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Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by ravenanon, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. ravenanon Member

    We have a reservation for 6 in the parade and we have openings for 3 more. The parade requires preregistration due to how large it started growing to. If we have enough responses soon enough I can request more badges so more people can be in it.

    From DragonCon:
    "The parade route begins at Woodruff Park at the corner of Auburn Ave and Peachtree Street, continues North on Peachtree Street to Baker Street, and takes a final turn onto Courtland Street to conclude at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis back entrance. It’s about one-half mile long on mostly level city streets."

    Do not:
    do anything that is political or protesty. Political parades are a different permit than what DragonCon will have that day. I am not up for getting them in trouble or fined.
    Also this is a bit of fun and stress relief and a chance to wear the mask

    We are allowed to carry lulz signs, dress up and make our presence known.
    We must be dressed up as something!

    Currently we have:
    1 V who will be giving away red roses along the parade route (fits all causes)
    1 Xenu who will be waving and looking cool (chanology)
    1 Pyramid head (silent hill) who will be dragging a butchered pedo bear behind him (op innocence)

    we need 3 or more. You have to be in Woodruff Park 45 minutes before it all starts. I'll be the first to admit this can be hard after being up all night on Friday. One of my all time favorite anons always sends me a text saying screw it I'm too tired about 10 minutes before the start of the parade.
    In that past we have had long cats, suited anons, video game characters, meme, etc...

    Be sure to let me know you want one of the spots

    Parade starts at 10 so be there by 9:30
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  2. moarxenu Member

    Well, this sounds like it has possibilities. Perhaps a float about the evils of Narconon with a Mary Rieser effigy in an orange jumpsuit.
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  3. ravenanon Member

    I wish, but we aren't allowed to get political. However I'm thinking of other places to do that now
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  4. ravenanon Member

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