DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 1)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. sooleater Member

    need the dome
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  2. Anonymous Member

    What exactly do you mean by that?
    Ersatz - a false substitute?
  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. sue Administrator

    I am going after you? What kind of melodramatic persecution complex do you suffer from, does this condition have a name --is there anything that can be done to help you? Riveting, you brought up the mod hierarchies and your simplistic view of power constructs into the discussion. Yet another thing we view differently, i am not surprised as you aren't the only one to assume wrongly that any form of "power" implies subjection of others. Where you seem to see opportunity for top down micromanagement (that's what you imply we are after right?) I see potential for selfless bottom up bolstering. Our aim is to provide a service where people desiring to exchange information relevant to activists efforts can organize protests and rallies.

    Would you agree that perspective and personality are intertwined, and that thus the assertions you make may be a projection of who you are? If you were to agree, please explain; why you seemingly are bitter --i am trying to understand!

    I did not dismiss your alleged argument against moderation, i have and continue rebutting it. WWP is not congress, we did not tell you that you can not share or view pornographic content, we pointed out that this website is not meant for sharing pornography. It was not expressed that individuals disagreeing with the above were to be sent off elsewhere, rather that it is understandable if said individuals would look for a place more accommodating to their needs. No-one is holding you at gun point participation isn't compulsory nor mandatory by law, but is held to a standard.

    As you imply there is so much more to this free-speech matter than i could possibly comprehend, please explain me what protected free-speech is.

    Are false testimony and lying under oath protected free speech?
    Is verbally assaulting someone protected free speech?
    Are hospital personnel infringing upon the right to free speech when evicting someone from the premises, because they were raving in the operation room?
    Do you have the right to tell people that they can't come into your house and discuss your most intimate and embarrassing secrets -- or would you be repressing their expression?
    What about slander and libel is that free speech too?

    Eitherway, thank you for showing interest in my existential crisis, i assume quoting Sartre was a dead give away of my torments.
    I don't mind sharing, i am sisyphus -- you do not need to imagine me content, because i am. I am perfectly happy with chugging on with this project knowing that it potentially some day may help someone out there, that someone may shine and excell. Speech the like of coming from your venomous tongue, the occasional hostilities, harassment and threats we endure from various sources serve as a motivator to keep going on. Bitter people with no dignity having a problem with what we do and work towards only indicate we are heading towards something positive, else there wouldn't be anything for them to dislike. I guess i am a contrarian with a dogooder penchant, thank you for holding my hand as i unravel this existential mystery, i hadn't given it much thought before. Jokes, I actually did, how about you?

    On a closing note, as you like to explore tangents related to how this site is run, please do not bring up anything related to how the site is financed or what we do with the donations we receive, we wouldn't want to remind people of .
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  5. Fuckeye Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

  7. sue Administrator
    7095 Hollywood Blvd #392
    Hollywood, CA 90028

    Please make sure that if you intend to donate you make sure not to if applicable to postal services, break the law and or terms of services.
  8. Kilia Member

    Are checks acceptable, Sue?
  9. sue Administrator

    Only if they are blank! I honestly don't know and will if you want ask.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Will you accept bullion, for those who (unlike myself) aren't broke and has them? Also, is this a postal only address?
  11. Kilia Member

    lol..please ask for me Sue. Would appreciate it.
    Thank you..
  12. sue Administrator

    Please bear in mind that our service providers only accept legal tenders, while appreciated i think the process of exchanging bullion may not give the best result. I suggest you keep it for when the situation arises you need it. As far as i know it is a postal only address, you may visit if you like but i do not think you'll find a lot of comfort in the box, there is also no running watter or electricity so bring your own.
  13. We accept bearer bonds and Krugerrands.
  14. Miranda Member

    I personally will accept bullion.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    I can only spare a few Ningis.
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  16. sue Administrator

    make it out to CASH
  17. Zak McKracken Member

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  18. Zak McKracken Member

  19. Miranda Member

    Thank you, Zak. Undone.
  20. Zak McKracken Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    " ...the Triganic Pu has its own very special problems. It exchange rate of eight Ningis to one Pu is simple enough, but since Ningi is a triangular rubber coin six thousand eight hundred miles along each side, no one has ever collected enough to own one Pu. Nigis are not negotiable currency, because Galactibanks refuse to deal in fiddling small change. From this basic premise it is very simple to prove that the Galactibanks are also the product of a deranged imagination." Douglas Adams
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  22. N.A.T.E Member

    It's actually not at all - so what's with this habit of yours where you start arguing with someone and then completely avoid every point that you can't hold your own on, and I'm the one whose supposed to be butthurt? What, do you like to hide under your bed with your fingers in your ears and pretend its not happening while another mod fucks you in the ass and tells you it's okay because you're always right? You are furthest thing from intellectual around here, and then you come into these threads and pretend to be OH LOL ITS THE RULES (that we made up which don't exist).

    And yeah people, we already went through that whole first amendment doesn't apply to the internet thing but nobody seemed to notice I already covered that - so the question remains, what the fuck free speech are you supposedly fighting for, and then how are you fighting it along side Rufus T Dropout?

    inb4 omg make this thread go awaaaay: lol free speech, idiots.
  23. anonymous612 Member

    You're not funny anymore. Walk away with your dignity int--well, walk away anyway.
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  24. Miranda Member

    Apples and oranges. WWP is a website catering to users from all over the world. Website administrators have the right to impose website-specific rules or policies. Also, WWP isn't Anonymous, although some Anonymous posters participate here along with other people. The assumption that WWP should or will operate under the same rules or lack of rules as other sites where Anonymous people participate has no basis.

