Dublin, Ireland: European Megaraid June 30th - July 1st

Discussion in 'Europe' started by themadhair, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    The Church of Scientology International issued a press release 4 hours ago, dated 1 Jul, 2012 03:54 CET:,c9279539

    It's a reprint of the success story of Zabrina Collins, the Church of Scientology's Ethics Officer in Ireland.

    It's exactly the same as a press release from 9 Feb, 2011 06:32 CET:,g545270

    The only difference is that the title has been changed from "Meet a Scientologist—An Entirely New Life for Zabrina " to "Meet a Scientologist in Ireland: An Entirely New Life for Zabrina".
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Scientology's summer of hell

    With the Cruise marriage split, the 60th anniversary of L Ron Hubbard's cult movement is going from bad to worse

    Suddenly, being called a "cult" seems the least of Scientology's worries. The movement is already facing a summer of high-profile court cases, bitter defections, blockbuster exposés and members bringing the so-called religion into disrepute. [...] At a conference in Dublin yesterday former members were due to add to the chorus of condemnation. The conference organiser, Pete Griffiths, who turned his back on Scientology, said: "They're looking for people who've got a lot of money [and] a lot of time."
  3. Anonymous Member

    The conference fucking rocked.

    I have to apologise for the lack of update - long hours organising stuff, trying to find my keys so I can actually get home, etc. Expect a detailed report today after the megaraid.

    Fuck me, the speakers were good. If you missed the stream (or couldn't hear it due to audio problems) then don't fret - the youtubage will be legendary. There was a real energy in the room that all the speakers fed off.

    Have to mention words of thanks first. Thanks to our audio engineer (don't know if they want their name out their) who made the youtubage possible. Thanks to booski for stream. Thanks to the Frenchfags for contributing, and flipping hell she get angry when speaking. Thanks to the Hamburgfags - who seriously are so awesome they could come to Dublin and do the recording stuff that we Eirefags could not, and when the youtubage hits they deserve the credit.

    Thanks to all our speakers who each added something unique and different - and really brought the house down. I want to particularly the Phelan family who all came down to the conference and who conducted a family interview after the event. I want to thank the Teacher's Club for putting up with us using their venue, and for telling Lady Margaret McNair and Zabrina Collins to slight their hooks when they tried to tell them that the conference "wasn't in your best interests". I want to thank our security and the Gardai for being awesome. I want to thank all the people who helped sort shit out behind the scenes to make this happen.

    And to Vananons - can you tell Gerry that walking home from the pub on his own, especially with his OSA history, is a really fucking bad idea?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    And one more thing - we will be hosting a George Bailey impersonation contest today with Axiom. I suppose entries from those not in Dublin could be accepted....
  5. Anonymous Member

    And one last thing, to those who were asking last night the answer is yes. She really was asked on the E-meter if she slept with me. Srsly.
  6. jensting Member


    And thanks very very much to the organisers.

    Best Regards

    On to the raid!
  7. anon walker Moderator

    Fuck the conference, I want to hear more about this:

    "...for telling Lady Margaret McNair and Zabrina Collins to slight their hooks when they tried to tell them that the conference "wasn't in your best interests""
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  8. Albion Member

    I have to say the same thing caught my eye. This would be Lady McNair,
    the wife of Lord Duncan McNair, who has form in this regard...

    If you can source that one properly, that's one for Private Eye I would have thought.

    Great press pack, by the way.

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  9. dub Member

    On Thursday McNair and the dublin mission ethics officer (lol) went into the venue to tell the manager that the conference "wasn't in their best interests to host" the guy in charge of the hall, which is regularly and for a very long time been used for various different meetings an political events, took one look at this shitty tech and told them to fuck off.
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  10. dub Member

    PS, this weekend was full of absolute fucking win, and I'll post mroe about it as and when, but I'll let others tell the story better. Favourite part of the weekend?

    Tom Cruise is small,
    Katie Holmes is far away.
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  11. Anonymous Member


    There are more pics of this, but I don't know who has them.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    That's high praise coming from you.
  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. Graham Linehan would be proud. We need to get that clip on youTube for linking purposes

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  15. Anonymous Member

    Win article in the Irish Times:
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  16. jensting Member

    It was a great press pack, befitting a great event.

    Best Regards

  17. moralhazard Member

    Thanks guys. That was amazing! I look forward to raiding with you again soon.
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