DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 2)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Wow, Smurf. Your tone set the mood, my friend.

    Assume much? I didn't feel then, and haven't ever felt, that Tory was involved in any sort of OSA op. And, I quote
    Please, no need to educate me about Tory's involvement with OSA as a public. I am fully aware. I do like that comment "heart of gold, head full of lead" as I believe her to be very kind, but sometimes maybe not seeing the big picture, or whatever.

    Perhaps you misunderstood my first comment. Perhaps I said it wrong. If so, my apologies. I'm going to bed now. :)
  3. Anonymous Member

    He was born that way.
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  5. Smurf Member

    Yup. That says it perfectly. No apology necessary. Tory has issues like everyone else; her's are sometimes misunderstood by others.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    In this week's episode of 'Pregnant in Heels', the British-star with a bad lisp talks about the essentials of serving spotted dick at afternoon teas to members of the Brtiish nobility.

    Spotted dick is getting alot of mention... something those crazy Brits know alot about, but us Americans have never heard of.
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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Do not want to start the whole thing again, but:
    - I have seen no proof that she "coerced" TG to do anything.
    - There was a bitter fight at the time about the "rockstars" and Tory was treated in a way very few people were (an example here) to make an example.
    - MPB cried a lot about TG but is the one who get involved afterwards in an IRL fight during a protest and went away with it.

    TL;DR Tory is not a saint and may have made mistake. The same can be said of those who went after her, but none of them was treated the way she was.
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  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    It's been one of those weeks.

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  13. Robocat Member

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  14. No I'd rather own what I buy dude. And if Sony says I can't it's gonna get hacked, I'll just remove the wifi card. You do know WHY Sony hasn't been hacked before riiiighhhht? ANSWER: because until this past year they were fine with Linux and the PS3 even came with Linux. Take away hackers Linux you get hacked it's pretty straight forward and Terms of Service don't mean shit when they're big-brother-ish.
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  15. Zak McKracken Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    Reading the news goooood for caveman.
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  20. Anonymous Member


    I was told to come 2u
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Sony are acting like Monsanto.

    Regardless of the ramifications of modifying a machine that you have paid for and own, it's good to see a mega-corporation get bitchslapped, whoever did it.

    Big companies like Sony need to learn to FEAR the people.

    And like many here - the idea that the fat kid OP is going to do the truffle shuffle whilst getting all butthurt about not being able to spend 8 hours straight in his moms basement playing some retarded video game fills my heart with the LULZ.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    user1] xxx: I don’t think there are many people involved in circumventing PSN access in /this/ channel [ "application/x-i-5-ticket" reason=40 > PSN error 80710101 ]
    [user2] talk about network stuff?
    [user2] nice
    [user2] i just finished decrypting 100% of all psn functions
    [user2] you can forget all the history wiper and log remove apps
    [user2] theres a independant check
    [user2] which transfers all games and their playtime
    [user2] every time you login
    [user2] you can modify it like the firmware version tho
    [user2] it looks like:
    [user2] aswell they can detect backups this way
    [user1] hash is eboot.bin to check for version?
    [user2] if you use a backup it will look like this:
    [user2] [user4] user2, is that in data sent to a0.[CC]
    [user2] sec lemme check
    [user4] im still collecting all the data
    [user2] thats the server
    [user3] user2: what about Blu-ray Master Disc/BD Emulator ?
    [user3] since, i use those features legitimately
    [user2] on debug or retail?
    [user2] i didnt check all on debug unit yet
    [user2] so no clue if it sends discid for bdemu
    [user2] but sony is the biggest spy ever lol
    [user2] they collect so much data
    [user1] true
    [user2] all connected devices return values sent to sony server
    [user2] example:
    [user3] user2: Debug models of course
    [user2] >32” TFT-TVOEMreleasecex
    [user4] i cannot find my PS3 connect to host with ‘updptl’ in the name
    [user2] returns tv, fw version, fw type, console model
    [user2] also i found data it collects when i had usb device attached etc etc
    [user2] so if they ever sue someone for psn stuff, they will be sued themselves as most of the data they collect is just not legal
    [user4] user2, at what time does it connect to that host?
    [user4] during the PSN logon?
    [user2] sec i check
    [user5] user2 how can you modify that data?
    [user6] user2: do you now know enough to wipe all traces so that people who never had their consoles on the internet can avoid sending this information now?
    [user4] no DNS request for a host with ‘updptl’ in the name in my packet captures :-
    [user2] @user5: it sents directly after user profile load and sometimes; – it seams random, just when u play a game or anything
    [user4] ohh
    [user2] @xxxx: we could modify the data via proxy between the tunnels, like delete all data between the xml tags or somehow
    [user5] oh so its not on the ps3 hdd itself?
    [user6] user2: aha, so this information is actually encrypted?
    [user2] ya
    [user2] the list is stored online
    [user2] and updated when u login psn and random
    [user5] damn
    [user6] but where is it stored before that? I have never been online with my ps3…
    [user6] so it must be somewhere
    [user5] was hoping it would be on the ps3 hdd
    [user5] then lock it or so
    [user1] the only avoidance is block all *
    [user2] MAYBE – i rly dont know – it doesnt save it at all on hdd
    [user2] so only transfers the games and stuff in one ps3 session when you go online
    [user2] so if u have ps3 offline and play a game, then shutdown and turn on again
    [user2] it MAY not transfer update
    [user2] cuz i didnt find any info for that list on hdd
    [user2] it could be that its used for online playtime or psn logged in playtime
    [user2] aswell you should never ever install a CFW from someone unknown
    [user2] cuz its way too easy todo scamming at this point
    [user2] for example:
    [user2] [redacted plain text code, includes false credit card number]
    [user2] sent as plaintext
    [user3] uh
    [user3] did you censor that card?
    [user2] ya its fake
    [user3] good
    [user1] wow, plaintext :S
    [user5] plaintext wow
    [user3] im never putting in my details like that
    [user2] ya is all fake lol
    [user2] i never used cc on ps3
    [user2] normally you ATLEAST enccrypt the securtity code, even if its ssl
    [user5] id hope sony would do such in a safe manner
    [user5] psn cards probably plain text to then
    [user2] fake certs are known since years as vuln so companies encrypt such data twice normally
    [user2] but hey its sony –> its a feature
    [user5] lol
    [user7] lol
    [user5] yeah if you go public with your info they either remove the store or psn all together
    [user5] as an update
    [user6] I doubt it
    [user7] from all the actions they’ve taken the past years, we can only deduce that Sony don’t care about their customers
    [user2] impossible
    [user2] they wont update their whole psn lol
    [user6] but this should really get out there, but I guess it’s on in a matter of minutes already
    [user5] 3.60 removal of psn
    [user2] i know a few guys who worked @ sony’s psn backend. just when the ps3 was released we talked bout the first psn, at this time ALL was http and unencrypted. so you could see userpass etc plain. i asked em why is it that way. lame answer was “we thought it was adressed.” – lol
    [user2] sony qa –> trainees
    [user8] that fits nicely into the “#define rand() 4″ mentality.
    [user2] yep
    [user3] or more of
    [user3] ECDSA_PRIVATE_KEY privateKey;
    [user2] lol
    [user3] and PrivateKey is in a header file
    [user3] and it’s static
    [user2] xD
  24. Anonymous Member


