Draw Muhamed day megathread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 10, 2010.

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    Picture Perfect - SNL

    Published by Saturday Night Live on May 10, 2015

    Game show contestant Daniel Hoffman (Bobby Moynihan) and his celebrity teammate, Reginald VelJohnson (Kenan Thompson), must draw the prophet Muhammad if they want to win $1 million.
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    "The uploader has not made this video
    available in your country."

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    Anti-Islam, Free Speech Rally to Be Held at Islamic Community Center This Friday | Phoenix New Times

    On Friday evening, a group of self-proclaimed “patriots” will demonstrate outside of the Islamic Community Center in north Phoenix to “protect [their] Constitutional rights to freedom of speech.”

    According to the event’s Facebook page, the rally “is in response to the recent attack in Texas where 2 armed terrorist, with ties to ISIS, attempted Jihad.” The group held a similar rally on May 17, which organizers say drew a crowd of about 200.

    During the protest, attendees — many of whom are part of the motorcycle group, RidersUSA — will march with signs and American flags. Event organizer Jon Ritzheimer tells New Times the protest will be peaceful, and that he plans to “pull the reins in on people who want to do stupid things like throw bacon” at the center. He will also be selling black T-shirts that read “Fuck Islam.”

    Ritzheimer scheduled the rally to coincide with Friday evening prayer, and is encouraging people to bring cartoon drawings of the Prophet Muhammad to enter into a contest. (The winner will be selected during the “after-party” at a nearby bar, Wild Bills.) There will be at least “two state militia groups to provide security,” but he’s still encouraging folks to bring guns “just in case our first amendment
    comes under the much anticipated attack.”

    Also at Friday’s event will be members of the group Wave of Action, which is planning a counter-protest. “After numerous reports that racist groups were organizing and attempting to intimidate others we couldn't sit by quietly,” member Murray Bookchin wrote in an email to New Times. “They are using the guise of ‘free speech’ to intimidate people who simply want to pray to god. They have openly called for open carry [of guns] as if that's not meant to intimidate. They are selling fuck Islam shirts outside this mosque while spewing racist and intolerant rhetoric via loudspeakers. Everyone is entitled to free speech and as long as they will proclaim Islam is a devils cult we will scream this is what fascism looks like.”

    Ritzheimer tells New Times that he was inspired to protest after learning that the two gunmen who opened fire outside of an event showcasing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad earlier this month in Garland, Texas were from Phoenix. (The two were subsequently shot and killed by police.) Upon hearing the news, Ritzheimer, an atheist and Marine Corps veteran, put on his black “Fuck Islam” shirt and spent seven hours waving an American flat outside of the apartment building where the two had resided.

    “I received a lot of threats from Muslims. Someone told me to expect a drive-by if I stayed out there,” he says. “But people have the right to slander Islam if they want to...I’m a patriot and this is about the Constitution.”

    And thus, “The Freedom of Speech Rally” was conceived.

    Continued here:

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    Free Speech Loving Islamophobes Invade Phoenix Mosque To Draw Mohammed, Guns | Wonkette

    In what’s expected to be a terrific day for both the First and Second Amendments, several hundred armed idiots are expected to show up for a rally and “Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest” outside a mosque in Phoenix Friday evening. The event’s Facebook page emphasizes that while the rally should be “PEACEFUL,” it would also be a terrific idea for attendees to “utilize there [sic] second amendment right at this event just incase [sic] our first amendment comes under the much anticipated attack.”

    Continued here:
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    more at link.
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    So far someone is wearing one of the tshirts carrying a sign - trespassing
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    Well all I can hear on the live cameras is some guy saying " you rejected the son of God, " it sounds like a JimBob ralley
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    Third Phoenix suspect arrested for Texas cartoon shooting


    Another Phoenix man has been arrested in connection with the shooting at a cartoon contest in Texas last month.

    A news report Tuesday morning said federal authorities had identified Abdul Malik Adbul Kareem as a third suspect in the assault in Garland, Texas.

    Kareem has also gone by the name Decarus Thomas. He was taken into custody last week on weapons and conspiracy charges.

    Two others, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, who had shared an apartment in Phoenix near 19th Avenue and Thunderbird Road, were killed by suburban Dallas police during that attack.

    According to court records obtained by a local television station, a grand jury indicted Kareem on conspiracy charges, making false statements and interstate transportation of firearms with intent to commit a felony.

    Documents detailed the three men meeting at Kareem's home and practicing their shooting in the desert.

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    Phoenix Anti-Islam Rally this Weekend | Phoenix New Times

    For the second time this year, a big anti-Islam rally is scheduled to take place outside of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix.

    Officially part of the “Global Rally for Humanity,” Saturday’s demonstration will be one of many purportedly taking place around the world, intended to draw attention to the so-called “evils of Islam."

    The Phoenix event is organized by now-notorious Valley resident Jon Ritzheimer, a former U.S Marine who stumbled into the media spotlight earlier this summer after leading “the Rally For Free Speech.” The event, which occurred in the aftermath of the shooting outside of a Muhammad cartoon drawing contest in Garland, Texas in May, was intended to be a rallying point for “patriots” who felt the need to “protect [their] Constitutional rights to freedom of speech,” but by all accounts, was simply a demonstration against Islam.

    Now, four months later, he’s again calling on all “Patriots, Veterans, Bikers, Militia, Reservists, active-duty Infidels and all AMERICANS who still LOVE LIBERTY and cling to the CONSTITUTION!!” to join him at the ICC in North Phoenix to “support of Ole Glory, our American Heritage, our blood-bought Freedoms, and our American way of life.”

    Attendees are encouraged to bring flags and firearms, though Ritzheimer insists that he wants the protest to remain peaceful.

    Continued here:
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    Blaine Cooper - Muslims - A Problem

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