    N.A.T.E., you haven't addressed this clearly and specifically: What exactly is your definition of free speech as it applies to websites?
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  25. Fuckeye Member

    Free speech as it applies to websites is free speech as it applies to websites.
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  26. lol... Sue.... you complete me...
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  27. an0nim0uz Member

    Maybe I should bake a cake. Thoughts/suggestions, bros?
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  28. You're trying to say that since WWP is ostensibly in support of free speech as a concept that it means that we also have to let everyone fuck up our website if they so please? You're so full of shit that it's coming out your eyes. Free Speech does not and never has meant the right to say anything anywhere anytime. You do not have that right, and no one on Earth supports giving you that right.
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  29. Anonymous Member


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  30. slobeck Member

    OMFG teh STOOPID IT HURTS!!!!! I think you have conflated 4chan, Anonymous, and Chanology. Because WWP isn't just another chan you decide it's all fucked and that nothing gets done here because you cant post goatse?!?! You're wrong. oh and uber-retarded. But please don't go away mad, just go away.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    This N.A.T.E character keeps getting quoted as if he's rooting for the supremacy of free speech, when all it seems to be he was doing is championing the idea that it's highly hypocritical to limit the very thing you're supposed to be supporting. More importantly, what exactly are the rules peoples? Why aren't any of the mods tossing us TOS of substance. Oh well.

    Just saying, you're barking up the wrong tree. Obvious stupidity is obvious.

    I'm gonna venture to say you don't have the right to make the claim that no one on earth will support this individual in saying that people can say wahtever they feel like saying anywhere. The notion of making freedom of speech contextual is noble, but a moot point when you begin to realize that what you're talking about is propriety, morality, and not legality. Fuck off will you? And when you come back, tell us how bad it felt not being able to ejaculate because you were too stressed about having to come back and make a moron out of the scapegoat you're making this N.A.T.E out to be. Seems to me, Rufian, that you're the one who brought up free speech in the first place... refer to above quotes.

    By the way, Rufian T. Firefuck, count me as number 1 follower of the "free speech" messiah.
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  32. What we're saying is that freedom of speech is all about legality and that propriety and morality have nothing to do with it. As such, posting your penis on WWP is NOT a free speech issue.

    Are you even reading the same thread as the rest of us?
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  33. Little_Sister Member


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  34. anonymous612 Member

    Anon Poster above: Would I be violating your free speech if I told you to stfu because you're being a faggot?
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  35. PresidentShaw Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    One might argue that porn is the opposite of free speech, if one were to take the view that overtly sexual images here would prevent certain community members from using this site.

    I'm thinking of the recently self-determined people of North Africa, for example.

    In my own opinion, it would be better to gain one person who is passionate about REAL freedom than to lose one hundred spoiled little twats who DEMAND TEH FREE PR0N like this place was one of the fap chans.
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  37. Anonymous Member

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  38. sue Administrator

    I support the freedom of speech and expression as set forth in the constitutions, conventions and bills of rights that have been written throughout history, and you seemingly really lack appreciation for. While different from one another and not necessarilly explicitly recognising human dignity as a distinct right as such, upholding human dignity is consistent with the prevailing conventions. The very essence is respect for human dignity and human freedom, as tolerance and respect for the equal dignity of all human beings constitute the foundations of a democratic society. None of them imply that any state, group or person has any right to engage in any activity or perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth in those bills. There is no supreme ammendment, they all are equally venerable and should all be considered to the same degree.

    The universal human right to freedom of expression includes freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. Unfortunately the impossibility of enumerating all possible scenarios applicable to freedom of expression preventing a clear and binding definition, makes it difficult to determine what kinds of expression are rightly considered to infringe ones right to self-dignity. Acts such as but not limited to hate-speech, libel, slander, and biggotry may potentially undermine dignity.

    As a compound right there are three distinct components to the right to freedom of expression, corresponding to different aspects of the communicative process, i.e holding views, receiving and sending information. You improperly refer to the right to freedom of expression as an all in one concept. In practice however, the rights of speakers, listeners and third parties can differ from or even be in contradiction of one another. A speakers alleged right to utter racially abusive remarks for example, may thread upon a listener’s right to be protected from racism. All this would have to be weighed up against third parties right or interest not to allow racist utterances in public. If you really must ask --the protection of the rights of others is the corner stone of a democratic society, if others can't have rights, why should you?

    People like you are the very reason restrictions on freedom of expression are made into law, because you refute the inherent existence of duties and responsibilities bound to its exercise.
    Fuck your inherent stupidity's resulting in limitations on one of the enacted fundamental rights humans have.

    That gotten out of the way, I would like to thank you for forcing me to explain this to you, as i had the intention for writing something allong the lines above for quite a while, you're helping me get work done more so than you think -- you're a star! And thanks for the shitstorm i sincerely hope you don't mind it raised an opportunity to mention donations, and encouraged some to contribute financially.

    Are we cool now, or would there be something else you'd like explained? I hope this concept does not need further simplification.
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  39. slobeck Member

    hold on a second....just had to go look at the nifty home page of this site. (nice little slideshow btw) It says clearly "FREEDOM OF INFORMATION" not "freedom of speech" there is an obvious difference. TBH, I don't remember Anonymous EVER doing ANYTHING about "freedom of speech." It was always about freedom of information... meaning the attempted censoring of the Tom Cruise video, wikileaks and the like.

    And even if Anonymous WAS all about "freedom of SPEECH" I doubt ANY anon would go after someones RIGHT to control speech in a private setting. yes, this website is a private enterprise and NOT the public commons, where freedom of speech in general and in the US, according to the 1st amendment specifically, is concerned.
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  40. Clever Name Member

    fuck it.

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