    Sony security is shitty. Class action lolsuits will follow.
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  26. anonymous612 Member

    Who cares?
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  27. WhiteNight Member

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  29. Saintless Member

    Oke,guys wow,Why you guys are blaming anonymous for it,PSN AKA Sony it self shutted down the network,Nothing has been changed at all,Sony came up with som fucking lame exuse,to trick the costumers,this trick has been used alot by Console Compainy's,Infact Every compainy is lieing towards there costumers,Sony deserves a lesson,But Anonymous never! shutted the playstation network sony did it there self,And they said,The information of users are stolen,Kids Anonymous arn't thiefs infact Anonymous stands for human right's that get daily broken,Infact alot of compainys are pissin on us and som noobs are just swallowing it,dumbass's Anonymous only changed the console Files wich are only in console wich couldnt effect the server,As anonymous said before,We didn't mented to atack the costumers only Sony it self,Yes they did atack sony one time,But they never brought down the server retards,So please first check som on internet before you posting bullshit that you believe cuz your som PS3 fanboy that wants a free game ,I have to admit im playing on A PS3,And yes its call of duty black ops,So what,I don't care what you guys are thinking everyone has there own taste,The point is You shouldnt believe everything when somone or somthing says you to do.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    no it isn't.
    no you're not.
    no we're not.
    This was the case originally, but if you judge by the amount of posting in those subforums not (or not exclusively) dedicated to Chanology you might easily come to a different conclusion. If you judge by the number of self-proclaimed Chanfags posting obsessively in those forums about their contempt for everything un-related to the fight against the abuses of Church of Scientology then you may be forgiven for simply becoming confused.

    Maybe the non Anonymous Vs. Scientology subforums on this site have simply become a (very rich) source of negative rallying for Chanology (i.e. we hate you so we love each other). Maybe the rare and delicate balance between stupidity and substance that has sustained Chanology and moved it offline into real life protest requires a constant injection of external lulz material (i.e. anything anybody else cares about) to maintain equilibrium. Or maybe some folks around here are just scared little pussies who can't stand change.

    OP, personally in the larger scheme of things I don't really give a shit about the Church of Scientology, but I can tell you one thing for sure:
  32. Ironhead Member

    /r/ing this thread doesn't get turned into a tory vagoo thread.

    I couldn't take my eyes off jesses article, what an eye opener. It was enfuriating to read about stacy and bob. If I was jesse, I'd never be able to get the image of her giggling with doxin moxon out of my head (would not forgive, would not forget)
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  33. Hello,Morgan Haro here.I'm the PlayStasion Network Community Manager and i just want to ask you,will you steal/delete online ID's?
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  34. Anonymous Member


    I like how you couldn't put a proper address in the mailto hyperlink.

    No wonder all our contact details got stolen.
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  35. hello
    first from what ive heard it was an ex employee of yours that hacked into your system.
    second almost all the faggots on here are gamers so i dont think they'd be doing things to mess up their private special alone time with their ps3
    third and most important we are not the branch of anonymous that is known for that crap. we dont promote illegal activity or condone it, we fight the abuses of the cult of scientology and provide internet access to countrys currently fighting for freedom so they can have rights like being able to own a ps3 and a psn account.
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  36. the anti Member

    how do i know this person is bogus?
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  37. Anonymous Member

    lol "PlayStasion"
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