Dublin MegaRaid, July 1st - post game

Discussion in 'Europe' started by jensting, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. jensting Member

    Just wanted to get the first post into this epic-to-be thread :D
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  2. frettchen007 Member

    cmon fags, nobody awake yet?
  3. Honigdachs Member

    so whats going on there?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Everyone is still recovering to be honest, so there may be more delay before stuff gets posted. So many things to mention.

    First off, the Gardai were uber cool and let Jedi go wild with the troll cannot – and he was awesome on the thing. A consummate professional.

    Our own Shimzoid did an amazing spoof of LRH that has to be seen to be believed. Drooling waiting for that footage.

    The judge of the George Bailey contest, Axiom142, has declared Jedi the winner of the George Bailey impersonation contest. Thought Gambit ran him close with his ‘German accent’ take. Even Magoo had a bash.

    Scifags hired a security guard for the day. Bit pointless given that two Gardai were on the scene the whole time. Easiest few bucks that guy ever earned.

    Did I mention that Jedi was awesome on the troll cannon?

    Our documentary got lots of stuff with various anons from other countries. Looing forward to seeing that.

    I missed the second half of the raid getting other stuff sorted, so I’m looking forward to hearing the details and seeing pics and footage.

    I should probably crash now, but likely won’t.
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  5. Intelligence Member

    Near the end of the protest - many more pics and vids to come:)

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  6. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Look at all those SP's! Wow! I mean any ORG that saw that crowd comming would shit its pants and nail the windows shut.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    And what about an extremely small undermanned utter-fail shitty little mission?
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  8. Ann O'Nymous Member

  9. Why, thank you sir.

    I was particularly pleased to have Sam Domingo compliment me on my use-and-abuse of Hubbard policy to point out that the clams were DOING IT WRONG

    That shit was SO CASH.

    "My forefathers... Because I had four genetic fathers, one of whom was an elephant"

    A winner is me? I had no idea... I think it was the gurning and the jerky head movements that did it.

    Source material for those who don't know

    Once the interviews were done, Unit Zero was re-empowered. Getting a rendition of "Doctorin' The TARDIS" in was a personal highlight.

    tldr: DUBLIN WINS. My deepest thanks to everyone who made it happen
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  10. Malory Member

    Well two-thirds of the Northern Ireland lot are home - take good care of our little one because we like him and still want to know how he made it back to the room on Friday night.

    You were all awesome and we had a great time. Thank you everyone for such a fantastic event.
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  11. The Irish Times - Monday, July 2, 2012
    Scientology church tries to destroy families, say ex-members


    A FORMER Church of Scientology member has warned actress Katie Holmes what to expect if she speaks out against the religion following her separation from Tom Cruise.

    Speaking at Dublin Offlines, a conference held by ex-Scientologists on Saturday, Samantha Domingo claimed that attempting to leave the church could provoke a very strong reaction from the organisation.

    Ms Domingo spent 20 years in the organisation before leaving in 2009, following the breakdown of her marriage to musician and fellow Scientologist Plácido Domingo jnr.

    When she spoke publicly of her experiences, Ms Domingo says the church pressured her ex-husband to disconnect from her and to only communicate with their three daughters through an attorney.

    The threat of having details from their church-based marriage counselling exposed exacerbated the couple’s difficulties, she added, until the musician also defected.

    “I hope Tom and Katie haven’t had marriage counselling because if they have, OSA will have those files,” said Ms Domingo, who still practises Scientology independently of the church.

    Her presentation focused on aspects of the organisation which she believes ruins lives.

    “Forced disconnection is the destruction of families, it’s the destruction of years of friendship, the loss of children and the loss of parents.”

    Almost half of those attending the event, the first of its kind in Ireland, disguised themselves with a colourful mix of balaclavas, bandanas, veils and the Guy Fawkes masks favoured by “hacktivist” protester collective Anonymous, whose members had travelled from France, Germany and the UK to attend and support the event.

    - much more at the link -
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  12. jensting Member

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  13. ZeroC Member

    Awesome stuff. /r/ moar
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Just you lot wait for Epic Hamburg Video.

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  16. Intelligence Member

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  17. Nataku Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

    He was safely escorted along with two others. Good job too as he tried to convince me several times we were going the wrong way :)
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  19. dub Member

    über shout outs to Heretic for not turning up.

    P.s. I have pigeons on the roof like ghost dog.
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  20. Intelligence Member

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  21. Intelligence Member

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  22. Chipshotz Member

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  23. Anonymous Member


    And just for the record...

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  24. Quite.
  25. rof Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    Is that Roger Gonnet 2nd from the left? Who are 1st and 3rd from the left? I recognize Tory, David, Gerry and Jamie.

  27. jensting Member

    From our left, it's Stephen Jones, Peter Griffiths, Martin Poulter, Tory, David, Gerry and Jamie. It's some of the speakers, lined up for a group shot towards the end of the demo.

    Best Regards

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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    On Facebook, Tory just posted:

    I love you ALL and thank you ALL! I just got back from Dublin, Ireland and oh! What an SP party we ALL had world-wide. It was THE first get together of Ex's, Anons, Critics, and an Indie (Yeah ALL!) I'm dead, have to get to bed--more once some sleep. HUGS TO ALL :) TLC
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Thnx Jens
  30. Anonymous Member

    Several abandoned children of scientologists were also there. It was an amazing event.
    And French anons have invited everyone to a Paris raid in August. They are expecting a big turn out.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Berlin Anons' video:

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Germananons are so HOT and....... yet cool at the same time ...... how do they do it?
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  33. brat Member

    they be ninjas...

  34. brat Member



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  35. PresidentShaw Member

    I like this one
  36. brat Member

    gonna take you to a gay bar....


    more raid pics:


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  37. Nick_Nolte Member

    that fatass doesn't need anymore food.
  38. Intelligence Member

    [Should Post this in "Post Game Belfast Thread, but will leave here for now - too tired:)]

    July 3, 2012 - Anons from Dublin, Belfast, and Canada, met for a fun protest at the Belfast Scientology "Door-Bell", Scientology Mission. A VERY pathetic Scientology entity. We had an awesome time talking to the public and waving at passing cars. A Reporter and photographer showed up for an interview and photos. Thank you ALL in Ireland - both North and South, for such EPIC hospitality. You're a GREAT bunch.

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  39. Malory Member

    It was great having you visit David and there's always going to be a place for you in Norn Iron raids <3
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  40. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology loses Katie Holmes and some family while SPs rock in Ireland

    Published on Jul 3, 2012 by ToryMagoo44

    Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise break up---yes! Also, Ronnie Miscavige (David Miscavige's Dad) leaves as well as Diana Hubbard's daughter, too. What a week! On June 30th we had an SP Conference in Dublin, Ireland and this is a video about my week there, some highlights. It was THE happiest B-day I've ever had. It was such an honor for me to get to meet so many people. Thank you ALL!!

    Here are some key links to watch:

    Berlin Video:

    Lisa's Photos of the Dublin 2012:

    More photos:
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