Al-Fayed and Neil Hamilton.[4] He has also been prosecuted himself and was only fined £20.[5] due to his claim that he lived off a weekly £10 payment from his father despite the estimated £100,000 a year he was earning from selling documents to newspapers.[6]
    He was mentioned regularly in Private Eye, which nicknamed him 'Benjy the Bin-man'. He was also the subject of a Channel 4 television documentary Scandal in the Bins (2000) by Victor Lewis-Smith. In 2003, he won damages of £125,000 in an out-of-court settlement from the Sunday Express which had falsely accused him of providing the IRA with information.[7][8]
    Benjamin Pell has reportedly retired from his unusual activities. He can often be found in the Royal Courts of Justice taking notes on libel trials. He has a particular interest in libel cases and is well known to the Queen's Bench jurists.[8] [9] He was the subject of a book by Mark Watts, The Fleet Street Sewer Rat, published in 2005.

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    He is hiding out just like Jonathan Aitken did when the shit hit the fan at Nicky Gumbel's Alpha church,claiming to be a Christian.Read WWP's thread.Good work UK Anon's.
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  9. kernowanon Member

    wot does the above means please???
  10. Anonymous Member

    Have police been informed??
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    Oh this dude is good! He is smooth as rat oil!!!
    Has anyone else listened to this? we should get some of our collected images morphed into something visually akin to truth to go with this audio bullshit.
    He's carefully laying out the ground out to make clear, on record, on the trusted BBC, that he had nothing ever to do with Murdoch's darker journalistic stating that he "was a regular church goer at the time".....!!!
    But which church, fella?
    And I'm starting to have a hunch here, Anons, that some of the investigative snoopers in the UK involved in all this were also employed by the CoS.
    Come on, guys, it figures!
    Let's keep digging on this one...........!!! :) :) :)
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    Question: are US journalists equally as facile with hacking? Or is this just a Britfag problem?
  15. Anon PTS Member

    Apparently ours are either not as capable, or more capable (i.e., haven't been caught yet).

  16. 00anon00 Member
    Why he didnt mind closing down

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    A trawl of the net has gained this interesting link
    Looks as if someone has been very busy deleting most of the past tweets and messages.
    But it still links to our old Scientology run media group INDEPENDENT NEWS and appears to have been used as a contact point for picking up news stories and those wishing to flog them to the redtops for money.

  18. Anonymous Member


    what is link to Scientology? dox pls?

    not sure I see your point - there's no problem with members of the public selling their story to the press - the problem comes if they're breaching confidentiality (e.g. because they are Teh Police).
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    Ditto here,anon. To be honest Duncan Williams seems to be talking sense in the video posted above. I am just catching up with the other threads on him, but this really must be the biggest scandal to hit the UK in decades. I can't find the point where Williams is interviewed in the BBC radio link. Can someone paste link again.
  22. kernowanon Member

    Duncan is interviewed at 2 hours 21 minutes into the program.

    He is an associate of John Mappin has a goldenrod from the scientologists and we think is engaged in the A-E steps to get back in the good books. He plugs the Way to Happiness in his publications also supports Narcanon and Crimanon. He also claims to be a &quot;good christian&quot; there is video of him asking questions for scientology to anons in 2008 he is a slippery sliny character there is ALOT of info on him in various threads on here





  23. Anonymous Member

    Markets are fickle. The truth is not. Bring forth the bleach!
  24. Anonymous Member

    Kernowanon delivers.
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    Much respect, dude!The guy is a Clam.
    Also can see the link to Ben Pell (Benji the Binman) to Mappin to Scientology to Williams and round again.
    Think you guys have got a live one here!
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    Duncan looks to me like a retarded Osmond. Donny's simpleton brother that they hid from public.
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    I haven't been able to download this from the BBC Radio Oxford's website but I have found a Pod Cast that can be saved for editing later... ;-) ;-) ;-) Williams appears at the very start of the show, and in true Scientology speak he is described as &quot;a man of faith&quot; and lol :) at the end of the interview as &quot;...the very ethical Duncan Williams...&quot; !!!! There must have been bribery involved!

    • Goodbye News of the World 12th Jul 11

      Tue, 12 Jul 11
      31 mins

      25 days remaining
      Can you have faith and be a tabloid journalist? Plus we meet the Muslim hairdresser wanting to start her own business and a Racing Rev.
      Download 14MB (right click &amp; &quot;save target as&quot;)
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    Still seems to me you guys have your own Watergate over there!
    This really is WWP.
    Seems it could be happening stateside too if 7/11 victims were hacked.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Sir Paul Stevens, first policeman to resign over Murdoch scandal. Now on CNN.
    Don't say "dox or GTFO" because its breaking news.
  31. Anonymous Member

    ...and Brooks was arrested "by appointment" on a Sunday only a few hours earlier. The mystery deepens.
    My guess is that someone, somewhere is sitting on a lot of information. A shed load, perhaps? ;-)
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  33. 00anon00 Member,0,917643.story
    Saunas. Saunas everywhere.
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    You know, reading this again, most of this Williams interview of 2 years or more ago stands up pretty well. Does anyone know who the credited journalist is - Liz Hunter? Is she for real or an alias? With what is going on these comments Williams is on record as having made are good evidence. He must have said them into a tape recorder or something to this woman Liz Hunter. Maybe worth looking into?
  35. Anonymous Member

    She seems for real : Hunter
    Certainly worth asking her more about this guy Duncan Williams, since he certainly seems to be connected, by his own admission, to both L Ron Hubbard's criminal cult and Rupert Murdoch's criminal empire. If Hunter's biog is to be believed she is a Christian working in media so really should have all the truth and facts on this spook.
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    News of the World journalist Sean Hoare found dead


    Posted by TNT Today at Jul 19 2011, 09:41 AM


    Leave a comment

    Former News of the World Journalist and phone hacking whistleblower Sean Hoare has been found dead in his home in Watford.
    His body was found yesterday morning after “concerns” were raised over his welfare. The police are treating the death as unexplained but not suspicious.
    Hoare was the first journalist to publicly claim that Andy Coulson, former editor of News of the World, encouraged staff to hack phones. He told BBC’s Panorama that phone hacking was “endemic”.
    He told the TV Show: “People were scared, so if you have got to get a story, you have got to get it and you have to get it by whatever means.”
    He previously said on BBC Radio 4 that Coulson was “well aware that the practice exists. To deny it is a lie, simply a lie.”
    Hoare was interviewed by police last September about his allegations against Coulson, who was then director of communications for the government.
    The News of the World sacked Hoare after he admitted drink and drug problems.
    Yesterday a neighbour, who didn’t want to be named, said Hoare had struggled with alcohol abuse and looked more and more unwell in recent weeks.
    Hoare told his neighbour that he was “paranoid” about people seeing him and he was scared of the police and the Government.
    The neighbour described him as a “fantasist” and said: “We never knew if he was telling the truth.”

    read more:
  37. grebe Member

    Early speculative comments that read like standard Dead Agent tech make me go "hmm."

    It wouldn't surprised me in the least if Sean Hoare used drugs and alcohol and had become paranoid about retaliation for his story. That bit is likely true. But from context, it appears the drug use and paranoia are meant to lend support to the notion that Mr. Hoare was a "fantasist." We would need a different set of facts to establish that point.
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    so Duncan is an ex-clam who demanded a refund and 'publicly disavowed' them?
  39. Anonymous Member

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